Chapter 509: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 509 Am I So Bad in Your Eyes?

Qiqi thought she needed to show her gratitude for Yuqi. So the next day she purposely got up very early and prepared breakfast for him.

She didn’t know what Yuqi liked to eat, so she made some rice, noodles, and dumping, hoping there would be something Yuqi would like.

After the breakfast was ready, Qiqi went to knock on Yuqi’s room door. But no one answered for a long time.

“He’s not in his room?”

Then Qiqi went back to the living room and saw a note.

“Sorry, there is an urgent matter in the company, I have left first.”

Qiqi’s enthusiasm was extinguished by these few words.

She sat alone at the dining table, looking at the sumptuous breakfast, but had no appetite.


After reviewing her lessons alone for a while, Qiqi realized that she wasn’t studying very well, so she joined a study group. They would have self-study sessions and discuss problems together.

In this study group, there was a boy wearing glasses who showed more than usual enthusiasm for Qiqi.

Whenever Qiqi appeared, the man with glasses would come up to her and talk to her.

Whenever people in the study group saw the two of them together, they would make jokes about them, and every time the guy with glasses would just laugh and Qiqi would look serious.

Qiqi was afraid that people would misunderstand her relationship with the boy, so she kept him at a distance. She thought others would stop paying attention to the matter when they got tired of talking about it, so she didn’t explain her relationship with that guy to others.

But Qiqi’s non-explanation made the man with glasses misunderstand that she was interested in him.

That day, when it came to noon, the man with glasses came to Qiqi’s side. “Qiqi, let’s go for lunch together.” He said with a smile.

“No, I’ve ordered take-out.”

“How about we go to the library together today? I’ve already saved a seat for you.”

“I have to work part-time in the afternoon, so I can’t go to the library until the evening.”

“Then I’ll wait for you at the library tonight.”

The glasses man’s insistence troubled Qiqi.

“You don’t have to wait for me. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it to the library in time.”

“Whether you come or not, I will save a seat for you. The seat next to me always belongs to you.”

After saying that, the man with glasses suddenly flushed, and then he walked away.

As soon as he left, the students around Qiqi made jokes.

“Does he think he’s in a drama? What a gross line.”

“Yeah, really, I just got goose bumps.”

“After listening to his words, I can’t even eat dinner, let alone lunch.”

One of them even raised her hand and put it on Qiqi’s shoulder.

Qiqi frowned and nudged the girl next to her. “Then just don’t eat lunch. Look at your belly full of fat, you should lose weight.”

The girl was shocked and looked at the fat on her stomach. “Ah, really? I must have eaten too many snacks. Do you guys have any good ways to lose weight?”

When they talked about weight loss, they would have many words.

Seeing that their attention was diverted, Qiqi said, “Then I’ll go to the cafeteria to eat first. You guys take your time to talk.”

“Didn’t you buy take-out?”

“No, I lied to him.”

Qiqi winked mischievously and turned around to leave.

Chuxue have recently been developing new dishes. At noon, there would be a free trial, and it was quite delicious.

So Qiqi always went to the dessert store to try new dishes, which can save her a lot of money.

But today, Qiqi was not the only one who came to eat the free dishes.

“It smells so good.”

Hearing Yuqi’s voice, Qiqi looked up, smiling lightly.

Yuqi nodded to her, and then walked to Chuxue’s side. Looking at the pizza in her hand, he licked his lips.

“It smells good, give me a piece.” Yuqi was about to reach out to take it.

But Chuxue slapped his hand and refused to give it to him. “No way! You come here for free desserts again.” said she.

“No, I’m here to buy some desserts.” said Yuqi. Then he looked at Qiqi. “Please give me one of each cake here. Oh, I also want a cup of Blue Mountain coffee.”

Qiqi pursed her lips and smiled. “Okay, please wait a few minutes.”

Then she turned around and went to prepare dessert.

“Isn’t your company very busy lately? Why do you still have time to come to my store?” Chuxue asked curiously.

“No matter how busy I am, I need to relax. Besides, talking with that girl really makes me feel relaxed.”

He was indeed very busy lately. Thinking of Yulin who was on his honeymoon, Yuqi felt how unfair fate was. But when he thought of Qiqi, he felt that the day was not so boring.

So when he had time, he came to the dessert store to see if he can meet Qiqi and teased her for fun.

Unfortunately, there was not only Qiqi in the dessert store, but also Chuxue. She was like an old mother hen protecting her chicks to keep him away from Qiqi.

Suddenly Yuqi lifted his arm and stared at Chuxue.

Chuxue was shocked by his stare. “What are you …… thinking about? Why are you staring at me?” She asked.

“I was thinking about how you would react if I were to ask Qiqi out?”

Chuxue frowned. “She’s revising for her exams. Don’t disturb her.”

“Studying can also be tiring. She also needs to take a rest.”

“You are looking for her to let her rest? Hmph, I don’t believe you. I know what you’re thinking.”

“Am I so bad in your mind?” asked he.

“It wasn’t that bad before. But when you want to screw a simple girl like Qiqi, I find you very abhorrent.”

“I just think she’s funny and like to talk to her.”

Chuxue didn’t believe his words at all. “Then why are you looking at her with eyes full of flirtation? Qiqi is so innocent that she will surely be bewitched by your look like that!” she snorted.

Yuqi looked puzzled. “Did I? Oh my god, you’ve wronged me.” He muttered.

