Chapter 509 – 510: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 509: The Opening Ceremony

Forbearing the thought of kicking their asses, Kris muttered in his heart, “I raised these three idiots, I raised them…”

He touched the pet bag, hoping that this little guy wouldn’t be so stupid when he came out.

In other words, it should be a Wild Monster. He just couldn’t raise another guy as silly as these three monsters.

With the three monsters under his arms, Kirs left Wuji Sword Sect, directly performed the Water God Escape, flying at a speed of one hundred thousand miles per day, and arrived at the Sect in three days.

At this time, it looked like the Sect had become a large-scale school.

There were a hundred immortal mountains, with celestial spirits curling up, white cranes flying among the mountains. The practitioners came and went on clouds or one their swords. The abundant spiritual energy here seemed to be more than ten times that of the outside world.

Thanks to the underground spiritual veins and the large Spirit-gathering formations, the spirits of thousands of miles around Tainlang Island was constantly being sucked into it. Supplying a small island with the spirits of thousands of ten thousand miles was more than sufficient.

A few days ago, Lord Viper went to the Huanxi Demon Sect, although he didn’t just destroy the Sect, he directly took away dozens of spiritual stone veins under the Huanxi Demon Sect.

All of these spirits was imported into the spiritual vein of Tianlang Island, when the spirit vein of Tianlang Island had been much stronger than second-rate sects.

After this period of cultivation, the half-monsters rescued from Panic Island had overcome their monster nature.

This was due to the “The Treasure Light” given to Sha Mo by Lord of Sparks. Sha Mo did not keep it himself. These young monsters were just like him, having been suffered a lot.

Fed with a large amount of resources, the weakest of these half-monster were at Back-to-self stage, and Sha Mo was the strongest who had reached in the early stage of primal spirit.

When he suppressed his human nature, it was the Primal spirit, and when his monster nature outburst, it was the Monster soul.

He could switch back and forth between the two state freely.

Carrying the half spirit weapon mace, his combat power soared, making him almost reach the later period of primal spirit.

After half a month,

The day was the opening ceremony of Nahai Sect.

They had been preparing the great ceremony since the day they moved to the island.

All the senior leaders that were invited to join Nahai Sect had also arrived.

There were five monster race true Lords, thirty Supreme Monsters, two half-monster true Lords, fifteen primal spirits, zero human race true Lords, and three human primal spirits!

The gap between the human race and the monster race, and even the half-demon, was too deep, and now was just the beginning.

With seven true monarchs, Viper and Sparks, Nahai Sect had nine true Lords, which was close to the second-rate peak sect.

There was also Kris, who could kill the Middle-period accumulated spirits alone by himself. Now his strength ranked first in Nahai Sect.

For forty-eight primal spirits, half of them joined the law enforcement group, and half of them joined the elders’ group!

For the Gongfengs in the Sect, the resources were also given out according to their levels, and what they’ve got was even comparable to the top ten sects.

There had other ways but attracting more talents by not only friendship, but more resources.

Kris and other two all knew about this.

The resources plundered from the Huanxi Demon Sect were enough to support the fifty-year development of Nahai Sect. Plus the resources they saved before, there was no need to worry about resources for the next a hundred years.

But the sect kept expanding. Now there were fewer disciples and elders, not to mention fifty years after, even next year, the number of disciples would double.

So optimistically speaking, all resources could support them for 40 years.

Of course, the sect also had its own way of making money, just like Wanbao Pavilion, letting these disciples scatter aound, they would naturally feed the resources back to the sect.

According to Kris’s understanding, there was no difference between running a sect and running a company. These disciples were just their employees, and the elders were company executives.

They were not a charity group. Only spending money, but not making any of it? You kidding me?

Essentially, it was to provide resources to the top people. Of course, if the employees were excellent and had growth potential, then it was also possible to cultivate and increase the company’s heritage.

A disciple with outstanding talents might grow into a towering tree within a hundred years and become the mainstay of the sect. This would help increase the sect’s ability to resist risks, naturally making the sect bigger and stronger.

And all of this, Kris had designed a whole promotion path with a sound scientific system and a perfect task system. They did not provide contribution values, but only charge one percent of the commission, enhance the enthusiasm of the disciples and encourage them practice and fight outside the sect.

At the same time, they would set some support points near the Sect base. If any disciples were in danger, he could just call for help nearby. Of course, disciples who asked for help should pay the rescue fee.

Kris borrowed this idea from the earth’s alarm hotline.

Some people said that this was unrealistic, but Kris had already made an ultra-long-distance voice transmission stone, as well as a video-capable voice transmission stone.

