Chapter 502: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 502 Keep the Secret

“I don’t say I will run away. I just don’t like rude people and I want to help Brother Six get rid of fucked guys.”

The man felt awful about her words and asked, “when have I been rude to you?”

“I asked you a question but you didn’t answer me. Isn’t that rude?”

“I, I was trying to keep the secret for our boss.”

Yiyao Duan hummed disdainfully and said, “it’s not confidential, so why to keep it? Even if you don’t tell me, I’ll find it by myself by all means.”

“But there are all people guarding outside. You can’t get out of here.”

“What an idiot,” Yiyao laughed, full of disdain, “I never think Brother Six will hire someone stupid like you. If he doesn’t realize this, then he will destroy himself in the end.”

It was fine if he was looked down upon, but he was very unhappy that his boss was also looked down upon by this woman.

However, just as he was about to raise his head to say something to Yiyao, she raised her hand and hit him on the back of his neck, so he passed out in a sec.

“Cut the crap!”

Disgustedly throwing away the man, Yiyao stood up and picked up the bowl and said, “don’t you think it’s boring if only two of us eat here? Let’s go and find someone else.”

“Who?” “Brother Six!” “What!?”

Anna Xie was shocked and couldn’t understand Yiyao’ s intention.

Without explaining to Anna, Yuyao held her hand and went out.

The men guarding there didn’t expect that the captives would walk out of the room by themselves, and almost at that instant, someone rushed over and wanted to stop Yiyao.

But what Yiyao said made everyone give up.

“Your boss, I need to see him. Those who know the way, show me the way. And I need someone to help me take my meals.”

They looked at each other, not knowing whether they should listen to her or not.

“Hurry up. Don’t you hear me?”

Yiyao yelled, making them frightened.

Yiyao could easily make others be in awe of her. Glared by her, they trembled.

In the end, someone timid stood up and showed her the way.

They felt that since Yiyao dared to come out and ask to see Brother Six in an upright manner, she must have gotten permission from Brother Six. Otherwise, why would she run the risk?

And during these days, they knew Brother Six’ s attitude towards Anna. It’s more likely that Brother Six had some interest in this girl. And Yiyao was her friend, so she couldn’t be offended.

Thinking about it, no one stopped Yiyao and Anna, so the two walked to the table and sat opposite Brother Six.

“Why not eat together?”

Seeing them come to him, Brother Six was pissed off. He, frowning, yelled, “how dare you come here?”

“I just want to eat with you,” Yiyao said seriously, as if it was a perfectly normal thing, “the room is too stuffy, so we’d better eat here.”

“Remember, you are captives.”

“Captives have to eat too, don’t we?”

“Get back to your room!”

Brother Six’s attitude was harsh, but Yiyao was smiling brightly.

Folding her hands and putting them on her jaw, YiYao said, “we just want to have a pleasant meal with you. Wy are you so nervous?”

“I’m nervous? Seriously?”

“If you’re not nervous, why can’t you allow us to stay? It’s just a meal, we can’t do anything to you.”

This was not about a meal, but a provocation to him.

If it was just Anna alone, he wouldn’t mind sharing a meal with Anna.

But the person opposite was Yiyao, a woman that he couldn’t control.

He squinted and said, “you talk too much and I really don’t like women talking too much.”

Yiyao laughed and said, “you are still the first one to say that I talk too much. Others all think I’m strict, determined and strong.”

“I don’t think so. Here, I’m the boss and you must do as I say.”

“Well, since you don’t welcome us, we will go back first.”

Yiyao looked at Anna helplessly. She then got up and picked up the food, ready to leave.

Anna looked dumbfounded.

She knew Yiyao very well and she wouldn’t give up so easily if she had made up her mind.

Why did she leave so easily after Brother Six’ s refuse?

Anna felt puzzled, but she could only obediently follow Yiyao and.

Looking at the backs of the two, Brother Six ordered with a sullen look, “who let them in? Kill them all.”


Returning to the room with Yiyao, Anna looked at her in confusion.

Though Anna was in a mess, Yiyao was eating happily, as if she had a good appetite.

Anna couldn’t bear it anymore, so she went over and asked, “Yiyao, why did you do this?”

Yiyao looked around, then took out something from her pocket and showed it to Anna.

Anna looked at it carefully, and then, she covered her mouth in surprise.

This, this, this, was a wire! So, what Yiyao just did was to set it up.

But, when did she do it? She was sitting next to her, so why did Anna not see it?

Anna was full of confusion, but she was too embarrassed to ask, so she just sat there in silence, waiting for Yiyao’ s explanation.

“We got a guy say that Brother Six, doesn’t care about anything, but the meals. He needs the feeling of ritual, so every time he eats, he has to sit in the dining room and dine in a strict manner. And there is the best place for information exchange, so that we can get some important information.”

So that’s how it was.

Anna nodded and then added, “Even if we got important messages, there is no way to tell Mr. Ye and the others.”

“Since I dare to come here alone, naturally I have my way to contact them. Don’t worry. Everything is going smoothly. In the end, we will definitely be able to leave here.”

Looking at Yiyao’ s confident face, Anna also smiled.

However, at this moment, she did not have any appetite.

Stirring the food in the bowl with a spoon, Anna smiled bitterly and said, “you are all so smart and know what you should do. But look at me, I can’t do anything.”

“Specialist only master his own field. I am a soldier, so it’ s not surprising that I know this. And you are an actress and filming, singing and walking on stage are something that I cannot do. So, don’t be upset, you’re just not suitable for these.”

It could be seen that Yiyao was trying her best to comfort Anna.

