Kristen’s face was red. Zelda Maine was the one who came over. She understood why Chuck Cannon hadn’t come out for so long.

She is a little bit sour, Chuck Cannon and Kristen are together, but with her?

Moreover, she is still a woman who has a bad relationship with her, Zelda Maine is a little bit sour, but also a little bit helplessly and angry.

Kristen had a bad relationship with Zelda Maine in the first place, so of course, she went out directly without saying anything.

Zelda Maine sighed, but did not show it, and said with a smile, “Chuck Cannon, the dishes are ready to eat.”

Chuck Cannon actually had a feeling of stealing and being caught when he saw Zelda Maine at the door, he felt guilty and panicked, but he was relieved when Zelda Maine found out.


Chuck Cannon came over, but Chuck Cannon suddenly felt guilty. Zelda Maine’s beautiful eyes were a little bit sad. She was a smart woman. She just found out just to prevent embarrassment, so she didn’t say it.

Chuck Cannon was silent, closed the door, and hugged Zelda Maine from behind, “Sister Zelda…”

Zelda Maine was sad, “What are you doing holding me?”

“Me. I was just now.”

Zelda Maine turned around and shook his head, “You didn’t do anything just now.”

Chuck Cannon sighed, she really knew that Zelda Maine was still very smart after all.

“It’s just that I’m a little sad, why are you in my office? This is my place, this is where I work,” Zelda Maine said.

Chuck Cannon was speechless, “I,”

“Do you bastard know?”

“I know,” Chuck Cannon admitted, he couldn’t help but forget that this was Zelda Maine’s office.

“You are not allowed to do other things in my office in the future, or I will be sad,” Zelda Maine asked.

“Nor to you?” Chuck Cannon comforted her.

“It’s okay for me, but absolutely not for other women. This is my office. Kristen, who had a bad relationship with me just now, you…when did you get together?” Zelda Maine was sad.

Chuck Cannon could only say. Zelda Maine snorted, “You’re such a bastard, little bad guy,”

Chuck Cannon coughed, Yvette called himself that way, and Kristen called himself a little bastard, too, these women are all older than himself, so it is normal.

“Well, I’m going out to eat, don’t be hungry.” Zelda Maine is a considerate woman.

She knew what was enough and what was too much, and she felt a little better in her heart when she said it. At the very least, Chuck Cannon admitted that she didn’t conceal the fact that she was a fool.

In this regard, Zelda Maine is still happy.

Chuck Cannon felt relieved and went out with Zelda Maine, but promised Zelda Maine that he would never be in the office again.

Zelda Maine snorted, “I have a camera in my office,”

“Huh?” Chuck Cannon was shocked.

“Are you afraid? Let you dare to do this again. Only you and me are the only ones in my office. Other women can’t come in!” Zelda Maine said.

Chuck Cannon smiled in relief, “En.”

“Don’t be afraid, I am not a pervert without a camera.” Zelda Maine continued, of course, not. Zelda Maine is not that kind of person.

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, “Neither am I,”

“Huh, isn’t it? I don’t believe it.” Zelda Maine snorted, thinking that she had Kristen in her office, she felt sour.

What a bastard, he actually did that.

Zelda Maine cooked a lot of dishes with her own hands. Four of them ate together, Zelda Maine, Betty Li, and Yolanda, only Chuck Cannon was a man, and Chuck Cannon also felt comfortable eating. After all, the three women’s meals are pleasing to the eye. Yes, this is usually a rare opportunity.

After the meal, Yolanda went up to work, Betty Li waited at the door, Chuck Cannon and Zelda Maine talked for a while, and finally, Zelda Maine had an imbalance in her mind and insisted on pulling Chuck Cannon to the office.

Chuck Cannon coughed and agreed. Zelda Maine was considerate.

Coming out of the square, Betty Li took Chuck Cannon back to the night hotel, Chuck Cannon lay on the bed tiredly, and Betty Li continued personal protection.

Chuck Cannon called Logan to report safety and asked how she felt. Chuck Cannon listened to Logan’s voice, and he was relieved, and finally called Yvette.

It was confirmed that Yvette would come tomorrow before Chuck Cannon went to bed.

But Betty Li knocked on the door.


“Well, sister Li, come in, the door is not locked.” For Betty Li, Chuck Cannon didn’t have to lock the door at all.

