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Chapter 503: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 503 The Truth

Hearing these words, Brother Six began to think.

For a long time, he said only word, “continue.”

Seeing that he was interested, Yiyao Duan smiled and continued, “if you are going to avenge, go for the ones that owe you. It’s no use of finding troubles for Jingyan. Even if they get killed by you, it just doesn’t make sense. However, meeting with the seniors of Ye family will be different. Perhaps they will understand your past after a conversation with you. This is something that you should do.”

“The so-called revenge is to make the assholes suffer. Killing them will make them painful, but not miserable. The only way to make them suffer mentally as well is to make them live in hell and be tortured for the rest of their lives.”

When Yiyao said this, there was no expression on her face. It was hard to imagine that the cruel suggestion was targeting at her husband.

And her reaction made Brother Six suspicious, so he asked, “as far as I know, you have a good relationship with Ye family, so what can you gain from this?”

“It’s not me who is going to do this. I’m just offering you suggestions. It’s not the same thing. Besides, I can take the opportunity to take Anna out, which is the more important thing.”

Yiyao’ s words made Brother Six feel quite surprised and murmured, “I never think you’ll tell me this. You’re really confident about your plan.”

Yiyao smiled indifferently and said, “that’s right. I am so confident that I can tell you openly. Also, you can stop me to see which one of us will win.”

“You are incredible.”

Raising her eyebrows and looking provocatively at Brother Six, Yiyao said, “I have finished. Now it all depends on you. Are you ready to declare a war?”

“As if I will look like a coward if I don’t agree.”

“That’s right, I have told you all. If you still refuse to agree, then I really have nothing to say.”

Looking at Yiyao and thinking by himself, Brother Six said, “it seems that I have to agree.”


Seeing that things were going on according to her plan step by step, Yiyao gradually relaxed.

Now, it’s Jingyan’ s turn to cooperate with her and make some arrangements.

Kerry Ye and Venus Mu happily came to Britain to visit their children who were also here on “vacation”.

What they didn’t know was that something unexpected was waiting for them.

After listening to Jingyan, Kerry was so angry that he just wanted to rush to Brother Six.

Venus was trying to calm Kerry down, signaling him to relax.

But how could he calm down after hearing this?

Kerry was gasping, staring at Jingyan and questioning, “you guys are really too much. How can you keep it from us after it happened?”

Jingyan bowed his head down and said, “I’m sorry. I don’t think it through.”

Taking a deep breath, Kerry calmed down, and then asked, “what is the situation now? Yiyao and Miss Xie, are controlled by him?”


“Haven’t you sent anyone to look for them?”

“Brother Six seems to be very familiar with Ye family. The men I sent were all killed by him.”

It had been many years since anyone had dared to look for trouble with Ye family.

This young man managed to piss Kerry off.

“Hmph, what a young man. He has a lot of guts.”

Jingyan raised his head, looking at Kerry, and said with a meaningful tone, “dad, I think this person seems to have something to do with our family.”


“He hates us so much.”

Squinting, Kerry asked, “you mean, he is our enemy?”

“Not exactly. If he is an enemy, when he captured Chuxue Ye, he took good care of her instead of mistreating her. His some behaviors are quite contradictory and I simply can’t understand him.”

“Since you can’t understand, let me!”

“This man was very dangerous, so we must be careful.”

“What else can you do if you’re not careful? He has your wife, OK?” When he said this, Kerry was very angry, “you really do a good job. How dare you let your woman alone fight for us?”

Hearing this, Jingyan said nothing. He just looked down, trying to keep it to himself.

When Venus saw this, she knew how painful he was.

Sighing, Venus said to Kerry, “forget it. He surely feels bad. If there was another way, he would never let Yiyao risk her life. Since things have come to this, think about something to solve it, instead of doing something useless. We need to get Yiyao and Anna out as soon as possible.”

“Let’ s talk about this later when we’ve done.”

Seeing that her father was still in rage, Chuxue was trying to say something nice to comfort them, “Mom and Dad, you’ve just arrived in Britain. Why not take a good rest and have a good meal so that you get the energy to do things?”

Venus echoed, “yes, she’s right. Let’s think about whether there is such an enemy among the people we know.”

“I’ve been out of the business for years, so I guess it’s a grudge from a long time ago.” Kerry frowned and thought about it, and ordered to Jingyan, “send me Brother Six’s information. I need to know more about him.”

“Got it.”

After telling the serve men, Kerry and Venus went back to their room, while Chuxue was going to have them make more delicious food.

When the meal was ready, the whole family gathered around, but Jingyan and Yulin didn’t show up.

Chuxue went to Jingyan’ s room to look for him.

Knocking on the door, she walked in and asked, “brother, aren’t you going to eat?”

Sitting in front of the computer, he answered without turning back, “no, I don’t want to.”

“Come on, don’t let mom and dad worry about you.”

“We don’t have too much time left and I have to find a best route. There is no time to eat.”


“Send the food to my room, and I’ll eat it after a while. Is that okay?”

A while? He would definitely not eat it.

Chuxue sighed, then walked out of the room and returned to the dining room.

When Venus saw that she came back alone, she asked, “where is your brother?”

Chuxue gently shook her head with a helpless look.

Zhao Nangong sighed and said, “hey, he is the one takes the most.”

Yuqi looked to the empty seat beside himself and sighed, “that’s wrong. Obviously, Yulin also takes a lot.”

Hearing this, all of them fell silent.

At this moment, Yulin, who had everyone worried, was sitting opposite Lucy’s boss. No one could tell what he was thinking about, for he was now calm as Stillwater.

“How’s the thing I ask you to do?”

