Chapter 503 – 504: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 503: The Grave Fact for the Lord of Changliu

Being in the fulfilled period didn’t mean that Kris couldn’t practice magic skills anymore. To take the Five Thunders Magic as an example, Kris could still have a good practice of it.

Another doubt was that whether the primal spirit he achieved on the earth could function or not in a different planet like this one.

From his experiments that he could fully master the golden light earth escaping skill and one of the five thunders magic in the pill formation stage, he came to understand that the stronger he became, the weaker the limitation of the planet would give him. But would he got two primal spirit when he left the Devil Land?

At the very acupoint of Kris, there was a small fire whirling around the nine inch flying sword, it was the energy Insect fairy who was brought up by Kris. However, the little fairy could still not speak or turned into a human shape till now even it had reached the stage of Supreme Monster. This might be because of the particular feature as the king of deadliest insert, or because Kris didn’t have time to play with it.

With this thought, Kris took a divine-level magic pill from the storage ring and fed it to the little fairy, which would be greatly beneficial for its development.

Of course, the little fairy was also worried about its growth now when it found it could not catch up with the development of its master. When it had the pill, the fairy felt satisfied and lay down back to the acupoint into a tight sleep. It could improve itself by good sleeps only if it had got enough energy.

As for Kris, during the trip to Luojia mountain, he was also satisfied to the fact that he had a new junior fellow apprentice and established a sect which was named the Genggu Holy Sect. And the stone of fire and water Taoist Strength and the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire were extra gifts he gained in this trip.

Now after months of practice, his physical strength now reached the fulfilled period of primal spirit, which, combined with the numberless sword energy he could control, ensured that he could rival a master in the early period of accumulated spirit. And in terms of his physical aptitude, he could break away from any borders like non-flight arrays through the aptitude- Border Removal Skill.

By a movement of the golden light earth escaping skill, Kris raised up to the ground. It was for four days that he hadn’t had the sight of the sunshine.

At this time, Chen was practicing his skills by his side. With the help of magic pills, Chen’s body became stronger and stronger, which would earn him a name of champion among the fighters with the same stages as his if he could ensure that he could gain sufficient mana.

Kris now was certain that Chen was full of potential.

“My junior fellow apprentice!” Said Kris.

Chen opened his eyes and greeted to Kris with a smile . In fact, he was totally shocked by the powerful energy Kris had showed at the moment, and it seemed there was also a violent energy in him. Chen knew it must be the energy from the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire.

“Congratulations, my senior fellow apprentice, now you must be much stronger than ever before.” Said Chen, who was sincerely happy to see Kris’s progress. Although he knew the precious fire was his prey first of all, he was not strong enough to take it out from the dangerous pool and make use of it effectively. He was always so selfless and honest to his friend, which made Kris guilty about what he had gained from Chen.

“Thanks so much, my junior fellow apprentice, I owe you now.” Said Kris. Then he took out the gifts he had prepared from a storage ring and said, “It’s called Treasure Gourd, which contains extremely cold water and extremely hot magma, which could even send into the hell a master in the primal spirit stage.”

Truth to be told, only the one who had master Taoist Strength could endure the attack of the Treasure Gourd for a while.

Chen was amazed and moved deeply that his senior fellow apprentice would give him such a precious gift-a piece of supreme Taoist Weapon. However, he retreated his hands and said, “Sorry, my senior fellow apprentice, I think this one is too precious for me to accept it!”

“Take it now, you deserve it. This piece of weapon can greatly enhance your attack power, no matter when you are in a group fight or a single one, and it can ensure that you are invincible in the Pill-Condensation Stage. But keep it in your mind that a strong fighter will never always rely on his weapon, he should rely on himself.” Said Kris.

Chen was moved by what Kris said. Now he accept the gift and said, ”Thanks you again for your good advice, my senior fellow apprentice.”

“Alright, now you can have a basic knowledge about the weapon, it will take you one day or so.” Said Kris.

“Yes, I will!” Said Chen. He knew he must be patient enough to master the skill of a piece of Supreme Taoist weapon, which, however, was a little case for Kris because he could had the mastery of it within an hour by the help of his strong Divine Spiritual Power.

This time, it was Kris’s turn to Keep a lookout for him.

It took a whole day for Chen to learn the basic usage of the weapon. Besides its attack capacity, Chen found it could also serve as a place to improve his physical strength. This might be a pleasing surprise for him, indeed.

