Yes, Chuck Cannon never contacted Zelda Maine before or after going to the capital.

Zelda Maine missed him, but there was no way, so she devoted herself to her career.

These days, she has signed three locations. These three locations have started to renovate at the same time and will choose to open on the same day. She wants to develop herself. This year, her goal is to open 20 more branches!

What Chuck Cannon said, he still had feelings for Zelda Maine, so when he went to the office, Chuck Cannon felt guilty.

Zelda Maine stood up, walked to the door, locked the door, and put an arm around Chuck Cannon, “Don’t refuse, let me hug you, it’s all right.”

Zelda Maine couldn’t control her emotions. For too long, she thought Chuck Cannon hadn’t contacted herself for so long. This was because he had forgotten herself. She was sad and sad.

Chuck Cannon appeared, and she was moved again.

Chuck Cannon was silent, but he felt more guilt. He felt Zelda Maine’s heartbeat. Chuck Cannon sighed that Zelda Maine was his own enlightened woman.

Chuck Cannon has a special feeling in her heart.

Unspeakable, it’s the kind of reluctant to forget, that night in the car…

“Sister Zelda…”

“Miss me? To be honest,” Zelda Maine raised her head, expecting in her beautiful eyes.

“A bit,” Chuck Cannon told the truth.

“Just a little bit?” Zelda Maine felt at ease, she was already very satisfied with this answer.

This shows that she still has a little position in his heart, even if this position is in the corner, but Zelda Maine doesn’t mind.

Zelda Maine embraced Chuck Cannon, “Let me listen to your heartbeat.”

Chuck Cannon is guilty, yes, he hasn’t actively contacted Zelda Maine for a long time, but Chuck Cannon feels sorry for Yvette.

He was especially sorry, Chuck Cannon wanted to push her away, but couldn’t bear it. If he did, Zelda Maine would definitely be sad.

“The heartbeat has accelerated, you little pervert,” Zelda Maine smiled slightly and looked up at Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon coughed and said, “Sister Zelda,”

Today, Zelda Maine is very beautiful, jeans, simple t-shirts, these are simple clothes, but when worn on Zelda Maine, it is a perfect embodiment!!

“Little pervert, what are you thinking?” Zelda Maine was happy.

Chuck Cannon coughed even more.

“Okay I will stop teasing you, are you hungry? I’ll go and make you some food first.” Zelda Maine let go of Chuck Cannon, this hug made her feel relieved and moved.

At the very least, Chuck Cannon did not refuse. This is an improvement in the relationship between each other.

“Well, I brought two people here, Yolanda and Sister Li,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Well, I’m going.” Zelda Maine walked to the door, but turned around and asked with a smile, “Eat first, or what to do first? You said,”

Chuck Cannon coughed and understood what Zelda Maine meant. He didn’t come here for anything but just came to see Zelda Maine.

“Well, I understand. I will cook for you first, and then you are not allowed to leave. Chat with me for ten minutes. I want to know what you are doing recently.” Zelda Maine was lost.

But she was also happy. She was willing to help Chuck Cannon. She felt that if Chuck Cannon came here for that, she would become a tool. Although she didn’t mind, Zelda Maine felt it. Chuck Cannon didn’t think of herself that way.

He came to see herself because he missed herself a little bit.

Zelda Maine opened the door and went out, but as soon as he opened the door, a person stood at the door.


She drove over to the square and went to Yolanda’s office. Without seeing Chuck Cannon, she knew that Chuck Cannon must have come to Zelda Maine’s restaurant.

Kristen knew about the relationship between Chuck Cannon and Zelda Maine.

Chuck Cannon was stunned and suddenly understood what Kristen had come to do with her. She found out that she had helped her?

“Zelda Maine, you leave, I have something to tell him alone,” Kristen said coldly.

Zelda Maine was also taken aback, why was she so angry, what did Chuck Cannon do?

Zelda Maine looked back at Chuck Cannon.

“Sister Zelda, I…”

“Well, you guys talk, I’ll make you some food,” Zelda Maine smiled and went out.

