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Chapter 51 – 60: Mary’s Bad & great Husband

Chapter 51: Barrier-breaking Pill

“You don’t know anything about this? Are you trying to be silly?” Lan Yu looked at him, stopped for a while, then muttered to herself.

Kris Chen touched his nose and replied: “could you make it clear?”

“Tell me, what did you use to beat these people just now?” She asked.

“You are talking about Baji Fist? I practiced it before,” Kris scratched his head and replied.

“Baji Fist?” Lan was full of doubt. Then she shook her head and said firmly,” No, it was not Baji Fist you used just now.”

Kris permitted himself a wry smile and said,” Baji Fist was powerful, but I had no time to think about its moves that I could only play to the score. And the school you mentioned, I really don’t know that. I just heard about fist schools.”

Seeing Kris was also confused, Lan hesitated to say, “You really know nothing about it?”

“I really know nothing.” Kris shook his head and answered.

“Ah.” Lan signed and thought maybe he did know nothing about this. She paused for a second and said, “There are six major schools globally. They are Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Huashan, Gaibang, and Wuliangjian, respectively. And each school has their own practice system. What they practice is totally different, varying from internal fist and out-fight as we knew before.”

“The six major schools were prosperous before. But now they became stories with the development of modern technology. More than half of the followers started a business. Some of them even became stars or entrepreneurs.”

F**k it, really?

It was like the story in Kung fu novels.

Kris thought Lan was just kidding him. Or why never did he hear about these schools when he was the young master of the Chen Family.

Kris didn’t believe it, so Lan said, “I didn’t lie. Actually, I am the biggest follower of Emei.” Then Lan took out a jade tablet.

Kris got closer and saw it was ‘Emei’ carving on it. He suddenly felt the world outlook he formed more than twenty years was crushed.

F**k. What Louis Cha described in his novels were real. There were such schools in the world.

He had a look at Lan and suddenly understood that no wonder she could beat so many people.

How could an ordinary woman fight with so many men? So Kris began to believe what she said.

“The followers of the six major schools were also called practitioners. And the practice can be divided into five stages, respectively they are: The acquired stage, the innate-power stage, the return-to-nature stage, back-to-self stage, and finally, the heaven-human-oneness stage as the supreme level. And each stage has four periods: early period, middle period, later period, and fulfilled period.”

Kris had an illusion that he came Kong fu world from reality. He shook his head and asked, “Which realm are you in now?”

Lan flushed and said embarrassed, “I’m embarrassed to tell you that I just got acquired completeness several days ago. I’m going to be born.”

“According to the novel, your level was low.” Kris thought of Louis Cha’s novel and said unconsciously.

Lan flushed and said, “it’s not easy to practice. Some people even couldn’t join the schools. My level is already high among peers. I will be born next step.”

“I see.” Kris nodded and thought it was not as easy as he thought before to practice.

Kris knew it was not easy to practice now. Lan’s face was not as red as just now. “How could you beat them without difficulty?”

“I don’t know, either. Maybe I was born with supernatural power,” Kris said proudly.

Lan rolled her eyes and said, “I guess you must have some magic medicine to make your body strong.”

Kris was distracted for a while.

Had medicine to make his body strong?

Was the pill Heqiu Zhao give me before?

He believed that it must be that. It was oK for him to beat two or three people. But it was impossible to beat a dozen.

Kris was lost in thought. Lan didn’t say anything more. She was exhausted for today’s fight, and she had a force-dispersion pill today.

Lan closed her eyes and fell asleep in a while.

“It seemed what you said was true.”

Kris looked at sleeping Lan and smiled bitterly, “Lan trusted me so much. She was not afraid of some bad things to happen?”

He covered a blanket for her and left the room.

Sitting on the sofa in the living room, Kris took out the phone and called Heqiu Zhao.

“Young master, what can I do for you?”

“Do you remember the pill you gave me last time?” Kris asked, leaning on the sofa.

“Of course. Did you take that?” He asked.

“Yes, what’s its name?” Kris answered and asked.

“Let me think. It seems its Dragon-tiger pill,” Heqiu Zhao touched jaw and said.

Dragon-tiger pill.

Never heard before.

Kris said nothing else and hung down the phone.

Kris wondered if he could find the medicine in one of the two books got from the bald-headed man named Thousand Golden Prescriptions (an ancient medicine book).

He leafed through Thousand Golden Prescriptions for a few pages, soon he found the description of Dragon-tiger pill.

One would be strong, and his veins would be unchoked once the medicine was taken.

No wonder Kris became so powerful. That’s because of the medicine.

Kris was deeply addicted to the book.

Thousand Golden Prescriptions recorded outlandish medicine and raw medicine and the methods of making them.

For example, a power plaster was recorded in the book. One could own an iron body once he applied it externally for a long time.

And there was a trance of Convalescence Pill. It’s said that one might fall into a deep sleep and would not die even without food or water for a month.

The pills were so unreliable.

And there was a Puppet Pill. He would follow others’ instructions taken the pill in addition to some special control methods.

“Damn it. Is that real? It’s so unrealistic.” Kris looked through the medicine to make it when he saw the puppet pill. He was confused.

Puppet leaves, extremely cold icy water. What were those things? Were these things do exist?

The pill was so unrealistic. And there was a Puppet Pill. One would follow others’ instructions as long as taken the pills besides some special control methods.

“F**k. Is this real? It is so unrealistic.” He was puzzled when reading the raw materials of the Puppet Pill.

Puppet leaves, extreme icy water. What were these things? Did these really exist in the world?

An unrealistic feeling hit him and made him puzzled. He kept turning the book and found that the raw materials it took to make pills were either precious or never heard before. But one was an exception. The raw medicine for the pill was common.

It’s named Barrier-breaking Pill.

Though it’s raw material was easy to find, its power was extraordinary. It could help followers to break through their bottlenecks.

For Lan Yu, many people couldn’t even be a follower of the six major schools. But it would no longer be a problem with the barrier-broken pill.

If it was as magical as what the medicine book Thousand Golden Prescriptions said, Kris thought he might be wealthy if he made and sell the medicine.

Though the materials to make the pill were not difficult to find, but he had nothing with him now. They were: Dendrobium Officinale, Herba lycopi, Angelica Sinensis.

It seemed he needed to go to the pharmacy himself. He searched on his phone for the location of a pharmacy. Ordinary pharmacy only sells western medicine, but what he wanted was Chinese medicine.

Soon he found a medicine bookstore on his navigator, which was less than 500 meters from his place.

I didn’t expect that nearby Lan Yu’s house, there was a drug store. It’s great. So Kris rushed out with Lan Yu’s keys.

Chapter 52: Lieyang Technology

Kris Chen went back to Lan Yu’s home, with some packets of medicines wrapped with oilpaper in his hand.

Book said the medicine furnace was the best to refine immortal medicine. Without it, a pottery pot for medicine could be another choice, but the pesticide effect was relatively weaker.

Obviously, he had no furnace.

So he had to use the pot for the time being.

After getting all the medicines in proportion, Kris began to refine the Siege-broken Pill.

This was what the modern scientific technology was for when the hearth could easily control the heat to meet the high requirement of refining it.

Since it took a long time, about two hours to refine the pill, he began to read the Eight Diagrams and Feng Shui carefully to kill time.

To his surprise, the book was not as difficult as he thought. Instead, it was so perfect that Kris had been deeply immersed in it.

While reading, he couldn’t help looking around Lan’s house to back up what in the book one by one.

Half an hour later, Kris finally came to the conclusion that the layout of her house was not special but very reasonable.

Insensibly, two hours passed.

He closed the book and extinguished the fire, taking off the lid immediately.

Instantly, a delicate fragrance emanated from the pot.

How incredible. It should have been an awful smell since Chinese traditional medicine was in it. However, it was indeed a pleasant fragrance.

He hurriedly looked into the pot to find that there was really a deep purple pill, which shocked him and excited him greatly.

He couldn’t wait to tidy the kitchen and pack up the pill quickly, then he went to the living room.

It was early in the morning, Kris decided to lie on the sofa for a rest lest something might happen to Lan.

In the bedroom, Lan woke at dawn because of thirst.

Walking to the living room, he found Kris huddled on the sofa.

“Why are you here?” Lan went to wake him up.

Kris rubbed his eyes wearily, looking at her, “You wake up?”

“Yeah,” Lan nodded, “Why are you here?”

“You are too weak to bear the potential side effect of the Power-weaken Pill. So here I am.” He stood up while touching his nose.

Thinking of she had stayed in one house with a man last night, Lan blushed immediately. He said to Kris with her face, reddening, “Thank you.”

“My pleasure.” Then he asked her wonderingly, “Haven’t you said that it would take twelve hours to get back to normal? Now only ten hours have passed.”