“We still lack a weapon spirit for this gourd, but I don’t have a suitable monster soul for it.”Said Kris, ” It is said that there is a sea monster, named Zhentao, who lives in an undersea volcano, and takes magma as its food and seawater as drinking water. If you can get its monster soul and merge it into the gourd, the weapon will be promoted to a half spirit weapon. “

Chen knew he must rise up to the challenge Kris set for him. And this might be a good opportunity for him to train himself. Chen kneeled down and bowed to Kris to show his gratitude. However, Kris stopped him and said, “Don’t do this, just take me as your brother, Chen, now you are the disciple of my sect, if you can find the suitable site for our sect, I will reward you with the more precious gift than that you can expect.”

” I have an elder brother and you can call him Diao. Diao is also in the infinite sea now. If you have any a sticky business on the sea, you can call him by this Voice Transmission Stone or go to Wuji Sword Sect to find him. Your ID card will tell him who you are!” Said Kris.

Chen replied in a hurry, “My senior fellow apprentice, are you going to leave here?”

“Yes, now I have to continue my trip to find a suitable site for our sect.” Replied Kris, after a pause, he continued to say, “And I should tell you that you are not good enough in your energy source, I think this because of your limited talent. However, my elder brother-Diao, can help you to solve this problem. I will inform you as soon as I get contact with him!”

“Thank you.” Chen was excited about what he heard because insufficient energy source was the long-term problem for him, and he never expect that there was a solution for it

Kris patted him on the shoulder and said, “Goodbye, my junior fellow apprentice, I think I can bring you the information of my elder brother within one month.” After that, he left within a blink.

At this point, a voice suddenly came to Chen: “My son, you are so lucky that you can have a kind and generous senior fellow apprentice.”

It must be Mr. Gu. Chen cried with joy, “Mr. Gu, are you woken up?”

“Yes, I woke up three days ago.” Mr. Gu replied, “Chen, your senior fellow apprentice’s strength is fathomless. At the first sight of him, I made a wrong judgment that he was a fighter in the fulfilled period of the pill formation, but now you can see his strong physical strength, which was more than ten times than yours!”

“That’s true, because he is the disciple of the Genggu Holy Sect, which enjoys the name as one of the best sects of the Devil Land.” Said Chen.

“By the way, Mr. Gu, my senior fellow apprentice told me that he had an elder brother called Diao who can solve my problem of poor energy source!”

Mr. Gu kept silent and sank into a deep thought. He was not sure Kris’s true purpose, thought Kris was kind and generous to Chen. And why a strong fighter like Kris would be threatened by a new-born Supreme Monster?

Mr. Gu couldn’t find the answer, and he would also not mention it to Chen. He was content that Chen could gain benefits and enhance his physical strength.


Time flied as the training experience went over thirty days later.

There was a glimmer of eager anticipation on all faces.

The three sects were seemingly courteous yet secretly competing against each other.

All the masters were happy to see some of their disciples could survive from the cruel training. However, when it came to the disciples of the Secluded Immortal Palace, it was a total disaster. the Lord of Changliu was despair that he couldn’t find anyone of his disciple as survivors.

The disciples after the cruel training became totally shaped into a strong fighter with stronger will and physical strength. And the champion of the training were the Pure Sect and the Bright Sacred Land.

“What about my disciples?” Cried the Lord of Changliu. It was quite a strange situation that there was no survivor in the Secluded Immortal Palace since every disciple could go back through their token, which will send them directly to the exit as soon as the time was up. And it seemed impossible that all of them had lost their tokens.

Suddenly a whirlpool turned at the entrance.

“Look, someone’s coming out!”

The Lord of Changliu raised his head hopefully, only to find a stranger who seemed a disciple from a high-level sect.

” Time is over now, my friend, I’m sorry to see that.” Said Fazang in a pity.


“Bullshit, shut your month now, I am sure that my disciples will come out safely.” The Lord of Changliu shouted with his eyes turning blood red. Then he flew into the whirlpool directly.

Chapter 504: The Heaven Wolf Island

“No, stop him now!”The Lord of Fazang was stunned by what the Lord of Changliu had done for he knew that any master in accumulated spirit stage would be wiped out if he dared to enter the training land.

With the help of other lords, the Lord of Fazang had successfully sealed the entrance before the Lord of Changliu went into the training land.

After that, they left as soon as possible for fear that the Lord of Changliu would take them as a vent to his anger.

Lord of Liejian, the leader of the Pure Yang Sect greeted to Kris and then left with his disciples, too.

It was a grave fact for the Secluded Immortal Palace that its disciple who had the most excellent skills and best magic weapons would be completely annihilated.

What’s more, the Lord of Changliu was frightened that he didn’t know how to account for this when he returned alone.

To his despair, a speculation came to him: “Is it possible that the Pure Yang Sect and the Bright Sacred Land conspire to suppress us?” The young disciples represented the future of his sect, so he was too despair to accept the grave fact.

