Chuck Cannon went to fly.

Logan was alone in the ward. She sighed with the loss after she stared downstairs and couldn’t see Chuck Cannon’s car.

When Chuck Cannon walked out just now, she was so reluctant that her eyes were almost red. She hadn’t been like this before leaving Chuck Cannon. This time, Logan was particularly disappointed.

She actually wanted to say something to Chuck Cannon when Chuck Cannon left, but she couldn’t say it.

Logan is too considerate of others, she buries everything in her heart.

She was lost and was alone in the ward. She couldn’t feel at ease. At this time, a call came and Logan answered, “Qian Yueying is downstairs? Want to see Chuck? Let her come up.”

After a while, Qian Yueying knocked on the door and came in cautiously. She came over to find Chuck Cannon and had something to do. She was thinking about it. She decided to make it clear with Chuck Cannon that she wanted to do something for Chuck Cannon.

Otherwise, Qian Yueying couldn’t feel relieved in her heart.

“Hello, Ms Logan, may I ask Mr Chuck…is he here?” Qian Yueying asked quietly.

For Logan, she has no confidence.

Because she knew that Chuck Cannon, who almost turned her money family into a pauper, respected Logan especially.

“Chuck is back,” Logan felt a sense of loss in her heart, and she really wanted to go to America with Chuck Cannon.

“What? Going back?” Qian Yueying was surprised, why did Chuck Cannon go back so quickly?

“Well, just left.”

“Thank you, then I’ll go back first.” Qian Yueying turned around and quit, Chuck Cannon returned to the sea market, why is it so sudden?

“and something more…,”

“Excuse me, Ms Logan, something?”

Logan walked over and said directly, “I didn’t dislike you, but you know what your situation is. I don’t want you to have more contact with my family Chuck, so I don’t want you to go to him. If you have any problems, you can solve it yourself. Its okay, if you come here and let me help.”

Qian Yueying was sad, and Logan put it straightforwardly. She was worried that she would affect Chuck Cannon as she denied a man. But if she didn’t sleep with Chuck Cannon, how could it affect him?

“Sorry, I spoke a little more directly, but I can’t help it.” Logan was sorry.

As a woman, she also sympathizes with Qian Yueying but sympathizes with sympathy. She would be particularly cautious when it comes to Chuck Cannon.

“It’s okay,” Qian Yueying walked out sadly, Logan didn’t keep her, she was already lost, she looked out the window, already stunned…

Qian Yueying came out of the hospital, and she drove sadly. She was surprised by herself and came to find Chuck Cannon. At this time, the phone rang, and she took it out to see that it was her daughter.


“Mom, did you go to find my uncle? Did you go on a date with my uncle?”

The daughter asked innocently. She saw that her mother, Qian Yueying, rarely had her dress up, put on makeup and beautiful clothes. This must be a date.

“No, he went back.” When Qian Yueying came just now, she really wanted to invite Chuck Cannon to dinner.

But Chuck Cannon has gone back. Should she go to the Night Hotel to find him?

“Have he gone back? Then, mother go to my uncle’s house to find him,”

“Mom won’t go, she won’t go, some people say, mother, mother…” Qian Yueying was sad.

When chatting with her daughter, she shed tears. Recently, she really likes crying too much. She didn’t do this before. Is it really because of Chuck Cannon?

Or did she really feel about Chuck Cannon?

Qian Yueying was stunned, was that right?

Lara sat on her chair sadly. It has been so long since she came to Beijing. Chuck Cannon didn’t take the initiative to contact her. She couldn’t help calling Chuck Cannon just now and asked where Chuck Cannon was, but Chuck Cannon answered the phone and said that he was at the airport. Is he ready to go back?

But why doesn’t he call her and ask her if she wanna go back?

Lara was sad that she had no place in Chuck Cannon’s mind. Otherwise, he would definitely greet her if he will go back!

Lara decided to go back by herself. Anyway, her work is basically finished, so she can go back to school and have a look.

Lara can’t wait to go to the place where she lives to clean up, go back to the sea market and find Chuck Cannon, he should be over there in the square!

Lara packed up, booked the plane, and went to the airport by car!

