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Chapter 511: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 511 I’ m Rich

Why was he so cheeky? He really didn’t care about what she was saying.

“Qiqi, you…”

The man with glasses was just about to approach Qiqi, Qiqi immediately took several steps back, keeping a distance from him. She said seriously, “anyway, I will not like you. Also, do not bother me, no food or gifts. Please.”

After saying that, Qiqi turned around and left.

Standing behind her, the man laughed and shouted, “Qiqi, I’ll be waiting for you!”

When he shouted, Qiqi stumbled and almost fell down.

Hey, how did she get such an oddball? Damn it.

Qiqi looked up, almost crying out.

The rumors in college always spread fast and only within a few days, almost everyone in the department knew that there was a lovey-dovey boy who often sent gifts to Qiqi.

When someone met Qiqi, they even made fun of her.

Every time, Qiqi tried to explain, but they didn’t listen. Instead, they thought Qiqi was tempting him by keeping some distance.

After a long time, Qiqi really didn’t want to explain anything.

One day, Qiqi was about to return a book to the library when she happened to run into the union president on the alley.

The president was a girl, but she liked the man with glasses for a long time. But the man had no interest in her.

Now the rumors were all over, so she was having a tough time.

When she saw Qiqi, like others, she also joked, but no one knew what she was thinking inside.

Seeing Qiqi holding a lot of books, she smiled and asked, “to the library?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Where’s your boyfriend? Didn’t he come to the library with you?”

Smiling awkwardly, Qiqi said, “why don’t I know I have a boyfriend?”

“Stop it. We all know it’s the one who sends you gifts.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. He’s not my boyfriend.”

Obviously, it had been a fact that all knew, but Qiqi still denied, making the president think she was hypocritical, who also felt sorry for the man with glasses.

“Hey, he cares so much about you and don’t you think he’ll be hurt when he knows you said this?”

“It has nothing to do with hurt. He’s really not my boyfriend.”

“Hmph. Lying.”

The president’s weird attitude made Qiqi annoyed, so she frowned and said, “oops, I need to go now.”

Then Qiqi was about to leave.

But when she looked up, she bumped into another one.


Then the book in her arms were about to fall to the ground.

Fortunately, the man was so nimble that all the books were held between the two’ s chests.

Although this prevented books from falling to the ground, the posture of Qiqi and the man was very ambiguous.

Qiqi did not look up, but she knew that it was a man. Blushing, she immediately put the book in order, saying, “I’m sorry.”

“Why are you always so reckless?”

The voice full of teasing made Qiqi froze.

Looking up, Qiqi drowned in his beautiful eyes. The time seemed to stop.

Yuqi Xiao looked at Qiqi with a smile and he seemed to satisfy with her reaction of being attracted by him.

However, the president behind them coughed, for she thought it’s not proper for them to do such a thing here.

Qiqi immediately came back to her senses and immediately pushed Yuqi away. She said, flushing, “Mr. Mu. Glad to see you. What are you doing here?”

“Oh, I happened to pass by, so I want to come to see if I can run into you.”

Yuqi didn’t tell the truth. Yuqi was indeed passing by, but he came for Qiqi on purpose.

Yuqi thought that he was very busy these days and would gradually lose interest in her and forget her.

Unfortunately, the more Yuqi wanted to forget her, the more clearly he remembered, and he even didn’t have any appetite.

Every time he ate something delicious, he was thinking if Qiqi was here, she would gobble it all up, which was exactly what Yuqi loved to see.

Thinking about it, Yuqi could not help but come to Qiqi.

The first moment they met, he bumped into Qiqi, so was this a reward?

Facing Yuqi’s constant gaze, Qiqi blushed and didn’t even know what to say.

And her shyness was noticed by Yuqi. Now she was like delicious and sweet ice-cream and Yuqi really wanted to eat her.

Taking a look at the books Qiqi were holding, Yuqi asked, “are you busy?”

“Fine, now I have to go to the library to return the books.”

“Then let’s have lunch together. My treat today.”

Only by now did Qiqi remember he owed her a favor.

