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Chapter 51 – 52: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 51: Ward

“Colin Ward?” Xiao Rongtao stared at Colin Ward in surprise. He was humiliated by Colin Ward before and apologized in public. When he saw Colin Ward, he gritted his teeth.

Colin Ward didn’t give Xiao Rongtao a glance, but his eyes were on Flora Lewis. “Didn’t you say you’re going to the company? Why are you here? What are you guys doing?”

All four of them were dumbfounded by the series of questions.

Flora Lewis was startled because Colin Word didn’t follow the plan. He only needed to pretend to be her boyfriend and took her away, so what did these questions mean?

“Flora, why are you not answering me?”

Flora was stunned for a while then instantly reacted, making a panic and scared expression. “I… I don’t mean too…”

Mrs. Lewis came to her senses, “Who are you? Why do you talk like that with Lewis?”

“Colin Ward, you guys know each other?” Xiao Rongtao was a little surprised.

Colin Ward blankly answered, “Flora, are you on a blind date? What do you take me for? I’m your boyfriend, yet you’re still going on a blind date?”

“Flora, when do you have a boyfriend?” Mrs. Lewis asked in surprise.

Xiao Rongtao’s expression didn’t look good. “Colin Ward, you scumbag! Flora, why are you with this kind of person? He has a wife already! And he’s still with you!”

“What?” Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Xiao were both shocked.

Colin Ward indifferently said, “Yes, I have a wife. But what about you? You have a girlfriend too and you still go on a blind date?”

“I’ve broken up with her!” Xiao Rongtao stood up right away.

Colin Ward simply said, “Then I can divorce my wife!”

Xiao Rongtao was speechless.

Seeing this, Mrs. Xiao coldly asked, “So are you going to compete with our Rongtao?”

“Yes,” replied Colin Ward lightly.

Mrs. Xiao said with disdain, “Young man, the society is about wealth now. If you want to compete with our Rongtao, you need capital to compete. Our family runs a company and Rongtao is the president. What do you have compare to our Rongtao?”

“I’m nothing compare to him,” said Colin Ward with a light tone, but his words were arrogant.

Xiao Rongtao glared at Colin Ward, wanting to deny but couldn’t.

Colin Ward now was the president of the Marquis Group. How could Xiao Rongtao compare to him?

Then Mrs. Lewis coldly said, “Young man, who doesn’t know how to brag? Be real if you can!”

Colin Ward rolled his eyes upon hearing this, and replied, “Is child real?”

“What did you say?”

Everybody was shocked.

Flora Lewis blushed harder. What was Colin Ward trying to do? Didn’t he say he would take her away? What child was he talking about?

She was regretting so badly now. She had lost her mind to let Colin Ward helped her. He was more of a hindrance than a help!

Mrs. Lewis’ eyes stopped on Flora Lewis, and looked at them back-and-forth.

After a long daze, Claire Brown—Mrs. Lewis—came back to her senses, “What did you just say? Is it true…?”

Flora Lewis lowered her head, blushing and was quiet.

What could she say? Said that Colin Ward was a man she asked to pretend to be her boyfriend?

Wasn’t everything was in vain if she said it?

But it was precisely this appearance of Flora Lewis that made others thought of something. They immediately looked at Flora Lewis in shocked.

Emerald Young’s—Mrs. Xiao—expression darkened, stood up and said, “Claire, let’s stop here today! We still have things to do, so we’ll go first.”

“Emerald…” Claire stood up, wanting to persuade her to stay.

Emerald Young pulled Xiao Rongtao, wanting to leave the café.

Colin Ward smiled and said, “What’s the rush? You haven’t finished your coffee yet!”

Xiao Rongtao returned to his senses after hearing his words, glared at Colin Ward and said, “Colin Ward, just you wait! I will make you pay double for what you did to me!”

After they were gone, Claire Brown stared at Flora Lewis and Colin Ward with a solemn face, then took her bag and left too.

Flora Lewis stared at Claire Brown’s figure and stood there. She wanted to shout at her but didn’t dare to.

Flora Lewis was upset, so she grabbed her bag and hit Colin Ward. “Colin ward! What’s wrong with you? I only asked you to pretend to be my boyfriend and just take me away. Why child are you talking about?”

