The call was not connected, as if Yvette had no time. Chuck Cannon worried, was Yvette blocked by some killer again?

Chuck Cannon continued to call. Fortunately, he was connected the second time, “Husband, I will be there, wait for me.”

Chuck Cannon felt relieved.

“Sister Li, let us go to the airport!” Chuck Cannon said.

“Well, Master, go downstairs, the car is ready,” Betty led Chuck Cannon downstairs.

She drove to the airport with Chuck Cannon.

The private jet is already ready, and it is not an hour or two to go to the United States.

At the airport, two people went in and waited.

Chuck Cannon is more worried. At the very least, Yvette has been in danger these days. Chuck Cannon can only hope that Yvette can reach the airport safely.

Time passed by, and it was almost time. Betty asked, “Master, do you want me to pick up Yvette now?”

The killing order of the killer organization is not a joke. After all, Yvette’s strength is not too strong, and being able to last a few days by herself shows that Yvette’s strength is still greatly improved.

Chuck Cannon was as anxious as the ants on the hot pot. He called Yvette and Betty was relieved. “Master, Yvette is here, over there,”

Chuck Cannon looked over and saw a woman wearing a peaked cap approaching. Chuck Cannon ran over and hugged her.

“Husband, it hurts.” Yvette’s lips were pale. She was besieged three times in the past three days, and almost died every time. Fortunately, Yvette resisted and tried hard to survive.

Chuck Cannon feels distressed, how much has she suffered for three days?

When they will arrive to the United States, he must let his mother help Yvette solve this matter.

Chuck Cannon quickly let go of her, “Wife, get on the plane.”

“En.” Yvette was haggard, she was already extremely tired and could finally rest.

“Sister Li, get on the plane,” Chuck Cannon said.

Betty opened the way and Chuck Cannon pulled Yvette on the plane. Chuck Cannon found that Yvette was in very bad condition. He wanted to ask and see Yvette about her injuries.

Yvette shook her head and refused, “No, I am ugly, don’t look at it,”

Yvette knew that her body was blue and purple, and she even had gunshot wounds. As a woman, she certainly hoped that Chuck Cannon would see her perfect self. She was scarred and could not be seen as ugly.

“I haven’t seen it before,” Chuck Cannon felt distressed.

“No, I can just sleep,” Yvette said, with a hint of prayer in her voice.

If Chuck Cannon persisted like this, Yvette didn’t know how to refuse.

“Master, I’ll help Yvette look good,” Betty said.

Yvette breathed a sigh of relief, everyone was a woman, so there was no problem.

Chuck Cannon, “Wife, then I’m going out,”

Chuck Cannon went out and found a place to sit down. The plane had already started flying towards the US.

Betty checked Yvette’s body, “You take off your clothes, you hurt a lot.”

“En,” Yvette is actually not as embarrassed, even a woman, after all, Yvette was only seen by Chuck Cannon. When she was in college, Yvette could not live in the dormitory, and of course, she could not be seen by others.

But it’s better than being seen by Chuck Cannon being scarred.

Yvette did. Betty saw Yvette’s body hurt, but the beauty of a woman could not be concealed by the scars.

Betty was a professional and began to treat Yvette’s wounds.

“You… and Young Master, have you two done anything being husband and wife?” Betty asked Karen Lee for this.

If you have a baby, then.

“No, no.” Yvette shook her head hurriedly.

She has been with Chuck Cannon for so long. If Yvette didn’t know that Karen Lee killed her father, she would give it to him. Maybe she would have been pregnant now.

But Yvette knew what Karen Lee had done. She was able to be with Chuck Cannon now, and she felt very guilty in her heart, ashamed of her father, the last bottom line, this hurdle, she could not cross.

“The young master didn’t mention it?”

“He mentioned it, but I don’t want to do it. I can’t cross that hurdle,” Yvette did not hide from Betty.

She knew that it was useless to conceal. She had nothing to hide in front of Karen Lee. Between herself and Karen Lee, she didn’t do anything to herself, so one day she felt that she could challenge Karen Lee, so she just told Karen Lee directly.