“What a piece of cake! Once I break myself, I will recover in two or three hours.” With a wry smile, she thought, it could never be easy to break herself. After all, so many predecessors were stuck in the perfect ending of life. Although she had an aptitude, breaking herself was still not that simple.

He felt a little touched and smiled, “Congenital ability? That’s easy.”

Shocked by him, Lan shook her head, helplessly, “No. It took me ten years to finish the acquired perfection. Two years should be the bottom line to break oneself. Cultivation is absolutely not as easy as you think. Don’t talk nonsense.”

Kris shrugged his shoulders and took medicine from his pocket with a smile, “Here is the immortal medicine. Perhaps it will help you.”

Immortal medicine?

“What’s it?” Lan wondered.

He peeled the oilpaper off the deep purple pill.

Instantly, she couldn’t look away from the pill.

“What… what is it for?” Lan asked in bewilderment.

At first, he wanted to say that it was Siege-broken Pill. But later, he thought it would be a shame if there was no effect since it was the first time for him to refine it. “I don’t know what it’s for because it’s from one of my friends.”

Then he added, “The other pill has been taken by me…”

Before he finished his words, Lan snatched the pill and took it immediately.

Though she wasn’t sure whether the medicine would kick in, she believed that he wouldn’t hurt her because he was her lucky star and benefactor. If it wasn’t for him last night, she might have been harmed.

Kris looked at her expectantly.

A minute later, he asked, “How do you feel?”

Lan shook her head, “Nothing different.”

What the hell? Why did she feel nothing?

Had he made a fake pill? Or was he deceived by the so-called Siege-broken Pill?

Seeing he was embarrassed, Lan said softly, “I’m good. Don’t worry.”

Kris scratched his head awkwardly. Before he could say anything, suddenly Lan’s phone rang. It was the police force, asking her back to the police station now.

He said nothing more than saying goodbye to her, then he went downstairs.

As soon as he drove out of the residential area, Mary Su called.

“Kris, where are you?” Mary said in a panic, “Something happened at home!”

“What happened?” He asked immediately.

“A friend of my dad, Jack, suddenly disappeared. My dad put all the family’s money to… Well, forget it. You can also do nothing to help me.” Mary hung up.

She was a little upset that why she called him since she knew he couldn’t help her.

After the call ended, Kris didn’t feel angry at all. He had long known that Changhe Su took all the circulating capital of the Su family to invest.

That so-called teacher Jack was apparently a liar who caused a deception.

However, Mary was Changhe’s daughter. He couldn’t understand why Changhe continued to cumber with his wife and daughter after harming himself. He didn’t know what to say.

Kris sighed, “Well, she has been my wife after all. Perhaps I can help her this time.”

Then he dialed a number that he hadn’t dialed for about five years.

“Mr. Chen, what can I do for you?” The person on the phone said respectfully.

“Jie, could you help me deal with a thing?” Kris said lightly to him.

Jie Ding, the President of Lieyang Technology, CEO of the company but the real boss behind the scenes was actually Kris.

Five years ago, Kris established the company and then handed over to Jie.

It took him five years to develop Lieyang Technology from a small company into a leading company, well-known all over the country.

Of course, no one else except Jie knew that Kris had invested Lieyang Technology. Even his family didn’t know that there was a company under his name.

“No problem, I will get it down,” Jie said excitedly. Five years passed, Kris finally contacted him.

Like Heqiu Zhao and Youming Zhou, Jie was a loser having nothing. Not for Kris’s trust, he might still be working day and night to make thousands of dollars a month.

“Arrange for someone to Westriver City to meet the Su family, then…”

Jie was taking notes on the paper lest he might miss any point. After Kris stopped talking, Jie nodded, “I understand. Mr. Chen, I will do it now.”

“Okay,” Kris nodded and said to Jie after a short while of silence. “Jie, you have done a good job in recent years, not disappointing me.”

“Mr…Mr. Chen…” Hearing Kris praising him, Jie said in a choked voice.

Chapter 53: Kick a Man When He is Down

The manor of the Su Family. At this time, everyone in the Su Family gathered at the hall, the old lady sitting at the table with a gloomy face.

Changhe Su stood there clumsy with fear, looking confused and ashamed.

The Su family members gnashed their teeth and looked at him. They were desperate to eat him alive.

“Changhe Su, you’re a liar.”

“You hoodwinked grandma and took all of our family’s money for investment, then what?”

“I knew that Jack you were talking about, was unreliable. It’s too good to be true.”

“Changhe Su, you are a sinner of the Su family!”

The more they talked, the more outraged they became as if they wanted to drown him with spit.

“Don’t be anxious, everyone, there will definitely be a solution.” Mary Su stood beside her father, she felt so worried.

That was all of the Su Family’s working capital, if it hasn’t been chased back, the family would be in a crisis. This big and powerful family as well as the hard work of several generations would be buried in the hands of her own father.

Jane Tang was also panicked, she said hastily, “Everyone, don’t get angry, let’s try to get along.”

“Ugh, what’s the point of being polite.”

“If this money can’t be chased back, you three people would be sinners of our Su family and bring dishonor to our house.”

Those vicious words stabbed mercilessly into the hearts of the two women like a sharp knife, making their face turn pale.

The old lady was also disappointed as she looked at Changhe Su, “Changhe, you’ve really disappointed me, that’s all the family’s funds, if we don’t chase it back, our family will end up in a financial crisis, and the efforts of several generations will have to be put to the torch.”

Changhe was about to cry, “Mom, I didn’t want this to happen. Who knew that Jack would just disappear, I’ve used all my resources to trace him in maximum efforts.”

“Stop pretending like that, I think this is a trap that you’ve devised.”

At that moment, someone in the crowd said that.


It was like pouring cooking oil into a blaze that the situation got out of control, and everyone started to yell.

“That’s right, it must be you and that Jack planned to swindle money out of the family together.”

“Changhe, just admits it, you might even get a lighter punishment then.”

“F**k it, I knew that was unreliable. You were inciting us like that, so it was an act…”

Everyone was agitated, Changhe was panicked. If this was deemed as the truth, he would truly become the sinner through the ages.

“How could I possibly deceive everyone? I’m also a member of the Su family.” Changhe defended himself quickly, “Besides, I’ve invested all of my money in it, why should I trap myself.”

However, people present didn’t buy his story. They were irritated and yelled that they would beat him to death.

Just at this time, a family member walked into the hall with a tense look, he said to the old lady, “Grandma, something bad happened, the patriarch of the Yu family, Hongming Yu, is here, along with a few other clients who work with us.”

After he said that, the door was pushed open.

A few people walked in, headed by the patriarch of the Yu family, Hongming Yu.

As soon as he entered the hall, he said to the old lady who sits on the front seat immediately, “Mrs. Su, about the project that our two families cooperated, I’ve pondered over it for a while, and I feel that there are still many issues needed to be discussed, so our cooperation might as well stop for now.”

At this moment, the old lady had just stood up from her seat, the smile on her face hadn’t faded yet when she heard him say this, she was so embarrassed, “Patriarch Yu, I thought our two families working together well, why should we stop it?”

Hongming Yu was just about to speak, yet the Haosheng Group CEO who stood beside, Zheng Hao, stepped forward and said, ” Mrs. Su, I think that our cooperation should terminate too.”

“Why?” The old lady pretended to be puzzled, “Didn’t we collaborate well?”

“Please stop playing dumb.” Hao Zheng smiled like he was a good-natured man, “We’ve all heard the news that your Su Family Group invested all the family’s funds overseas recently and it all went down the drain. Now that your company is out of money, how can we continue our cooperation?”

“Mr. Zheng is right, your Su family is almost a shell company, what do you have to cooperate with us?”

“Right, you guys simply can’t offer any more money for the project, so don’t drag us down.”

Hao Zheng’s words were agreed upon by the other companies’ CEO.

The old lady was flurried, but she still faked a smile, “Everyone, please listen to me, the situation of our Su Family Group is actually not as bad as you think, the cooperation can still continue…”

Without waiting for her to finish, Hongming Yu shook his head and interrupted her, “Old lady, I respect you as an elder, juniors like us should not speak like that, but the business just does what business does, now that your Su family can’t even protect yourself, and we all have a bunch of employees to feed, so I hope you’ll understand.”

“Patriarch Yu is right, for the sake of our previous relationship, we don’t need more money on this project. We only need you to make up for the previous money.” Hao Zheng and Hongming Yu sang a duet and finished the conversation perfectly, not even giving her a chance to refute them.

“Yes, don’t forget ours.”

“Our small company can’t afford the risk, and Mrs. Su doesn’t want us to wait until your group goes bankrupt, then we come to claim our money, right?”

