Chapter 505: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 505 Why Don’t You Say My Mother’s Name?

But this time, Anna Xie did not listen to Yiyao Duan’s arrangement.

“Yiyao, it’s better to leave this matter to me.”

Yiyao frowned, seemingly surprised. “But it’s dangerous.”

Anna laughed gently. “You once said I was professional at acting, and with my presence, Sixth Brother would let his guard down.”

“He is very cunning. Yours tricks may not be able to fool him.”

“Yiyao, I am at least an award-winning actress. As long as he can believe it, we’ve won.”

“But ……”

“Just believe me. We don’t have much time left.” said Anna.

At this moment while Sixth Brother’s ship had already appeared on the other side of the sea.

Yiyao’s men were anxious. “We can’t delay any longer.”

Finally Yiyao gritted her teeth and made up her mind. “You must be careful. Try to lure him towards the weapons depot.”

“Okay, got it.” said Anna.

Yiyao and her men went to the weapons depot, leaving Anna alone on the beach.

The waves around were crashing on the shore.

Anna’s hands and feet were cold and her body trembled. She was afraid not because of the corpses next to her, but the man she was about to face.

She knew what Yiyao said was right. Her performance might not be able to fool him. But she had to find a way to delay them and protect Yiyao now.

Anna took a deep breath and stopped thinking nonsense. She put the blood on the ground on her face and body, and then kneeled on the beach, letting the seawater wet her dress.

As Sixth Brother’s boat got closer and closer, Anna became calmer instead.

She waited quietly。 Until she saw Sixth Brother standing in front of her, she slowly lifted her head, tears flowing all over her face.

The moment he saw Anna, Sixth Brother froze. Her eyes were filled with despair.

“Help, please help me”

Anna pleaded with almost all her strength. Her body trembled. She was so helpless that one could not help but pity her.

Sixth Brother reached out to hold Anna’s hand and helped her up. “What happened?” He asked softly.

“Yiyao came to save me. But when we were about to run to the beach, she got hit by a bullet and bled a lot. Please save her, she is dying!” said she, trembling. Her face was white.

Hearing this, Sixth Brother snorted coldly. “I knew that woman would cause trouble.”

She gently tugged at Sixth Brother’s sleeve. “I know I shouldn’t have run away with her. Please go save her, please.” said she.

“Why should I save her?”

“Don’t you still have a use for keeping us? I promise we won’t run away again, okay?” Anna promised.

“Your words can still be believed. But I can’t trust Yiyao Duan.”

“She is badly injured. Even if she wants to do something, she can’t do it anymore. Please help her.”

Sixth Brother was silent for a few seconds, but that made Anna feel like a long time had passed.

Finally, Sixth Brother asked again. “Where is she now?”

Anna gently sighed with relief. “Right there on the beach. I’ll take you there!”

She ran forward anxiously. After running to a boulder, Anna stopped and looked around in confusion.

“She’s gone. Where did she go?”

“Are you sure she’s here?” Sixth Brother asked.

“Yes, she fell right here, covered in blood.”

Anna pointed to an empty space, which was washed away by the sea water without any trace.

Suddenly, Anna’s face went white. “She was washed away by the sea water? What can we do?” she murmured.

Just as she finished speaking, a loud sound suddenly came from behind the island.

Looking at the direction the sound came from, Sixth Brother suddenly narrowed his eyes. “Now you have to consider how to explain to me!”

Anna still looked terrified. She pretended not to understand what Sixth Brother was saying. “I don’t know what happened. There’s a fire over there, do we have to run away from here?”

“So you’re not going to save Yiyao Duan?”

“I ……”

Before Anna finished, Sixth Brother suddenly revealed an evil smile. “She didn’t come here to save you anyway. She just wanted to help Ye family to finish me. You’re the one who’s been foolish enough to believe her.”

After saying that, Sixth Brother reached out and took hold of Anna’s wrist. Anna was panicked.

“What are you doing?”

“Since you’ve been abandoned by them too, I’ll take you to come with me to hear the old story.”

“You …… want to take me to see Mr. Ye?”

“It seems you know a lot.”

Anna shrank back, shaking her head. “This is your secret. It’s not good for outsiders to know.”

“In my heart, you’re not an outsider.”

“But I don’t want …… don’t ….”

Anna refused to get on board but her resistance was useless. She was still pushed onto the boat.

Yiyao led the people to run out, and then saw Sixth Brother take Anna away in the boat.

“Damn it!” Yiyao grabbed her submachine gun and jumped onto the boat.

“What do you want?”

“I want to get Anna back!”

“Even if we catch up with them, we won’t necessarily be able to save her.”

“So you’re going to let me watch Anna get taken away by that bastard and do nothing?”

“No matter what, we can’t let you put yourself in danger!”

Then several of her men stood in front of her.

Yiyao pointed her gun at them. “Get out of the way. Believe it or not, I’ll shoot you all.”

“But we still can’t let you save her.”

