Chapter 504: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 504 The Taste of Losing Someone You Loved

“Shut up!”

She chuckled softly, showing her sympathy, pity, and disdain.

“For you, we are going to die anyway. What can we do even if we know it? Just tell us, so that we can know who will die for.”

Yiyao Duan was provoking Brother Six, and for a moment, Brother Six did lose his senses.

But he quickly came to his senses, and with a mocking tone, he said, “what a cunning woman. I know you’re trying to let me tell you something, but I won’t. Also, you say you are here for Anna Xie, but I I feel that you are using her to bury the scandal for Ye family.”

Smiling at Anna, Brother Six said, “seriously, when you know the truth, will you choose to kill Anna to bury it?”

This time, before Yiyao could say something, Anna said first, “don’t divide us. Compared to a murderous devil like you, I choose to trust Yiyao.”

Brother Six shook his head, seemingly with regret, and said, “you are really naïve. The world is far more vicious than you think. You treat others well like this, but you may not get the same in return.”

Anna hummed and said, “it’s funny. An evil monster is actually teaching me to be kind and rewarding.”

“Some are evil on the surface, while some hide it under their righteousness, which is even more disgusting.”

“You mean that Ye family are even worse than you?”

“That’s right. Maybe you can’t understand it now, but soon, it will beyond your imagination. By then, you will know that I am not a bad guy at all.”

When Brother Six said this, he looked serious, and his eyes, which were always grim, seemed to be clear that ever.

This made Anna stunned. She just stared into the eyes of Brother Six, as if he had fixed her soul.

Suddenly, someone pushed Anna, so she came back to her senses.

“Anna, don’t listen to him. The guy is just hoping that we will be in a mess. And he’d love to see that everyone will die with him.”

Brother Six shrugged indifferently and said, “well, for your own good, I’ve mentioned you, but you misunderstand me. Forget it, I won’t say anything more to persuade you guys. Let’ s wait and see and the truth will tell you all.”

After saying that, Brother Six turned around and left.

Seeing Brother Six leave, Yiyao turned around to hold Anna’s hand, saying, “Anna, don’t listen to that crazy man.”

“Of course, I won’t believe it, but…” Anna frowned and said, “what happened back then to make him hate Ye family so much?”

“We don’t need to worry about this. The seniors of Ye family know what to do. The only thing we have to do now is to return home safe and sound.”

Speaking of this, Anna sighed, with some despair, and said, “you’ve seen it all for these days. We are surrounded by seawater. Unless Brother Six let us go, we cannot get out.”

“We will. Trust me. If you give up yourself, then there is really no chance of getting out.”

When she thought about it, it made sense, so Anna rubbed her head and said with some embarrassment, “well, I’m too pessimistic.”

Yiyao held Anna’s hand tightly and said, “Anna, you have to believe in me and also Ye family. We will never die here.”

Looking at Yiyao’ s confident look, Anna nodded, but the uneasiness inside was growing.

They failed again of catching Brother Six.

This almost drove Yulin crazy and made him more and more impulsive.

He knew that some of his actions would never be allowed by them, so he began to act on his own, without cooperating with Ye family.

Slowly, everyone noticed Yulin’ s abnormality and stopped him when he was, once again, ready to act on his own.

“Yulin, what are you doing?”

“Get more guys and launch an attack.”

“Are you crazy? That area is surrounded by seawater, with no cover. As soon as your men show up, they will be spotted and killed. You’ll lose at the beginning.”

“Then I can’t do nothing and just keep wasting time here,” Yulin rubbed his hair, like a madman, and muttered, “it has been days, so we cannot wait any longer.”

“Yulin, calm down!” Jingyan frowned, holding Yulin’ s shoulders, and said, “Yiyao is there, so you should know that I’m suffering too. But if we act rashly, the danger and risk they are enduring at this moment will be in vain.”

Sitting on the sofa with a decadent look, Yulin’ s voice was hoarse, “I understand, but I can’t sit there and just wait.”

“We have decided to have a showdown with Brother Six.”

This decision made Yulin froze.

He looked up at Jingyan and asked, “have Mr. Ye and Mrs. Ye agreed?”

“Yes. What you need to do now is to wait here and don’t mess around.”

This hurt Yulin. He muttered and asked, “do you think what I’m doing now is to mess around?”

“You put all yourself in this, so now you cannot make rational judgement. I have to say that you are trapped yourself in this. What we are facing is not an ordinary enemy, but Brother Six, who hates Ye family so much, but knows us well. Moreover, he has our beloved ones, so we cannot fail.”

Jingyan looked straight into Yulin’ s eyes and said, “I understand, but at this critical moment, we cannot afford failure. You, really cannot do whatever you want without letting us know.”

Jingyan’ s painful look made Yulin hurt.

Pursing his lips, Yulin nodded and said in a solemn tone, “you’re right. I will adjust myself as soon as possible.”

“I’ll give you a few days. Adjust yourself and when you feel OK, then join us.”


After placating Yulin, Jingyan informed Yiyao of the meeting time and place.

Soon, Yiyao found Brother Six and put the note with the time and place on Brother Six’s desk.

Taking a glance at it, Brother Six asked, “what is this?”

“The time and place to meet with Ye family.”

Brother Six raised his eyebrows, making Yiyao unable to judge he was happy or angry, and asked, “Kerry has come to Britain?”


“Very good,” Brother Six asked with an evil smile, “won’t you guys worry that I will kill Kerry?”

Yiyao looked indifferent, not even wanting to tease him, “do you think you can do that?”

“I will let you know I can do so.”

