Chapter 511 – 512: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 511: The Fruit of Taoist Practice

So, this inherent flying sword finally became the primary spirit?

Kris Chen could feel that it had texture, which even liked the life he had nurtured.

What the hell was going on?

According to the cultivation method of the internal sword, the internal sword should always be what it is, and it was impossible to become a primal spirit.

Why was the iron law in this world different when it came to him?

Kris got a headache for those puzzles.

After the fifth Divine Thunder dissipated, the absorption and transformation of Golden Crystal speed up more than 100 times faster!

At that moment, Kris successfully broke through from the pill formation to the primal spirit.

The affinity of the world was greatly increased, and even the primal spirit inside had opened its eyes!

The world barrier had been reduced a lot.

Once he took a deep breath, the Fairy Aura within a hundred miles was instantly inhaled into his mouth.

His power skyrocketed!

Although it was still 3600 acupuncture points, their quality had been improved dozens of times again!

The sword energy in the acupuncture points was transformed into crystals, from invisible to visible. This change made Kris speechless to some degree.

Just let it go. Everything had changed anyway.

It was impossible for pill formation to fight against the accumulated spirit, but it happened to Kris.

So whatever strange things happened to him, Kris would accept it.

As he took out and fix up a set of array from the storage ring, all Fairy Auras within 5000 Li were triggered!

“Not enough, not enough!”

Kris’s Mana was originally powerful and a hundred times more powerful than ordinary people. Now that the quality of his power was improved again, and it consumed a huge amount of mana.

If considering the mana of someone else as a long river, then he owned the sea of incomparably powerful mana.

He crushed the million spirit stones and absorbed the roaring Fairy Aura tornado.

As acupuncture points undergoing drastic changes, each crystal solidified one by one, which was extremely dreamy and gorgeous.

At this moment, Kris Chen was blessed to the soul, which was a sign of accumulated spirit.

The human body was an endless universe, full of infinite possibilities.

Acupuncture points were the storage pool of mana, and the beginning and source of everything.

The highest level of body refining practicer was the self-evolving universe.

So the acupuncture points were also small universes.

The energy Kris needed was not a hundred times that of ordinary people, but thousands of times!

If it used to be that Kris needed 100 spiritual stones to open an acupuncture point, now he needed 10000 spiritual stones.

His pure physical strength went beyond 50 million KG.

So would he finally become a God and a Creator?

It was unknown to Kris that the stage was too far away. At least, he couldn’t reach it now.

When Kris was concentrating on his practice, the six heavenly thunders fell on him.

As the Jumang Heavenly Thunder, full of Taoist Strength of Wood, fell down, Kris felt that he was full of vitality, as if something was going to come out of his body.


Just then, a sapling grew on his arm!

What the hell!

Kris was shocked. The Taoist Strength of Wood was so terrible that it kept absorbing the strength of his physical body. Was it about to suck him into a corpse?

The faster he swallowed the Fairy Aura, the faster the saplings grew. Even after a while, they had blossomed and fruited, and even gave off a strong aroma to the extreme.

In contrast, Kris had been absorbed as a human trunk.

Was this the Taoist Strength of Wood?

Could I absorb the Mana of Heavenly Thunder of Wood?

Kris didn’t dare to delay. He ran the Five Thunders Magic, and the three Taoist strengths coupled with the Sea King Halberd suppressed his physical body to prevent his livelihood from passing away.

Red Blood hanging all over his body to guard against others.

Strong aroma escaped to a hundred miles, then to thousands of miles, and even thousands of miles away could smell this clear fragrance.

Both Lord of Vipers and Lord of sparks shocked, “Fruit of Taoist Practice!”

How could it be possible that Kris had conceived the Fruit of Taoist Practice in the state of accumulated spirit?

Above the sky, Lord Lingyuan and Lord Miaoyuan were also shocked.

“No. We should stop the smell together!”

Lord Lingyuan took actions. The word Energy Cauldron flied out, directly isolating the space a hundred miles away around Kris!

He fluttered down and looked at the impetuous crowd. “Whoever dares to step forward is stated against Wuji Sword Sect!”

Lord Miaoyuan held the Haotian Magic Mirror, which reflected the greed of the people.

The Lord of Vipers and the Lord of Sparks also flew past and stood in front of the crowd. The other seven Lords behind them also looked like facing great enemies, watching these people.