There was no class in the afternoon, and she didn’t need to do her part-time job, so she could go with him and have a meal. Qiqi nodded and said with a smile, “fine, wait for me please and I’ll go return the books first.”

“Let’s go together. You can just show me around.”

“Then, I can be your guide. Our campus scenery is awesome, like the maple road ahead, Furong Lake and so on… They are quite famous and many people will specially come here to take pictures.”

“Then later, like others, let’s take a picture, shall we?”

“Sure, I’ll take a picture for you.”

Qiqi and Yuqi were walking in front of the president. Seeing the two, the president fell silent.

Walking with Qiqi in campus, Yuqi seemed to have regained his simple student life.

Qiqi kept talking, with a relaxed and lively tone. She seemed to have a magical power to dispel Yuqi’ s tiredness, which made him couldn’t help but get closer to Qiqi, as if he could get constant source of enthusiasm and warmth.

Standing in front of the maple road, Qiqi looked up at the dense leaves above, squinting and said, “these trees are old. Some of them even are more than a hundred years old, witnessing…”


Before Qiqi could finish her words, Yuqi suddenly called her from behind.

Qiqi turned around and saw that Yuqi was taking pictures with his phone.

Covering her face in a sec, Qiqi said, “oh, I’m not ready yet. My face will look big if you take a picture like this.”

Yuqi took the phone and admired the photo on it and the smile on his face got sweeter and he said, “it’s already big enough. Don’t worry.”

“Let me have a look.”

Qiqi leaned over to check it.

But the big face on Yuqi’ s phone took up three-quarters of the screen, scaring herself.

“OMG, what the hell is this? Delete it!”

Qiqi reached out to grab the phone, but Yuqi dodged it and put the phone in his pocket, saying, “it’s fine, I won’t delete it.”

“The face looks big. Nonsense. Delete it.”

“At the very least, the smile is very nice. Every time I see it, I can laugh for a while.”

Qiqi was really speechless.

“Mr. Mu…”

“Well, this is the library, right? Aren’t you going to return the books? Hurry up.”

Yuqi said and pushed Qiqi forward, signaling her to be quick. He didn’t want to cancel their meal.

Qiqi had no choice but to return the books first, and when she had the chance, she could delete the ugly photos in Yuqi’ s phone.

Thinking about the photos, Qiqi didn’t notice it’s weird that people around her were staring at her.

After returning the books, Qiqi got into Yuqi’ s car and asked, “where are we going to eat later?”

“It’s a secret. When we get there, you’ll know.”

It’s just a meal, but why did he make it so mysterious?

Raising her eyebrows, she listened to the music radio in the car, which played a song that she liked, so she immediately got high and catch the beat.

Seeing Qiqi was so happy, Yuqi laughed out.

It was obvious that there was nothing to be so happy, but with Qiqi, it always seemed to be very relaxed, and he just wanted to laugh and laugh.

In the relaxed atmosphere, Yuqi drove to a Japanese restaurant.

The place was exquisitely decorated and it was clear that it was expensive.

“So, we’re eating Japanese food today.”


“Are you sure?”

Yuqi laughed and said, “it’s just a meal. Why do you ask that?”

“Because I can eat a lot. I can make you go bankrupt.”

Seeing Qiqi got serious, he laughed out again. Then, he reached out to rub Qiqi’ s hair and said, “don’t worry. I have enough money to make you full.”

“Then thank you so much,” hearing this, Qiqi rubbed her palms and said with a smile, “Sushi, sashimi, tempura… here I come!”

Qiqi walked into the shop with her head lifting high, but after seeing the prices on the menu, she got depressed.

The price made Qiqi’ s palms got sweaty, and in the end, she closed the menu to cover her face, whispering to Yuqi.

“Let’s just change another place.”

“Why, don’t you like it?”

Qiqi shook her head with an exaggerated expression, “it’s really too expensive. I don’t know how can it be so expensive. Ridiculous.”

Hearing this, Yuqi smiled and said, “my treat today. Don’t worry about me.”

Yuqi looked like “I am rich” and his expression was very arrogant.

