Kristen had been waiting in the car for a long time. She had already transferred part of the money to the company’s account, and employees began to manipulate the money to fill the company’s capital chain.

Why did my classmates take so long before she came out?

Kristen herself was too hungry. If it hadn’t been for this classmate for a long time, she would choose to leave directly.

A beautiful lady walked out of the bank.

Kristen breathed a sigh of relief, her classmate finally came out.

But after she approached, why didn’t she smile at all on her face?

What is going on here?

Unsuccessful? This should not be possible. Her company is bigger than her own, and the capital chain is also small. As long as the funds are in place, it can definitely be solved.

Kristen thought that based on the risk assessment, her loan amount would be higher than her own.

But it failed, Kristen couldn’t understand.

“Fangfang, why are you unhappy, what did he say?” Kristen cared and got out of the car.

“Didn’t agree, hey,” the beauty sighed, looking at Kristen’s eyes, full of resentment.

“Why didn’t he agree? Did something go wrong?” Kristen couldn’t understand.

She can borrow money by herself, why can’t she?

Such a confused expression made the unbalanced beauty feel annoyed and felt that Kristen was laughing at her.

“Failed means failed, why are there so many?” the beauty said angrily.

Her classmate suddenly became angry, Kristen was stunned, she was just concerned, why did he get angry?

“Fangfang, you…”

“What are you pretending? You know why, do you still ask, interesting?” The beauty burst out.

She felt very unbalanced just now on the president’s side. Why?

Later, the president said the reason, and she knew that Kristen actually had a noble person. At this price, he could be a noble person, at least worth hundreds of billions.

Kristen actually has such a nobleman, but why doesn’t she have?

“Fangfang, what do you mean?” Kristen was a little angry.

I’ve waited so long, but you scolded me?

“Still pretending, you are so boring!”

The beauty yelled angrily, “Kristen, you really don’t know or not, do you think you can really lend billions?”

“I, I have been cooperating with this bank for a long time, so.” Kristen murmured an explanation.

“So, that is u wanna say, let me tell you. The amount of your loan was only 200 million yesterday, but today it has suddenly become several billion, and it has suddenly increased several times. Do you think it is your own reason? “The beauty sneered.

Kristen was surprised, isn’t it?

“You’re still pretending, it’s really boring, what your company looks like, why do others will lend you so much money? I’ll tell you, someone helped you. Do you understand?” The beauty was jealous and hated.

“Helped me? Who?” Kristen asked anxiously. Someone popped up in her mind. She panicked, was it him?

“Where do I know? This person has deposited a large amount of money in the bank, and it is still dead. The requirement is that the bank must pass your loan request, so you can borrow so much money, Kristen, there is a good person behind you!” said the beauty.

Kristen was stunned, a good guy?

“Kristen, introduce your friend to me,” said the beauty.

Kristen ran into the bank. The beauty snorted enviously, “Ignored me? Go to hell! Is she, the old lady will lend 400 million? Alas, people are more popular than others. Why is there no such noble person behind me? I need money. Time, help me? Alas, alas…”

The beauty gets in her car, she has to go to another bank to run.

Kristen entered the bank, and the president saw her. After being astonished, he smiled and said, “President Kristen, what are you?”

“Tell me, Why do you pass my money?” Kristen stared at him.

Don’t be him, don’t!!

Because she had already filled in the money and broke the capital chain, and only one billion left.

The president sighed. Why is that President Xiao doing this?

“President Kristen, your quota has been passed after evaluation by the headquarters…”

“Don’t perfuse me, I want to listen to the truth!!” Kristen’s beautiful eyes were cold.

“Uh, well, someone helped you…”

“Sleep? Make it clear who this person is!”

Ten minutes later, Kristen got into the car without abandoning her home. She was in distress. The president did not tell who this person was, but Kristen could think of it, who was this!

Besides Chuck Cannon, who can save such a large sum of money who knows her and is willing to help herself?

