“I’m shameless? Zelda Maine, what are you talking about?” Kristen glared at Zelda Maine.

She hates people scolding her the most.

“Am I not clear enough?” Zelda Maine was angry, this Kristen actually said that he still wants to go to her own home? How shameless is she?

“Zelda Maine, I think you don’t want to open some stores, right?” Kristen said coldly.

At that time, she bought a street. In this street, Zelda Maine had a shop on it. If Chuck Cannon had not interceded at that time, she would have asked Zelda Maine to move the shop away.

“What do you mean?” Zelda Maine frowned slightly.

“Don’t understand? You have a shophouse. You Know, that street is mine. If it weren’t for Chuck Cannon to help you, I would have let you move away,” Kristen said.

Zelda Maine understood what she said, how could Chuck Cannon help herself? How did he convince Kristen?

“I will move out myself.” Zelda Maine made up her mind. She knew which store Kristen was talking about. That store had the best business, but the enemy was the landlord, so would she continue to open it?

Zelda Maine was not so low-pitched.

“You can’t move away,” Kristen said.

“Why not? I need to notify you if I move? I will move out now when I go back,” Zelda Maine snorted.

How can Zelda Maine stand such a domineering enemy as a landlord?

Knowing this, Zelda Maine didn’t want to stay for a moment, and she would lose a lot of money for renovation if she moved out, but she didn’t care.

“I said you couldn’t move as I won’t move you, I promised Chuck Cannon,” Kristen said.

She had to do what she had promised, and if Chuck Cannon know that she had forced Zelda Maine away, that would definitely not work.

“I just want to move,” Zelda Maine shook her long legs and walked outside.

Kristen chased after angrily. The two arrived at the parking lot. Kristen was annoyed, “Hey, you move, I will let you move, believe it or not, I will buy all your restaurant houses? How much can you move?”

“You! Kristen!” Zelda Maine was angry, this Kristen might really do what she said, this is a female lunatic.

If she doesn’t buy it all, even if she only buy half of it, how much money will she lose if she moves out? In addition, it takes time to find a place and redecorate, which is too much loss.

“Hmph, let you fight with me, keep doing it obediently, or I will keep staring at you.” Kristen got into her car.

Zelda Maine was angry, “I will move away, definitely!”

“Don’t make me angry, I promised Chuck Cannon.” Kristen was annoyed and started the car. “I don’t bother to tell you more. If you continue to do it, I will take no rent.”

“Do you want me to be exempt? What rent you want?”

“If there is no shortage, continue to do it. I will charge you twice. Do you dare to continue?”

“Do you think I dare not?”

“Don’t dare, you are so timid, dare to continue doing it?” Kristen disdain.

“You, I’ll show it to you!” Zelda Maine said angrily.

“You said it yourself, I didn’t force you,” Kristen shrugged.

“You!” Zelda Maine was stunned, she was actually violent?

Kristen saw Zelda Maine who was anxious, and she suddenly smiled.

“What are you laughing at? What’s so funny?” Zelda Maine was particularly angry.

No, this way is definitely not good, I still have to move away, or I will collapse.

“I’m hungry, let’s go to dinner. It’s been a long time since we have dinner together, don’t you think?” Kristen said suddenly.

Zelda Maine was astonished. Yes, after the two broke up, let alone eating, they didn’t bother to see each other.

It’s really been a long time since they ate together. They must know that when two people were in college, they were good friends who talked about everything, because of different development concepts, they broke their vindictiveness.

“It’s been a long time since we had dinner together,” Zelda Maine suddenly stopped angry.

“Where to eat? I invite.”

“No, why do you invite? Lets to my restaurant for dinner.” Zelda Maine refused.

“I too want to go there.” Kristen did not refuse, nodded in agreement.

The two looked at each other for a while. Suddenly, both of them laughed. Both of them were originally superb beauties. They smiled slightly, and the whole country was overwhelmed.

Both Zelda Maine and Kristen felt at the same time, how naive it is that they are so grown-up and quarrelling at the same time!

Stop making noise.

