Chuck Cannon knew that she was a killer, but he did not blame herself, was not disappointed, and treated herself as always, Yvette was particularly moved.

But at this time, she was surrounded by some assassins and couldn’t get out for the time being.

Her plan obviously failed. The killer organization had absolutely no room for negotiation, and she would be chased to death by them.

But Yvette did not regret it.

“Wife, where are you?” Chuck Cannon was anxious, he had already heard some gunshots.

Then it means that Yvette has been chased by the killer, which is especially dangerous!

“I…” Yvette didn’t want to say, if Chuck Cannon came over, then it would definitely be just as dangerous. She was besieged this time, so she should find a way to break through.

“Say, I’ll come to you and I will find a way.”


“Where is the headquarters of this killer organization? I’m going to find it!” Chuck Cannon said, and the person who needs to tie the bell to untie the bell. Once at this headquarters, Chuck Cannon will talk to the people of this killer organization!

Chuck Cannon will agree on how much it costs.

This killer organization must stop the killing order! !

“Husband, the killer organization is headquartered in the United States,” Yvette was moved.

“Okay, I’ll come to find you now, let’s go to the United States together, let my mother take the two of us to the killer organization headquarters and talk to the boss, where are you?”

He thought he must bring his mother with him. The United States, Chuck Cannon has never been there. He is not familiar with life over there. No matter how powerful this killer organization is, they should give his mother a bit of face!

“Me, husband, don’t come here, I can solve it by myself,” Yvette struggled, how can she let Karen Lee help her?

Yvette was unwilling, even if she knew that Karen Lee would help, but Karen Lee was the enemy who killed her father!

Yvette could never pass this hurdle in his heart.

“This is too dangerous, you have to go to the killer organization headquarters, tell me where are you, or I will keep looking for you.” Chuck Cannon said solemnly.


“My mother will help because you were hunted down for me.” Chuck Cannon was anxious, he knew what Yvette was thinking and what he was struggling with.

“En, but husband, don’t find me, tell me when you are going to the United States, and I will find you…Don’t talk about finding me, if I hurt you, I will be sad.” This is Yvette’s biggest Regressed.

Looking at it now, it seems that there’s really only one way out and that is to go to the United States and let Karen Lee help to solve it.

However, the background of the killer organization is too strong, and the rules are to get the person dead. No one has a precedent. No matter how powerful Karen Lee is, can the powerful killer organization withdraw the killing order? ?

Yvette feels that this probability is basically zero!

But… there is no other way.

Chuck Cannon sighed, Yvette’s character was still too stubborn, but Chuck Cannon had already prepared Betty to go to the United States, so he did it as quickly as possible.

Otherwise, Yvette doesn’t know how long it can last.

“Husband, I’m guilty, I have to break out, and then find a place to hide, waiting for you, husband, to call,”


“Well, I… love you too,”

Yvette hung up the phone, kissed the phone, and then put the phone away. Her eyes chilled and she was about to breakthrough. The life and death of this period of time have improved Yvette’s ability to respond too much.

Three people besieged the scene, so you have to break them one by one at the fastest speed.

She began to do this.

Here Chuck Cannon was anxious, but there was nothing he could do. Now only believe that Yvette can resist the past, he immediately called Betty.

“Sister Li, how are you preparing for going to the United States?”

“Back to Master, it’s almost time. I have already contacted President Lee, and she asked me to take you back to the United States in three days.”

“Can you be faster?” In three days, Yvette didn’t know how many killers she would be chased by. How long could Yvette resist?

“This, Master, what’s the matter?” Betty asked.

Chuck Cannon told Yvette’s matter, but Betty did not speak for a long time, especially surprised.

“What’s wrong Sister Li? Can’t my mother solve this kill order?” Chuck Cannon was anxious, and Betty was just telling Chuck Cannon this information.

But the mother is so rich, there is still something she can’t do?

“How can I tell you about this young master? I don’t know much about this. After you, the young master, go to the United States in person, President Lee can tell you clearly.”

Betty seems to remember that Karen Lee and the boss behind this killer organization are a bit contradictory…

Then things are not so easy to solve.


