Chapter 507 – 508: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 507: Sealed Taoist Strength

“It’s a pity that the shield-like half Divine-level weapon was destroyed!” Said Kris. After a sigh, he collected the weapon and the storage ring of the Lord of Wildness.

All in all, the energy of Kris was stronger than before, and he learned that it was an advantage for him when he joined in a quick fight like this one, where he end his enemy before the Lord of Wildness showed his whole strength.

To get his sword energy recovered, he swallowed two Divine-level magic pills and the refined energy from tens of thousands of Supreme Spiritual Stones. Now he knew the battle was over and no one here dared to challenge him, so he stood out and said, “Leave or die, it’s your choice!”

His spoke lightly, but all the on-lookers heard him clearly. No one dared to rise up for a try since the Lord of Wildness, a great master in the Middle period of accumulated spirit was knocked down by Kris. Therefore, most of them chose to leave safely.

Meanwhile, the Lord of Viper and the Lord of Spark were in disadvantageous position in their fight since their enemies were all hard nuts to crack.

To give them a helping hand, Kris rushed ahead with his sword energy shooting towards the two enemies like a bullet.

A stroke only hurt the Non-living Elder Demon badly.

“The Earth Sword Intent?” Asked the Non-living Elder Demon, who was totally shocked by the strong power of Kris’s sword stroke.

“You have good experience, but you don’t have a good mind for you choose me as your enemy!” Replied Kris.

Within a second, the shining sword energy exploded blew the Non-living Elder Demon away, which almost scared the Lord of Blood-Craving. He retreated as fast as he could to avoid the explosion.

“Brother Diao, thanks for your help!”Said the Lord of Viper. But for Kris’s help, he might had had to turned his monster shape, which was the trump card he wanted to keep as a secret.

“My friends, I need you to block them fully so that I can take them down as quick as I can!” Said Kris with a cold expression.

The two lords nodded and did so as asked. They spread the energy from their four kinds of Taoist Strength, which quickly blocked an area within the ten miles and strengthened their blocking energy by anti-flight array and runes. In their blocking area, even a master in the Fulfilled period of accumulated spirit could not easily get himself out.

The Non-living Elder Demon was a master in the peak of the middle period of the accumulated spirit, and this meant that he could master four kinds of the Taoist strength. And the Lord of Blood-Craving now owned three kinds of Taoist strength. With their strength combined, they could master seven kinds of Taoist Strength in total. However, since they could not perfect their skills in their Taoist Strength, they couldn’t still defeat the two lords easily.

Encountering Kris’s dangerous fire skill, they felt a great pressure for the battle now. Kris left them no room and spread the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire towards his enemies.

“Jesus, this must be the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire!”

“Be careful, no one. This fire is very dangerous.”

The two bandits warned each other at the sight of the fire.

” Eroding Taoist strength and Abating Taoist strength!” Cried the Non-living Elder Demon. With the two kinds of Taoist Strength well combined, he could gradually weaken the fire and abate the energy source of Kris.

“Another trouble again.” Said Kris with a long sigh. He knew his enemy planned to weaken him before he gave out the decisive stroke. Kris now held it firm that he had to end them as soon as possible or he would be in a disadvantageous position.

With the Red Blood Sword on his hands, he waved out his decisive stroke to his full strength, which torn into pieces the protective cover of his enemies and shattered their weapons.

“My friend, we can’t wait to die, we have to fight back for revenge. ” Said the Lord of Blood-Craving. However, when Kris took out the Sea King Halberd, they had no room to fight back anymore. The Sea King Halberd carried a sea of energy across, strengthened by three kinds of Taoist Strength, and overwhelmed them within a blink.

“My friend, can you stop the energy for a while, I have a magic rune which can help us out now, all I need is a while to summon it.” Cried the Non-living Elder Demon. His companion nodded since he had no choice in facing with the destructive fire and water energy.

The Non-living Elder Demon took out a rune as expected and poured his energy into it. The rune was so magic that it became alive and gave out mysterious sparkle.

“I am sorry, my friend, I can only save one person, that is me myself.” Said the Non-living Elder Demon. Then within a second, he disappeared like a vapor.

“Motherfucker!” Cried the Lord of Blood-Craving. At the point, Kris’s sword energy came close and smashed his body directly.

