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Chapter 510: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 510 The Sudden Confession of Love

Then Qiqi focused on reading.

There was soft music playing in the car. Yuqi Mu looked at Qiqi and found that she was actually a pretty girl.


The car behind was honking, Yuqi Mu suddenly regained his thought and quickly drove forward, he felt a bit weird, how could he be attracted by a student?

Could it be that he was busy recently? How could he has such a change in taste. This was not a good phenomenon, his aesthetic level became worse.

Thus he took a deep breath and calmed down, then he kept driving. He was driving carefully at first, however, when there was a break, he was attracted by Qiqi again.

What happened to him? Did she has magic?

To be honest, she was a quite a pretty girl with good shape. If she wanted to dress herself, then she would be prettier.

At this moment, Qiqi raised her head, however, she was shocked by what she had seen.

“Stop right now!”

Yuqi Mu quickly stopped, the car almost collided with another car.

Qiqi rubbed her chest and murmured, “That’s too dangerous.”

Yuqi Mu felt a bit embarrassed and said, “It’s all because of the traffic jam, I’m a bit anxious.”

“Right, it’s been almost an hour and we haven’t even gotten off the bridge yet.”

Wait, an hour?

Qiqi looked at her phone and found that it was almost eleven o’clock again.

“God, I’ll be late again.”

Seeing that Qiqi was upset, Yuqi Mu comforted, “Don’t worry, you still have a place to go.”

He was right, however, she felt awkward to live with him.

“Well, I can’t bother you again, since it’s not far away, I can just walk back.”

Yuqi Mu looked ahead and said, “It’s about half-an-hour walk from here, but once we pass the crowded intersection, I can drive you back in ten minutes. Which one do you prefer?”

“But what if there is still traffic jam ahead?”

If this was the case, then Qiqi couldn’t go back today.

But Yuqi Mu insisted, “Then let’s bet, I bet there will be no traffic jam in the front.”

Hearing this, Qiqi felt interesting and forgot about the traffic jam, then she asked, “What is the bet?”

After thinking for a while, Yuqi Mu said, “A meal, if you lose this time, let me treat you for a meal.”

“Fine.” Qiqi nodded her head excitedly, but soon, she felt something was wrong, “Are you sure? I should treat you for the meal if I lose.”

“No. Since you’ve treated me once, it’s my turn now. However, my taste is weird, maybe you won’t like that.”

“Don’t kidding.” Qiqi waved her hand and said excitedly, “I eat everything.”

Seeing that Qiqi agreed, Yuqi Mu narrowed his eyes with a smile and said, “Then it’s a deal, I’ll pay and don’t regret.”

Qiqi patted her chest and said, “I always keep my words!”

“Well, we’re about to cross the intersection, let’s wait and see.”

As soon as he said this, the car moved, and then they passed the intersection.

There were police cars parked beside the road, moreover, many destroyed cars could be seen.

Qiqi blinked and said, “It turns out that there’s a traffic accident.”

However, it was really nice to take a ride at night, people could enjoy the tranquility and feel relaxed.

After taking a glimpse of Qiqi, Yuqi Mu found that she was leaning on the window like a kitten, thus he smiled.

After driving for a while, the car finally stopped in front of the school.

“I won’t be late!”

After checking the time, Qiqi smiled happily.

Yuqi Mu stretched out his head and said, “When you’re tired of learning, call me and I’ll take you to a meal.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“Don’t be polite, go back now, good night.”

“Good night.”

Yuqi Mu drove back, Qiqi stood in front of the school and smiled brightly.

She didn’t know why she was so happy, it seemed that she was like a free bird when staying with Yuqi Mu.

She ran back to the dorm and felt that she must has a good dream tonight.


Someone called her from behind. Qiqi stopped and turned back, after seeing the man’s face, her dream was broken.

The man with glasses stared at Qiqi, and looked serious.

“Is there something wrong?”

The man stepped forward and reached his hands, “I’ve been waiting for you and these are the buns I prepared for you.”

Hearing this, Qiqi remembered that he had invited her to study this evening.

Although she didn’t agree, she still explained to him, “Well, I met a traffic jam and come back late.”

“Who was man on the car?”

He was afraid that Qiqi would be hungry, so he went to buy the snacks for her, and saw her in a luxury car.

Hearing this, Qiqi was a bit angry, why did he say this since they were just classmates?

Thus, Qiqi frowned and said, “Just a friend.”

“Close friends?”


“Then why do you sit on his car? It’s very dangerous for a woman.”

Qiqi was speechless and said, “Don’t talking nonsense, he is much richer than me and lacks nothing.”

“So what? Psychopath is always rich people.”

Qiqi was getting impatient and said: “Well, it’s late, don’t say such scaring words.”

However, the man continued, “I’m just talking about it, what about you really meet one?”

“I’m tired, I’m going back now. You’d better go back as well.”