With Hongming Yu starting, Hao Zheng echoed him, and the others pushed so hard that she could not question them at all.

This time, everyone in the Su family couldn’t sit still.

“Patriarch Yu, isn’t this too immoral of you guys?”

“We’re partners anyway. How can you still run to kick us when we are down.”

“When our group was wealthy before, you guys came over one by one begging for cooperation, and now our family just have a little problem, and you guys came over to press us for the debt, so disgrace…”

Faced accusations and scolding of the Su family, Hongming Yu, Hao Zheng, and others were also unwilling to show weakness, they started to scold each other.

The old lady felt her head spin due to anger, and after she staggered to sit on her seat, she slapped the table vigorously, “That’s enough, stop arguing.”

When family members heard the words of the old lady, they all quieted down, the old lady rubbed her swollen temples and said to Hongming and the others, “Patriarch Yu, Mr. Zheng, since we’ve already talk things out, it’s not propriate not to give you an explanation. How about this, for the sake of our previous relationship, how about allow us a few more days to collect money?”

“This…” Hongming looked at Hao Zheng and the others, and after getting a reply from them, he nodded and said, “That’s fine, I will give you three more days. Mrs. Su, since you know Guobang Liu and Youming Zhou this kind of people, you surely won’t go rogue, right?”

“Patriarch Yu is right, Mrs. Su, all these bigwigs came over to give you gifts on your 70th birthday, if you were in trouble, they definitely wouldn’t stand idly by.” Hao Zheng said.

“In three days, if we can’t get the money, we’ll have to see you in court.”

After they said that, they left.

When they left, the old lady sat limply in her chair, feeling that the Su family’s future was dim.

The money they owed could add up to over a hundred million dollars. Where could she get so much money for them in three days?

Those people like Youming Zhou didn’t even know their names. She also felt bewildered why they would come to congratulate her 70th birthday at that time.

She looked at those dejected families below her, and a miserable feeling arose in her heart. What on earth could she do? Is it God’s will to destroy the Su family?

Just when everyone was at a loss, and the atmosphere was sluggish, the hall’s door was pushed open once again.

A young man in a suit with a real touch of the class walked in slowly.

At this moment, everyone in the family looked at him.

“You are…” The old lady fixed her eyes and looked over. The young man in front of her was very unfamiliar to her. She didn’t ring a bell at all, it wasn’t like she had worked with him before.

The corners of the young man’s mouth turned up slightly, he placed his hand on his chest like a gentleman and lowered his head slightly, “You must be the old lady, my name is Jie Ding, I’m the president of Lieyang Science and Technology.”


As soon as Jie Ding’s words were spoken, everyone in the Su family let out gasps.

Chapter 54: One billion dollars

“What? He is the President of Lieyang Technology?”

“Really? He looks so young!”

People all said in shock.

The old lady also stood up from the chair and looked at him emotionally.

It is inconceivable that the young man is the President of Lieyang Technology, which is the leading enterprise in the field of science and technology.

Such a big shot like him should have arrived in Westriver City and visited the Su Family initiatively.

What on earth is going on?

Jie Ding didn’t care at all though he heard what the Su Family members discussed.

He would never make contact with the Su Family, which is only a third-rate family in Westriver City, if President Chen didn’t ask him to come.

“It’s a great honor to see you, President Ding. To see is to believe. You are really a young talent.” The old lady flattered. She didn’t know what Jie Ding was there for. But as the saying goes, “never hit a person who is smiling at you”, Jie Ding wouldn’t purposely make difficulties for him without no reason no matter how ticklish he is.

Then she continued: “What business have you come to our Su Family for? President Su.”

She said that in a nervous tone because she was not so confident facing Jie Ding, the President of a large group, though she is experienced.

The Su Family members also stared at Jie Ding and were confused of what the big shot came to the Su Family for.

Does he come to press for payment of a debt?

It was not that reason since their company didn’t cooperate with Lieyang Technology before and they are even not qualified, let alone cooperation.

At that time, the two bodyguards of Jie Ding took a stool. He sat on it leisurely and said to the old lady: “Madam, today I come here to cooperating with the Su Family.”

What? Cooperating with the Su Family?

Hearing that, the Su Family members became slack-jawed as if they saw a ghost.

They seemed to have been on an emotional roller coaster, looking nervous first, then shocked and excited now.

It was the President who was here. The Su Family faces difficulties will be no big deal if they can cooperate with this leading enterprise.

The old lady was also extremely excited since she never thought that the President of Lieyang Technology should come to the Su Family personally. Every cloud indeed has a silver lining.

After holding back her excitement, she asked: “President Ding, may I know how to cooperate?”

Jie Ding smiled and tonelessly said: “That is simple. I know that the capital chain has been broken, and I offer one billion dollars.”

Wow, one billion dollars. Jie Ding is really the boss in the science and technology field and treats one billion dollars as ten dollars.

How much does the group of the Su Family worth?

At that moment, the Su Family members looked at excitedly.

With the one billion dollars, they could return the money to Hongming Yu and Hao Zheng and further expand the group of Su Family.

Then, all the Su Family members became excited irresistibly.

Hongming Yu and Hao Zheng can’t be relied on, but Jie Ding can. Even the god is helping the Su Family. With the support of the boss, the boom of the Su Family is coming soon.

“May I ask that do you give all the one billion dollars to our Su Family, Mr. Ding?”

“Well, sure.” said Jie Ding after pausing for a moment, “But with a condition.”

The old lady already became extremely excited after hearing him saying yes. She said without hesitation: “Go ahead, please, Mr. Ding.”

“It is simple.” Jie Ding said with stretching out a finger: “I want fifty-one percent shares of all the industries of Su Family!”


Fifty-one percent shares?

Smiles froze on the old lady’s face.

The Su Family members were also shocked and became speechless.

Doesn’t it mean the industries of Su Family will be given out? Fifty-one percent share can offer absolute speaking right.

Besides, the stock rights are not all owned by the Su Family members since there are some minority shareholders. If Jie Ding buys their shares privately, he can remove the Su Family from the company at any time.

At that moment, everyone looked at Jie Ding with a different feeling.

It seemed that the calm man there was not human but a ferocious ravening wolf.

The most important thing was that Jie Ding came at good timing and hit on the Su Family’s weakest point. They had only two choices, going broke or selling the stock.

“President Ding, it is a little unacceptable!”

Jie Ding still smiles and says coolly to the old lady: “Madam, you are more clear than me about the current situation of the Su Family. It is not inappropriate to say as the old saying, “A featherless phoenix is inferior to a chicken”.

Since there is no friendship between us, I won’t be here personally if not for the honor of President Chen!”

President Chen?

Hearing that, the Su Family members became shocked.

What is the relationship between President Chen and Master Chen? Or are they the same man?

The old lady was so confused about whether they are the same man since they have the same surname Chen.

Seeing that the old lady said nothing but frowned, Jie Ding became a little impatient and said: “Madam, just say yes or no. My time is precious. This cooperation will be canceled if you don’t give any reply in three minutes.”

The old lady sighed in the heart and thought that Jie Ding and the two are just like greedy wolves and tigers coming one after another.

The effort of several generations of the Su Family will vanish if she refuses as the Su Family is at the end of its row now, which is beyond what she can withstand.

How could she face the ancestors after she is dead if the Su Family is down and out under her leading?

Though what he asked is difficult to accept, the Su Family won’t go broke, at least with his support.

Besides, the Su Family will really get a strong backer after cooperating with Lieyang Technology.

The old lady heaved a deep sigh and nodded: “President Ding, I agree with that.”

“Grandma, think it over, please.”

“Right, Grandma, you can’t promise him.”

“If you agree, the Su Group will change into Ding Group.”


When the old lady agreed with the request, the Su Family members all couldn’t keep calm any more and started to persuade her.

“Enough, all quiet!” The old lady stood up and snapped: “Where is your breeding in front of the honored guest? It is settled, and anyone who tries to speak another word will be expelled from the Su Family and never the member of the family.”

The old lady was really angry. If not for these unworthy descendants, how could she make such a decision!

The old lady absolutely got angry since she had said the words of expelling from the Su Family. Suddenly, every one became as quiet as a cicada in winter and didn’t dare to oppose it.

Jie Ding gave a wee smile and transferred the money in front of the Su Family members after signing the stock transfer agreement.

Twenty minutes later, Jie Ding got in the Bentley outside the manor of the Su Family and talked with Kris Chen on the phone.

“President Chen, the matter with the Su Family, has been handled well.” Jie Ding reported reverently.

“Well done, that’s pretty good. I have nothing for you to handle, and you can deal with your own things now, Jie.”

“OK, President Chen.”

After hanging up, Kris Chen smiled with satisfaction.

At that time, he was reading Eight Trigrams and geomantic omen, which is so interesting that its content opened a brand new world for him and attracted him deeply.