When Kris tried to look for his trophy, he found that the real soul of the Lord of Blood-Craving was missing. This meant that the infamous bandit was still alive. At the sight of this, the Lord of Viper said after a deep thought, ”His soul must escape through his incarnation, I think the very urgency was not to fight with us, but to fight against his companion-the Non-living Elder Demon


The Lord of Sparks grinned and said, “Wow, that is a real dog-fight!”

Kris was satisfied with the result and the trophies they gained from the battle. After the battle, some on-lookers appeared and gave Kris congratulations. The law of the survival of the fittest made sense in the practitioner’s world.

Now everyone in the Sea of Chaos knew the Nahai Sect would rise up as one of the second-class sects among them. When the two lords were busy in greeting back, Kris left the spot and sneaked into the island, he had no interest in courtesy at all.

“Ladies and gentlemen, half a month later, it will be the opening ceremony of Nahai Sect. On the behalf of Nahai Sect, I sincerely hope you can come for it!” Said the Lord of Viper. He was a monster of sociable nature and he knew that Nahai Sect should make more friends so that it could be well-received in the Sea of Chaos.

“Thanks for your invitation, we will come for it certainly!” Most of on-lookers greeted back in a polite manner.

During the two days, the news that there was a rising star named Nahai Sect which would had its open ceremony half a month later had come to every corner of the Sea of Chaos.

Thousands of sects sent their respects to Kris and all the members invited by the two lords came as promised. The two lords greeted them with warm welcome, and even the visitors in the Pill formation was treated generously. The opening ceremony of Nahai Sect was a really splendid one.

As for Kris, he kept himself engaged in his practice. Now he was busy in practicing the magic skill he got from the Lord of Wildness-the Locking Art.

The Locking Art was divided into three levels: to lock one’s body, to lock one’s energy and to lock one’s divine spiritual power. If Kris could master the magic skill, he could definitely be invincible among the masters of the same stage as his. There were three things he had got step by step. First of all, he must have enough energy source, then he should had god-like talent, and finally he had to master the Sealing Taoist Strength. These three things were all posers for him. It was no wonder that the Lord of Wildness stayed in the basic level of the skill.

Kris was fully attracted by the magic skill and he resolved to master it as much as he could. Since he was a master in arrays, he had confidence that he could learn how to use the Sealing Taoist Strength. If he could complete the learning of the Locking Art, he would definitely be a invincible one. And to keep the skill as a secret, he burned the skill book out as soon as he bear it in his mind.

Chapter 508: A Searching Trip in Sword Tomb

A million miles away, the Non-living Elder Demon was gasping for breath when he landed, but he

Could no longer endure the internal injury.

“Jesus!” Cried he as he spat out blood. This time, it was a really dangerous situation for him. He would have died without the help of his magic rune, which, however was a disposable one.

And he felt no guilt at all for he had taken his friend- the Lord of Blood-Craving as a scapegoat for him. He was a villain who cared nothing but his own life, and friendship for him was totally bullshit. Now he found an uninhabited small island and devoted himself to healing, which might took him at least half a year.

At the same time, in a dark cave, a man sit naked in a pool of blood, which recharged him with the endless blood. All of a sudden, he opened his eyes and shouted, “You bastard, the Non-living Elder Demon, you should die!”

The man was the Lord of Blood-Craving, who survived by the cost his incarnation. Now he felt crazy about the lie of the Non-living Elder Demon, he must take revenge for it. And when he made progresses in his practice, he would definitely retaliate against Kris.

“After two years, I will be able to a master in actualized spirit, and at that time, no one will be my rival!” Shouted the Lord of Blood-Craving.

As for Kris, a few days later when he had no progress in his skill of the Locking Art, he went back to Wuji Sword Sect and handed over the task to Wanbao Pavilion to exchange the materials which he needed to improve his skill of golden light earth escaping.

Meanwhile, in Tianjian Pavilion, Ironhead was enjoying the temporary domination from Kris everyday. Now he was resting his head on the thigh of Lingxiu Zhong-a beautiful female disciple and enjoyed the massage from her.

“Don’t worry, lady, when my master comes back, I’ll tell him what you want. And please don’t be shy, my master is a man who have strong interest in beautiful girls.” Said Ironhead.

The Lingxiu nodded shyly, but she knew that the guy lying on her thigh was a bad guy who had strong interest in girls, too. In fact, the three servants of Kris were now all enjoying the massage of female disciples.

