Chuck Cannon felt that Kristen must hate him because he was in the car that time with Kristen, but afterwards, he had been shirking responsibility and let Kristen take medicine to solve it.

Now Chuck Cannon remembered it himself and felt that he was too guilty.

Must apologize to Kristen properly.

However, Chuck Cannon approached Kristen and found that Kristen’s figure was as beautiful as before, but his face was particularly haggard, and his beautiful eyes were full of bloodshot eyes.

What’s wrong?

What Chuck Cannon didn’t know was that Kristen had been investing, but a big problem recently broke her fund chain. She has been flying around these days, and she hasn’t slept for several days. .

If the problem cannot be solved this time, she may be impoverished. She has thought of many ways, but all was useless.

Kristen went to the parking lot to drive. She thought of other ways to solve the matter, but she heard a voice, someone was walking behind her, she looked back and found that it was Chuck Cannon!

“President Kristen,” Chuck Cannon didn’t know what to call her, just guilty.

There was cold in Kristen’s beautiful eyes, “What are you doing here?”

“I saw you, so I came here,” Chuck Cannon said.

Chuck Cannon really didn’t know how to describe, Kristen was just like same as Chuck Cannon asked Queenie at that time, guilt was the biggest mood in Chuck Cannon’s heart.

Chuck Cannon felt sorry for Yvette and also felt sorry for Kristen.

“What are you doing here? Is it right to make a joke?” Kristen was cold.

During this period of time, she had been so busy with her business that she had forgotten this man, forgot the man who said that in the car afterwards.

She didn’t hold him responsible, but she hurt herself by saying that.

But this man actually appeared again today, what is this for? Joking that you are going bankrupt? ?

“President Kristen, Sister Kristen, what should for what should I be laughing at you?” Chuck Cannon sighed, Kristen still hates himself so much!

“Isn’t it? Put away your fake kindness! I don’t need you to be responsible.” Kristen got into her car.

Chuck Cannon sighed and walked over, “Sister Kristen, what happened to you?”

“It’s none of your business, leave from my sight!” Kristen started the car.

Chuck Cannon reached in and grabbed the steering wheel, “Sister Kristen, I was wrong about the last time…”

“Don’t talk about the last time, I forgot, it was a nightmare!!” Kristen said coldly.

It was a nightmare in the car that time, she never wanted to have that nightmare again.

“I’m sorry.” Chuck Cannon sighed after holding back for a long time. Only these three words can express Chuck Cannon’s guilt.

To Kristen.

“I accept your sorry, let me go, and never show up in front of me. For your cooperation with me, I will pay you monthly.” Kristen said coldly.

Chuck Cannon was silent and he let her go.

Kristen drove away, and Chuck Cannon stood there for a long time until he received a worried call from Betty. It stands to reason that Chuck Cannon should have come out long ago but never came out. Betty was worried and had to call and ask.

Chuck Cannon came out and got into Betty’s car.

“Master,” Betty breathed a sigh of relief. She had asked the hotel to prepare the dishes that Chuck Cannon liked to eat and then they would set off for America tomorrow night.

“Sister Li, help me check now, has Kristen encountered any problems recently,” Chuck Cannon said.

It must be a problem, otherwise, Kristen would not be so haggard.

“Yes, I’ll call and check right now,” Betty took out her mobile phone to call.

One minute later, Betty had the result, “Master, Kristen’s capital chain suddenly broke, causing problems in several of her projects.”

“So?” Chuck Cannon understood, that is, Kristen is short of money now.


“About how much is this hole missing?” Chuck Cannon asked he must do this for his own guilt for Kristen.

“At least five billion, or even more.”

“Help her make this hole.”

Betty was surprised, “make up?”

“Well, make up, don’t you have that much money here?”

“No, Master Lee said on the phone last time that you can have as much money as you want. Money is not a problem. The key is how you plan to make up, Master?” Betty smiled.