“Young master you go back to the sea market within these two days. After the third day, we will go to the United States,” Betty said.

Chuck Cannon can only agree.

The phone hangs up.

“Chuck, what did she say?” Logan was concerned.

Chuck Cannon said everything. Three days later, he will go to the United States, Logan was a little worried. What would the boss of the killer organization say, as if there was a contradiction with Karen Lee? Karen Lee never mentioned it, and Logan didn’t ask.

After all, Karen Lee was once the number one killer of the killer organization!

Sudden withdrawal, there may be contradictions, then this matter is complicated, and after the boss rules of the killer organization are set, no one has ever broken…

As soon as the killing order is issued, one must die!

This is the rule of death, and no one has broken it yet. No matter how powerful the assassin is, if the killers are ordered to kill him, the only result is death.

“Aunt Logan, I’ll go back the day after tomorrow. You recover in the capital.” Chuck Cannon actually wanted to take Logan to the U.S., but how would Logan go now in this state?

The injury is too serious, and it must be quietly recuperated.

Chuck Cannon also didn’t want to leave, but there was no way. This time he will not only go to the United States to solve Yvette’s killing order but even more to kill Black Rose and Ouyang Fei!!

“En.” Logan was reluctant, she would not take the initiative to ask Chuck Cannon to do anything.

As long as Chuck Cannon is good.

“Be careful, America is different from China,” Logan said softly.

Of course, Chuck Cannon understands that there is also the overlord Lee, who also wants to kill himself. Seeing the United States, can this matter be resolved, and Chuck Cannon also wants to see his father.

“Aunt Logan, rest assured.”

Chuck Cannon went back the day after tomorrow and settled the matter over the sea market. After explaining to Yolanda, Du Peixin and the others, he would be able to go to the United States with peace of mind.

“En,” Logan reluctantly closed her beautiful eyes, looking at Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon was walking around anxiously, especially worried about Yvette. Logan stayed up, closed her eyes and waited for Chuck Cannon to take her hand to rest. Only in the middle of the night, Logan feels that Chuck Cannon was pulling her hands up.

After a while, Logan opened her beautiful eyes and looked at Chuck Cannon who was asleep. She felt distressed.

With a sigh, she couldn’t sleep anymore and kept watching. By daybreak, when Chuck Cannon was about to wake up, Logan closed her beautiful eyes and Chuck Cannon woke up. Chuck Cannon felt relieved when she saw Logan sleeping soundly.

“Aunt Logan, your hands are so beautiful,” Chuck Cannon couldn’t help but said, holding Logan’s hand to sleep for a few days, feeling Logan’s body temperature, and taking care of her for fear that something might happen to her, Chuck Cannon has always wanted to say this.

Now Logan was asleep, just to say it. Otherwise, how embarrassing would it be that Logan would hear this?

With her beautiful eyes closed, Logan was a little surprised, her hands are pretty?

Logan was a little happy, but she had to continue pretending to sleep.

Chuck Cannon opened the door and went out. Logan opened her beautiful eyes. She looked at her hand and smiled softly, “Chuck, your praise is so special.”

Of course, Chuck Cannon looked at Logan’s hand differently from Yvette’s hand…

In the next two days, Chuck Cannon contacted Yvette and made sure that Yvette had escaped the siege several times before, he felt relieved. When there was one day left before to go, Chuck Cannon contacted Yvette and asked her to do so tomorrow. To the sea market, and then to the United States together. Yvette agreed.

Chuck Cannon was relieved. At the very least, Yvette’s strength is now very good. After several days of chasing and killing, Yvette was resolved.

When Chuck Cannon heard this, he felt frightened.

“My wife is so amazing.”

Chuck Cannon was going to return to the sea. Logan has already called and arranged the plane. Chuck Cannon can leave, but Chuck Cannon doesn’t want to give up Logan and doesn’t know what to say with Logan.

He can only walk over and hug Logan lying on the hospital bed, “Aunt Logan, I will miss you…”

This is true, Chuck Cannon will really think because Logan has a place in Chuck Cannon’s heart.

Logan smiled softly and said in her heart, I will miss you too…

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