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Chapter 51 – 52: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 51: Teach Her More Good Lessons

In the study room.

Kerry Ye listened to Venus Mu’s begging voices and cries from downstairs and frowned.

John stood at the door respectfully. After a long pause, he began to say, “Young Master, it’s cold outside. I think it’s enough to punish Young Madam. Why don’t…”

“John, when is it your turn to decide the affairs of the Ye family?” Kerry’s blue eyes glanced at his housekeeper, unusually sharp.

The blue eyes made John shiver. “Yes, Young Master, it’s my fault. I acted beyond my duties”

“Go have rest. She is disobedient, let her suffer.”

John nodded, bowed and retreated. He did not dare to plead for Venus any more.

Staring at John’s leaving back, Kerry felt uneasiness. Venus, a woman he just married, has won the trust of his loyal housekeeper in such a short period of time. John even dared to confront him for the sake of her.

What charm did she have? I wanted to see it!

Kerry snorted coldly. Then, he received a message, which was sent by Henry Zhang.

“Young Master, the information of the design drawing has been passed on to Young Master Nangong.”

After only a glance, Kerry shut down the message and did not pay more attention to it.

About the woman that night, he knew that soon he would find her. Upon thinking of the enchanting mysterious taste of that night, Kerry couldn’t help having some erection in his body. What kind of woman was she? He wildly visioned.

Suddenly, Venus’s roaring voices downstairs stopped.

After listening for so long, he felt a little strange when it stopped. He got up and went to the window to look at the door of the villa downstairs.

Maybe it was because no one responded after yelling for so long. Venus was squatting in the corner shivering.

Seeing her curling up, Kerry satisfyingly licked his lips. But unexpectedly, at this point, the villa door was opened from inside, someone secretly handed a thick quilt out to her.

Venus quickly wrapped her body with the quilt and said gratefully, “John, thank you. It’s so nice of you.”

John sighed and nodded, “Young Master said that he must punish you, so Young Madam, you have to spend the night in the garden this time.”

“I see!” Venus, who was wrapped in the quilt, felt the warmth and nodded like a good kid. “John, please go in quickly. Don’t let Kerry find out. I’ll spend the night in the garden. Don’t bother to check on me. He is sick. I don’t know what he would do if he finds out you taking care of me.”

Kerry’s eyebrow arched, stupid woman, dared to say he was sick? It seemed that the lesson was not enough!

He strode out of the study room and walked downstairs.

After secretly delivering the quilt, John was just ready to close the door to leave, he met with the pair of blue and cold eyes of Kerry again.

“Young Master, Young Master…” John’s legs and stomach were twitching together.

Kerry frowned. “John, are you so old and confused so you start to misbehave? If I caught you doing this again, you should retire early…”

What Kerry said made John twitching more. He didn’t expect Young master to see him sending Venus the quilt.

“Young Master, I…”

John bowed and was about to say something, when Venus showed up. She was wrapped in the quilt outside the door and curled up in the corner to keep warm, and then saw that John went in and left the villa door opening, so she curiously came over to have a look. As soon as seeing Kerry giving John a hard time, Venus’s furies boiled up.

“Kerry, it’s all my fault. I asked John to bring me the quilt. You don’t need to punish him.” Venus roared, wanting to protect John.

Kerry’s eyebrows arched again. This stubborn woman was so ungrateful.

Noticing Kerry’s more and more darkened face, John became more nervous. He quickly explained to Venus, “It’s me who made a mistake, Young Master is right to scold me…”

As a result, he was interrupted by Venus. She obviously didn’t realize John’s good intentions. John’s inferior and awkward position made her want to uphold justice right now.

John’s mistakes were all caused by the quilt, and she was responsible for it.

“Kerry, I said it was my fault. Just blame me. Leave John alone!” Venus straightened her neck, wearing a righteously awe expression.

Kerry didn’t know to feel angry or funny, He didn’t know if this woman was being kind or stupid.

“Well, it’s all on you, isn’t it? If I don’t teach John a lesson, then I’ll teach you a lesson!” Kerry said, and moved quickly forward. Before Venus had the time to react, he clasped her wrist.

Venus frightened, “What are you doing?”

Kerry wrenched his teeth and smirked evilly, “Fuck you…my darling.”

Upon that, he pulled off Venus’s quilt, threw it on the ground, and then his hands pressed more and more hard, satisfied to see that Venus bite her teeth because of wrist pain, put the kicking-and-screaming woman over his shoulder to upstairs.

John picked up the quilt, looked at his Young Master’s evil face, and sighed.

Chapter 52: Kerry Ye’s Taboo

Kerry Ye dragged Venus Mu into the room and threw her to the bed.

“Ah…” Because of his sudden forced swing, her back directly hit the bedside table, combined with the previous wrist pain, Venus involuntarily called out.

“What’s wrong? I’m not starting to fuck you yet. You already start the pre-play by moaning so dirty? What a slut indeed.” Kerry unfastened his tie while surveying her body fiercely with his blue eyes.

Today, she went to school, wearing her school uniform, blue skirt, white stockings. The temptation of pureness lured Kerry’s eyes into squinting.

“Woman, remember, you are mine! Although you are here because I have spent money, you can only belong to me. Don’t you ever dare to cheat on me unless you want to die.” At the thought that Venus once hugged Zihang closely and they’d been a couple for a year and a half, and she had gave her virginity to him, Kerry wanted to tear this woman apart.

With that, he pulled off her skirt.

“What are you doing? Let me go!”

With a sneer, Kerry said, “Since you were not willing to accept punishment in the garden, I have to punish you in a different way.”

“No, don’t…” Aware of the strong desire in his eyes, Venus determinedly refused.

“Too late!”

Having said that, regardless of her opposition, Kerry directly pressed her up and put her under severe pressure…

How many times this man conquered this woman, nobody knew. He himself lost count. Venus was again and again taken by him. She was about to be tortured apart by him. Especially in a certain place, she thought she can barely walked after this night.

“Kerry, you bastard!” Clenching the lower lip tightly, Venus cursed Kerry with fire in her low voice.

After being satisfied, Kerry licked the corner of his lips and scratched his finger across Venus’s cheek, “Isn’t this what you want too, my slut? You hate me? Who’s been yelling so high just now?”


Venus blushed. She hated Kerry and hated herself even more. Under his teasing, she couldn’t help sending out some shameful voices.

Looking at her innocent young face, Kerry was more pleased with himself and sneered, “You cannot be a whore and an angel at the same time. Venus, you are my slut, admitting that soon might made me look up at you!”

Venus’s face turned pale in an instant. Her hand under the quilt was forming a fist. Her teeth were clenching her lip. Her eyes were staring at him. She wanted to kill him.

How can there be such a hateful man in the world? One day she will revenge, she will make him regret!

Venus swore silently in her heart, making her look like an revenging angel now. Kerry patted her cheek, “Yes, that’s it, hate me more, that’s sexier.”

“You pervert!”

Venus yelled. Kerry moved his hand from her cheek to her lower jaw, and pinched her throat, “I hate people calling me pervert. From now on, I don’t want to hear this word from your mouth again, understood?”

This word was his taboo!

“Well…” Venus, who was choked and unable to breathe freely, but still refused to admit defeat. She squeezed words out of her teeth, “You are a Pervert… “

As soon as her voice fell off, Kerry grabbed her throat more forcefully, and the veins on his forehead jumped out, “Venus, I warned you, you even dare!”

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