But Kristen did not want Chuck Cannon to help her, because she was disappointed with Chuck Cannon, she did not let Chuck Cannon be held accountable, but Chuck Cannon shied away from the responsibility directly afterwards. This way of handling, Kristen could not accept!

But the money has been used.

Kristen had no choice but to drive to Chuck Cannon’s square…

Chuck Cannon has communicated with Yvette. After tonight, she will appear tomorrow and go to the United States with himself. Chuck Cannon wants her to come over today, but Yvette is worried that Chuck Cannon will be affected, so she insists on tomorrow. She will only appear when he will be on the plane.

Chuck Cannon had no choice but to sigh and agree.

He had already seen Yolanda and communicated with Yolanda for a while, knowing that everything was normal, and seeing the increasing crowd in his square, Chuck Cannon was also relieved!

“Yolanda, don’t work, come to dinner.” Chuck Cannon rewarded Yolanda, and it has been a long time since he had dinner together. At that time, he had just taken over the square. Chuck Cannon still remembered always ordering takeout with Yolanda.

Yolanda smiled slightly, “Okay.”

“By the way, in the evening, take the square staff to relax.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Well, I will, where to eat?”

Chuck Cannon thought about going, wanted to go to Zelda Maine’s restaurant, and it was a long time since he saw her, and he doesn’t know what happened to Zelda Maine’s restaurant. Seeing her, he will go to America tomorrow.

“Zelda’s restaurant business is very good,” Yolanda said, it is full every day, and reservations are required in advance.

Zelda Maine’s restaurant came in, which really drove a little traffic!

“Really? I have to go and see, Sister Li, let’s go together.” Chuck Cannon said to Betty Li.

“Okay, Master,”

The three of them went to Zelda Maine’s restaurant, which was downstairs, but when he went downstairs, Chuck Cannon saw a few classmates.

“Chuck Cannon, you are still in Haishi, why don’t you go to school?” A classmate came over and asked.

Chuck Cannon shook his head and said that he was not free, but he also missed studying, especially when Yvette was still a teacher. At that time, Yvette was kind to himself. She cheated for him during the exam?

At that time, Chuck Cannon missed it so much, but everything changed. Yvette was no longer a university teacher. She had undergone earth-shaking changes and became a professional killer.

But, Yvette has always been good to herself.

“Don’t tell me, what else are you going to study?” Someone pulled this classmate away.

“That’s right, the rich second generation is great? He can’t go to school anymore. If I have more money in my family, I will go to school. If I have no education. What’s the use of more money? I believe that knowledge is power. Knowledge is a prodigal son.” A classmate said sourly.

“Forget it, let’s go, let’s go,” a few classmates left, Chuck Cannon didn’t bother to see them.

They were envious of the jealous and hateful eyes, but Chuck Cannon noticed it in his heart.

What are you talking about, no matter how rich I am, I will study. Isn’t this bullshit? Chuck Cannon is now throwing away one hundred thousand to stop them from reading. They pick up money faster than anyone else.

When the three people arrived at Zelda Maine’s restaurant, the receptionist at the door certainly knew Yolanda, and immediately arranged to enter the private room. Chuck Cannon asked, “Where is Zelda?”

“She’s in the office, by the way, it’s you. I’ll tell Zelda to come out.” The receptionist remembered Chuck Cannon, but Zelda Maine had said that as long as Chuck Cannon came, she had to tell her.

“No, I’ll go find her, Yolanda, Sister Li, you sit first.” Chuck Cannon went to Zelda Maine.

Betty Li and Yolanda entered the private room and they ordered food.

Chuck Cannon arrived at Zelda Maine’s office. He didn’t knock on the door and went straight in. He saw Zelda Maine lowering her head and looking at the document seriously. Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, “Sister Zelda…”

Zelda Maine raised her head, and after that, her beautiful eyes were stunned, her eyes quickly turned red, “Were you willing to come and find me?”

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