“What’s wrong with me? Isn’t this as you’ve planned? I even haven’t acted until I should take you away. You can’t blame me!” Colin Ward felt that he was innocent.

“Then why did you say a child? You—you…” As soon as Flora Lewis thought of the child, words got stuck in her throat. Finally, she shouted, “You pay the bill!”

Carrying her bag and stepping on her high heels, she left without looking back.

Colin Ward did do it intentionally.

From the start, Flora Lewis had looked down on Colin Ward and felt that he didn’t deserve Doris Lee, so he was disliked even more. Usually, she liked to sneer at him all the time that people who didn’t know things would have thought that he owed her!

This time she asked for his help and had to drag him out. She thought she was a queen and her orders had to be listened.

Hmph! He did that on purpose just now to see if she dared to ask for his help ever again!

However, imagination was beautiful, while reality was cruel.

Colin Ward had just arrived at the Marquis group and he received a call from Flora Lewis.

“Hey, are you free tonight?” asked Flora Lewis coldly.

Colin Ward asked, “What is it?”

“…My mom asked you to come home for dinner.”

“What?” Colin Ward was stunned. “No. We were acting! Did you think that was real? I beg you to let me go! I have a wife!”

Flora Lewis snorted, “What are you thinking? I won’t even want it. You can only blame yourself for saying those things. Now that my mom believes it, what do you think we should do?”

Mrs. Lewis had believed Colin Ward’s words. Thinking that since that was the case, she should simply invite him home for a dinner and ask about the situation.

Colin Ward was helpless, “You can directly tell your mom the truth, right?”

“I’m afraid she’ll be pissed to death!”

“Then what do you want? We can’t keep going like this. It won’t be easy for me to explain to Doris. If she misunderstands, I can’t clear myself up even if I jump into the Yellow River!”

“I’ll explain to Doris. When you meet my parents for dinner, you try to behave as bad as you can to make my parents dislike you. It’s best to make them hate you, so it’ll look natural when I say we broke up,” Flora Lewis explained.

Colin Ward sighed after he hung up the call, shaking his head helplessly.

At this moment, Nina White knocked on the door and entered.

“Xinxi group hasn’t agreed yet, and they don’t seem to be in a hurry.”

Colin Ward nodded, “I see. Then you go check Lishi’s latest situation.”

Chapter 52: This kid is honest

After he got off work in the evening, Colin Ward directly got into Flora Lewis’s car.

“Try to be more exaggerating when you see my parents to make them hate you, you understand?” said Flora Lewis anxiously.

“How to be exaggerated? Give me an example,” asked Colin Ward.

Flora Lewis coldly answered, “You don’t even understand this. I mean, keep bragging and boating, understand? Make it unrealistic. My dad is a teacher. He hates the kind of people who like to boast and unrealistic the most!”


The car drove to Xinyuan Lijing District.

Flora Lewis took Colin Ward to the 13th floor, then knocked on the door.

Claire Brown, Mrs. Lewis, opened the door.

“Come in!” Claire Brown’s expression was neither cold nor friendly, but was casual.

Flora Lewis and Colin Ward entered and saw Mr. Lewis watching TV.

Mr. Lewis’s name was Chris Lewis, a teacher. He wore black-rimmed glasses and a gray shirt. His whole person had a strong scholarliness aura.

Colin Ward smiled a bit, “Hello, uncle.”

Flora Lewis frowned upon seeing this. What was he being polite for?

Chris Lewis returned his smile, stood up and said, “Colin, right? Have a seat.”

Colin Ward sat and Chris Lewis asked, “What does Colin do?”

“I’m…” Before Colin Ward could say another word, he was cut by Flora Lewis.

“He just stays at home. He does nothing.”


Colin Ward glanced at Flora Lewis. She impatiently glared at him.

Alright. He should made Mr. and Mrs. Lewis disgusted by him, so he would try to be overbearing.

Chris Lewis and Claire Brown were taken aback.

“Nothing? You don’t have work?” Chris Lewis asked.

Colin Ward immediately answered casually, “Yeah. My family is too rich, so there’s no need to work. I can’t run out of money even if I spend every day. What is work for then?”

Chris Lewis and Claire Brown were shocked, and their eyes flashed.