“Fine, be careful, and, this is for you.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“Take it, I bought it for you. Just throw it if you don’t want.”

Then he shoved the buns to Qiqi in a shy manner.

Qiqi had no other choices but to take the bun and said, “Thank you.”

“Don’t be polite, I’m willing to do that. Besides, I’ll send breakfast to you tomorrow morning, remember to turn on your phone.”

“You don’t need….”

Before Qiqi finished her words, the man left.

Looking at his back and the bun in the hand, Qiqi sighed helplessly.

The next morning, Qiqi overslept, so she rushed to classroom after waking up.

The professor of today’s lecture was very strict, he would definitely blame her once she was late.

Fortunately, Qiqi arrived in time.


A man called her from behind with a smiling face. However, Qiqi was shocked.

She turned back and frowned, “Don’t scare me.”

“Don’t be afraid, I’m just here to send you the breakfast, since you’ve turned off your phone, I can only come here to find you.” Then he handed her the breakfast.

Such things made people around exclaimed, besides Qiqi was a bit embarrassed.

As she wanted to refuse, the professor walked in and then the man left quietly.

After seeing the man, the professor smiled and said, “There are not many thoughtful and gentle boys these years. You have to seize the opportunity.”

It was rare for the professor to joke, and everyone smiled happily, except Qiqi who felt embarrassed.

Then, the professor began to lecture, and Qiqi’s friends were still making jokes about her.

“He really cares about you, or he wouldn’t bring breakfast to you.”

Qiqi quickly put the breakfast in the desk, as if they were poison.

“We are all classmates, of course we need to help each other.”

“Then why didn’t he bring me the breakfast?”

“Do you want it? I’ll tell him. Come on, the professor is watching us! Keep quiet.”

Hearing this, her friends didn’t dare to say more and focused on studying.

However, Qiqi was anxious. People had misunderstood them, she had to explain to the man.

After class, Qiqi ran into the man with glasses in the hallway.

Before he wanted to say something, Qiqi said, “I want to talk to you, come with me.”

Seeing that Qiqi wanted to talk to him alone, the man was pleased.

He cleared his collar and followed Qiqi happily, then they walked to the garden behind the school building.

It was quiet there so that they could talk about something secret.

However, he misunderstood Qiqi.

He thought Qiqi was a very innocent girl, but it seemed that she was wild. That was fine, at least someone should be more active.

The man lowered his head with his eyes full of joy.

However, Qiqi kept silent for a long time. She just didn’t know how to say that. She was afraid to hurt him for they were classmates.

But, would he understand her words if she said politely?

Just as Qiqi was pondering, the man said, “Qiqi, do you have the breakfast?”

Seeing that Qiqi was silent, the man thought she was shy, so he said first.

However, Qiqi was stunned and shook her head, “No.”

“Don’t you like it? What do you like? I’ll buy it to you next time.”

The man took out a notebook and was about to write down Qiqi’s words.

Seeing this, Qiqi then took away his notebook and said seriously, “I like many things, but I don’t want you to send me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t treat me so nice, I don’t want to struck in gossip.”

The man thought Qiqi was shy, so he waved his hand and laughed, “Don’t care about them, just let them say.”

Qiqi got anxious and said impatiently, “Those rumors have already affected my life, I really appreciate your care, but just don’t do that, we are just classmates.”

Hearing this, the man was stunned and said, “I just care about you, can’t I?”

“It’s just a burden to me, do you understand?”

The man shook his head and said, “I don’t understand, I do this for I like you, what’s wrong?”

Hearing this, Qiqi felt embarrassed.


The man was stunned as well, he didn’t expect himself to say this at such a moment.

It was all in a hurry, he wanted to be more romantic.

But since it happened, he would say clearly and made a surprise to Qiqi.

Thinking like this, the man straightened his back and said loudly, “Right, I like you, please be my girlfriend!”

Hearing this, instead of being happy, Qiqi was a bit upset.

“Sorry, I just want to study now, I don’t want to involve in such things.”

“Then I’ll wait you, can you be my girlfriend when the exam’s over?”

He said in a confident manner which made Qiqi feel helpless.

Why didn’t he understand? She had already refused him. Qiqi was about to cry, however, the man still misunderstood her words and held her shoulders, then he said, “I know you are afraid that this will affect our study, we can just take it as a test and I’m sure that we’ll like each other more after the exam.”

Qiqi was very speechless and said, “Why do you think I like you?”

“I just feel it.”

“Then something may be wrong with your feelings, I don’t like you.”

Since she refused him directly, he should understood this time. Then she shook off his hands indifferently.

But the man still looked at Qiqi with affection in his eyes and said, “Are you shy? You don’t need to be embarrassed, it’s also my first time to say that.”

God, Qiqi didn’t want to say more. She looked at the sky and was very speechless.

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