“Zelda Maine lets go to your restaurant, you have done it, and it has been a long time since I have eaten what you made,” Kristen recalled. When she was in college, Zelda Maine liked to cook.

“En, no problem,” Zelda Maine smiled.

The two are reconciled. If Chuck Cannon is here, he will definitely be surprised. What is the situation?

But after the two smiled, they were a little embarrassed. After all, both of them liked Chuck Cannon, and they were not jealous and reconciled.

“Are we two…” Kristen said embarrassedly.

Zelda Maine was also embarrassed and silent.

“Stop talking, let’s make up, it has nothing to do with Chuck Cannon,” Zelda Maine said.

“Well, you said that we both like him. Isn’t that? How to divide?…”

“This…” Zelda Maine has a headache, knowing that she and Chuck Cannon don’t have the last step.

Chuck Cannon hasn’t done anything guilty, and she didn’t particularly think about it. She just felt that if she couldn’t marry Chuck Cannon, then she would give birth to a child of Chuck Cannon and take care of the child by herself, so she would have a companion in the future.

How about being so lonely? Zelda Maine felt that she would not like others, but Chuck Cannon…

“Don’t talk about this, let’s go to dinner.” Zelda Maine didn’t want this anymore, but she said solemnly, “Kristen, don’t be in my office with Chuck Cannon in the future…”

Kristen blushed and didn’t want to, Chuck Cannon forced it.

“Why don’t I lend you the office too? So the two clears?” Kristen said thoughtfully.

This time it was Zelda Maine’s turn to blush, which was a bit irritating and exciting.

However, Chuck Cannon’s consent is required, and it is best to agree. Then if Chuck Cannon’s permission is obtained, then oneself will be pregnant and give birth to a baby.

I won’t be so lonely afterwards.

“Stop talking, go eat,”

“Well, the two of us said this is inappropriate,”

Lara returned by plane and went to the square. She didn’t find Chuck Cannon. When she asked Yolanda, she told her that Chuck Cannon had gone to the United States. She was stunned, holding her mobile phone in a loss. This time she came back to meet Chuck Cannon. Thinking of going to the United States, when will he come back?

Lara was lost to go to her milk tea shop, alas, how could this be? She didn’t think about it anymore. She sent a message to Chuck Cannon in WeChat and he didn’t reply. What should she do?

Does Chuck Cannon not like herself at all? If you know that you have such a good figure, he should like it, but when she was in Logan’s house in the capital, her door was not locked, and Chuck Cannon did not come over at night.

Lara sighed sadly. …

“Master, we have arrived in the United States,” Betty Li woke up Chuck Cannon.

Yes, after flying for so long, They finally arrived in the United States.

Chuck Cannon woke up and found that Yvette had already been sitting next to him, watching him sleep just now.

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, Yvette’s complexion improved a lot, and Chuck Cannon pulled Yvette’s hand.

“Husband,” Yvette said.

“Don’t worry, my mother will solve the murder order, and don’t worry if you see my mother.” Chuck Cannon comforted.

He knew that Yvette would not do it in front of him, if she did it, Yvette would also tell himself.

“En.” Yvette sighed. She wanted to kill Karen Lee again and asked her to help. This… tangled.

Yvette was, particularly at a loss.

After the plane stopped, Betty Li took Chuck Cannon and Yvette down, while Karen Lee was still dealing with some things in other parts of the country. Let Betty Li take Chuck Cannon to settle down first, and Karen Lee would be here in a few days.

Betty Li knew about the headquarters of the killer organization, but Karen Lee didn’t come, and she couldn’t bring Chuck Cannon like this. Yvette went over, what if something went wrong?

After leaving the airport, Chuck Cannon couldn’t say with emotion. This is the first time he has been to abroad. It feels a little different. There are all kinds of American beauties on the streets. Their bodies are different from Chinese women, and they have special bumps. They all have big eyes and a high nose.

Chuck Cannon was thinking in his heart that Ouyang Fei and Black Rose had already come to the United States long ago, and they have photos of Black Rose in their hands. Isn’t it easy to find her? As long as the photos are sent, Black Rose will definitely come to find himself, and set up a net to see how she runs!!

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