“You motherfucker!” Shouted Kris when he found what they did at home. He was drove mad by the fact that his servants were enjoying their lives while he had to fight painstakingly in the outside world.

“Sorry, my master, spare us please. In fact, we come here for a rest after our tiring training.” Cried they.

“God save me!” Ironhead screamed and was caught by the whip of Kris and pulled outside.

“No, no!”

All of a sudden, Kris taught him a good lesson by whip. All of the three were scared to death when Kris waved the whip toward them. While Ireahead and Tu Guan were terribly beaten by, Liangwan walked over with his head down and wagged his tail like a Pekingese.

Kris was soft hearted now when he caught the pitiful sight of Liangwan, when he lifted his whip, he gave it a light slap and scolded, ” Liangwan, I will spare you this time since you are still a juvenile. It must be these two who misguided you.” After that, he waved his whip again towards Tu and Ironhead.

Lingxiu was curious about Kris but she dared not to saying a word when Kris waved his whip violently. More than ten minutes later, Kris threw away the whip, swaggered in and lay comfortably on Lingxiu’s thigh. He was pleased by the girl’s elastic thighs and the fragrance on her.

“Come on, good girl, what do you want to tell me?” Said Kris.

Lingxiu’s face suddenly turned red and murmured, ” My senior fellow apprentice, I… I…” She was too shy to share her will to Kris.

“Alright, let’s all.” Kris stopped her and turned to another female disciple nearby and said, “You, tell me now, have these three guys train themselves hard and killed demons as the way I ordered them?”

“Yes, they did, they have killed demons hundred miles around our sect.” Replied the female disciple.

“Only around hundred miles?” Kris frowned and said, “With so many good fighters now, they must eliminate demons thousand miles around our sect. Since these guys have done a unqualified job, they have to make compensation for me. And tell them that every sea monster thousand miles around our sect should be eliminated within a month, otherwise I will kick their ass away!”

“OK.” The female disciple trotted out in a hurry. Lingxiu didn’t expect that Kris was so strong-handed and now she was much fearful to him.

After a while, Kris said, “Now I’m going to leave. I’ll have less time to come back since then. If you have anything to tell me, then do it as soon as possible!”

“I… I…” Lingxiu bit her lip and shook head at last and said, “Sorry, I have nothing to say.”

“Well, I’ll see you later.” Said Kris got up, who strode out of the room with his three servants.

At this time, he felt there was someone waiting for him in the sky. It was the Lord of Lingyuan, who was the charge of the task to eliminate the sea monsters around the sect.

“Old goat, as a leader in your branch, you did a terrible job.” Said Kris.

The Lord of Lingyuan was not angry about his words and replied, “You young bastard, why don’t you keep well-behaved in Tianjian Pavilion rather point fingers towards a old man?”

“It’s too boring for me to stay well-behaved there.” Said Kris, he was never a obedient guy and would not be satisfied about the progress he had made. The Lord of Lingyuan nodded since he knew Kris welll. Indeed, the young guy was a never a guy who would try to behave himself. And he had heard the news that Kris had did a good job through his adventure, during which he shut down the Wild Killing Sect and killed its leader, and then he put an end to Kun Peng by his single hand. The Lord of Lingyuanw was well-realized that Kris was much stronger than ever before.

Kris frowned and asked in a joking way, “Old goat, how can you know all what I do? Do you set a eavesdropper on me? “

“There is nothing I don’t know in this world,” The Lord of Lingyuan replied with a smile.

“Bullshit, you are really a guy full of bullshit.” Said Kris, “You must get the news that I have killed Kun Peng and the Wilding Killing Taoist from the place where I hand over the task, right? And A few days ago when I carried the island back with my men, the news have been spread in every corner of the Infinite Sea.”

The Lord of Lingyuan said with a smile, “Alright, you are right, but I am still curious that why don’t you three guys seek helps from the Wuji Sword Sect, are you serious enough about that?”

Kris shook his head as his reply.

“Alright, I hope you will keep high-profile even when you are facing something urgent, my friend!”

“Of course I will, and I know it would be useless to turn to you when something urgent happens to me.” Said Kris. Although he knew the good will from the Lord of Lingyuan, but this time he had to fight on his own by the name of Nahai Sect. This was obviously a dangerous situation for him, so he decided not to involved his old friends in it.

