Kristen was responsible for herself when he heard Chuck Cannon’s words?

“What are you responsible for me?” Kristen asked coldly.

She knew that Chuck Cannon and Zelda Maine were a pair. How could she be responsible for this situation?

What’s more, if Kristen wasn’t responsible, what she wanted was actually very simple, that is, don’t say that afterwards, don’t say that, two people can chat afterwards, after all, that time was originally she can’t help.

Nothing happened afterwards, but Chuck Cannon worsened the incident. What he said at that time broke Kristen’s heart.

Chuck Cannon was speechless, yes, what responsibility would he take?

Will you separate from Yvette and marry Kristen?

Chuck Cannon couldn’t do it. In Chuck Cannon’s mind, his wife has always been Yvette.

Since childhood, when Chuck Cannon slept with Yvette in his arms, Chuck Cannon knew in his heart that the woman in his arms was his wife.

I want to treat her forever.

Don’t abandon her forever.

“Can’t tell?” Kristen said with a sneer.

“Sister Kristen, I am willing to be responsible.”

“Your responsibility is to give me a sum of money, right?” Kristen got disgusted, what he wanted was this kind of responsibility?

No, what Kristen wants is a company, the kind of company that doesn’t need to get married.

“I…” Chuck Cannon was still speechless. He was indeed going to do this, giving Kristen a lot of money, and then treating her better.

“Why, do you think I am angry?”

“I, shouldn’t say that.” Chuck Cannon sighed, and it was really impossible to deal with the relationship afterwards.

“Chuck Cannon, you don’t understand at all, let go,” Kristen said with a sneer.

I am in your heart. Is it angry because I want a sum of money?

Kristen was completely disappointed. She didn’t want this. She wanted to be very simple. That was when two people hugged each other, Kristen was relying on Chuck Cannon, and the two of them could just talk.

Kristen is an adult, how could she be possible to force others to be responsible after being together once?

She would not do that.

“I understand that I am willing to be responsible,”

“Are you responsible? What are you responsible for? If I want to get married, are you willing?… Why don’t you speak? Then what are you responsible for?” Kristen forced.

Chuck Cannon was speechless again, getting married?

Chuck Cannon sighed, he would never do this.

“Sister Kristen, what I said is that, as before, I will never say anything to you again, and then I will invite you to dinner, and…”

“What else? You wanna give me money?”

Kristen sneered even harder, but before she finished speaking, Chuck Cannon gave her a kiss.

Kristen was stunned and exasperated, “What are you doing?”

Chuck Cannon didn’t speak anyway and kept doing this.

Kristen collapsed, and it was useless for her to struggle because Chuck Cannon’s strength was too great, and suddenly she shed tears, Chuck Cannon felt it, and his heart stopped.

“What do you take me for? You say.” Kristen felt that she was insulted by the heavens.

Thinking of me as a teenage girl? ? It doesn’t make sense, just want to use “pro” to get through?

I am not a little girl and I don’t need this way.

“I take you as a friend, a friend who can’t help it.” Chuck Cannon said.

In Chuck Cannon’s mind, Kristen was a superb woman, her figure and appearance were of the same level as Zelda Maine.

Chuck Cannon couldn’t forget that time in the car.

“Can’t help it? Chuck Cannon, you really can talk,…what are you going to do?” Kristen felt ridiculous, but Chuck Cannon looked at her softly, and he suddenly looked like that.

Kristen felt a pimple in her heart, and she did not dare to meet such eyes.

“Don’t look at me like that, what do you want to do? Chuck Cannon, you bastard!!” Kristen was angry…

“Sister Kristen, I’m sorry,”

On the sofa in Zelda Maine’s office, Chuck Cannon put his arms around Kristen and said softly.

Kristen was at a loss, she actually…

Alas, Kristen sighed.

“Stop talking, stop talking,” Kristen shook her head.

“I’m really willing to be responsible, I won’t say anything like that again,” Chuck Cannon assured.

“You’re such a bastard.” Kristen lay in Chuck Cannon’s heart, listening to Chuck Cannon’s heartbeat so that she would feel real, and she would know that this is not a dream.