As the eleven Lords cooperated, the deterrent power was quite unbearable.

“That is the fragrance of the Fruit of Dao. That’s it!”

Someone in the crowd yelled, “if anyone can grab the Fruit of Taoist Practice, he or she could be the next materialized spirit!”


People with ulterior motives hided in the crowd and shout, stirring people’s hearts.

Who didn’t want to undergo a shortcut toward materialized spirit?

Along life of hundreds of thousands of year, extremely free and easy life, who did not want?

Some frightened people were persuaded now.

Although Wuji Sword Sect was powerful, there were at least other eight hundred sects who came here to observe the ceremony.

Powerful as Wuji Sword Sect could not kill them all.

In the crowd, Chen Ye also had a moment of loss with his greedy thoughts rising, but soon he suppressed those feelings.

He even gave up the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire to Kris. Although the Fruit of Dao was Incomparable, it was not his way.

” Mr. Gu, the Fruit of Taoist Practice was so tempting”

Chen Ye flied back quickly.

“Your elder martial brother is too unconventional l to conceive the Fruit of Taoist Practice in the state of accumulated spirit. Very few of the strong practitioners of actualized spirit can give birth to the Fruit of Taoist Practice.”

“So Mr. Gu, did you give birth to the Fruit of Taoist Practice?”

After Chen Ye asked this question, the atmosphere felt into embarrassment.

Mr. Gu did not speak, which meant… that he didn’t breed one!

“By the way, Mr. Gu, what will happen if others get the Fruits of Tao?”

“Your elder martial brother will die and be gone, and he will use all his mana to make a wedding dress for others.”

“What’s more, the Fruit of Taoist Practice has a strong bewitching power. You can see those primal spirits have been fascinated by the fragrance of the Fruit.”

Mr. Gu said: “there will be a big war. You can’t take part in this kind of battle, so just hide aside in silence and attack people from behind.”

He knew that it was unrealistic to let Chen Ye stand by, so Mr. Gu told him to assassinate.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Gu. I’m a professional in assassination.”

Chen Ye grinned.

The temptation of the Fruit of Taoist Practice was so strong that even the Sea Monster in the sea was attracted here.

More and more creatures were attracted to come here even from the sky and the sea.

From ten times to a hundred times more than them!

Lord Lingyuan sent a message. Lord Jiyuan in Wuji Sword Sect, who was Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone), suddenly opened his eyes and said, “the elder martial brother is asking for help!”

The next second he disappeared from the room for Closing Door.

Lord Jiyuan launched his Magic Power of Minimizing the World suddenly, his one step reached out 50000 KM!

He walked ten steps in a row. Looking at the dense enemies, Lord Jiyuan also felt creepy.

“Elder martial brother!”

“You are here.”

“What happened, elder martial brother?”

Lord Lingyuan didn’t say anything, but sent a light into the mind of Lord Jiyuan, and he knew it immediately.

“How can this boy generate the Fruit of Taoist Practice?”

He was in Closing Door all this time, so he had no idea what was going on outside.

In other words, the boy would become materialized spirit, which meant Wuji Sword Sect would have another materialized spirit.

This was a great joy. It was no wonder that these people would attack in groups.

A small number of them were really bewildered by the Fruit, but Lords of accumulated spirit would never be so easily confused.

They just wanted to take advantage of this special period to kill Kris. If they could grab the Fruit, it would be a double win.

The law did not blame the public. Even if Wuji Sword Sect was the saint sect, it couldn’t do anything to them.

Later, they would just say, “we are misled by the Fruit.”

Then their responsibility could be completely shirked.

Lord Jiyuan was good at setting sword array.

The most powerful was the God-killing Sword Array, composed of his four magic swords.

People-killing Sword, Immortals-killing Sword, Monster-killing Sword and Devil-killing Sword were all spirit weapons.

“Seal it!”

If someone wanted to hinder Kris, they must first break his God-killing Sword Array.

This Array would not be broke by more than ten accumulated spirits!

Kris was still struggling with Jumang Heavenly Thunder and the war outside was ready to break out!


As someone yelled a word and a gorgeous magic hit out, the war broke out in an instant!

Eleven Lords were blocked in front, and forty-eight primal spirits cast their manas in the back.

The Sea Monsters was not afraid of death, so they blindly rushed into the sword array.

With the cold Sword Energy, the Sea Monsters were strangled into flesh and blood.