Betty Li opened the door and came in. She had just received a piece of news about Yvette, and that was the death of Young Master Zeng.

“Sister Li, what’s wrong with me?”

Betty Li said, Chuck Cannon stood up in surprise, “What you said is true?”

“Well, for the character of Master Zeng, he should have thoughts about Yvette…so he was killed by Yvette.”

Chuck Cannon’s eyes became cold. Does this Zeng Family do such a thing? ? But Yvette didn’t tell himself these things! She buried these things in her heart.

“Master, do you need to teach the Zeng family a lesson?” Betty Li looked down on such things the most. The man forced the woman to do something.

“This, I’ll talk about it when I come back from the United States.” Chuck Cannon thought about it, this matter must wait for Yvette’s killing order to be resolved.

Betty Li will also follow her back to the United States, letting others handle it, Chuck Cannon is not at ease.

“Well, young master rest early. I’m just outside. If you have anything to do, young master just call me,” Betty Li also felt that she could come back.

After arriving in the United States, you can start to teach the Zeng family. After all, the Zeng family also has a little industry in the United States.

Regarding these, when Karen Lee was automatically preparing to return to China, Karen Lee’s family of China had already found out.

It’s actually easy to deal with, just one sentence.

Chuck Cannon looked at Betty Li. She was still in her usual clothes, a simple suit, but she had a strange feeling in particular.

How to say, her dressing attire is so cool.

“Does the young master need anything? To eat? To drink? Or is it uncomfortable?” Betty Li asked concerned.

As a master of fighting, she is also proficient in bone acupoints, which can be used to massage and relieve people’s fatigue.

If Chuck Cannon suffers from backache, Betty Li can do so, as long as Chuck Cannon is fine.

After all, when Karen Lee left, let herself take care of Chuck Cannon.

“No,” Chuck Cannon shook his head, possibly caused by the loneliness of the atmosphere.

“Well, young master, take a rest early,” Betty Li said as she turned and went out, Chuck Cannon muttered, “Sister Li, what can you do if you are uncomfortable?”

Betty Li was stunned, “Yes, massage, massage, young master, there is a need? It’s okay, Ms Lee let me take care of you, just say what you need.”

Chuck Cannon is embarrassed and asked Betty Li to massage himself. How bad is that? After all, she is older than herself, so it is not good to tell her so.

Betty Li smiled, “Master, don’t be embarrassed, just say it, where do I need to press? Sometimes when President Lee feels uncomfortable, I help her pressing her shoulders.”

There is a press, but Karen Lee mentioned less.

Chuck Cannon hasn’t massaged before, but he tangled up in his heart and agreed, “En,”

“Where is it uncomfortable? Shoulders?”


“Master is so young, why is his waist uncomfortable? Let me see,” Betty Li walked over seriously, Chuck Cannon lay down, Betty Li pressed, suddenly a little embarrassed, where can young people get back pain? unless……

“Master its okay, I just need to press the button,”


Betty Li used a fighting technique, and Chuck Cannon screamed when he heard the sound of his bones, but after clicking, he felt much more comfortable.

“Master, the back pain can’t be pressed for too long, I’ll press the shoulders for the master,” Betty Li said.

Chuck Cannon said yes, “Sister Li, have you learned this before?”

“I learned it by watching the video, after all, my task is to take care of you,” Betty Li had indeed learned this.

Chuck Cannon hasn’t pressed it, but he feels that he is really comfortable.

Press and hold, Betty Li found that Chuck Cannon was asleep, maybe too comfortable, Betty Li went out lightly, she muttered to herself, “Young master actually had low back pain, did you just do something while eating? and That Kristen? Probably not, isn’t there a contradiction between the two of them?”

Betty Li didn’t think much about it, this was not what she could think of.

The next morning, Chuck Cannon started to clean up. In fact, he was quite nervous. After all, it was the first time he will go abroad and his English was not good.

Unlike Yvette, who has been a teacher, she can speak fluent English.

Fortunately, Yvette will go to the United States with him, and Yvette could translate the English that he didn’t understand.

“Master, we will go to America in the afternoon,” Betty Li said.

“En,” Chuck Cannon nodded, he had already packed his things, and he could go to the airport later, Chuck Cannon called Yvette and asked her to come directly to the airport.

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