At present, the technology was under improving, and it was possible to do video call within a million miles. If it exceeded the range, there would be delays.

This would become the main income of Nahai Sect in the future.

Learning from the business of the previous life, Kris could use the Voice Transmission Stone to play tricks, and he had made a special anti-theft method. Once someone wanted to crack the code, the Voice Transmission Stone would just explode instantly.

Even if you dissected it, it would be useless, because it would be a garbled code.

Even if you had a copy, that would be meaningless, since the real core technology was the radio.

Thinking of this, Kris unconsciously showed a smile of satisfaction.

True Lord Viper was wearing a red Sect Master’s uniform, feeling chilly behind him.

Kris and Lord Sparks stood behind them, followed by the seven Taoists!

They chose their respective mountain bases and would inherit their own Taoism way in the future.

Forty-eight primal spirits stood behind them in the last several rows.

Below were hundreds of disciples.

Due to time constraints, they only recruited fifty monster races and less than ten human race disciples in addition to the half monsters.

There was a problem with the ratio of the three races, but it would be solved later!

The process was simple. First, they worshiped the heaven and the earth and swore to the heaven’s way, saying things like “From today, the Nahai Sect officially opens. As the elders of the sect, they must protect their disciples from harm and so on.

Then they introduced the sect figures, and finally the disciples kowtowed to their masters.

When the rituals completed, all the disciples of Nahai Sect had a feeling coming from nowhere, as if their destiny and Nahai Sect were connected together.

Heaven descended Xuanhuang Qi, this must be the… Heaven and Earth Merit!

All the Practitioners who came to attend the ceremony couldn’t help taking a breath.

Heaven gave merit, Nahai Sect would be amazing.

Why did so many Practitioners like to start sects in their old age?

Wasn’t it because of the heavenly merit?

But this merit was too much, wasn’t it?

Half of them were submerged in the body of Kris. True Lord Viper was the Sect head. He gained a little more merit than Lord Sparks, and the remaining merit was scattered into the bodies of the masters and the forty-eight elders.

Everyone was happy about that.

Merit, this was merit.

When the merits entered the body, several primal spirit elders were blessed by the heaven merit and instantly broke through their stages.

This was the benefit of merit, which could protect the primal spirit, and when breaking the stage, they could resist the demon from the outside world.

The seven Taoism masters had reached a high stage, so they certainly had a new understanding of the magical effects of merit.

They would just extract the merit, and turn it into the merit magic weapons. Using it they could just kill people without bringing troubles.

That was endless power.

Lord of Vipers and Sparks almost instantly broke through the early stage of the accumulated spirit and reached the middle period!

The powerful aura was spreading out, and everyone was shocked.

Who could believe that, on the opening day of the Nahai Sect, the Heaven merit poured down, turning two lords into the stage of middle-period accumulated spirits.

Everyone understood that this Nahai Sect would be remarkable.

The moment the merits entered Kris’s body, he fell into an indescribably mysterious state.

As if bathing in a warm hot spring, all kinds of sentiments came to his heart.

His body was shrouded in golden light of merit, like a god king.


The sky was densely covered with dark clouds, and the spirit Qi agitated within thousands of miles. The sky was originally clear, but the next second it was as black as ink.

Kris opened his eyes and he knew that the primal spirit test had come!

“Elder Taoism brother, fellow Taoists, I’m going to pass the test!”

Kris cupped his hands, and by using a Golden Light Earth Escaping, he came to the place a hundred miles away.

True Lord Viper and Lord of Sparks were sincerely happy for Kris. That huge merit, even they have instantly improved their own stages. It made no sense that Kris wouldn’t not improve himself .

From the beginning, Nahai Sect had been led by Kris, so it was reasonable for him to get half of the merit.

It was the other guys who got benefit from Kris. The use of merit was far beyond their imagination, and reaching the actualized spirit could be expected.

Everyone stared blankly at Kris, who stood proudly hundreds of miles away, thinking that, Heaven, what kind of test he was passing now?

Was it the actualized spirit test?

No way!

Everyone was confused.

Kris was able to kill the middle-period accumulated spirit. In the eyes of everyone, he had got the actual strength of accumulated spirit.

It must be the actualized spirit test. If he could get past it, then Kris would reach the actualized spirit!

Heaven, Nahai Sect would have one more actualized spirit from then on!

The Infinite Sea was about to change!

Would the Nahai Sect be one of the ten major sects?

In the crowd, Chen Ye ‘s eyes widened.

“Is that person…my elder brother? How powerful is he!”