However, he is not satisfied with another book called Thousand Golden Prescriptions because the obstacle-breaking pills he refined according to what recorded in it didn’t work at all.

This showed that The medicine book Thousand Golden Prescriptions is totally misleading. When he was muttering, his phone rang suddenly. Speaking of the devil, it was Lan Yu.

Just as he was on the call, Lan Yu said excitedly: “Kris, what’s the name of the pill you gave to me? I successfully reached into the Innate-power stage after taking it, and now I am an incipient friar of Innate-power stage.”

Chapter 55: Good Thing


Had she surmounted her Innate Power?

Kris Chen was stunned for a second, and then he became excited.

Haha… He didn’t expect it to be a real one since he had thought that The medicine book Thousand Golden Prescriptions is completely a gimmick.

He indeed gained great wealth this time.

Kris seemed to see a gateway to riches with a promising future in front of him.

He took a deep breath to make himself calm down, then he said to Lan Yu: “I don’t know what this magical pill is called, and my friend didn’t tell me about it as well.”

Hearing what Kris said, Lan was a little frustrated, but she cheered up at once because she realized that it was still a precious opportunity for her now that she had surmounted her Innate Power with this magical pill.

Then she said to Kris: “Thank you so much this time. I will remember your kindness in my mind, and I will try my best to help you if there’s anything I can do for you afterward.”

“Haha, I will remember what you just said.” Kris did not pretend to decline her because he did not do charity. Besides, he indeed helped Lan a lot and even could be counted as her savior.

What’s more, if Lan didn’t appreciate his favor, he would think she was not the one that he could fully trust and make good friends with.

After they chatted for a while, Lan said embarrassedly: “Kris…Kris Chen, if your friend still has that magical pill, please keep an eye on it for me, and I will definitely pay you back, okay?”

Instead of the desire for money, all Lan thought was just practice and improving her ability so that she could be strong enough to arrest more dangerous suspects.

Hearing Lan’s pleading tone, Kris became softhearted and promised her.

Although this Obstacle Breaking Pill was very good, if the friar knew that he had a great number of them, they might even get him killed.

Anyway, he knew the truth that the treasure is easy to cause trouble for its owner, so he thought he must be careful. In the end, he repeatedly told Lan: “Don’t tell anyone else that you had surmounted your Innate Power, because my friend was a recluse and he didn’t like too many interruptions from other people.”

“I see.” Lan nodded. She knew that most of the rare talents of this kind had a strange disposition, which she learned from her master in Mount Emei.

After hanging up the phone, Kris kneaded between his eyebrows. He knew that he could not break his promise to Lan now that he had already made one.

After finishing the work, Kris bought the clay pot for decocting the medicine and the medicinal materials for the need to make the Obstacle Breaking Pill, then he came back to the company.

As soon as he got into the office, Xue Mi came in to report the work.

Seeing Kris carrying many packages of things, Xue was stunned for a second, and then she asked: “Mr. Chen, are you going to decoct the traditional Chinese medicine?”

“Yes, I’m not feeling well these two days, so I bought some traditional Chinese medicine,” Kris said, placing the pottery pot and the traditional Chinese medicine on the tea table.

“Let me do such rough work like this.”

“No, I’ll do it myself.” Kris shook his head and said: “Just go and do your own work. Oh, besides, if there is no important thing in the afternoon, don’t come into my office and bother me anymore.”

“I see, Mr. Chen!” Xue put the report paper on the desk and walked out of the office.

After she left, Kris began to distribute the Obstacle Breaking Pill’s medicinal materials according to its proportion.

This time he planned to make more pills in case he needed them in an emergency.

Kris spent a whole afternoon successfully making two Obstacle Breaking Pills.

After Kris packed up the black and purple magical pill, his phone rang when he was about to tidy up, then he checked the caller identification and found that it was his second uncle, the patriarch Tianzong Chen.

Tianzong had not contacted him since the last time he spent five billion dollars to help the family get out of trouble.

Kris lounged on the sofa, slowly lit a Cuban cigar for himself, and then answered the phone: “Second uncle, why are you calling me now?”

As a saying went, “One only goes to a certain place when he’s in need of help.” So the reason why Tianzong called probably was that he needed Kris’s help again.

He was used to it because that kind of thing was exactly what the Chen family always did.

“Haha, it has been a long time since we last talked, right?”

“Just tell me, second uncle, what do you want me to do this time?” Kris took a puff of his cigar and exhaled slowly.

“Kris, I have a good thing to tell you this time,” Tianzong laughed and said.

A good thing?

How could something good happen to me?

Kris curled his l**s disdainfully. He knew too well about his second uncle’s disposition, so he didn’t believe at all that his uncle would share good things with him now that he even could not take good care of his own son.

How funny it was!

Tianzong said: “Lei Chen will get married tomorrow, so no matter how, I must inform you about this since you are his older brother. If you can come to attend his wedding, Lei will be very happy.”


Would Lei get married tomorrow?

After hearing about this, Kris was very surprised and excited: “Okay, I’ll certainly come tomorrow.”


After hanging up the phone, Kris was full of happiness.

This was indeed a good thing, and a great happy event.

Lei Chen was two years younger than Kris, and he was Tianzong’s adopted son, who grew up in the Chen family.

So as to speak, Lei was the closest person to Kris in the Chen family.

A few years ago, when Kris was evicted from the family, Lei took the flight that night to go home to support him.

However, since he was just an adopted son who had no right to make a decision in the Chen family, no one listened to him and cared about his words at all.

But Kris always kept this thing in his mind, he knew that although this brother was not his own brother, Lei was more than a brother.

Therefore, as his older brother, he would definitely attend his wedding no matter what happened, and he would prepare a big present for Lei.

Kris smoked slowly in his office, wondering what present he should send to Lei tomorrow….

The next day, Kris got up very early.

Last night, he specially hired the most famous private designer, domestically to make a suit for himself in order to attend Lei’s wedding. At the same time, he also asked Xue Mi to prepare a present.

Right now, Kris was incredibly handsome with the suit perfectly fitting his body. There was a big smile on his face, and he seemed to be much happier now than he himself got married.

The Fugui Mountain Villa in the Westriver City.

At this time, there were many luxury cars parked outside the manor. The inside of the manor was greatly decorated for the celebration, which was a jubilation scene.

Tianzong had invited almost all the famous people in Westriver City, and Lei’s ceremonious wedding was held with great attention.

Everyone who went to the manor was all dressed in suits with a manner of the successful people, also were armed with their exquisitely dressed female companions, behind whom the bodyguards were carrying all kinds of presents.

The presents included antique treasures, pearls and jade, celebrity calligraphy, and paintings, and someone even carried a small box of cash as the present.

At this point, Lei wore a festive groom’s outfit and was greeting the guests with his bride Sisi Mu at the gate of the manor.


As soon as Kris got off of the car, Lei saw him and became surprised immediately, he ran to Kris hurriedly to hug him.

“Sisi, this is my eldest brother Kris Chen that I have been telling you about. Now call him brother!”

“Hello, eldest brother!” Sisi smiled and called him respectfully because she knew that her husband respected this eldest brother the most.

Kris nodded, smiling, then he looked at Lei.

Although they hadn’t seen each other for more than two years, they were still as close as before, and time didn’t have an effect on their relationship at all.

“Good, Lei, you’ve grown up and become more and more handsome.” He patted Lei on the shoulder and was greatly touched, feeling that the naive child who used to follow him in the past was now married as well. How time flew.

He looked at Sisi again. It was the first time he had seen his sister-in-law, but it was clear that she was very gentle and virtuous.

“This is my present to you both, and I wish you have conjugal harmony and love forever.” Kris was in a good mood and handed the prepared present to Sisi.

At this time, the hall was full of wedding guests.

Tianzong was receiving the guests with a ceremonial robe.

Kris’s cousin Quan Chen and sister-in-law Jie Liang were also standing at the second uncle’s side with their splendid attires.

Seeing Kris coming in, Tianzong came over and greeted him with a smile: “Kris, here you are.”

Kris nodded and was about to speak when a sarcastic voice came from the side.

“Oh, isn’t this the eldest brother? What’s the matter? Now you are willing to come back since you are tired of being the adopted son-in-law of the Su family?”

Chapter 56: Lin Li

Jie Liang looked at Kris Chen, with an expression of ridicule.

When she was speaking, she deliberately spoke very loudly, making the surrounding guests hear her words, whose attention was then attracted.

Although his sister-in-law, Jie, was beautiful, she was very mean.

When Kris was still in Chen’s family, she only dared to encourage her cousin Quan Chen to make trouble for him. Now he had left Chen, family, she exposed her true self, vicious.