Kristen stared at Chuck Cannon, her long legs stepped in, closed the door, and locked it.

Chuck Cannon sighed, Kristen should be suspicious of himself, so it’s okay if he doesn’t admit it?

“You asked the bank to lend me the money?” Kristen asked word by word.

Her emotions were uncontrollable, anger, struggle, pain, and loss, converging in Kristen’s heart.

“No,” Chuck Cannon denied.

Betty Li had already told himself about this.

“It’s not you? You’re playing, am I right? It’s not you? It’s not you?” Kristen collapsed.

Chuck Cannon’s expression told her that it was really Chuck Cannon.

But why is he?

“I didn’t play with you,” Chuck Cannon sighed. Why would he play with her? Just guilt.

“Then you admit it! Is it you!” Kristen scolded.

“Oh, yes.” Chuck Cannon admitted, Kristen’s reaction was too great, he couldn’t admit it.

Kristen was speechless for a while.

She especially wanted to return the money to the bank, and then resolutely tell Chuck Cannon that she didn’t want him to help!! No need to!

But the money has been used, and she is caught in this painful vortex.

“Sister Kristen,” Chuck Cannon approached with guilt.

There were tears in Kristen’s eyes, which were helpless tears.

Chuck Cannon could feel it. At this time, Kristen was very sad, surrounded by pain, and Chuck Cannon felt sorry for her.

“I don’t want you to help, you just watch me as a joke, I don’t want you to help,” Kristen backed away.

Emotions broke out at this moment.

What she had endured for so many days broke out at this time.

“Hey.” Chuck Cannon stayed where he was. Although he wanted to comfort Kristen, but walking over would only make her more painful.

Chuck Cannon regretted, why did he say that after that time?

He feels sorry for Yvette, but he was also sorry for Kristen now.

“I will repay the money as soon as possible, and then leave here!” This is what Kristen can think of.

Yes, sell all the investments here, and then leave this sad place.

Going to other places to develop, she can go abroad, anyway, she just doesn’t want to stay here.

“It’s not necessary, your money is not mine, it’s the bank,”

“I know, but the bank lent me the money because of you. Without you, the money cannot be borrowed. I say, thank you, but I will pay it back as soon as possible. You start from today. Don’t help me anymore. I don’t need it. You help.” Kristen returned to one yard.

She wants to thank him for this money.

Because she has already used it, there is no way to take it out at once.

“Don’t thank me, this is what I should do. In the car last time, I…”

“Don’t mention the last time, I forgot, don’t mention it.” Kristen’s emotions collapsed again!

Chuck Cannon sighed, walked over and hugged her, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

Chuck Cannon felt Kristen’s sadness and pain. He really broke her heart last time. It was an uncontrollable mistake.

If handled correctly, things will become calm, but Chuck Cannon’s handling aggravated the mistake.

Kristen struggled, but Chuck Cannon had been training for so long and had great strength. How could she break free from this embrace?

“Why do you treat me that way?” Kristen was wronged to the extreme, “I didn’t hold you accountable, why did you say that? Why…”

This is emotional breakdown, sadness, pain, and sadness are intertwined, and it is broken, Kristen is like a poor woman with bruises all over, crying with an emotional breakdown.

“I’m sorry,” Chuck Cannon comforted, really speechless, what did he do?

“I don’t want to hear these three words, don’t wanna hear.” Kristen roared, what can these three words do? Make up for my wounds?

Chuck Cannon was speechless and hugged Kristen tightly. She kept crying and couldn’t control her emotions. This man, but the person she really likes, but hurt her heart, Kristen was particularly sad.

“Sister Kristen, don’t cry,”

“Why can’t I cry? Why can’t I cry for what you do?” Kristen struggled, especially hard, but it was useless, Chuck Cannon’s strength was too great.

“I’m sorry,” Chuck Cannon can say these three words, representing his own guilt.

“I don’t want to hear these three words again,”

“Then… Sister Kristen, I am willing to take responsibility for that car,” Chuck Cannon said calmly. The

woman was sad, and Chuck Cannon could feel that he was also distressed. He was too bad for Kristen.

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