If Anna still couldn’t realize this, then Yiyao didn’t know what she could do.

Looking up, Anna showed a smile and said, “Yiyao, thank you.”

“Don’t be. Maybe in a short time, we’ll become a family.”

Yiyao’ s words made Anna blush and murmured with her head down, “but, I haven’t become strong enough yet.”

“After this, you are no longer the original Anna, and you are certainly qualified enough to stand by Yulin’ s side.”


“Of course, you’re a good girl and you have to be confident in yourself.”

Yiyao’ s words gave Anna some confidence.

If, she could get through this time, she must tell Yulin that she loved him very much.

When the night fell…

Yiyao and Anna were sleeping peacefully in their room.

Hearing the steady breathing next to her, Yiyao suddenly opened her eyes.

Sitting up and looking at Anna beside her, she then tiptoed to open the door and walked out.

Due to they went to see Brother Six in the morning, Yiyao had already familiarized with the place, so at this moment, she could find the study by herself without asking anyone.

Yiyao was nimble and she saw the guards along the way, but she didn’t make herself be found.

Moreover, Yiyao found a very important thing.

The guards here had all been changed.

Humph, Brother Six, was really careful.

With a cold hum inside, Yiyao walked into the study and picked up a book on the bookshelf.

Geomantic Omen.

She really did not expect that this guy would like to read such things.

Yiyao leaned back on the back of the chair, casually flipping through the book and reading it absentmindedly.

As soon as Brother Six finished directing his men, he walked into the study and saw Yiyao sitting there lazily, hog the seat that belonged to him.

This time, Brother Six got mad.

“Who allowed you to be here?”

“No one didn’t allow me to come here to read.”

How dare she!

Brother Six’s face was gloomy as he angrily said, “now then, you cannot leave the room.”

“I don’t agree.”


Putting down the book in her hand, Yiyao looked at Brother Six without fear and said, “although I volunteered to be your captive, we do have a cooperative relationship. You can’t lock me up, for it will make me feel bad and there is no way to keep my promise.”

“What promise?”

“To take you to meet with the seniors of Ye family.”

Brother Six squinted and said, “why don’t I remember that you have said so?”

“Although I didn’t say it, you know what I’m thinking. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have brought me here. Brother Six, we are smart people, so don’t pretend.”

Yiyao was right. He did have his own plan for taking her back here.

But this kind of thoughts shouldn’t be known by anyone else, which should be secret.

Staring at Yiyao, Brother Six rebuked, “don’t think you’re smart. I still have my way.”

“I don’t think so. I’m just bored, so I come here to read a book to pass the time.”

“You’re not welcome here. Go back!”

Yiyao didn’t feel any displeasure because of his expelling. On the contrary, she knew that she got the opportunity today.

Leaning forward slightly, Yiyao smiled and said, “actually, I know Ye family no less than them. Don’t you want to talk to me?”

“You know what I want to hear?”


Brother Six snorted coldly and said, “then tell me. I want to know.”

Hell knew what he liked to hear. Brother Six was too sly.

Snorting inside, Yiyao began to tell the story.

“Mr. Ye and Mrs. Ye always love each other and their relationship has remained unchanged for decades, which is really sweet. Although they have experienced ups and downs, nothing could separate them. Their love is strong enough to be tested by anything.”

“Really? I don’t think so.”

Brother Six is full of mockery, as if he had heard a very funny joke.

Looking at Brother Six, Yiyao asked, “it seems like you know something. Why don’t you tell me?”

This made him squint as he rebuked, “aren’t you the one who is going to say something to me? Why do you ask me?”

“It’s a small talk and I need your response, otherwise it will be too boring.”

“If you hear something you shouldn’t, do you know what will happen?”

“To be killed, right?”

“Since you know, keep your mouth shut.”

Yiyao laughed, folding her arms and said, “don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone. In fact, I am a very good listener, and I have some connections with Ye family, but I am not a Ye family member. I know much about Ye family but nothing can threaten me.”

“But I have nothing to say to you.”

“You have nothing to say? But I have a lot of things to say,” Yiyao said, smiling at the man who was about to lose his patience, “you don’t really want to kill them.”

Brother Six denied her words without hesitation and said, “who told you? I just want to make them suffer more and kill them when I think it’s enough.”

“What can you benefit from this?”

“I’ll be happy to see them suffer.”

Obviously, Yiyao did not believe what he was saying.

Laughing, Yiyao said, “there are only two of us here, so it’s meaningless to say something that no one will believe.”

Yiyao’s confident and calm appearance made Brother Six want to kill her.

“Don’t always think you know a lot. What you are doing will only make me want to kill you!”

“But you can’t kill me, at the very least, not now. So, let’s cooperate.”

Brother Six didn’t expect Yiyao to say such a thing. He raised his eyebrow and asked, “cooperation?”

“That’s right, cooperation.”

Squinting, Brother Six said, “as far as I know, you are Jingyan’ s wife and you two have a close relationship. There is no reason to betray him.”

“Why should I betray him if I cooperate with you?”

“Then do you know what you have to do to cooperate with me? It’s not something funny but about living and death.”

“Don’t always say such a thing. I only see that you treat Chuxue well, and you don’t hurt Anna, so there is a high chance that we can cooperate with each other.”

Turning his head to the other side, Brother Six hummed, “I just don’t want to waste any time on the two women. If this makes you misunderstand something, it’s really unnecessary.”

“I do not care, but I only want to know whether you are interested in my suggestion or not.”

“Then, first, tell us your proposal.”

“Mr. Ye and Mrs. Ye will come to England next week to visit their children. And I, can arrange a meeting for you.”

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