He looked at her indifferently. Did she really think that he didn’t know that she was the one who abetted the family to get him out of Chen’s family?

The surrounding guests were judging Kris, but he directly treated her like air.

Kris’s attitude caused Jie to curse him. She gritted her teeth, “You are the one who was driven out of the family. Two years in Su family, which is not that prestigious, and you think you’re somebody?”

The words were so unpleasant that even Tianzong Chen was unable to bear, so he walked over to Jie and whispered, “today’s big day! You should stop now.”

Lei Chen also felt the same, “Jie, how can you say this? When Big Brother bought shares of Jiangnan Energy, he was mistaken by us and was driven out of the family. Today, two years later, the time has proven that his original decision was right, and now Jiangnan Energy’s shares have valued a lot.”

Jie was even more displeased by Lei’s words, “It’s just about luck. what’s there to brag about?”

This kind of power-grabbing drama between big families was the most interesting, and the surrounding guests also started to snicker. Although they couldn’t afford to offend Chen’s family, Kris was someone they were not afraid of.

Although he was now relying on Jiangnan Energy’s shares to turn the table, he was nobody after leaving the Chen family. Jiangnan Energy’s shares didn’t seem qualified enough to match Chen’s family.

At this time, Quan came over, nodding to Kris and said, “Big brother, it’s good to be back. Jie doesn’t know how to behave herself. Please don’t mind.”

Although the words sounded nice, their unfamiliarity couldn’t be hidden.

Although the two of them were cousins, they hadn’t had a good relationship since childhood. He was the same age as Kris, but he was still older than Kris.

Kris had been competent than himself since he was a child. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t defeat him, which made him very unhappy.

Especially after marrying Jie and under her provocation, the gap between the two brothers had reached a point where they could not reconcile.

Kris did not say anything and nodded.

“Come here. Miss Li has fainted!”

At this time, an urgent voice came.

Following the sound, people saw a woman in a black dress lying on the floor.

The woman was around thirty, pretty features, but at this time, she was lying on the floor with her eyes closed tightly, not moving.

“Miss Li?”

Seeing the woman, Tianzong changed his expression.

This woman’s name was Lin Li, the general manager of the Black Scale Security Group.

Her brother, Hu Li, was one of the local bullies in Westriver City.

Relying on his brother, Lin’s Black Scale Security Group had a monopoly on almost all security-related work in Westriver City. Even bank escorts they were involved in, showing their ability.

She was invited to attend Lei’s wedding.

Now, Lin had fainted at the wedding banquet, and if anything happened, Tianzong would be to blame.

Quan and Jie also hurriedly ran over.

Seeing the unconscious Lin, Jie anxiously shouted, “Is there a doctor? Come here.”

“I’m a doctor…” At this time, a tall woman walked out of the crowd, “Don’t gather around. Keep the air circulating.”

Seeing this woman, Jie excitedly said, “Director Lan, come here. Everyone gets out of the way.”

Tianzong and Quan, next to her, were relieved.

This gentle and kind woman was called Xi Lan, the director of the First People’s Hospital of Westriver City. She was not only a beauty but an expert, known by the entire City.

Once she appeared, the Chen family were relieved.

Hearing Xi’s words, guests made way for her while leaving a larger open space to keep the air circulating.

Lan Xi walked over to Lin’s side and squatted down to check her condition. After a moment, she spoke, “Maybe the hall is too overcrowded to make her unable to inhale enough air.”

After the initial diagnosis, Xi sat on her knees, placing Lin’s head on her legs and pinching her philtrum with fingers.

But there was no reaction from Lin.

Xi frowned, asking for a w*t towel.

Chen’s family dare not to waste any minute, for this was a matter of life, so they followed her instructions.

Looking at the busy crowd, Kris frowned.

This was definitely not a coma caused by shortness of breath. Maybe this was probably because of this manor.

Fugui Villa’s location was excellent, located near mountains and rivers, facing south, which was quite good.

But one thing that was not so perfect was that West River flowed in front of the villa, with the water in front and the mountains at the back. The location was suitable for a Yang house (for living people), but it was more suitable for a Yin house (for dead people to rest).

He looked up at the Bagua mirror hanging at the entrance, confirming his speculation.

Lin might inhale Yin-qi, which caused the coma.

Xi then used many first-aid methods, but Lin still closed her eyes tightly and remained motionless. It seemed impossible for her to wake up.

“What the hell is going on here?”

“Does she have any serious illness?”

“Shh. How dare you say this?”

Seeing Lin still not wake up, guests started to whisper.

Tianzong knew the situation was not optimistic, and he might be in trouble, so he asked, “Director Lan, how is she? Miss Li… Why still in a coma?”

Xi looked serious, and a bit embarrassed, for this situation seemed to be different from what she thought. Now they were not in the hospital, so there was no emergency equipment. She even said, “Things are getting difficult, so I think it’s better to send her to the hospital immediately.”

Tianzong nodded and ordered someone to get the car.

“Lei…” Sisi Mu leaned on Lei’s shoulder with some worry.

“Don’t worry. Miss Li will be fine.” Seeing the worry in his wife’s eyes, Lei embraced her in his arms and consoled her.

Now, people at the wedding banquet were in a bad mood.

Just at this time, Kris squeezed out from the crowd, stepping forward and said, “Don’t go to the hospital. It’s useless, and it will miss the best saving time.”


As soon as he said this, the crowd was in an uproar.

Everyone looked at him with doubt. Director Lan couldn’t help it, so why Kris, an abandoned son of the Chen Family, could do this?

Chapter 57: I believe you

Xi Lan frowned, looking at Kris in confusion, “Who are you?”

“Xi, ignore him.” Jie Liang stepped forward and said, “He has been kicked out of the Chen Family. Now, he is just a homeless dog.”

After Jie Liang had just finished speaking, the guests burst out laughing.

Kris ignored their laughter and said faintly, “My name is Kris. The groom, Lei Chen, is my brother.”

Only then did Xi Lan know that the one in front of her was the Chen Family’s eldest young master who had been kicked out from the Chen Family. But this was a matter of life and death, and she couldn’t listen to his advice. She said in an interrogative tone, “You have medical knowledge?”

Kris shook her head.

“Kris, what the hell do you want? Miss. Lan said that Miss. Li needed to be taken to the hospital, why do you stop her?” Jie Liang said, “Do you know anything about medicine? If something untoward happens to her, you are the one to blame.”

Jie was really good at shifting the blame. With just a few words, she blamed Kris for Lin Li’s coma.

Lin Li was a bigwig in Westriver City. She had a Black Scale Security Group consisting of thousands of people. Her brother, Hu Li, is the local kingpin.

If something bad really happened to her, not only would Tianzong Chen be blamed, but the entire Chen Family would be in trouble.

Tianzong stepped forward and pulled Kris’s arm, “Don’t talk nonsense here. I watch you grow up, and I never know you can treat illness.”

Kris pulled her hand back and shook her head. He said, “Uncle, then you should also know that I never lie to you.”

“I……” Tianzong hesitated. He didn’t know how to reply.

“You’ve never studied medicine. And you dare to talk nonsense here?” Xi laughed, “Are you questioning my medical knowledge?”

Based on her many years of clinical experience, she could conclude that Lin Li was unconscious due to a sudden emergency, and the best way was to send her to the hospital and use scientific equipment to check the cause.

But Kris had never studied medicine and still dared to talk nonsense here, which made people think that he was ridiculous.

Kris didn’t defend himself, but turned and pointed to the Eight-Diagram Mirror hanging above the door, “Actually, Miss. Li isn’t sick. She just offended the Disha.”

“Disha? What is it?” Xi was stunned at first, and then she felt angry, “You’re talking absolute nonsense.”

“Disha is an evil god. He is in charge of murder in ancient Chinese astrology,” said Kris.

Then he continued, “This Fugui Mountain Villa’s Feng Shui is very good. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, which would have been the best place to gather luck and wealth. However, its layout isn’t perfect, so the Eight-Diagram Mirror was placed here. If I’m not wrong, each room in the Fugui Mountain Villa has an Eight-Diagram Mirror hanging inside.”

“It’s normal to hang an Eight-Diagram Mirror, as it can act as a demon suppressant. But there are so many people here today, and people are born with magnetic fields. So now the Feng Shui within this villa has been disrupted, the Eight-Diagram Mirror can no longer suppress the Disha.” In the end, Kris pointed to the well in the garden outside the villa, “Just move Miss Li to the side of the well, and cover her face with the well water, and this curse will be removed.”

Suddenly, all people present were stunned to hear Kris’ words

“Feng Shui? Disha? People still believe this now?”

Someone in the crowd laughed and said something, and then people in the room started to talk.

“Are you kidding me? You just read too many novels about strange things.”

“You are just making up stories to scare us. You really shame your family.”