Karen Lee worried about Chuck Cannon, so the previous plan could only be invalidated. Chuck Cannon can use as much money as he wanted. As long as Chuck Cannon was happy, money was not a problem.

“Don’t let Kristen know about it,” Chuck Cannon said, definitely not. According to Kristen’s personality, knowing that it was made up by himself, then why would she want it?

“This, I have to think about it, Master, are you at odds with Kristen?” Betty was a little weird.

“Well, there is a contradiction,” Chuck Cannon sighed.

“Okay, let me think about it then,” Betty drove. “Master, then back to the hotel?”

“Let’s go to the square first. I haven’t been there for a long time.” Chuck Cannon originally came back a day earlier to see what happened here, because Chuck Cannon didn’t know how long he would go to America this time.

There is something to explain to Yolanda, otherwise, Chuck Cannon can’t worry about going there.

“Yes,” Betty drove Chuck Cannon to the square.

Seeing Chuck Cannon depressed and unhappy, Betty wanted to ask but felt that it was hard to ask.

“Sister Li, am I very bad?” Chuck Cannon muttered to himself.

At least Chuck Cannon was too guilty of Kristen.

Betty was stunned and shook her head and said, “Of course not. Master, your heart is very kind.”

Betty tells the truth.

Chuck Cannon really doesn’t have any arrogance at all. It is possible that Chuck Cannon doesn’t know how much money Karen Lee has, but she knows, because of his nature, Chuck Cannon is like this.

“Thank you, Sister Li, for comforting me,” Chuck Cannon sighed.

“There is no comfort, it is true,” Betty smiled.

Although Chuck Cannon accidentally touched herself twice, he was really careless, and he did not do anything unruly to herself, which is great.

You know, Karen Lee’s three views are super upright. If you let her know that Chuck Cannon accidentally touched her, she would be angry.

Therefore, Betty did not dare to tell Chuck Cannon about such things.

Worried that Karen Lee will punish Chuck Cannon.

“En.” Chuck Cannon was absent-minded, looking out the car window.

Betty was thinking, what happened to Chuck Cannon? Betty didn’t think much about it.

When she arrived at the square, Betty accompanied Chuck Cannon up, and at the same time arranged how to solve Kristen’s mouth. Suddenly, she thought of a way to let the bank lend money to Kristen.

She started calling.

Kristen dragged his exhausted body back home. Her mobile phone hadn’t stopped on the way, and it kept ringing. There were too many calls coming in, and it was all because of the broken chain of her own funds.

Kristen lay on the bed and closed her tired eyes. She was about to rest and hadn’t slept for a long time.

After a while, the phone rang again. Kristen woke up and sighed to answer. There was a man’s voice inside. Kristen remembered that it was a bank phone. She wanted to take a loan to make up this hole, but she was unwilling after the evaluation, so what is he calling for now?

Kristen was a little nervous.

“Hey, it’s President Kristen, right?”

“Yes, I am,”

“Is it convenient to come to the bank? Your application has been approved after careful consideration. You can come here.”

“Thank you, thank you.” Kristen breathed a sigh of relief. She hurriedly cleaned up and went downstairs to drive. She could get through this difficult situation, and the bank actually lent money to herself.

Well, it must be the reason why they have been working together before, which made them change their minds again.

When she was able to get through it, Kristen drove to the bank peacefully and met the president.

“President Kristen, we have already prepared the money you want, so you can sign it,” the president brought the document.

This procedure is also a cut scene procedure. After all, Betty has already explained it, and he only needs to follow Betty’s instructions.

“Okay,” Kristen signed and saw the number above. She breathed a sigh of relief, the bank actually lent herself six billion this time! This is a big number, at least it can barely fill this gap and let the capital chain barely run.

After signing the sign, Kristen was waiting, the president smiled and said wait a moment, and then went out. The process was tormented. After half an hour, the president came in, “President Kristen, it’s all right.”

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