It must be that Black Rose can’t run.

However, Chuck Cannon still needs to solve Yvette Jordan’s killing order first. After all, this US is originally the base camp of the killer organization, and it is easier to find a killer to kill Yvette Jordan.

Then he would settle Black Rose and Ouyang Fei.

Score the importance of things.

“Master, let’s go to eat first, the car is ready,” Betty Li had been staying with Karen Lee in the US before.

She knows the United States very well. The United States is the base camp of the killer organization, but it is also the base camp of Karen Lee.


Chuck Cannon was also hungry. He took Yvette Jordan’s hand and followed Betty Li into a car.

When they arrived at a western restaurant, it was very luxurious. Chuck Cannon doesn’t know English. He asked Yvette Jordan. Yvette Jordan knew. She was a master when she was studying, and her English was as good as Chinese.

“This restaurant consumes a lot of money,” Yvette Jordan saw it, surprised, her eyes looked at Betty Li.

“Master, this is yours,” Betty Li said.

Karen Lee has been developing in the United States. Karen Lee has countless industries. This kind of restaurant is just a drop in the bucket. In the United States, there are at least more than 300 such restaurants in all major states.

Chuck Cannon thought about it and smiled, and the three of them went in.

After eating, Betty Li received a call from Karen Lee. After talking to Karen Lee, Betty Li gave her mobile phone to Chuck Cannon.

“Mom,” Chuck Cannon was excited. He hadn’t seen his mother for a while and didn’t know what his mother was up to.

“En, Chuck, I have something to deal with. I will stay a few days first, and I will come and find you,” Karen Lee was indeed dragged down by the incident.

Fortunately, the United States is her own place, Chuck Cannon will not be in any danger!

“Well, mom, Yvette’s pursuit of the killing order…” Chuck Cannon is most concerned about this.

If Yvette Jordan has been chased by the killer, there will always be times when he misses.

“Well… how can I tell you that I can save Yvette Jordan. In the United States, the boss behind the killer organization can’t do anything to Yvette Jordan, but will Yvette Jordan stay in the United States forever?”

“No, Yvette Jordan is from Huaxia, why would she want to stay in the U.S. forever?” Chuck Cannon was unwilling. No matter how good the U.S. is, she is from China, so if her roots are in China, she must return to China.

“Well, I see. The boss behind the killer organization is a bit contradictory with me. She is… I don’t want you to see someone who has no moral integrity.” Karen Lee has a headache.

She, Karen Lee have headaches, mainly because the two people met before, but there are also contradictions, and they have no ethics. Karen Lee usually doesn’t want to contact.

Externally, this boss is a cold-blooded animal, but Karen Lee knows what character this woman is.

“No morals? Mom, what are you trying to say?” Chuck Cannon was taken aback.

“It’s nothing, that’s fine. Let Betty Li take you and Yvette Jordan to a casino. You go in and play in the name of the boss, and I will be there later.” After Karen Lee thought about it, he thought it was OK. Row.

Chuck Cannon hadn’t gambled before, so losing some money to the boss is a sign of favour, so let’s talk a little bit later.

“I don’t know how to gamble, mother, I’m afraid of losing money.” Chuck Cannon doesn’t want to get into this habit. Gambling is not enough to lose.

What’s more, he has never played this. When he was young, he played dice and played with Yvette Jordan. However, Chuck Cannon has a good hearing and often wins against Yvette Jordan and makes Yvette Jordan happy.

When they were ten years old, Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan secretly shook dice in the quilt, which was very interesting.

Now that he thinks about it, he should play some other tricks at that time, but Chuck Cannon was still young and not precocious.

“Stupid boy, just play, how much can you lose?” Karen Lee chuckled lightly.

“Mom, I will lose a lot.”

“It’s okay, just play, my money, even if you lose for a lifetime, you can’t finish losing, don’t you know?” Karen Lee said.

Yes, Karen Lee’s real industry has already controlled one-third of the U.S. industry, and this is only the U.S.

In other countries, half of the hotels, restaurants, and all consumer industries belong to Karen Lee. Even in a few small countries, all industries belong to Karen Lee. Karen Lee bought everything in whichever country she went to. She is the female emperor, she has the final say.

