Chapter 507: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 507 She Had Been Tricked by Yulin Again

“Anna, it’s my fault.” said Yulin Xiao.”I’m sorry.”

He held Anna Xie’s hand and knelt down on one knee in front of her, paying no attention to the eyes of others.

Looking at him, Anna snorted. “You know you’re wrong now?”

“But you are the one who lured me into making a mistake. You are also responsible for this.”

Anna didn’t expect him to use this excuse to justify himself. She was a little angry. “No, I didn’t.”

Yulin looked at her with a serious look.

“You are so beautiful, so lovely, and so kind. When I see you, I can’t control myself. You are in front of me all day long and I can’t have you as a husband, I’m going crazy.” said he in a tearful voice.

“And all my buddies have babies, and their babies are so cute. I want to have a baby too. And then the three of us can live happily ever after.”

“Anna, haven’t you always said you want to have a baby, and now that your wish will come true soon, why are you hesitating? Do you really want to leave me and the child?”

Yulin was clearly making excuses for him getting Anna pregnant, but he was acting so sincere that Anna had no reason to refute him at all.

Moreover, the people around were looking at them, which made Anna even more squirm.

She reached out to tug Yulin’s arm. “You just stand up. People are watching us.”

But Yulin shook off Anna’s hand. “Unless you forgive me, I won’t get up.” said he sadly.

“Don’t be childish. You’re going to be a father.”

“My child may be born without a father, I’m so sad to think about that. In the future, when he goes to kindergarten, all the other children have parents send them to school, only my baby goes to school alone.”

Hearing these words, Anna was really speechless.

“Please marry me, okay?” He pleaded.

Since this was the case, she couldn’t even disagree. And it was quite awkward for him to keep kneeling like this now.

Anna reached out to help him up. “I’ll get married with you. But please don’t do this stupid thing again.”

“Okay, I promise. You are not allowed to back out!” said Yulin.

Then he immediately stood up and urged. “You guys quickly put makeup on Anna. I’m going out first.”

Anna felt that she had been tricked by Yulin again. She wanted to look for Yulin, but was stopped by the staff around her.

“Madam, let me help you with your hair and then fix your makeup.”

Anna was surrounded by several women soon. They helped her with her makeup one moment and help her fix her clothes the next.

“Maybe Yulin is the person I’m meant to be with in my life.” Anna thought. Then a smile played on her lips.

Suddenly the host’s voice came.

“Here, welcome my bride to the stage!”

She took a deep breath, and then walked to the stage led by the staff.

Before going on stage, Qiqi called out to her. “Anna, throw the bouquet to me later.”

Anna smiled and nodded her head

The wedding went smoothly. Although Anna was a little slow because of her pregnancy, Yulin was very attentive to take care of her.

When it came time to throw the bouquet, more than ten girls stepped forward and were ready to catch it.

Anna looked at Qiqi, then threw the bouquet up high to Qiqi

Qiqi was happy, jumped up with force, reached out to catch the bouquet.

But the other girls were also to catch the bouquet. They squeezed Qiqi to the side.

The one who got the bouquet was a stout girl. At this moment she was holding the flower and smiling happily.

Anna was a little helpless. She shrugged. Qiqi felt sad that she didn’t get the bouquet. But just as she was about to stand up, a big hand reached out to her.

“Miss, are you okay?” said Yuqi. He just came back for Europe.

Yulin had to prepare for the wedding, so the company’s affairs were handed over to Yuqi to take care of. Yuqi had been busy in Europe until today he had time to come back for his brother’s wedding.

But he didn’t expect a beautiful woman to be in front of him as soon as he came to the wedding. Her cute look made him find her interesting.

Qiqi tilted her head, saw Yuqi. She could not help but be amazed.

“Huh, are you Yulin’s double?”

Yuqi smiled, and then squatted. “Yeah, I am his double, and he is also my double.”

“What do you mean?”

“If you want to know, go out for a drink with me. I can tell you slowly.”

Qiqi looked at Yuqi’s eyes, and then she put her hand on Yuqi’s big hand.

When Anna found Qiqi being taken away by Yuqi, she was little worried.

“Where is Yuqi taking Qiqi? I can’t let him take Qiqi out.” said Anna.

Yulin stopped her and said with a smile. “Don’t worry. Although Yuqi is a playboy, he won’t mess around with a girl without getting her permission. From what I know about Qiqi, Yuqi may not be able to take advantage of her.”

Anna was still looking in the direction Qiqi left. Yulin had already tugged her hand and went to toast the guests.

“Everyone has their own path to follow and their own story to tell. I can’t always worry about her getting tricked.” Anna thought. Now she had to believe Qiqi can take care of herself. All she can do was to silently wish her well.

Turning back, Anna held Yulin’s hand and walked to the stage. She looked at the stage and wore a happy smile.


On this day, Qiqi went to the bookstore alone. She selected a pile of review materials.