“He’s been a live-in son-in-law for so long, so he becomes more and more stupid.”

“Standing together with this kind of person, I feel like the air smells bad.”

“Mr. Chen, is your nephew insane?” At this time, someone shouted at Tianzong, “He’s really bringing shame to the Chen Family. You should let him get out of here.”

As soon as someone said that, everyone agreed.

Hearing the mockery of the crowd, Tianzong was extremely angry. He was red-cheeked with rage. As the patriarch of the Chen Family, no one dared to mock him like this.

At this time, Xi shook his head, looked at Tianzong, and said, “Mr. Chen, as a doctor, I’ve done everything I should do. As for what to do, your Chen family makes the decision, and then it is none of my business.”

After saying that, she stood up from the ground and stood aside.

Tianzong standing there, was very hesitant.

He originally thought that Kris was talking nonsense. According to his understanding of Kris, Kris really wouldn’t be able to say unsure words after thinking about it. Besides, he was a member of the Chen Family, and if something happened to Lin Li, he wouldn’t be able to get away with it.

Just when Tianzong was very hesitant, Lei Chen walked up to Kris and whispered in his ear, “Brother, let’s just send her to the hospital.”

Kris looked at Lei Chen and said, “Do you also think I’m talking nonsense?”

Lei didn’t know how to reply. He suddenly recalled everything Kris had done over the years, and everything had gone in the direction he had said indeed

At this moment, Lei felt ashamed for not trusting his brother. He took a deep breath and said, “Brother, I believe you.”

After saying that, he instructed a few maids who were standing on the side, “You help Miss Li to the garden well.”

“Lei, are you crazy?” Jie stepped forward and looked at Lei in disbelief, “He is mad. Are you going crazy too?”

Lei ignored her and yelled, “Are you guys deaf? Didn’t you hear what I said?”

A few maids came over in a hurry and assisted the Lin Li on the ground to the garden’s well.

Seeing this scene, the guests present all shook their heads. Kris was stupid, and Lei also did something stupid because of him? Was he trying to making things worse?

“Where’s my sister? Get out of my way.”

At this moment, an angry voice came from the entrance of the villa.

Before the crowd could react, a group of people came in. The leader was a man wearing a black suit. He was followed by many strong men in the black shirt, and each of them had a fierce tiger tattooed on their bodies, which was very eye-catching.

This man was Hu Li. Lin Li’s younger brother

This was the main figure of the underworld in Westriver City. When he came, all the guests present shut their mouths. They were very afraid of offending him.

“F**k, is your Chen Family looking for death? Why don’t you take my sister to the hospital?” Hu Li led a group of people to the garden well. When he looked at the unconscious Lin Li who was sitting on a chair, his look became frightening.

“Mr. Li, please listen to my explanation first.” Tianzong tried to explain, “It’s …….”

Before he finished speaking, Jie came out and said warily, “It’s not that we don’t want to send Miss Li to the hospital. It’s really hard for us to do that.”

She swallowed and pointed at Kris, “He’s the one who stopped us from taking your sister to the hospital. It’s none of our business. The Chen Family has nothing to do with it.”

“What?” Hu Li turned his head and looked at Kris. He said angrily, “What are you? Why don’t you let them take my sister to the hospital? Do you want to get killed?”

Chapter 58: The dying down of the Storm

Facing the threat of Hu Li, Kris Chen reacted with a gentle smile.

He said calmly, “Your sister is nothing wrong but invaded by the Evil Spirit. She would recover if the Evil Spirit in her body was discharged. “

Seeing Kris’ relaxed attitude, the blue veins bulged on Hu’s forehead: “You’d better stop playing tricks with me here. What the hell of the Evil Spirit? Listen, if my sister really has something wrong, I promise you will be more miserable than dead.”

“And your Chen family,” Hu looked at Tianzong Chen and other members and said to them mercilessly, “Don’t try to get rid of your responsibilities.”

Hu’s voice was low but was listened clearly by them without missing even one word. They were all sacred by the words falling into their ears, and a shudder ran through them because of his cruelty.

No one would question his words because Hu’s ability deserves it.

Tianzong smiled bitterly: “Hey, bro, I am really……”

“Ahem…… Ahem……”

At that moment, Lin Li, who was sitting near the wellhead, coughed for a few times and woke up slowly.

When she opened graceful eyes, everyone was stunned.

Jesus, she really woke up!

Even Doctor Lan couldn’t awaken her, but Kris made it.

It…… It was incredible.

However, thanks to her awakening, otherwise, the Chen family would face the disaster.

But people didn’t think it was Kris who really woke her up. Instead, they deemed that the hall was too crowded just now with scarce oxygen, it was not good for her awakening. But now she was moved outside, and the air turned much fresh. They thought the well-ventilated environment was the true reason.

Seeing that Lin woke up, Hu quickly squatted down and looked at his sister worriedly: “Lin, how are you? What happened just now? Why did you go into a coma?”

Lin covered her eyes to shut out the dazzling light. She still needed more time to be accustomed to the light. “I…… I don’t know. I was chatting just now, and suddenly it turned dark, and I lost consciousness.”

Hearing this, Hu frowned and looked back at Kris.

Kris Chen came over and asked Lin with a smile: “President Li, you were intruded by the Evil Spirit. Think it over. Did you see anything before you passed out?”

Damn it. Hu’s face instantly turned unhappy, and he felt he was so merciful that Kris dared to fool him.

He wore a sullen face, clenched his fist, and was ready to have a fight.

At this time, Lin suddenly said: “Before the coma, I saw an Eight-Diagram Mirror hanging on the door. I was interested in it, but then I lost my consciousness……”


Everyone was stunned by her words and looked at Kris.

How mysterious it was!

Whether this was a coincidence or the Chen family’s foundling, Kris, who degenerated into an undignified family as the son-in-law, really know about it?

Everyone turned bewildered.

Kris smiled as if it was totally expected by him: “That’s right. The Eight-Diagram Mirror is used to suppress the aura. There are too many guests attending the wedding today, which leads the disorder of the aura and exceeds the limit that this Mirror can bear. All in all, President Li’s coma was led by the Mirror. President Li didn’t get sick from the beginning, how could she be cured? “

And he looked slightly at the Xi Lan beside him.

Xi bit her l**s shyly and felt a little flushed.

She used to despise Kris, but it was proved he had real competence.

It was an indelible stain on a doctor’s career that she made a mistake in diagnosis. But she didn’t expect that Kris would clarify the situation that she was nothing to do with Lan’s coma in a few words, which made her very grateful.

She couldn’t help looking at Kris and met his burning eyes. Her heart was beating violently for the glance, and her cheeks turned increasingly flushed.

“I was…… What’s the matter of myself?” she thought.

She couldn’t resist palming her face and looked away unnaturally.

Kris appreciated that although this woman was over 30 years old, her skin was protected too well that she just looked like a young girl in her early twenties; but her plump and s**y body revealed that she was much more mature than a young girl.

Then Kris looked at Lin and Hu. The two siblings shared a powerful aura and were full of energy. They didn’t look like ordinary people at first glance. Were they ……?

Perhaps they were also disciples of the Six Major Schools?

Just when Kris was guessing, Lin stood up from her chair and frowned, “Mr. Chen, I’m not the only guest here today. I can’t believe I’m the only one who saw the Eight-Diagram Mirror. If the truth was as you said, why are they all fine?”

The guests around put forward questions as well.

“Yes, I saw it too. Why am I good?”

“And me, I also saw it.”

“I thought he is deliberately mystifying the truth……”

Kris didn’t care about their doubts at all. He looked at Lin with a meaningful smile and said: “Was Li just finished the Tiankui?”

“The Tiankui?” Lin was surprised and immediately knew his intention, showing a tinge of embarrassment.

“What Tiankui?” Hu said impatiently, “What the hell is that? Make it clear. “

“It refers to women’s menstruation.” Xi explained.

“Shit! Do you wanna die, Kris?” Hu was angry: “Deliberately? Why did you ask such a thing in front of so many people?”

The strong men with black half-sleeved shirts circled Kris gradually as Hu turned angry.

Just when everyone just waited, Lin said shyly, “Step down, it has nothing to do with Mr. Chen, I really have been……”

She was a sensible woman.

Kris nodded: “Women would be weak in that period. It’s not weird to be troubled by the Evil Spirit. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. It will be fine to go back and rest for a few days.”

Hu looked at his sister and knew his meaning. He just stood silently and stopped speaking.

Such a powerful person couldn’t apologize to Kris. He looked solemnly at Kris and immediately held Lin back to the manor’s hall.

This storm passed by in such an adventurous way, and guests also returned to the hall.

The mood of the Chen family were extremely complex at this time. They felt not good since it seemed so easy that Kris appeased such a disastrous storm just in a few words.