“Yes, it must be so. These despicable villains must be punished for killing my disciples!” Cried the Lord of Changliu. The speculation quickly occupied his mind and became a fact for him. He held it firm in his mind that the other two sects were joining hands to suppress the Secluded Immortal Palace. Therefore, he must came back as soon as possible to uncover their dirty plots to his superiors.

Now Kris had been on the trip to search for the good energy source to strengthen his Five Thunders Magic.

The Fire thunder was a little case for him on the infinite sea, where there were tremendous super volcanoes. The Fire Thunder would appear at the point when the volcano erupted. To stimulate the eruption of the volcano, Kris smashed the lava with his sword-like energy and observed the condition of the volcano. This, for sure, was the most effective and practical way for Kris to get the source of the Fire Thunder.

Hundreds of thousands of miles later, Kris finally collected enough source for his Fire Thunder Magic. When the magic of the Water Thunder and the Fire Thunder were combined, Kris was sure that even the sea monster in the middle period of supreme monster stage could not survive.

Next goal for him was to find the source for the other three thunder magic: the Metal Thunder, the Wood Thunder and the Earth Thunder. Of course, only the place with rich natural energy of these three elements could bear the source of the rare thunders, none of which was a easy prey for Kris.

Then he flied to the branch of the Seven Treasures House and released three reward missions at the cost of millions of superior spiritual stones. Besides, he also brought plenty of books about arrays and magic pills to broaden his knowledge.

After that, he boarded a long-distance spaceship back to the Sea of Chaos. Through the twenty-day fight, Kris had improved his theories on Alchemy and array system. When he arrived at the Sea of Chaos, he got messages about the three missions.

The information of the three kinds of thunder was written on three pieces of sealed parchments. The first one- the Metal Thunder, could be easily found in the sword tomb of the Wuji Sword Sect. Wuji Sword Sect? What the fuck? He could believe the rare thunder he spare his efforts to get was a such a commonplace. He now felt distressed about the hundreds of thousands of superior spiritual stone he had paid for this piece of information. The second one, the Wood Thunder, was in a place named Wood Sea which was home to sea monster in the Eastern Wild Sea. And the third one, the Earth Thunder, might be found in the southern region, where there was a sect called the Earth Sect. The whole members of it, including its disciples and masters, majored earth-element fighting skills.

Kris was mad about the uncertainty of the information. As the VIP consumer, he was unsatisfied about the information he got and he would make formal complaints against the branch of the Seven Treasure in the Sea of Chaos about their uncertainty.

However unsatisfied he felt, he had to go on his trip. This time he planned to take a look at the Heaven Wolf Island three million miles away from him. Maybe he could find it as a good site for the Nahai Sect.

During his trip, Kris spare his efforts to practice the Water God Escape Skill, which was a Divine skill of middle level to ensure that he could have a flight of thousands of miles in a single day. And when he had a good mastery of the skill, his speed was increased by ten times. Now with the skill, Kris could finished a journey of ten thousand of miles.

Almost a month later, Kris arrived at the site where the Heaven Wolf Island sank down. With the skills he had learned from Lu Mo, he broke into the island from its protective cover. The sea was boiling with bobbles coming up from the deep water and a huge cliff rose up from the sea, which was still the home to lush plants and animals of different species.

Several hours later, the island rose up totally from the beneath of the sea. It was a perfect a place as the site of the Naihai Sect.

When Kris broke the inner array of the island, he came to the living place of the True Lord Langxie where he found plenty of treasures. He would give away some of them to his disciple- Sha Mo, as the resource for his practition. All in all, the law worked in every sect that the young generation represented the future of a sect.

After that, Kris got another surprise that there were several spiritual stone mines under the island, which could serve as the foundation of his sect here. Then he set up a large array around the island to hide its location and was ready to send the Lord of Viper and the Lord of Spark a message to inform them the information about the site of the island.

However, the voice transmission stone didn’t work since the signal of the Voice Transmission Stone could not reach the two lords. It must because of the long distance between them.

After a thorough thought, Kris planned to spare his effort on the Voice Transmission Stone. In terms of its function, the Voice Transmission Stone resembled the wireless wave on the Earth which could even bring the signal back from the outer space. What he needed to do first was to master the machinery of the Voice Transmission Stone.

This was, of course, a little case for Kris. After hours of learning, Kris had gradually come to the understanding of the machinery of it. Now all he had to do was to broaden the range of the communicating tool with his Divine Spirit Power.

“I am eager to see how surprised they will be when they get my message.” Said Kris with a large smile his face.

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