“It’s just noy because of your treat. The money spent here one time is enough in school for a year!”

“You will know it’s worth when you try it. The food quality ad taste here deserves the price.”


Qiqi was still hesitating, so Yuqi tried to persuade, “street stalls are delicious, but this kind of star restaurant, is also good. Don’t you want to figure out the difference between the two?”

Though he was true, but Qiqi didn’t want him to spend so much to treat her.

Timidly looking at Yuqi, Qiqi said, “but it’s so expensive. I can’t afford to treat you back.”

“It’s just food to fill your stomach. Why do you have to divide the class? Isn’t it most important to eat happily?”

Yuqi was eloquent. Compared to him, Qiqi was just a chicken.

The most crucial thing was that Qiqi agreed his words.

The pictures on the menu were so fascinating that Qiqi just almost drooled.

Seeing Qiqi agreed, Yuqi said again, “besides, rich people like us earn so much and we need to spend it, otherwise why do we work so hard?”

“Well, that makes sense.”

“Yes, it is. Right, so now, can we order now?”

Qiqi smiled and said, “sure.”

Yuqi reached out to signal Qiqi to open the menu and order.

After Qiqi finished ordering, she handed the menu to Yuqi.

Yuqi didn’t even look at it and he said to the waiter, “please, double the things this lady has ordered.”

“Okay, please wait for a moment.”

When the waiter left, Qiqi admired him a lot.

Finding Qiqi’s gaze, Yuqi asked, “what’s going on?”

“I must tell you’re especially handsome today.”

“Only today?”

“You’re handsome every day, but today is the most.”

Yuqi was amused by Qiqi’ s serious look.

He shook his head with a very helpless look and said, “food can make you say something you actually don’t agree. You really have no principle.”

“I’m a very honest person. I can only say the temptation is too hard to resist.”

“Then later, eat more.”

Qiqi patted her chest and said, “don’t worry. I will definitely live up to your expectations.”

Next, Qiqi did indeed did it. Her ferocious appetite was true and the empty plates were put one over on, and the speed of her eating gradually slowed down.

Finally, Qiqi put down the last empty plate, then burped.


Qiqi was satisfied and said with a smile, “not just full. I’m about to blow up.”

At this moment, Qiqi was like a cat, lazy and cute, making Yuqu wanted to tease her.

But before Yuqi could tease her, Qiqi suddenly stopped talking.

Seeing that Qiqi seemed to be in some pain, Yuqi asked, “what’s going on?”

Reaching out to press her stomach, Qiqi said, “my stomach hurts.”

“Eat too quickly?”

“Maybe,” looking up and smiling at Yuqi, Qiqi said with some difficulty, “it’s okay. It should be fine in a while.”

“Let’s go out for a walk and see if you can get better.”


When Yuqi paid the bill, Qiqi didn’t have the time to worry about the money, because her stomach hurt more and more.

Just now, she was able to walk a few steps, but now, it hurt so much even just to stand.

As soon as Yuqi turned around, he saw Qiqi’ s face turned pale and her forehead got sweaty.

Frowning, Yuqi asked, “I don’t think you’re good. Let’s go to the hospital.”

It’s already troublesome enough, so how could she ask him to take her to the hospital?

Besides, it’s really embarrassing to go to hospital for eating too much.

Looking up, Qiqi said to Yuqi, “it’s fine. I’ll just go back and drink some hot water. Drinking hot water is a panacea and it will definitely help.”

He knew Qiqi forced herself to smile, but Yuqi didn’t say anything and just took Qiqi to the car.

Qiqi thought that Yuqi was convinced by himself, so she felt relaxed, sitting on the seat.

As soon as she got relaxed, her stomach hurt even more, as if something was stirring inside, making Qiqi keep sweating.

Gently closing her eyes, Qiqi wished she could concentrate on the song to distract herself.

But as she listened, Qiqi fell asleep.

When she came back to her senses, she felt it’s bumpy. She was warm and she could her steady heartbeat.

Qiqi tried to open her eyes, and then, she found Yuqi was holding herself, running fast and furiously.

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