Anyway, Kris was just a liar in their mind, and his words were but some deceptive tricks.

They thought it was because of fortune to get through it.

The Chen family members all looked indifferently at Kris and returned to the wedding hall.

Among all the people, only Lei Chen was full of admiration and excitement.

He excitedly went over and grabbed Kris’s arm and said in an admiring tone: “First brother, you are too powerful. You even know Feng Shui. I admire you!”

Kris burst out laughing: “Could your eldest brother fool around at your wedding?”

The next wedding banquet went very smoothly.

When Lei got married, the Chen family members were very happy. Even his second brother, Quan Chen, frequently persuaded him to drink and sent many blessings.

Lei, as the groom, was certainly drunk. After the wedding banquet, Kris and Tianzong said goodbye to leave.

Just walked out of the manor, two strong men wearing dark glasses and black half-sleeve shirts were coming.

“Mr. Chen, Brother Tiger, offers you an invitation.”

As the two bodyguards came to Kris, they didn’t even take off their sunglasses. It seemed to be an invitation, but in fact, was a threat.

Brother Tiger, in their words, were undoubtedly Hu Li.

Even his bodyguards were so arrogant. It can be seen that how powerful Hu was in Westriver City. But Kris wouldn’t dispute with two followers. He smiled and followed them into the car.

Ten minutes later, the car stopped outside of a high-class private estate.

Although it couldn’t compare with Fugui Mountain Villa, the decoration here was much more magnificent than that of the Chens’ manor. The whole manor was decorated in a marvelous Chinese style.

Kris was led into the hall, and the two stepped down.

Hu sat in the plush chair and saw Kris come in. He stood up and pointed to the gift box next to him and said, “You saved my sister. In order to express our gratitude, my sister particularly chose the gift for you. Just take it.”

Though he said “thank you”, Kris didn’t feel any gratitude from his swaggering expression, and instead, it was more like giving alms.

Chapter 59: Make a profit

With Hu Li’s position in Westriver city now, he didn’t even mind the Chen Family, not to mention Kris Chen.

Although Hu is not so rich as Chen Family, Chen Family’s afraid of Hu. Now matter how much money Chen Family has earned, after all, they are a businessman. As for Hu, he’s running his own business. Besides, he is powerful.

He later knew that Kris was just an abandoned son of Chen’s family and also the low-status husband in the Su Family. This made him despise Kris even more.

Kris didn’t care about what he thought, so he just nodded and went to get the box.

Just then, Kris noticed that on the table was a sharp sword. Behind the sword stood jade tablets with several words carved on it.

It was a scrawl, but Kris recognized them immediately.

“The Wuliangjian School!”

Is Hu the apprentice of The Six Major Schools?

Kris was stunned, then he heard Hu asked: “You’re Kris Chen, right? At the wedding party of the Chen Family, I noticed that your eyes were sparkling, your temples were bulging, but your steps were scattered while walking. If I was right, you must be half a practitioner. You must have taken some pills, which made you more energetic than the ordinary people, am I right?”

No wonder Hu was the follower of The Six Major Schools. He could even tell from Kris’s appearance that he had taken the Dragon And Tiger Pill. Hu’s really impressive.

Thinking of this, he nodded: “You really have a keen eye, Mr.Li.”

Kris opened the box, and there was a pill inside.

As soon as the box was opened, a strange fragrance came to his nose, and he felt like he’s braced up.

This pill is remarkable. It’s a real treasure.

Then he heard Hu said, “This is called Build-up Pill. After taking this pill, your organs will run smoothly, and you will become a real practitioner.”

This pill is really extraordinary!

Kris was excited, the siblings surnamed Li are really generous. They just casually gave him the Build-up Pill.

However, seeing Hu being so arrogant, it looked like Hu treated Kris like dirt. This made Kris feel really uncomfortable.

“Thanks!” Kris thanked him lightly and asked again: “After taking this pill, which stage can I reach? The acquired stage? Or the innate-power stage?”

Hu smiled contemptuously: “Naive, do you think you can easily reach the innate-power stage? It’s not that easy as you think. I have practiced for more than ten years, but have been stuck in the acquired stage for two years. You want to make a dramatic breakthrough by taking the pill? It’s ridiculous.”

The acquired stage?

Kris chuckled in his heart, he thought Hu was awesome. However, he turned out to be at the same stage as Lan Yu. But Lan has made a breakthrough yesterday and successfully reached the innate-power stage.

Thinking of this, he took out an Obstacle Breaking Pill from his pocket.

“I have an Obstacle Breaking Pill, it may help you break through the current stage to the innate-power stage. I wonder if Mr. Li is interested in it? After saying this, Kris showed up his pill in front of Hu, and Kris looked calm and relaxed.

“Obstacle Breaking Pill?” He had never heard of this name. Can this small pill give him the power to make a breakthrough?

He had been stuck in the acquired stage for almost three years, and it was really a big leap from the acquired stage to the innate-power stage.

Many of his elder brothers have got stuck in the “acquired stage” and unable to break through during their whole life, with his ordinary talent, it’s almost impossible for him to get to the innate-power stage.

His elder sister, Lin Li, was also in the fulfilled period of the acquired stage right now, and she’s less likely to make a great leap.

What kind of pill can make a practitioner get to a new stage? Hu has never heard this kind of thing before. He hummed disdainfully: “If the pill is so magic, you should keep it for yourself.”

This abandoned son of the Chen Family not only like making a mystery but also like to brag himself. He just casually took out a pill and told others how magic it was. It’s really ridiculous.

“Since you don’t believe me, I’ll take it back, goodbye!” Kris didn’t mind. He saluted with fist and palm (The way of greeting others in China) and then turned away.


Kris had just taken two steps when Hu stopped him.

He asked incredulously: “Is your pill really that magic that can let me get to the innate-power stage?”

“Why would I lie to you?” Kris was angry.

Hu thought for a moment. He had been trapped in the acquired stage for so long that he was willing to try anything even if Kris was lying. Moreover, he believed that Kris didn’t have the nerve to fool him.

“All right, come back, I’ll take your Obstacle Breaking Pill, how much is it?”

Kris smiled, he knew this man is so rich that he always thinks that anything can be solved with money. Kris didn’t feel a bit of guilty when asking for money.

He hesitated for a while and held out one finger. His original intention was to ask for one hundred million dollars, but Hu obviously got him wrong.

“A billion dollars?” Hu froze for an instant, gritted his teeth, and nodded: “Okay, I can give you a billion dollars for this pill.”


A billion dollars?

Kris was stunned when he realized that Hu didn’t even hesitate before buying a pill with one billion dollars. This man was really as reckless as his name. (In Chinese, people use the word ‘Hu’ to describe someone who’s reckless.)

Kris is not an official practitioner, so he could never realize how painful it is to get stuck in a stage. So he didn’t know how much effort a real practitioner put into this.

He swallowed calmly, inexpressibly excited in the heart, he didn’t expect the Obstacle Breaking Pill he made himself was so valuable.

If he can sell out a few more pills, he didn’t need to run the business anymore. He can get rich only by selling the pills.

While he was dreaming of that, he heard the cold voice of Hu: “Let me be clear first, if this pill is useless, don’t blame me for being ruthless to you, I will make you pay the price as well.”

Kris indifferently smiled: “Although one billion dollars is a lot, I don’t care.”

“Well, you’re really confident.” Hu sniffed and clapped his hands, indicating others to bring his personal belongings. He intended to transfer the money to Kris.

Just then, Kris smiled and held out his hand, “Mr.Li, not so fast. I haven’t promised to sell you the pill yet.”

“What do you mean? Are you kidding me?”

Hu’s face became serious in an instant.

Is this boy out of his mind? How dare he not keep the promise in Hu’s territory?

With a smile on his face, Kris pointed to the sword on the table behind Hu: “In addition to one billion dollars, I also want this sword.”

“You want this sword?”

Apparently, Hu did not expect Kris will ask for the sword. This sword was stolen by Hu from the Wuliang Major School. It was said that there’s a big secret in this sword. However, Hu has studied for more than a year but found nothing.

Maybe it’s just a rumor, which made Hu frightening day and night for more than a year. Anyway, it is useless for Hu to keep the sword. And he’s afraid that the sword will cause more trouble in the future. Maybe it’s better to give it to Kris.

With this in mind, Hu nodded and said, “Ok, this sword is only a handicraft product. If you like it, you can take it.”


He agreed so quickly.

Kris was a little surprised. He thought he would have to say something nice to get the sword, but he didn’t expect Hu to agree quickly.

But he did not think much of it. He went straight over and took the sword in his hand.

This sword was very heavy to carry, Kris estimated that it was over 10 kgs, but since he took the Dragon And Tiger Pill, his strength has increased greatly, it’s weight is proper for him to carry.