This is a kind of calm, but the same impulse she had last time, she couldn’t help it as Chuck Cannon just said.

“I didn’t hold you accountable from beginning to end. What you said last time hurt me, do you know?” Kristen whispered softly, no more cold.

It’s just this feeling. It’s good to have a chat. She doesn’t have a psychological burden, and Chuck Cannon doesn’t have any. Being together is just four words.

“I know, so right…”

“Stop talking, don’t say sorry, I don’t want to hear these three words.”

Kristen shook her head and said seriously, “Chuck Cannon, do you like me? Do you like me at all?”

“To be honest, would you be angry?” Chuck Cannon asked back.

“will not,”

“Yes, I like it.” Chuck Cannon said it, but he felt guilty for Yvette to the extreme. What did he just do? ?

He can meet Yvette tomorrow, himself.

“It’s fine if you have,” Kristen was a little bit lost, only a little bit?

“That’s right, your company’s business.” Chuck Cannon thinks it’s okay. The relationship between himself and Kristen has eased, so he can directly ask her how much money she still needs.

Chuck Cannon will immediately ask Betty to give her money.

“Don’t say, you like me so little, don’t say, I am with you, not for money, this is my self-esteem,” Kristen said with a sigh.

If it hadn’t been for this sudden break in the funding chain, she wouldn’t need any money.

“En,” Chuck Cannon respected her. Of course, Chuck Cannon knew that Kristen was with him, not for money. At the very least, Kristen was worth tens of billions!

“Sister Kristen…”

“Little bastard, don’t look at me like that. I really don’t need money. I will solve it by myself. The bank loan is enough. Will you let me save my last self-esteem?”

Kristen said hurriedly, but it was barely enough, and it had to be used carefully, otherwise billions would not be enough to fill the gap.

But even so, she didn’t want Chuck Cannon to help her again.

Chuck Cannon nodded and said something quietly, Kristen shook her head solemnly, “Little bastard, whose office is this you forgot?”

This is Zelda Maine’s.

Kristen was unhappy in her heart, and Chuck Cannon didn’t choose this location well.

She and Zelda Maine are still enemies, but Kristen also feels a little happy in her heart.

Chuck Cannon came back to his senses. Yes, this is Zelda Maine’s office. Two people stood up from the sofa, and Betty and Yolanda were waiting for dinner outside.

It was not good for Zelda Maine to find out, let alone Betty and Yolanda.

Kristen got dressed and adjusted her hair, and Chuck Cannon said, “I will go to the United States tomorrow.”

“What? What are you doing in the U.S.?” Kristen was reluctant to give up. This was just a reconciliation. The two didn’t stay for a while before they were about to separate?

Chuck Cannon didn’t say much, he certainly couldn’t tell her what he was doing in the U.S. It would also worry Kristen.

Chuck Cannon said to see his mother.

Kristen breathed a sigh of relief, and went to see that his mother was normal, “Be careful on the road, don’t you?”

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, Kristen blushed, “Little bastard, I’m going out first, don’t tell Zelda Maine.”

Chuck Cannon wouldn’t say that the relationship between himself and Zelda Maine is still so unclear.

Zelda Maine, Queenie, and Kristen were all his own special women, and Chuck Cannon remembered them clearly.

Chuck Cannon stretched his hand to hold her wrist, “Sister Kristen, I regret it now.”

Yes, Chuck Cannon regrets it in particular.

“What do you regret?” Kristen was sad, is this little bastard preparing to say something to hurt herself?

“I regret what I said to you last time. If I didn’t say it, the two of us would be better.” Chuck Cannon said the way to deal with it is very problematic. Chuck Cannon now understands that Kristen does not want responsibility, but only one. Psychological comfort, able to chat and talk.

Kristen’s eyes were moist, “Little bastard, who do you often tell these things to make women happy?”


“Little bastard, I’m going out first,” Kristen went to open the door, but as soon as she opened the door, she saw Zelda Maine standing outside.

Zelda Maine sighed, how could she not understand?

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