She didn’t get far out of the bookstore when she received a phone call. Taking out her phone, she smiled heartily.

“I thought you had forgotten about me since you got married.” She complained.

Anna on the other side of the phone smiled. “Who pissed you off? You sound so grumpy.”

“Of course it’s you. You’ve been out for so long, and you just remember to call me now.”

“I’m jet lagged. And you’re studying now, so I’m worried it will affect you.”

“You’ve got a lot of excuses.”

“Well, don’t complain. I’ve bought you a present, you’ll love it.”

“Well, it depends on what you have prepared ……”

Before Qiqi could finish her sentence, a man walked quickly past her and bumped into her at once. The books in her arms fell to the ground.

The man just turned around and said “sorry”, and then rushed to the bus.

Qiqi frowned and spoke to Anna on the phone, then hung it up and packed her books.

“Hey, what’s wrong with the man?” She was complaining when a pair of black leather shoes appeared in her sight.

The man squatted down, picked up two books and put them in Qiqi’s arms.

When she looked up, Qiqi met a pair of dark eyes.

The man was Yuqi Mu.

He helped Qiqi pick up the books, and then helped her stand up.

“You helped me again, many thanks.” said Qiqi gratefully.

Looking at Qiqi’s smile, Yuqi was in a trance for a moment.

Qiqi saw Mu Yuqi don’t say anything. She was puzzled. “Mr. Mu?” She asked curiously.

Yuqi raised his eyebrows. “Ah, I am wondering if you should buy me a meal.”

“So you’re hungry. It’s just about noon, let’s go eat something. And what would you like to eat?” Qiqi said.

“You decide. Eating with a beautiful woman, anything I eat will be delicious.” Yuqi said.

His words made Qiqi laugh. “You are the first one to call me beautiful, just because of your straightforwardness, I must treat you to a good meal.”

Then Qiqi took Yuqi to a snack bar, but Yuqi sat inside, very uncomfortable.

The small store had many seats. It seemed very crowded, which had no privacy.

The surrounding was very noisy. Most of the young people dressed casually. This made Yuqi, who was wearing a suit, very odd.

Looking at the table next to him in a mess, Yuqi frowned. “What kind of restaurant is this?”

“Special snacks. This is my and Anna’s favorite. Have you never eaten it?”

“No.” Yuqi shook his head.

“Then you can try it today. Trust me, you’ll love it!”

Yuqi didn’t want to eat here. He said politely, “Perhaps, we can eat somewhere else and have some ……”

But Qiqi didn’t wait for him to finish his words before he stretched out hER arm and waved to the waitress. “Here.”

Qiqi touched his forehead, thinking that this was really the worst meal ever. But half an hour later, he realized he was wrong.

About half an hour later, he put his suit on the back of the chair, unbuttoned the three buttons of the shirt on his chest, and his hair was a little messy. Then he wiped the corner of his mouth with a tissue.

At the moment, the table in front of him was also in a mess, just like others’.

“What do you think of the food here?”

“Very good.”

Qiqi could also see that Yuqi was enjoying the lunch.

Qiqi laughed heartily. “I said you would like it.”

“Although the environment here is a little worse, it’s a very new and memorable experience.”

“I’m happy you like it.” Qiqi said as she smiled.

But when Qiqi went to go through her purse to check out, she found that her purse was missing.

“What’s wrong?” Yuqi asked.

“I …… can’t find my wallet!”

After saying this, Qiqi lowered her head.

Yuqi smiled. “I’ll pay the bill later.”

See Yuqi take money to pay the bill, Qiqi was sorry. “I said I would buy you a meal, but I made you pay, I’m really sorry.”

“Maybe you can invite me to have dinner next time.”

“Then can I have your contact information? I’ll definitely treat you to dinner next time.”

Yuqi took out a sticky note, writing down his phone number and handing it to Qiqi.

Qiqi put it in a book. She tilted her head and saw Yuqi’s kind smile.

She used to think that all the people of rich families were arrogant and domineering, but after meeting the Yulin and Yuqi, she realized that they were gentle and kind. She felt very comfortable getting along with them.

After eating, the two of them said goodbye.

Qiqi went back to school and was in a good mood.

One of her classmates saw the new books in her hand and her eyes lit up.

“Qiqi, are these the new books you bought? Can I borrow them for a while? I’ll return them to you later.”

“Oh, take it.” Qiqi graciously handed over them. Then they chatted for a few more minutes and went off to do their own thing.

But Qiqi didn’t know that Yuqi’s cell phone number was in the book, and her classmate had thrown it away.


The dessert store was no customer, so Qiqi took out her book to review.

Suddenly, someone opened the door and walked in. Qiqi immediately stood up. It was Chuxue who came in. She walked up to Qiqi.

“You are about to take the exam, right? Are you nervous about revising lately?” asked she suddenly.

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