Kris smiled with satisfaction.

But what he did not notice was that Hu turned up the corners of his mouth silently when Kris held the sword in his hands.

It was Hu who had stolen the sword, but now it was Kris who stole it.

Hu was relieved after giving out the stolen sword, he is in a good mood now, he immediately transferred the money to Kris.

The Obstacle Breaking Pill cost is just no more than a few hundred dollars, but Kris exchanged it for one billion dollars and a sword. He really made a fortune. Then he left the place with satisfaction.

Chapter 60: A frame-up

At the same time, in the manor of the Chen family.

The wedding was over at the time, and most of the guests who came to offer their congratulations had already left.

The seniors in the family had already left the hall one after another, and there were only the youths of the Chen family drinking in the hall, shouting about teasing the bride and groom.

Having got tanked in the afternoon, Lei Chen was sound asleep in the bridal chamber, due to which Sisi Mu had to take up the task of entertaining the guests.

As the second elder brother and the sister-in-law of the bridegroom, Quan Chen and Jie Liang, of course, should join Sisi in seeing all the guests off.

“It’s getting late. Shall we let the bride and groom enjoy their wedding night?” Jie Liang said in a neutral voice as she glanced at the clock.

Quan Chen was clearly feeling half pleasured, since he said, “Today is the red-letter day for my dear younger brother, and all the young men in the family shall have fun together. I wanna chat with my friends for some more time, and you shall go without me.”

“Is there anything to talk about for a gang of drunkards?”

Slightly displeased inwardly, Jie Liang left directly with her handbag out of the thought that she shouldn’t embarrass her husband in public.

On Jie Liang’s leaving, Quan Chen’s eyes were fixed on Sisi Mu, his sister-in-law.

His sister-in-law, who was first-class in appearance and character, looked especially pleasing and beautiful when she was now pouring tea for him with great tameness and obedience.

Under the influence of alcohol, a weird but evil look couldn’t help but appear in his eyes.

With the corner of his mouth slightly turned up, Quan Chen stood up as he said, “I believe that all of you had drunk much wine and enjoyed yourselves this evening. Lei is still drunk now, and Sisi will have to tidy the room up and take care of Lei. Let’s give up teasing the new couple and return home.”

Hearing the family’s future heir say that, everyone at present nodded and got up to leave.

When all the people had left, Quan Chen smiled as he said to Sisi, “Sisi, you’ve really done a hard day’s work!”

Sisi smiled and replied somewhat sheepishly, “It’s nothing much, second brother. We are families, and it isn’t a hard job. Since Lei is too drunk to entertain the guests, I should naturally do this for him as his wife.”

“It’s very nice of you. Lei should feel very blessed to merry such a well-educated and sensible girl like you!”

As Quan Chen spoke, he walked up to the water cooler and took a cup of water. With his back to Sisi, Quan Chen took the very chance. He produced a small vial from his pocket and poured some powder into the water.

The instant the powder reached the water, it disappeared without a trace.

After doing that, Quan Chen handed her the water, “Sisi, you must have drunk quite a lot of wine when entertaining the guests this evening. Have some water to sober up, so that you can take good care of Lei.”

“Thanks, second brother.” Without thinking much, Sisi took that cup of water and took a sip of it.

“Well, get on with what you are doing. It’s getting late, and I shall return home.”

Sisi nodded and showed Quan Chen to the door before she returned to clear the table.

It took her only two minutes to walk to the door and back, during which sudden dizziness struck her. She staggered backward and fell unconscious as she stumbled over something.

At that time, a figure sneaked into the room.

It was Quan Chen, who had left the hall before.

“What a sweet smell!” Quan Chen crouched down and took a deep sniff before raising Sisi from the ground.

Having completely lost her consciousness by that moment, Sisi knew nothing about what Quan Chen was doing to her.

Minutes later, a black Porsche pulled up at the manor’s gate, upon which Jie Liang came out of the car, poker-faced.

The moment she entered the hall, a scene that made her eyes widen with outrage popped into her sight.

“What the hell are you doing, you an animal?”

Quan Chen was about to assault Sisi then, and he got such a fright when hearing her voice that he lost all his strength all of a sudden and fell directly out of the couch.

On spotting Sisi lying on the couch half-dressed, Jie Liang rushed over in a fury and gave Quan Chen a hard slap. Pointing at Quan Chen’s nose, she yelled at him, “You are an animal! I just knew you were staying with bad intentions!”

“She is your sister-in-law, you an animal! Aren’t you feeling guilty when facing me?”

The slap had thrown Quan Chen into a complete panic, which made him drop to his knees and began to slap himself in his face repeatedly, “Forgive me, honey! I’m sure I’m an animal! I had drunk so much that I lost my head for the moment. I’m so sorry, my dear… “

Quan Chen had always been afraid of his wife, and how could he feel fearless when he was spotted committing something so immoral?

Jie Liang’s body was trembling with wrath. Suppose someone else should know that her husband had done such a shameful deed. How could Quan Chen inherit the family business after that?

No way. Anyone else shouldn’t be allowed to spot the secret. Giving Quan Chen another slap, she snarled, “Put on your clothes, crap!”

The slap nearly knocked Quan Chen to the floor, but he was too afraid to make a retort. He stood up and got dressed hurriedly, and said with a woeful look, “Dear, what should we do next?”

“What to do?” said Jie Liang testily, shooting a sharp look at Quan Chen. She walked up to look at Sisi carefully, only to notice that there were no other marks on her skin except a few hickeys. Then she scolded, “Did you have s*x with her?”

Quan Chen shook his head violently, as if it were a rattle, “No, I didn’t do that at all. I was about to go inside her flesh when you entered the hall… “

“That would be fine.” Jie Liang breathed a sigh of relief, adding, “Get her dressed and send her into Lei’s room, then the matter will not be a matter.”

Seeing Quan Chen standing there still, she stamped her feet with anger, “Why are you still there? Hurry up!”

“Oh, yes.”

Quan Chen shuddered and hurried up to Sisi. But as he reached out to hold her body, he noticed that her eyelids moved a little. Being startled, he turned to his wife, “That’s too bad, she’s waking up!”

On hearing this, Jie Liang got frightened by the idea that they would be done if they were seen by Sisi.

She stamped her feet, and suddenly an idea flashed through her mind. She glanced at Sisi, who showed signs of waking up, and knew that it would possibly wake her up, moving her hastily.

If that were the case, their heads would be off.

She hastened to say, “Leave her alone. Take off the Eight-Diagram Mirror and put it by her side.”

“Honey, why do you want that useless mirror in such a difficult situation?”

“How useless you are!” Jie Liang snapped through clenched teeth, “Why all that crap? Only with this Eight-Diagram Mirror can we spare you from suspicion. Now that she is waking up, we could only pin your offense on your wimpish elder brother, Kris Chen!”

Quan Chen had a moment of enlightenment and got what his wife meant. He hurriedly removed the Eight-Diagram Mirror from the door and handed it to Jie Liang.

Jie Liang took the Eight-Diagram Mirror and put it next to Sisi before she opened the manor’s back door to create an illusion that someone had sneaked in by the back door.

As a series of things were done, Quan Chen couldn’t help but give his wife a thumbs-up, “Honey, it’s so clever of you!”

In the daytime, Kris’s theories about Feng Shui had confused them all, and he told them that the Eight-Diagram Mirror had made Lin Li faint.

[Feng Shui: Feng Shui is mysterious metaphysics of Han Chinese with a long history. It is the power of nature and the energy of the universe’s large magnetic field.]

Jie Liang did not believe him at all, but she knew that there were quite a few people convinced, and Sisi was one of them.

Since Kris Chen knew much about Feng Shui, he certainly had a way of rendering Sisi unconscious with that Eight-Diagram Mirror.

When Sisi Mu woke up to find herself half-dressed and with hickeys all over her body, she would naturally suspect Kris upon spotting the Eight-Diagram Mirror beside her.

When everything had been well arranged, Jie Liang found Quan Chen still ogling at Sisi. She couldn’t help but kick him hard on the shin, “Aren’t you leaving? Do you mean to stay here till she wakes up?”

With that, Jie Liang turned and left the hall.

Quan Chen limped out quickly to follow his wife, and his heart was filled with uneasiness. Slightly worried, he asked, “D…dear? Will this method work? What shall we do if Sisi Mu get some experts to investigate?”

Before he could finish this sentence, Jie Liang gave him a nice hard slap on his face, “Are you an i***t? Why do you think that everyone is as shameless as you? She certainly would not like to publicize something about being m******d, would she?”

With his hand covering his face, Quan Chen couldn’t help but chuckle, “My dear, what you said sounds sensible…”

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