Unwilling to say more nonsense, Yiyao turned around and left, returning to her room.

At this moment, Anna was looking out of the window, not knowing what she was thinking about.

“Anna, get ready. In the next two days, we have a chance to leave here.”

Anna froze for a moment, for she didn’t know she should be sad or happy, trembling and asked, “really?”

“Of course. You do not have to be afraid anymore.”

Anna was first happy, and then, immediately, she felt sad again.

Looking at the sea and sky, Anna said, “but how? This is surrounded by sea and it is difficult to leave unnoticed.”

“When Brother Six left the island, this island is completely under our control. And it will be easy for us to leave. As long as he gives us enough time.”

Brother Six had left before, but Yiyao never made any movements.

Now she seemed resolute, so could it be…

Her face lit up with a smile, “have Mr. Ye and Mrs. Ye came here?”

“That’s right.”

Such an answer made Anna both nervous and a little worried.

Seeing Anna was nervous, Yiyao comforted, “don’t think too much. Our mission, is to get out of here safely, so that Jingyan and the othes won’t worry about us.”

“I see.”

“I will tell you more when the time comes. Just listen to me. Don’t push yourself so hard.”


She finally could get out here, so she was very excited.

When she saw Yulin, she must hold him tightly and tell him how much she misses him these days…

Although everything had been arranged, but Jingyan was not at ease.

He found his father and had something to discuss with him.


“What is it?”

“How about finding someone else to meet Brother Six?”

Kerry looked up at his son and asked, “why?”

“He is ruthless and cruel, and I am worried that you will get hurt.”

But Kerry had his own reason to meet him in person.

“Since that young man harbors a grudge against Ye family, I am the only one that can solve all this, otherwise, the harm will never stop. Moreover, this is my responsibility and I don’t need anyone to do anything for me.”

Jingyan, helpless, looked at Venus next to him and asked, “Mom, say something, OK?”

Venus was full of anxiety, but there was nothing she could do.

“If he listens to me, he wouldn’t stand here at this moment.”

Seeing his wife and son with sad looks, Kerry questioned, having a temper, “do you not believe in me? It’s just a young man and I can handle it.”

Venus sighed and said, “you have already made a decision, so it is pointless for me to say no. Do what you want. Anyway, I’ve been worrying about you all my life and I don’t mind one more time.”

Holding his beloved woman, Kerry rubbed her hair with his jaw and said, “when I come back, we continue to travel around the world. No matter how much trouble our children make, I won’t get involved.”

“I hope you’ll keep your word.”

“Of course. When have I ever failed to? It’s been so many years and you should trust me.”

The couple began to reminisce about the past years, so Jingyan left the room to give them enough space.

Seeing Jingyan walk out, Chuxue asked, “what did Dad say? Did you succeed?”

Jingyan shook his head.

Chuxue sighed, full of worry, “it will be dangerous. What can we do? I don’t want him to take any risk.”

“Dad will not act rashly, so let’s trust him. Moreover, this time we will assist him. We should have some confidence. Things will be fine.”

Chuxue sighed helplessly and murmured, “now we can only hope so.”

It was cloudy and dark and the waves were crashing over. It looked like there was going to be a rainstorm.

Standing in front of the window, Anna was anxious, with her hand grabbing her collar.

Today was the day to move. Brother Six had already left by boat, so at this moment, he was going to meet with Ye family.

She really couldn’t image what would happen when the two met.

Just when Anna was anxious, someone barged in.

Hearing the voice, Anna was startled.

Turning back, her pupils shrank and her voice began to tremble.

“Yiyao, why is there blood all over your body?”

“It’s not my blood,” Yiyao moved crisply and threw a set of clothes to Anna and instructed, “here, change your clothes.”

Although she had a lot of questions, now it was not a good time to ask. Anna could only put all her questions inside. She put on the clothes nimbly, and walked out of the room following Yiyao.

When she got out, Anna was shocked to find that there were corpses lying on the ground, and it looked like there had been a severe battle.

But why did she not hear any sound?

It seemed that Yiyao and they had planned long ago. When the time came, they would fight back.

Yiyao and they had been busy around, but what about her? She was just waiting there like a fool, without helping.

Thinking about this, Anna felt very sorry. Therefore, she slowed down her pace.

Running to the beach, someone immediately trotted across and greeted Yiyao.

“Young lady.”

“Is the boat ready?”


“Let’s go now.”

On the beach, the number of dead bodies was even more than just now, horrible and terrifying.

Anna’s face turned pale, who started to tremble in fear.

Suddenly, a hand covered her eyes.

“If you are afraid, close your eyes and take my hand.”

Taking a deep breath, Anna looked up and smiled at Yiyao, saying, “I’m okay. I can do it. Let’s leave the place first.”

Saying that, Anna pretended to be calm and walked out before Yiyao.

There was no need to tell that Anna must be scared to death inside.

But she did not want to become a burden to others, so she pretended to be strong. However, Yiyao easily saw through her.

Fortunately, everything was coming to an end and Anna would soon return to the life belonging to her, smooth and peaceful.

She looked not good and Yiyao followed.

But before they could get on the boat, someone ran towards them in panic, looking terrified.

“Young lady, Brother Six is back.”

Frowning, Yiyao muttered, “how did he come back at this time? Has he found out something?”

“Then what do we do? Do we fight, or hide?”

Yiyao thought for a moment and said, “I’ll go and try to stop Brother Six. You guys make sure to control the arsenal here. If you can’t, blow it up!”


After the arrangement, Yiyao asked Anna to find a safe place to hide.

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