Chapter 505 – 506: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 505: The Renovation of Heaven Wolf Island

After several experiments, Kris successfully made an enhanced version of the voice transmission stone which could even make a video call.

“My friends, can you hear me now?” Said Kris.

The two lords now were with Sha Mo on their mission to bring monster race, half-demon race and human race together. The result was not as good as they expected and most of member who responded to their call were from the monster race and half demon race. Although it was a disappointing fact that few human race gave a positive response to them, they still felt optimistic about the big plan Kris had prepared.

“My friend, we are all here!” Said the two lords, who had been eager to the message from Kris for a long time. Since they departed last time, Kris didn’t give any instruction anymore.

“Alright, I am now in Heaven Wolf Island three million miles away from you in the north, the island is thousands of miles long and hundreds of miles wide, which, I think, could be the perfect site for the Nahai Sect.” Said Kris.

The piece of good news did cheer them up. However, they felt puzzled that why Kris could send them message three million miles away from them. Did he get any front-edge device?

Kris smiled as if he had anticipated their question and said, “Alright, it’s a long story that I can’t make clear for a while. I’ll tell you my accurate location, then you can come here to move the island back.”

It might take them more than a month to arrive at the island with Sha.

As for Kris, he spent time on his arrays studies and the Sea God Escape Skill. Beside these, he established a large number of arrays on the island, where there was a Divine-level array he bought from the Seven-treasures House at the cost of ten thousand of supreme spiritual stones.

To finish the establishment of the Divine-level array, he had to set firm 18000 bases of the array. The base shaped like circular columns, where should be imprinted 1080 array patterns on its surface. This seemed a really boring job for Kris, but the exhausting experience also improved Kris’s Divine Spiritual Power and imprinting skills.

A month later when Kris was about to finish the imprinting work of the last base, the two lords came to the island with Sha.

“My friend, it’s good to see you!” Said Kris.

“Good to see you, too, Diao!” Said the two lords. The three one looked at each other with sincere smile on their face.

“My master!” Sha bowed to Kris as greetings.

Kris helped him up and said, “Good, Sha, now you looks more like a gentleman.” At the beginning when Kris saw him, Sha was just a slovenly half demon who was under the control of his brutish nature. However, thanks to the two lords, within a few months, his eyes turned soft like an obedient teenager.

“Look, this is the island your father left behind, and this place will be your home, you can go around and have a good look.” Said Kris.

Sha nodded and went out. The surroundings here arose his memories again, he had loved the place, and he would love it in the future for this was his home forever.

“Thanks for taking care of my disciple.” Said Kris.

“My pleasure. As I always take Sha as my nephew, you don’t need to thank me.” Said the Lord of Viper.

“Alright, I can’t wait to have a good visit to the island, let’s go.” Said the Lord of Sparks with excitement in his eyes.

Kris took them for a thorough visit to the island as asked. After that, the Lord of Viper said, “A good place as it is, the island still lack enough spiritual stone mine to nourish its land.”

Then the two lords took out primeval spiritual stones they owned which could serve as the fountainhead of spiritual stone. Thanks to their generous devotions, the energy in Heaven Wolf Island was nearly four times as before.

Meanwhile, Kris also finished the establishment of the array. The core of the array was set in the highest peak among the mountains of the island, which was the safest place while invaders tried to break into the array. In every base there was strong energy equal to that of a master in Fulfilled period in primal spirit. With more than twenty eight thousand bases combined, the one in the Fulfilled period of primal spirit could not even break the protective cover of the array.

Now the island could be called a real paradise of pratitioners in the Infinite Sea.

When it came to the array, Kris could enhance it with a divine-level attack array when he became a master in the later period in primal spirit. Another alternative was the hanging array, the array used by Wuji Sword Sect, which could lift the whole island into the sky. Although it had a magic way to show the island, its defensive function was no better than a divine-level defensive array.

The two lords were satisfied to see their good results in the island renovation. With rich natural energy in the island, the palaces they built looked heavenly as expected. As for Sha, he was very excited to join in the renovation work while Kris sent him to catch some sea monsters as the guard pets of the island. Their efforts was paid off when the island was completely shaped into a brand new one a month later.

In the next step, they would select proper books of magic and martial arts to train the pupils they enrolled. Those ones had come from different races, for example, the one who came from a rare monster race would not need any common magic skill books from human.

All in all, plenty of skill books were selected and stored in the treasure house of Heaven Wolf Island together with numberless rare treasures.

As for their position, they came to an agreement that the Lord of Viper would be the chief of the sect while Kris and the Lord of Spark would be his deputies. And Sha was the supreme senior fellow apprentice. They held a theory like the Separation of powers where Kris would be the spokesman of the Group of Elder, the economic issue was under the control of the Lord of Spark and the Lord of Viper would take the mastery of the law-enforcement team.

At last, they swore to God that each of them must obey the rules they establish and should settle disputes in a peaceful way forever.

Chapter 506: Another Fierce Battle

Since Kris had perfected the establishment of the hanging arrays, he started his trip with the two lords to the open sea at a speed of ten thousand miles per day. The hanging arrays were established to lift the island up so that they could carry it back home. However, the strong arrays would cost them hundreds of thousands of spiritual stones everyday, which meant that their time was terribly limited.

A month later, they arrived at an area sixty thousand miles from the site of the Wuji Sword Sect.

Now they were also near to the area of the Sea of Chaos, which was the best training site for young disciples and more importantly, was home to numberless bandits.