The Sword Energy Cauldron was also a true Spirit Weapon at middle level. With the appearance of Taoist Strength of Suppression, millions of Sea Monsters had been killed, and the bright red blood had dyed the sea area red.

“The Haotian Magic Mirror!”

Lord Miaoyuan urged the Magic Mirror. The shooting mirror-light reflected people’s deepest desire, which had a powerful effect of confusing the mind.

Those who were weak in mind and spirit were trapped in endless desire and started to fright with the people around them!

Lord of Vipers and Lord of Sparks had awe inspiring looks. Today was the big day of their inauguration ceremony. These people dare to make trouble and attempt to destroy the suffering of Kris. They were just unforgivable!

The two, who had broken through the middle period of the accumulated spirit, released their Taoist Strength one after another, and those practitioners of the primal spirit were continuously killed. Even the accumulated spirit did not dare to break in for a while.

Both sides started real war fire, and the battlefield enlarged from a hundred miles to a thousand miles, and even the after waves of the fights between the Almighties of accumulated spirit spread to the boundless sea area.

“Lord Hengyang, how does your Penglai Holy Sect dare to intervene in this matter?” Lord Lingyuan furiously said.

“Why don’t I dare? Besides, I am only one person. Do not confuse me with Penglai Holy Sect. We are different.”

Lord Hengyang sneered: “As the Fruit of Taoist Practice was born, and those who have virtue would get it!”

“Lord Yuanling, do you think you can represent Wuji Sword Sect?”

In the past, Lord Hengyang would never get involved, but the Fruit of Taoist Practice was too important. If he could get it, he would become a actualized spirit. Then Penglai Sword Sect would definitely defeat Wuji Sword Sect and Moke Sect.

Lord Lingyuan came in a private capacity this time.

If Nahai Sect was a subordinate sect of Wuji Sword Sect, it would definitely be recorded and Wuji Sword Sect would be publicized to the outside world instead of doing nothing.

Lord Hengyang was to understand this, so he could behave so unscrupulously.

“Don’t talk nonsense. Let’s have a fight.”

Lord Lingyuan’s face was gloomy, with nine Taoist Strengths all around him. The mysterious air lingered around him, just like a God’s residence.

Since no actualized spirit here, the accumulated spirit was the highest level. Once accumulated spirit started to attack, the sky and the earth would fall apart.

“Heaven and Earth in the Sleeve!”

Lord Lingyuan’s giant hand waved and covered Lord Hengyang inside instantly!

Chapter 512: Three flowers above the head

This is one of the supreme miracles of Lord Lingyuan, which is similar to the Buddhist kingdom in the palm of the Moke Sect.

The old crap Hengyang was shrouded in, but it was not so easy to break it. There was enough time for Lord Lingyuan to do a lot of things.


Lord Lingyuan shouted, and the Sword Energy Cauldron was full of light, and several flying swords flew out of it.

“Sword light diversion!”

The divine sword turned into thousands of sword light. How powerful!

Countless Practitioners began to fall like dumplings from the sky.

“Old dog Lingyuan, how dare you!”

Lord Lieyang, who was Lord Hengyang’s younger brother, was angry and rushed up, but was entangled by Lord Miaoyuan, “Old man, your opponent is me!”

Haotian magic mirror started to bloom boundless divine lights, dawn divine lights and sun divine lights.

The divine light, also known as the sword light, with the powerful effect of Haotian magic mirror, Lord Lieyang was twined instantly.

But the big masters of Penglai fairy Palace were in no way cowards. They had already put on defense all around them.

With all kinds of runes protecting themselves, their Taoist strength flew all over the sky, the sea cracked, islands collapsed, and even space was ripped apart.

“Chen Ye boy, it’s a good opportunity to attack and rob their Storing Rings!”

Without Mr Gu reminding, Chen knew what to do.

He took out a brick and started to hit the wounded practitioners hard.

At the beginning, it was only the Pill Formation that got attacked, but then the Primal Spirit got attacked, too.

Anyway, he’s not afraid, with a big gourd on his back.

He could get benefits while killing enemies. How wonder it felt!

“I am rich! I am rich!”

Although Chen was obsessed, he did not forgotten what his main task was.

To kill the enemy, of course!

With the gourd stirred up the hot magma, the people of Pill Formation couldn’t stand it at all. Even the the people of Primal Spirit could feel uncomfortable.