“By the way, old man, I want to have a visit to the sword tomb!”Said Kris.

The Lord of Lingyuan nodded and threw a token to him and said, “Go ahead, boy!”

“Why don’t you ask me what I’m going to do at sword tomb?” Asked Kris curiously.

“Because I know it clearly that you must go there to search for the Metal Fhunder, am I right?” Replied the Lord of Lingyuan with a cunning smile on his face.

“Shit, old man, you must set an eavesdropper on me!”Cried Kris.

“Sorry, boy, I am sure about it because I know you are now trying to improve your skills in the Five Thunders Magic.” The Lord of Lingyuan kept his smile and said, “I had witnessed your battle a few days ago.”

Kris knew that the old man never lied to him, but he was, indeed, unsatisfied about the fact that the Lord of Lingyuan stood by about the battle. Then Kris left with the token and said, “Bah, fuck you, old goat, how could you keep standing by there? You are no elder one for me.” After the word, Kris went straight to sword tomb with his three servants.

As soon as Kris left, The Lord of Miaoyuan appeared and said, “My senior fellow apprentice, it seems that this boy has a good talent in practition. And the fighting ability has been greatly improved within these two months. If you let him stay here a few more months…” Then the Lord of Miaoyuan gave out a series of snickers, he was quite satisfied these month when Kris helped him to train his disciples. What he needed to do was nothing but to check the good result of them.

“Well, I think he have stayed here for a enough time, and as a young boy here, he will make trouble among the female disciples of our sect.”Said the Lord of Lingyuan.

The Lord of Miaoyuan was amazed by the word and shouted, “How dare the young bastard to do that?”

Dare Kris doing that? Of course he dares, he was so excellent that he was definitely attractive to the female disciples in Wuji Sword Sect. And the Lord of Miaoyuan felt helpless about this fact.

Thanks to the token, Kris could visit the sword tomb freely. The sword tomb was a good place where It’s said that there are hundreds of millions of precious flying swords buried. Kris now got a plan that his three servants could be well equipped by the swords therein.

“You guys, help yourselves here!”Said Kris, then he rushed into the metal thunder which was a violent natural phenomenon of the tomb.

Despite its violent destructive power, Kris could totally keep himself safely in it because of his invincible physical strength, which was comparable to the supreme Taoist weapon when he broke through into the stage of the Fulfilled period of primal spirit.

A few days later, Kris completed his training of the metal thunder magic of the Five Thunders Magic.

Now he could find no rivals among the fighters in the Fulfilled period of primal spirit, even if the master in the early period of accumulated spirit should take him seriously with full Taoist Strength.

To Kris ‘s surprise, the metal thunder could also improved his flying sword power to a certain extent. The flying sword now grew to nine inches and five inches, which meant that he was about to make a breakthrough into the period of the primal spirit.

The Lord of Lingyuan had sent a Sword Fetus to Kris as a gift, but he really didn’t expect that Kris was only a young practitioner in fulfilled period of Pill formation, and after that, Kris had turned the Sword Fetus into a peerless flying sword. And in terms of the golden crystals, he never kept them in his storage ring. When the Nahai Sect settled down in the Sea of Chaos, he would take it as the main goal to make a breakthrough into the primal spirit.

“You guys, have you finished you searching trip?” Said Kris.

“Yes, I have.” Ironhead replied immediately and he was the first one of them who had come out of the tomb. He has an excellent talent that he could improve himself by swallowing and digesting metal materials. However, he didn’t have an excellent mind, he covered his mouth with hands to stop the sword material vomiting out and cried to Kris, ”Help me, master, I can’t digest all the swords I swallow, help!”

“Jesus!”Kris was dumbfound by the stupid things Ironhead had done, and then he shouted, ”You dumb fool, why don’t you store the sword you have collected in your storage ring, you have no need to swallow them up in a time, OK?”

“Good idea!”Ironhead did as told, he felt a pity that he didn’t get the idea while he had been in the sword tomb.

At the point, Tu was also out the tomb. He was a lucky dog who found several series of sword arrays, and each of the array was consist of hundred of flying sword, which meant that Tu had at least got one thousand precious flying swords.

And in terms of Liangwan, he had a talent in fire magic. Now he was showing off the swords of fire attribute that he got from the tomb.

Kris was speechless about his three naïve servants, but the searching trip for him was a satisfying one, indeed.

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