It’s that simple for Karen Lee to meet with herself, and there is no need to circumscribe, let alone worry about Karen Lee avoiding herself.

“Well, I personally advise you that the matter between you and President Lee has not been resolved, don’t break through the last step, because…”

“Because of what?”

“How can I tell you, it’s not that I underestimated you, you won’t be President Lee’s opponent in another ten years, so you must try to accept…” Betty persuaded.

“No, I will definitely not accept it!” Yvette’s eyes were cold, she put on her own clothes, “Thank you.”

“This… anyway, don’t make Young Master sad. If you and Young Master have children, then, President Lee will not show up,”

“I know, if you let her wait for me, I will surpass her one day!!” Yvette said.


Betty sighed, “You have a good rest. If the young master doesn’t really like you, I will do it to you.”

“I know, thank you,” Yvette was really grateful. She knew that Karen Lee had given herself a chance to grow at will because of Chuck Cannon.

After all, to put it simply, it is too easy for Karen Lee to kill herself now, Yvette knows, but this hurdle cannot be passed.

That was his biological father.

Betty came out, let Yvette take a good rest.

Chuck Cannon has been waiting, “Sister Li, how is she?”

“Master, rest assured, just rest,”

“En,” Chuck Cannon wanted to go in to accompany her, but when he thought of disturbing her, Chuck Cannon didn’t go in.

Betty began to introduce some forces in the United States.

Especially this assassin organization, as soon as the killing order was issued, it has not been withdrawn. Betty didn’t know whether Karen Lee could solve the killing order.

Everything can only be known after arriving in the United States.

When Chuck Cannon heard this, he was only worried, his mother had difficulty solving it, so how strong is the background of this killer organization?

“Also…in the Lee family…” Betty couldn’t continue, Chuck Cannon didn’t know yet, Karen Lee was expelled from the house by the Lee family.

“What’s wrong with my mother?”

“Well, Madame Lee will tell you,” Betty can’t say anything about it. “Master, you can sleep well, and you will be in the U.S. after you sleep.”

“En,” Chuck Cannon lay down to sleep, he was indeed tired.

Betty walked to the front and called Karen Lee, and the phone was connected, “Ms. Le, Master, Yvette is already on the plane…”

“Gone?” Zelda Maine was actually at the airport but didn’t tell Chuck Cannon. She couldn’t help coming over. She wanted to see him. She also wanted to go to the United States, but Chuck Cannon didn’t let herself go.

She was also helpless. Chuck Cannon must have had something in the past in the United States.

She sighed, and reluctantly prepared to go back, and went back to deal with her new branch. She didn’t know how long it would take Chuck Cannon to go to the United States this time.

But looking back, she actually saw Kristen.

Yes, she made peace with Chuck Cannon. Of course, Kristen wanted to send Chuck Cannon, but she came over and didn’t see Chuck Cannon.

She is also going back.

The two women looked at each other, smelling like gunpowder.

If Zelda Maine didn’t know about Chuck Cannon and Kristen in her office, she wasn’t that angry yet, but now she knew and she couldn’t help it!!

“Look at what I’m doing?” Kristen frowned and turned and walked away. She didn’t want to fight with Zelda Maine. After all, she was a little bit so, sorry, how can she say in her office.

“Stop! Kristen, didn’t you say that you don’t like men younger than you?” Zelda Maine wanted to ask, when did Chuck Cannon and her develop into this way?

“You want to take care?” Kristen was angry. This sentence angered her. She insisted on this, but she didn’t know why… Maybe, the man she likes in her heart will not be affected by age.

“I don’t care about it, but I trouble you to post it. Don’t be in my office when the waves are up!” Zelda Maine was also angry.

Kristen was said to be blushing, where was she? Chuck Cannon forced it.

“What’s wrong in your office? I will be still in your house, can you manage it?” Kristen snorted, unwilling to be outdone, and being scolded by her enemies, she was unhappy.

“You are shameless!!” Zelda Maine scolded, really angry, Kristen said something like this. How could Chuck Cannon like her? ?

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