Here Chuck Cannon has just arrived at the airport. Logan has already arranged a private jet. Chuck Cannon can go directly into the private passage, but Chuck Cannon has discovered something.

There are some men in black suits looking for someone at this airport.

Yes, these are from the Zeng family.

They received the order to guard some of the places where they went out in the capital, and they must find Yvette who killed the young master! !

But after a few days of guarding, there is no clue! But there is no way, they must keep it!

They hide in the crowd, watching all the suspicious personnel closely, huh, killed the young master of the Zeng family, and want to run?

Of course, Chuck Cannon didn’t know this anymore. He was taken in directly, but Chuck Cannon saw a beautiful woman on the way to the VIP.

Several people followed.

This beautiful woman has jeans, long legs, and a pretty face, especially her temperament, she is too arrogant.

This is Duan Wenwen of the Duan family. She went to see Qian Yueying, but Qian Yueying did not reveal any news. She could only find a way to blindly find that person by herself.

But after a few days, Duan Wenwen is already a little irritated.

This person has destroyed the Zhao family, so is he still so low-key?

Or was it true that some of the elders in the family were right? This person was so badly injured that he hid because he destroyed the Zhao family and reorganized the Qian family?

The more she thought about it, Duan Wenwen became annoyed.

Because of the appearance of this person, she didn’t sleep well for so long!

Find you out, if your vitality is badly injured, then you will die. My Duan family will not let the threatened person live.

She was annoyed at first, but she discovered that Chuck Cannon who came over was looking at herself. She frowned and said coldly, “What are you looking at?”

Chuck Cannon shrugged and passed Duan Wenwen without saying a word.

Duan Wenwen stared at Chuck Cannon coldly, and scolded angrily, “Stop, I ask what do you look at?”

Chuck Cannon turned his head helplessly and didn’t want to be bothered. He was really wrong. Duan Wenwen was wearing jeans. Chuck Cannon thought of Yvette who often wears jeans, so he took a few more glances.

But in Chuck Cannon’s mind, Duan Wenwen’s legs are not as beautiful as her own wife.

Chuck Cannon also had reservations. He occasionally thought about it. I don’t know what Logan looks like, so I shouldn’t have a chance to see it.

This is a pity.

“I’m sorry,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Hmph, count you, acquaintance!” Duan Wenwen said coldly, if Chuck Cannon didn’t know acquaintance, she would teach him a lesson.

Chuck Cannon turned and walked away.

“Miss, what shall we do now?” Duan Wenwen’s assistant said.

“Keep looking.” Duan Wenwen shook her long legs and walked outside.

“Yes, but this person is hiding. It is very difficult to find. I think that person must be as wretched as the man who just peeked. That’s why the person hiding is low-key, rather than pretending to be. “The assistant said.

“No, why isn’t that person comparable to the shameless man just now.” Duan Wenwen shook her head. She didn’t think that Chuck Cannon’s wretched look just now could be compared with the man who destroyed the Zhao family.

Chuck Cannon’s wretched look, and the person who destroyed the Zhao family, are basically two types of people, okay?

“Yes, miss.” The assistant agreed, and he and Duan Wenwen were looking for that person together. How could it be that the person was like Chuck Cannon just now? That’s a surprise!!

Duan Wenwen wants to go home and ask, what should she find? However, she also has something to do with her. It seems that there is something wrong with her family’s industry in the United States. Do you want to go to the United States?

Forget it, go back and listen to Grandpa’s opinion.

Chuck Cannon boarded Logan’s private jet, and it was all Logan’s taste. Chuck Cannon couldn’t help but fell asleep, and he slept very soundly. When he arrived at the sea market, Chuck Cannon came out of the airport. Betty was already waiting outside the airport. Tomorrow she has to go to the United States, so she came to pick Chuck Cannon back to the hotel today and protect Chuck Cannon by the way.

However, before Chuck Cannon came out, he saw a beauty, Kristen, whom he hadn’t seen for a long time. She just came back from the field. Chuck Cannon saw her from a distance. After feeling guilty in his heart, he remembered that he was in the car with her that time……

It’s been a long time since he saw her. Let he say hello in the past. Chuck Cannon walked to Kristen. Today Kristen was very beautiful. Chuck Cannon is thinking, does Kristen hate himself now?

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