The protective shield surrounded the whole body. Even if Chen was confident that he’s physically strong, he did not dare to lose his alertness at this time.

At the center of the war, Kris Chen spared no effort to suppress and absorb Jumang Heavenly Thunder.

Slowly, the power of Jumang Heavenly Thunder was weakened, and Kris found the opportunity to fight back. The green plants over his body withered, and the green Fruit of Taoist Practice was grabbed in his hand and swallowed by him without saying a word.


This fruit condensed most of the Tao of Kris, and almost melted together to become one part with Kris.

His body strengthened rapidly and looked even more handsome than before.

There was a sound of Taoist strength around his body, which was full of fragrance. This was because the Fruit of Taoist Practice was melting into his body.

The temptation to the human Practitioner had decreased a lot, but it had a fatal temptation to the sea monsters.

A whale of a thousand feet soared out of the sea and tried to swallow Kris in one bite. However, it was covered by the God-killing Sword array and was turned into blood mist in an instant.

Then there was a white headed eagle, spreading its wings and gently stirring its wings and causing boundless hurricane, with great lethality.

The Lord of Vipers and the Lord of Sparks were all fighting very hard.

When Kris was melting the Fruit of Taoist Practice, the seventh thunder fell!

Earth Heavenly Thunder!

As soon as the lightning struck down, Kris’s hands and feet began to fossilize.

However, what Kris was least afraid of was this Heavenly Thunder, because he had a Sword Fetus!


The Sword Fetus had not grown for a long time, so it’s time to take the opportunity to expand.

The Sword Fetus greedily absorbed the energy of the thunder and expanded itself.

The majestic power was too abundant. When Kris used the five thunder positive method to absorb the thunder, he took out a Sword Energy grass.

He opened his mouth and swallowed it.


The feeling of mystery appeared again.

Kris felt that his understanding of Sword Intention was growing rapidly!

75% Sword Intention, 80% Sword Intention, 85%, and 99% Sword Intention!

He had reached the Sword Intent Fulfilled Period. He wanted to go further, only to find that the Earth Heavenly thunder had been used up.

The last thunder of the five-thunder method-the earth thunder, was also successfully cultivated. So far, the cultivation of magic power, five-thunder positive method was successfully completed.

The Sword Fetus had absorbed enough energy and removed its cover!

Its power surged.

In the Mud Pill Palace, the seeds of Taoist strength of gold, wood, water, fire and earth surround the Divine Spiritual Power little person.

The seventh kind of Taoist strength were to be followed by two heavenly thunders next. He did not know what kind of thunder would it be!

Kris kind of looked forward to it.

Usually, others couldn’t wait to get through the thunder judgment quickly, but Kris was different. He expected that his strength would be improved every time.


After brewing for a long time, the eighth heavenly thunder finally fell. The vast power almost destroyed everything, and even the space locked by the Sword Energy Cauldron was shattered.

This heavenly thunder struck directly on Kris’s soul more than his body.

His Divine Spiritual Power, Sword Energy, and Primal spirit were all damaged!

This feeling of being shaken and torn almost made him collapse!

So… The eighth thunder was aimed at his soul, wasn’t it?

“This is… Soul-Destruction Heavenly Thunder!”

Mr Gu was so shocked that he couldn’t say anything, “the soul, the magic and the body… This boy has completely practiced all of them. How can this be possible?”

The life of a practitioner is long, but it also took a long time to cultivate one method. Take Kris for example, it would take ten or twenty years to Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone)) to refine a pill. It’s really hard to master one method.

He’s a natural talent to have mastered two things.

He had mastered the three methods. He’s a devil!

The most evil disciples in Eastern Divine Land had at most double cultivation of magic and body, or double cultivation of soul and body.

Because they didn’t have so much energy and resources.

Talent wouldn’t allow them to do such things.

For example, if you are weak in soul, you may be stuck in the stage of entry all your life if you force yourself to practice soul cultivation.

No one would do such a stupid thing.

Chen had been numb. He had accepted whatever would happen to the demon elder martial brother.

Was Kris a soul cultivator?

Not really!

He was just having a powerful Divine Spiritual Power. By chance, he practiced the method of divine cultivation in the Heaven Ghost Shadow. He also practiced the “Hacked in Pieces”. In addition, he was a powerful alchemist. During this period, he also swallowed the magical pills of Divine Spiritual Power.

No one had any idea how many resources it took to reach his present achievements.