Chen Ye clenched his fists, “Is this the actualized spirit test?”

In the ring, Mr Gu’s brow furrowed tightly, “No… this is not the actualized spirit, the actualized spirit test is far more terrifying than this.”

“Not the actualized spirit?”

Chen was startled, but his senior brothers could kill the middle-period accumulated spirits, and he must be the accumulated spirit himself.

It was not an actualized spirit test, so what kind of test was it?

Mr Gu indulged for a moment, “He should be at…the accumulated spirit test!”


Chen almost choked to death by his own saliva!

“Accumulated spirit, how was that possible?”

“Yes, this should be the accumulated spirit test.”

“The actualized spirit test would repeat the Earth Feng Shui Fire, and the test was also the World Devastation Thunder. Although this thunder was catastrophic, it was far from the same level of the World Devastation Thunder.”

“You mean, my elder brother was a Fulfilled-period primal spirit before?”

“Yes, that was only explanation!”

Mr Gu was also shocked, “Use the primal spirit to fight against the middle-period accumulated spirit, and beheaded the opponent. It was amazing, amazing!”

“The eldest brother of Henggu No.1 Sect is very talented, and I am afraid it is the invincible evildoer of the same generation.”

Even in the ancient times, no one had ever heard of the primal spirit killing the accumulated spirit. Even the evildoers of the Eastern Shenzhou have survived the accumulated spirit at best.

Behead, how could that happen?

But the name Henggu’s No.1 Sect was crazy, the background of the sect might have exceeded his imagination!

Perhaps Henggu’s No.1 Sect was not the actualized spirit sect. There might be a true god in it!

That could explain the reason why.

Anyway, Gengu No.1 Sect was a branch of the Henggu No.1 Sect. since Chen joined the Gengu No.1 Sect, which was equivalent to joining a true god sect. This was his luck.

No wonder Aotian Long said that his Eldest brother could solve the problem of poor magic power.

No one could guess the means possessed by the True God Sect.

Chapter 510: The Unexpected Thunder Trail

Chen Ye was also full of excitement because of the victory of his elder senior fellow apprentice in the invincible battle. And more surprisingly, his elder senior fellow apprentice was no more than a master in fulfilled period of primal spirit, how could him make it?

“I must be a hero as strong as him!” Chen thought aloud.

AS for Kris, there was no surprise for him that a thunder for practitioner came to him since he had reached a mature period. However, he didn’t expect the unusually powerful thunder, which seemed like to bring a doomsday, rather a training experience. He still felt anxious even if he was fully protected by his divine-level spirit weapon.


A dark thunder suddenly came down towards Kris and felt into piece upon his body. Kris was sure his strong figure could endure the force from the thunder, that was why he stood still when the thunder blew up toward him. However, all the on-lookers were drove surprised for they couldn’t believe a master like Kris dared to encounter the Extreme Yin Thunder, a destructive energy with Extreme Yin Taoist Strength. As they speculated, Kris must be a body refining practitioner, only a body refining practitioner was able to do so.

“Mr. Gu, will the thunder bring danger to him?” asked Chen.

“I don’t know, but I know he is a really incredible guy, he can defeat a master with much stronger energy than him, there is nothing impossible for him. Good luck to him, the next thunder must be the Extreme Yang Thunder, since Yin and Yang are a couple of natural energy.”

Above the sky, the Lord of Lingyuan and the Lord of Miaoyuan stood there as the guard for Kris.

“Impossible, I can’t believe a body refining practitioner like him can make a breakthrough into the period of accumulated spirit. You know, I have worked hard to improve my physical strength in the thousand year, but my physical strength stays in Middle period of primal spirit however hard I try. ” Said the Lord of Lingyuan with a sigh.

Kris could defeat the master in middle period of the accumulated spirit when his energy was still in the fulfilled period of the primary spirit. Now that his energy and physical strength were all in the accumulated spirit, how strong would he become? And more importantly, since Kris was also a sword practitioner, who could launch potent attacks with his sword energy, perhaps no one was his rival in the stage of accumulated spirit.

“I have a hunch that this kid will go into the materialized spirit period earlier than me.” Said the Lord of Lingyuan. It was a good fortunate that he could make a friend with such a talented fighter like Kris. Lingyuan was not bothered at all when Kris opened his own sect for he knew that his capital could triple when Kris owned a sect on his own. Wuji Sword Sect was willing to be the real boss for Kris and his sect, though all this ambitions were out of Lingyuan’s imagination.