Chuxue wrapped her arms around her chest, not believing him. “Don’t pretend in front of me. I won’t be fooled by your poor acting.”

“The cake and coffee are ready.”

Because Yuqi had ordered a lot of cakes, Qiqi had been preparing the pastries. She didn’t notice Chuxue and Yuqi arguing because of her.

She put the cakes on the table and smiled at Yuqi. “These are the cakes you ordered.”

Seeing Qiqi was leaving, Yuqi was busy waving to her. “Why don’t you sit with me for a while? I can’t finish these desserts by myself.”

“Thanks, but I’m working now.” Qiqi hurried to say.

Looking at Chuxue, Yuqi frowned. “Chuxue, it seems like your employees are very afraid of you.”

Chuxue just quietly looked at Yuqi, silent. However, Qiqi was a little nervous.

“It’s not like that. Chuxue is very good to me. It’s just that I don’t think employees can be lazy during work hours.” She explained.

“Hey, you will be bullied by your boss like this.” said Yuqi.

Suddenly Chuxue slapped the table. “Yuqi, go back to work, don’t stay here.” said she impatiently.

Seeing that Chuxue had lost her temper, Qiqi was busy picking up the tray. “I’m sorry I have to go and get busy first.” said she. Then she immediately left.

“You’re so serious that Qiqi is afraid to talk to me.” Yuqi said.

“It’s obvious that she avoids you.”

“But last time she was at my house, we got along very well.” Yuqi blurted out.

As soon as he finished speaking, Chuxue was on fire. She reached out and grabbed Yuqi’s neck. “You said you wouldn’t play with Qiqi. Why did you bring her to your house?” said she indignantly.

“That day after we had dinner, it was too late. So I invited her to my house. I didn’t do anything to her. Please don’t pinch my neck, I can’t breathe.”

“Then don’t breathe.”

Qiqi heard noise over here, so she looked towards them. Then she ran over. “What’s happening? Please don’t fight.”

Yuqi shook off Chuxue’s hand and shook his neck. “I didn’t fight with her. Obviously she suddenly went crazy. Qiqi, I’m leaving first. If I still stay here, you may never see the living me again in the future.”

Then he got up and hurriedly left.

Chuxue wiggled her fingers. “Luckily, you left. Otherwise I would not have spared you.”

But soon, Chuxue found that something was wrong.

She looked at the cakes on the table and yelled at Yuqi’s back. “Bastard, you haven’t paid yet!”

Qiqi stood next to her and pondered for a moment. “Are you angry with Mr. Mu?” She asked cautiously.

Chuxue waved her hand. “We two have been like this since we were little. I’m used to it.”

Hearing this, Qiqi nodded her head.

“Qiqi, Yuqi is a playboy. I think you need to keep him at a distance.”

“The two of us are pretty far apart when we talk.”

This answer made Chuxue a little speechless.

Chuxue rubbed her forehead. “What I mean is that you shouldn’t have too much contact with him, lest he disturb your studies.”

Qiqi nodded. “It’s true that when I’m with Mr. Mu, I do feel my heart beating faster.”

“This means that you are affected by him, which will delay your revision.” Chuxue said seriously.

These words immediately alerted Qiqi. She nodded her head. “Then I understand. I will be away from Mr. Mu.”

Now in Qiqi’s eyes, nothing was more important than concentrating on her studies.

Qiqi thought that if her grades still didn’t improve, she would have to ask Chuxue for a leave of absence and focused on her exams.

Seeing Qiqi’s serious expression, Chuxue nodded her head. “Well, it’s good that you understand. There are many bad people in this world. I don’t want to see you being deceived.”

Yuqi was a bad person? Qiqi didn’t think so. In her eyes, Yuqi was very polite to people. She was very happy with him.


After the store closed, Qiqi prepared to go back to school.

Just out of the store, Qiqi found a car outside the store looked familiar. The windows slowly lowered and the man inside waved at her. It turned out to be Yuqi.

Seeing him, Qiqi smiled sweetly.

“Hi, Mr. Mu.”

Yuqi looked behind Qiqi. “Has Chuxue gone back?” asked he.

“Yes, she went home very early.”

Hearing this, Yuqi breathed a sigh of relief. “She’s been so grumpy lately. You should be careful when you work under her.”

“Chuxue is very good to me.”

“But you’ve seen how mean she is. Maybe one second she’s friendly, the next she gets angry. Oh, forget it, let’s not talk about her.”

“Shall we go to dinner together? Let’s go to the snack bar you took me to last time.”

Qiqi touched her stomach. “But I’m full today.” She said apologetically.

Yuqi was a little disappointed because he couldn’t see Qiqi’s manner when she was eating.

Every time he watched Qiqi eat, Yuqi would feel happy. He had never had this happy feeling before.

He gently shrugged. “Okay, then let me driver you back to school.”

“Thank you, but I can go back by myself.”

“I’m passing by. Just get in the car.”

Seeing that he was so insistent, Qiqi didn’t refuse his kindness again. So she got into his car.

Yuqi smiled, started the car, and drove in the direction of Qiqi’s school.

But halfway through the drive, the car stopped slowly.

Qiqi poked her head out and frowned at the densely packed cars in front of her. “Is there a traffic jam ahead?”

“Yes. But don’t worry. Focus on your book. “

Qiqi smiled lightly.

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