And there was only one strike of the attack of Divine Spiritual Power- “Knife of Divine Spiritual Power” from the beginning to the end, which was so ridiculous.

In fact, it’s not that he didn’t want to learn how to master the attack method of Divine Spiritual Power. The main reason was that he couldn’t spare extra time.

With the Sea King Halberd protecting the Divine Spiritual Power, Kris took down his defense in this regard.

His Divine Spiritual Power remained safe, but his Sword Energy and Primal Spirit were in trouble.

They were falling under the attack of Heavenly Thunder but were still trying hard to resist.

The first thing that couldn’t be steady was the primal spirit, which even had cracks on its surface. However, Kris was surprised to find that with the appearance of cracks, the shackles to the primal spirit disappeared gradually.

He was overjoyed by the discovery.

The double primal spirit represents double combat power. Could it possible for him to make his own avatar with the sword fetus?

Moreover, this avatar, like its master, would have infinite possibilities.

He took out a large number of magical pills for the treatment and consolidation of the primal spirit, and swallowed them.

At this time, it’s a matter of wealth.

Other people would have been destroyed by the thunder. Kris was rich and a god level alchemist!

The thunder was wearing away the damage, and the medicine was recovering at the same time.

The primal spirit became more pure and flexible.


Obviously, Kris could feel the chain of the primal spirit broken.


At that moment, Kris understood everything.

He had thought his physical power was brought by primal spirit, and the primal spirit represented his source.

So Kris’s idea of splitting the primal spirit was completely shattered.

The unrestricted primal spirit opened its mouth and inhaled a steady stream of medicine. It grew at a very fast speed, even surpassing the primary spirit of Sword Energy.

The magic power was becoming stronger again.

At last, the primal spirit opened its eyes. At that moment, three mysterious flowers of Taoist Strength gathered on the head of Kris.

“There are three flowers over the head and five energy in the chest,” said Kris.

“Yin and Yang are coagulated, and one thunder shocks the world.”

“The supernatural power comes from nowhere, I will decide the world by myself!”

These three flowers represented soul, body and magic!

He had found his own way.

Kris got up and looked at the sky. If there was no accident, there would be no ninth thunder!

But then there was a wind from the hollow world, blowing from his feet to all over his body.

His bones, blood and flesh, Elixir field, acupoints, spirits and life points are all swept through by the knife-like wind.

The magic power was useless, and the spirit weapon was covered with dust. He could ony take this wind by his physical body.

This process lasted about a quarter, followed by five streams of divine fire in the air, fire in stone, fire in wood, fire in the world and fire in the sea!

They started to burn the whole body of Kris and his Mud Pill Palace. If it hadn’t been for his strong will, he would be burned to ashes by the fire.

This process was full of pains, which is ten times harder than practicing “Hacked in Pieces”!

His road is ten times rougher than others!

Finally, he passed the the burning of the fire, and the third judgment-the heart judgment came!

At this time, the mark of Kun Peng (a giant fish like bird) on his chest bloomed with dark light, and flew into the heart demon of Kris.

However, it was blocked by a gentle force, and was even melted!

This was what Kris just got, the golden light.

Even the third judgment-the heart judgment was so easy to pass.

With the disappearance of the heart judgment, the dark clouds dissipated, and a large amount of aura was continuously inhaled by Kris.

Sword energy in the body’s acupoints was still constantly transforming the crystals, and only less than a third of the spiritual stones had been left.

Kris had never been mean to himself. He broke another three million spiritual stones and swallowed the aura into his stomach.

Just then, a divine light was projected from the sky, and Kris was bathed in the light.

It was quickly repairing his body and soul.

With it came a surge in power, gagic, and Divine Spiritual Power!

Just at this time, Lord Hengyang broke the Heaven and Earth in the Sleeve of Lord Lingyuan, which made him feel embarrassed, “Lingyuan old dog, go to hell!”

He took out a picture scroll. At first glance, it seemed to be an ordinary picture scroll, but in fact it contained thousands of miles of mountains and rivers.

This was the spirit weapon of Lord Hengyang , the Universe Scene!

This was a spirit weapon that integrated the small world. If you want to come out of it, you have to break it.

At this time, the Lord Lingyuan was fighting against the three SeaMonsters. Hearing Lord Hengyang’s words, he gave a cold hum, “Hengyang old dog, after a thousand years, you still haven’t made any progress at all!”

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