Groups of bandits were already attracted by Kris and the Heaven Wolf Island carried by him. Those bandits were shocked by the wonder they saw, though they still cast their greedy eyes towards the heavenly treasure island like groups of hyenas. They were more reluctant to leave the delicious prey in front of them as they found the guard of it were a young boy in the pill formation and two fighters in the accumulated spirit. Kris had anticipated the unavoidable battle he had to fight in face of so many ferocious enemies. As a friend of Wuji Sword Sect, he could have asked the help from Wuji Sword Sect. However, as the new rising star in the sea, the Nahai Sect, in his opinion, should rise up by its own, rather than by the helping hands from others.

At this point, dozens of masters in the accumulated spirit gathered, among whom the Non-living Elder Demon and the Lord of Blood-Craving were the leading ones. Numberless sects had been under their bully, and even some middle ones could not survive if they had provoked the anger of two infamous bandits. So some sects retreated when they caught the sight of the two.

At this point, Kris gradually slowed down the flying speed of the island by cutting down the influx of energy he had devoted to it so that the island could landed steadily. Because of its hugesize, the landing of the island might cause a great tsunami in the Sea of Chaos. Therefore, no one in any group of bandits took action till now, they were patient enough to wait for the coming of their delicious prey.

Perhaps it would be one of the fiercest battle Kris had experienced, but it wouldn’t be the last one for him for sure. He had the confidence that he and his fellows would teach these bandits a good lesson.

As the leader of the sect, the Lord of Viper said to his half demon disciples ,”My disciples, today you are lucky enough to witness the first hard battle for our sect!” At this point, the island landed and caused a great power wave. After a while when the power wave dispersed, the Non-living Elder Demon and the Lord of Blood-Craving Lord launched attack as quick as they could.

Meanwhile, most of fighters in the accumulated spirits stage kept observing because they didn’t dare to compete with the two infamous bandits. However, that didn’t make sense for the Lord of Wildness, who had took hundred of good fighters in the primal spirit stage from his sect to compete for the treasure island. After a good while of observing, he rushed toward Kris and launched attack.

“Good!” With a smile in his face, Kris jumped ahead by his golden light earth escaping skill and gave a strong punch toward the head of the Lord of Wildness.

“Boom” The powerful punch was stopped by the Lord of Wildness. In fact, he was totally shocked by the heavy punch which nearly numbed his hand. Now since he knew Kris was not a easy prey for him, he called for his men and ordered them to go looting into the treasure island.

“Now go looting into the island, I will stop him here!” Said the Lord of Wildness.

Kris sneered about his evil idea and gathered several sword lights around immediately.

“My sword, go and kill these robber!”Said Kris. The sword lights flied across like a woven net which cut those invaders into pieces one by one.

Meanwhile, Kris dodged the attack from the Lord of Wildness and took all the scattered storage rings from these dead invaders, which, however, enraged the Lord of Wildness.

Now these unlucky robbers were robbed by the real robber.

The Lord of Wildness was in a rage, but he didn’t show his anger. What he did was to draw out his horsetail whisk, which was a half divine-level spirit weapon.

His Magic skill was the Locking Art, which, with the help of his horsetail whisk, gave out millions of thread-shape energy and locked the whole space between him and Kris.

“No move!” Shouted the Lord of Wildness. At the second, Kris was nearly paralyzed by a mysterious energy, and he couldn’t use his Golden Light Earth Escaping skill to dodge anymore, he had to fight back directly.

Fortunately, his Magic skill- the Five Thunders Magic worked timely!

Boom! The exploding water and fire thunder magic destroyed the part of locking energy and freed his hands. At the second, ten thousand sword energy from his hands together with the Thunder Sword Intent poured out and eliminated all the locking energy in the sky.

Now Kris was totally freed and he learned that he had to make it a quick fight, or the Lord of Wildness would try to lock him again. With his Golden Light Earth Escaping skill, Kris whizzed by like a bullet and sent out the sword energy towards the Lord of Wildness.

The Lord of Wildness was amazed by Kris’s unbelievable speed, he had no way now but to defend himself with his Taoist Strength.

“Kill him!”Shouted Kris. His sword energy now surrounded the Lord of Wildness and bombarded him from all directions.

“Save me now, the Luminous Shield!” The Lord of Wildness cried and took out a shield-like half divine-level spirit weapon. Being made of the shell of the Supreme Tortoise, the weapon could fully protect him from Kris’s sword energy. However Kris tried, he could not break into the heavy shield.

At this time, all the on-lookers kept a distance with the battle area in fear that the energy wave might involve them into the fight. Now Kris and his fellows was in a dilemma, since they couldn’t even defeat their enemies immediately, more greedy eyes were fixed upon them. A quick victory or a quick failure, Kris had to make his choice now.

At the point, he draw out his trump card-the Red Blood Sword, a piece of Divine-level weapon whose strong energy almost suffocate these on-lookers.

The Lord of Wildness’s eyes were firmly fixed upon the sword. If he could get the sword, his energy could be undoubtedly doubled. However, this, perhaps, was his last thought In the world for Kris would leave him no room now. Kris now strengthened his sword energy by the Thunder sword intent and the Earth sword energy, and then covered the energy wave with the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire. Obviously, he was trying his best now.

Within a blink, Kris came near to the Lord of Wildness by his Golden Light Earth Escaping skill and the destructive energy wave towards his enemy. The Lord of Wildness had no way to go but defend himself with his tortoise shell.

After a big cracking sound, the shell was split open and the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire came through the to the crack towards its enemy.

“The Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire! No!” Cried the Lord of Wildness when he found he was totally surrounded by the dangerous fire. Meanwhile, the sword energy from the Red Blood Sword came across and shot right upon his body.

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