Her men refused to budge. As Sixth Brother’s boat sailed further and further, it was already impossible for her to catch up with them.

Yiyao put down her gun and finally got on the boat, ready to go back. She took out her cell phone and contacted Jingyan Ye.

When Jingyan knew that she was safe, he was relieved.

But Yiyao was tightly tensed and her voice was hoarse. “Tell Yulin that Anna has been taken by Sixth Brother to meet your father.”

Jingyan was silent for a moment before saying. “Okay, I know.”

As Jingyan expected, Yulin immediately went crazy after he heard the news.

“Where are you going?” asked Jingyan.

“Of course I’m going to your father’s side. I want to make sure Anna is safe.”

“I’ll go with you!”


Then they went together to the cafe where Kerry was.

Kerry sat in the restaurant and waited for a long time. It was already past the appointed time, but he didn’t see Sixth Brother. He wasn’t in a hurry, still sipping his tea slowly.

After a while, he heard the sound of footsteps. He raised his eyes to look.

“Why are you guys here?”

Jingyan and Yulin stood in front of Kerry with a panicked look.

“Dad, the situation has changed. Anna was tied up by Sixth Brother to come and meet with you.” said Jingyan.

As soon as Kerry heard that, he understood what was going on. His brow furrowed. “I will save Miss Xie, but you two have to leave now.”

Yulin had always listened to Kerry, but this time he refused without hesitation. “No, I can’t leave.”

“He’s trying to gather all of you and kill you all at once!”

“He has his plan, and I have mine. It’s still unknown who will win in the end. Besides, you are also here, and you’re in danger too.”

“Dad, no matter what happens, we must face it together.”

Seeing that they made up their mind, Kerry had to agree.

Getting Kerry’s permission, Yulin clenched his fist and looked towards the door of the cafe, with a murderous aura flashing in his eyes.

When Sixth Brother appeared, someone immediately reported his whereabouts to Ye family members.

Yiyao also led people to get there. They were waiting for Sixth Brother to appear and settle the old and new grudges with him.

Finally, Sixth Brother appeared in front of the crowd with a smile at the corner of his mouth.

The people of Ye family were nervous, while Sixth Brother was relaxed. He walked in slowly with Anna and then sat down at the table. “Everyone is waiting for me, I am really honored.”

When he saw Anna, Yulin wanted to save her. But Jingyan tugged him.

The beloved one was right in front of him, so how could he not be impulsive? He really wanted to hug Anna right now.

And Anna also wanted to hug Yulin. Her fear reached its limit in this moment, and she could not stop her tears from flowing.

Kerry was surprised when he really saw Sixth Brother.

“You ……”

“You think my face is familiar, don’t you?” Sixth Brother smiled coldly. “People who know me say I look a lot like my mother.”

Kerry’s brow furrowed slightly. “So, you’re her son.”

“Why don’t you say my mother’s name?Did you feel guilty?”

“I didn’t do anything wrong to your mother. Why would I be guilty?” Kerry said.

“You still don’t admit your fault. Do you want me to tell them about the despicable things you did?”

“I did not do anything wrong. No matter what you say, this is my answer.”

A grim smile appeared on Sixth Brother’s face. “Then I’ll tell them how you ruined my families when you were young.”

“Very well, I also want to hear the story from your mouth.”

“Once I had a happy family with loving parents. But after you appeared, everything changed. You tempted my mother and destroyed their relationship.” said Sixth Brother hatefully.

“My eyes are exactly the same as yours. Do you know what that means?” said Sixth Brother, and then he raised his eyebrows and looked at the crowd. “Why are you guys silent?”

Kerry was calm. “This is what your father told you, right?”

“Yes. You want to confront him? Then unfortunately, I’m afraid you won’t have the chance while you’re alive.”

This news came as quite a surprise to Kerry. “He’s dead?”

“Yes. You are happy to hear this news, aren’t you?”

“Yes, he deserved it.”

Kerry’s words made Sixth Brother furious, and he even wanted to shoot Kerry immediately.

Yiyao immediately drew her gun and aimed at him, signaling him not to make a rash move. But Sixth Brother was oblivious to this, at this moment he only wanted to kill Kerry.

Kerry ignored his anger and continued. “You think I’m the one who ruined your family. But the person who really made you miserable was your father!”

“Do you think I’m a three-year-old child who can let you make a fool of me?”

Then he untied his clothes, revealing the explosives inside.

Seeing the explosives, all the people were stunned.

“What do you want?”

“I didn’t think of leaving alive today. It would be nice to have all of you die with me.” said Sixth Brother coldly.

Kerry’s eyebrows knitted slightly. “But your mother definitely doesn’t want to see you become like this.”

“What she would like most is to see you die in pain, as if she had done back then!”

“Your mother was indeed miserable, yet it was not me who caused it.”

Seeing that Kerry was still babbling, he snorted coldly. “Since you say that my father caused the tragedy, then I want to hear what ridiculous reason you can give.”

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