The money received every day is uncountable. How much can Chuck Cannon lose?

The speed of losing will always be slower than the speed of making money is fast, what’s more, Karen Lee is still expanding herself. This is a terrible thing, and Karen Lee has a big heart.

“I see, mother, you are really rich,” Chuck Cannon will have a degree even if he plays.

“Hehe,” Karen Lee felt happy, being praised by her own son, which is happier than being praised by anyone.

This relieved Karen Lee’s emotions of being kicked out by the Lee family.

“Stupid boy, no matter how much money I have, it will be yours. All are, you know?” Karen Lee said with a light smile.

“En,” Chuck Cannon was moved.

He was always poor when he was a child, but he didn’t expect his mother to be so rich, and all of them belonged to him.

“Mom, you didn’t consider having one more?” Chuck Cannon asked, so that mom’s money can be balanced.

“Me? How old am I? I’m forty years old and still alive? Just have you. Don’t think about it. Go to the casino and play whatever you want. Don’t worry about the money…” Karen Lee couldn’t laugh or cry. It sounds funny, like chatting with a few years old son.

However, Karen Lee’s physical fitness is so good, even if she is old, she is an advanced parturient, but she can give birth, and her body is here.

But Karen Lee didn’t have this idea, it was enough to have a son.


“Hang up, I will go to you, even if you just play.”


“Give Betty Li the phone, let me talk to her,”


Chuck Cannon gave the phone to Betty Li.

“Wife, we will go to the casino later,” Chuck Cannon said happily.

“Casino? Husband, will you?” Yvette Jordan was astonished.

“Remember when we were young, we two were playing dice under the covers? Whoever loses will pull out one’s hair,” Chuck Cannon felt himself hanging, even though he was young.

“Remember,” Yvette Jordan smiled. Of course, she did. She doesn’t understand now, why Chuck Cannon always win?

Even five dice can be shaken into a pile, optimizing the sky.

It’s very powerful, but it’s been a long time since Yvette Jordan felt boring at that time. With the pressure of studying, she didn’t want to play.

“Let’s play again, whoever loses…” Chuck Cannon said in Yvette Jordan’s ear, Yvette Jordan blushed, “What a little bad guy…”

“Playing?” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

“Play, husband,I will play if you want to play.” Yvette Jordan said, also nostalgic for the two little guesses when she was a child, but playing now, it’s definitely not losing her hair.

“Master, shall we pass now?” Betty Li hung up, and Karen Lee had already explained to her.

“En,” Chuck Cannon was looking forward to it and wanted to play with this.

After all, he still has a little bit of rolling the dice. Although he hasn’t played for a long time, his hearing is still there. What’s more, after learning to fight, after training, he is more sensitive and alert.

With alertness, it will increase your concentration, listen with one mind, and listen to the dice better.

“Then young master, Yvette Jordan, get in the car, it’s a little far away,” Betty Li said.

Chuck Cannon doesn’t matter, the three of them got in the car.

Three hours later, Chuck Cannon saw a particularly luxurious casino that looked like a palace. The parking lot was full of luxury cars and all kinds of beauties. The casino was a place where there was a mixed bag, and money could do everything.

There are still many Chinese people in and out of the casino, so there are a lot of beautiful translators and English translators at the door because some Chinese do not speak English.

“Hey, there is a Mercedes-Benz coming over there. Seeing that the three inside are all Chinese, there must be a lack of translators.” A beautiful beauty walked over with a smile, and other translators also ran over.

“Hello, do you need an interpreter? One hundred dollars an hour, which is very cheap.” These interpreters surrounded Chuck Cannon’s car. Those who can drive this kind of car must be rich!

Chuck Cannon, Yvette Jordan, and Betty Li have come out. Most of the time Betty Li was in the U.S., she is as fluent in English as the U.S., so she definitely doesn’t need it.

“Husband, do you need an interpreter?” Yvette Jordan asked.

“Wife, how much do you cost an hour?” Chuck Cannon smiled. Yvette Jordan can speak English, so why do you want to translate?

“Me? Cheap, as long as.” Yvette Jordan hadn’t finished speaking, Chuck Cannon gave her a kiss, “Is that enough?”

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