God thunder bombarded down the moment, with the body to resist, but the silk extremely Yin force drill into their own skin, let people feel sad.

He felt his blood was freezing. The thunder is strange. There seems to be a strange force in it. “Jesus! There must be a kind of Taoist strength in the thunder!” Exclaimed Kris, who found a strange energy sneaked into his skin and almost froze his blood. The thunder did bring him a sharp pain.

Impossible! Why did thunders with Taoist strength would came to him? This was a sign to show that a practitioner was near the stage of accumulated spirit. Truth to be told, Kris’s physical strength now stood in the Fulfilled period of primal spirit, though he was no more than a little practitioner in the stage of Pill formation judging from his appearance.

Shit! Kris remembered the destructive energy of the thunder which nearly broke him into pieces when he had been about the reach the stage of Pill formation. The thunder was a test for all practitioners in the planet. And the stronger you are , the harder the test would be. That made sense why Kris now experienced horrifying thunder attacks with Taoist strength.

Now thunders with both Yin and Yang energy fell down upon him, and the painful pressure tore apart the muscle in him and brought him a great pain. All of a sudden, a interesting idea came to him that perhaps he could try to learn to master the two Taoist strength with the help of Yin Yang Upside Down Magic. However, he must make it quick since his muscle couldn’t stand the destructive force for a long time.

Yin Yang Upside Down was a really mysterious magic which required that the user could mastered two reverse Taoist strength. Now the thunders turned out to be a gift for him. The more thunder attacks he endure, the more energy from them he could absorb. To keep the process steady, Kris smashed a Yin Taoist Strength Stone and enhanced the Yin energy around him. He had to master the Extreme Yin Taoist Strength before the second thunder attack came to him.

However, the second thunder exploded from the sky and plummeted straightly upon him. At the second, Kris opened his eyes to the dazzling light from the thunder. He had successfully master the Extreme Yin Taoist Strength, his target now was the thunder bombarding over him.

“Jesus! That is Extreme Yang Thunder!” Some exclaimed.

“No way, I can’t believe the second thunder is full of a new kind of Taoist Strength.” Said Mr. Gu. Chen kept dumbfound though Kris had brought him shocks again and again. As for the Lord of Vipers and his fellow, they were in an ecstasy for they knew the fact that the stronger their friend was, the higher and steadier status of the Nahai Sect would be.

The Extreme Yang Taoist Strength from the thunder did hurt him, but Kris ignored the pain directly, and he mastered the kind of energy through the same way. After a painstaking process, a mysterious Tai Chi diagram appeared in his divine spiritual power. The two reverse energy-Yin and Yang, soared up in his body and enhanced his primal spirit as much as possible. Before the second thunder fell down, Kris swallowed a handful divine-level to keep himself in a good condition.


It was the third thunder, a thunder full of violent fire and Fire Taoist Strength. Though Kris didn’t learn any fire magic to prevent the thunder, he had the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire which could help him out of this trouble. The precious fire took in the energy of the thunder in a crazy speed, and the energy it got help Kris master the Fire Taoist Strength.

Chances only favor prepared minds. To go through the thunder test, Kris had prepared himself well, with divine-level magic pills, the Five Thunders Magic and the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire as his best guards.

As for these on-lookers, they were really amazed about the third thunder for the natural rule of thunder test was that only the genius could enjoy the second thunder. Even the Mr. Gu could not accept the fact that Kris enjoy the third thunder test at one time. That was beyond his knowledge.

“Perhaps he is blessed by the Merit Golden light.” Mr. Gu thought aloud. And the Lord of Lingyuan shared the same speculation with him. The Merit Golden light was a treasure which could even benefit a master in the Fulfilled period of accumulated spirit.

“What a Lucky guy. Now it seems that the Nahai Sect has a really big one.” Said the Lord of Lingyuan.


All of a sudden, the fourth thunder bombarded across the dark sky. It was a thunder full of Water Taoist Strength. Thanks to these thunders, he could get the clues to master the four kinds of Taoist strength at a time. Would he gather all the kinds of Taoist Strength at one time, no one knew.

At the very time, the fifth thunder broke out and hit the life point of him. It was called Taibai Metal Breaking Thunder with a unstoppable energy which nearly smashed his sword-shape soul. He would have been shut down but for the sword embryo. Then Kris turned to the Metal Thunder magic to stand the attack from the thunder, and meanwhile, he took out all his gold crystals to safeguard the sword embryo with the energy therein. Gradually, the sword embryo got recovered under the wild thunder attack, and during the process, it was reshaped and turned into a human figure which was like a toy after him with a really grim look.

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