The boss took out a map, showing it to Yulin and said, “we’ve got more in formation about Brother Six. His power in Britain is mainly in these three major areas.”

Saying that, the boss drew three circles on the map as an indication.

Although there were only three major areas, it included the most famous and rich neon-lit whorehouses, and it was the territory of his men.

When he thought of this, the boss’ s hatred grew.

All the wealth and glory were taken away from him. This was not only about financial losses, but a humiliation. If possible, he really wanted to let Brother Six pay for it with all means.

Yulin naturally saw the hatred inside his boss. He said in a lazy tone, “if you destroy Brother Six, all these territories will belong to you, and I don’t want any of them.”

Hearing this, the boss froze, seemingly not daring to believe it.

The fortune would be invincible. Was he serious?

“I know what’s in your mind. Money is not important to me and what I want is to destroy him.”

The boss raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “so it seems that we are really the best partners. These years, Brother Six has got enough. It is time to get him thrown off the bench.”

“Now, then, let’s do it.”

Raising his eyes and looking at Yulin, the boss called his own men and ordered something in a low voice, with a weird and horrible smile.

The whole British underworld would shock because of his words.

Many shops in Brother Six’s territory were destroyed by force and many had died and got injured.

The men in charge of this area couldn’t fight back, so he reported to Brother Six.

Faced with this situation, Brother Six was calm.

“Not only those in Queens were smashed, right?”

“Yes, the underground casinos and banks in the Old Bailey, the nightclubs in Shipton Square, and so on, all were affected. Boss, after this, we have lost a lot and we must find the one behind this.”

“Do you have any clue?”

“His power is very strange, seeming to be Europeans and Asians. I can’t tell what kind of gangs they belong to.”

“They don’t belong to any gang. You can’t find it out, believe me.”

The man froze, thinking if they weren’t gangs, why would they look for their trouble?

Brother Six stood up, walking to the window. He took out a cigar and breathed it in.

The smoke touched the window, blurring Six’s features, and the murderous aura in his eyes.

“They’ve really done a lot to force me to show up. If I don’t do something, it seems that I’ll let them down.”

“So, what do we do now?”

“I’ll go by myself. Otherwise, there’s no way out.”

Driving to the smashed shops, Brother Six walked around, and found that they had indeed been violent enough. The shops were almost in ruins.


Seeing Brother Six, someone immediately ran over.

“Any clues?”

The man looked down and said with trepidation, “not yet. We need more time, I’m afraid.”

Squinting, he said, “just stop. Restore the shops as soon as possible and reopen them.”

Someone had already made them lose a lot, so why didn’t Brother Six stop looking into it and fight back?

The man didn’t know his intentions, but he didn’t have the guts to question. He just lowered their heads and answered, “yes, boss.”

Ready to go back by car, Brother Six spotted a car not far behind from the reverse mirror. Then he suddenly realized something. The game was about to start.

They were trying to find more information about Brother Six.

But after chasing for a while, they found that they lost Brother Six.

Damn it. Why did they lose him again?

After getting rid of them, Brother Six returned to the island and found there was only Anna there.

Seeing Brother Six, Anna was full of fear.

Anna did not expect the Brother Six would suddenly come back. When Yiyao left, she said Brother Six ran into trouble and he would be back very late, so she went out to do her own business.

But now, facing him, she really didn’t know how to explain why Yiyao was not here.

Anna was full of anxiety, while Brother Six did not mention Yiyao.

“Why do you look at me in this way? Are you afraid of me?”

Anna moved back and answered Brother Six with her actions.

But Brother Six didn’t see it and he still got closer to Anna, saying causally, “because of that woman, I don’t even have a chance to have a good conversation with you.”

“I don’t feel that there is anything to talk about.”

“It’s sad that you say so, but I have a lot to say to you.”

When Six took a step forward, Anna took a step back, with a look of fear.

“I think, you don’t need to be afraid of me, because I am not going to hurt you. My target is Ye family.”

“I won’t allow you to hurt them!”

Brother Six smiled disdainfully and asked, “well, how can you stop me? Honey trap?”

Saying that, Brother Six even reached out his hand to touch Anna.

Anna immediately turned her head away, her tone full of disgust, and said, “go away. Stay away from me!”

Holding Anna’s hand, Brother Six’s tone was grim, “you know what. The more you want to get rid of me, the more I want to get closer to you, so that I can enjoy your flustered look.”


“I am. I believe, you will like this in the end.”

Anna was really scared and she felt this guy was going to do something.

If, if he really wanted to…fuck Anna, Anna would rather die.

Just when Anna made up her mind to kill herself, Yiyao suddenly rushed in, pushing Brother Six and used her body to protect Anna.

“What are you doing!?”

Brother Six’s collar was messed up by Yiyao, so he looked down to fix his shirt and said coldly, “have you finished exchanging information with Ye family?”

Yiyao didn’t say anything, just frowned and stared at him.

“Tell Jingyan that he can send his men, but no matter what, they will all be the snacks for sharks.”

Yiyao slightly raised her jaw and said, “Okay, I’ll tell him.”

Wearing an evil smile, Brother Six slowly approached Yiyao.

They were so close that if one of them slightly turned their heads away, they would have touched each other.

Anna’s heart was beating fast, for she was also scared.

But Yiyao stood there calmly.

Brother Six said with great resentment, “you won’t be happy for too long. Because soon, I will let you know what it is like to lose the love ones. All of you will feel like in hell!”

“Once, you also feel the same, right?”

Yiyao sneered, making Brother Six stunned. This was out of his expectation.

Yiyao was winning now. With a disdainful look, she asked, “Answer me. Isn’t it?”

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