Flora Lewis’s mouth slightly twitched, but she was satisfied with Colin Ward’s words. She shot him an encouraging look.

As Colin Ward received an encouragement, he became careless.

“Then what does your family do?” Chris Lewis suppressed his agitation.

“Everything. They involve in any industry—catering, entertainment, real estate, retail, and electronic too. And Dadong Logistics belongs to my family too.”

When he was done, Claire Brown held her breath in shock.

While Chris Lewis frowned a little.

“So, you know well all these industries your family are involved in?” Chris Lewis asked tentatively.

Colin Ward nodded, “Yes! Of course I understand my own family’s industries.”

When Chris Lewis heard him say this, his head turned. The news on TV was saying that oil had just been recovered somewhere, and asked, “What do you think of the oil price?”

“Just watching.”

Chris Lewis and Claire Brown were dumbfounded, “Just watching?”

“Yeah!” Colin Ward started talking nonsense. “Think about it. Oil is a nonrenewable resource. You use a little, you lose a little. Our country said this too that oil is used as a strategic reserve resource. Even if there are many oil fields are discovered, but some are difficult to recover, which means there are none too. And the amount extracting gasoline and diesel are almost the same—not too much and not too less.”

“But, there are more and more people using cars in our country recently, so it’s normal for the oil price to rise. But, whether the oil price rises or not, you have to consume it as long as you have car. Like those America’s oil storage that drops every day and lessens the crude oil. So, just watch. You have to buy it anyway.”

“Of course, if uncle wants to speculate in this field’s shares, you have to look carefully. Crude oil and oil storage can change any time. You can’t be sure.”

Chris Lewis was dumbfounded by Colin Ward.

Colin Ward continued, “Speaking of cars, it looks like only Flora has car? Isn’t it inconvenient for you to go out? Or I should just ask someone to buy a car for you. The type that costs hundreds dollar or millions dollar is fine too.”

Claire Brown and Chris Lewis took a breath.

The two looked moved by the last sentence he said about buying them a car. Claire Brown hurriedly said, “Come, come. Dinner is ready. Let’s talk while eating.”

Flora Lewis looked a bit tense.

What did this guy say? Why did it look like her parents believed in Colin Ward’s nonsense?!

They sat at the dining table, talking while eating.

“Colin! Where do you live? Is it far from our home? How did you come here?” Claire Brown asked with a smile.

After taking a bite of the food, he answered, “Oh, I live in the villa area of Lanbo port. I came by Flora’s car.”

“Villa area of Lanbo port?”

“Yeah!” Colin Ward nodded. He truly lived at Lanbo port’s villa area. He didn’t lie about this.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis were stunned, then Claire Brown asked, “Why do you come by Flora’s car?”

“Oh. There are too many cars at home. I don’t know which one I should drive,” Colin Ward simply said.

Claire Brown had put down her chopsticks and took a deep breath.

Chris Lewis kept wiping off his sweat.

When Flora Lewis saw this, she had a bad feeling. She quickly said, “Enough talking. Let’s eat first!”

Her parents were intellectuals! They even believed his nonsense?

The four of them ate in silence, and Flora Lewis felt strange.

“Dad, mom, do you have more questions?” asked Flora Lewis.

Chris Lewis and Claire Brown looked at each other, then shook their heads. “No more questions. This is great!”


“We’re very relieved when you’ll marry Colin as he has such a family background. What’s more to ask?” said Claire Brown as she was smiling.

Chris Lewis nodded. “Yes. Flora won’t live a hard life but will only live in ease and comfort when she’ll get married. We’re both very relieved.”

Flora Lewis was surprised. Why was this different from what she thought?

Chris Lewis started to take care of Colin Ward, “Colin, do you drink? How’s your alcohol tolerance?”

Colin Ward continued to bluff, “I won’t get drunk even after a thousand drinks.”

“Okay! Let’s fill it up!” Chris Lewis powered a glass of white wine for Colin Ward.

Flora Lewis was speechless, “Dad, you even believe this?”

“Why don’t I believe it? This kid is honest and he won’t lie,” said Chris Lewis, chuckling.


Colin Ward took the wine and drank a gulp. “Good wine! More!”


After the third glass of wine, Colin Ward passed out on the table right away.

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