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Chapter 512: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 512 An Embarrassing Moment

Qiqi was a bit shocked, just as she wanted to say something, she felt painful.

She felt nothing while sleeping, now the pain would almost kill her.

Hearing Qiqi’s voice, Yuqi Mu sped up. After seeing the doctor, he immediately said, “The patient gets stomachache, and she has already fainted once.”

“Please hand her to us, we will take care of her.”

Then Qiqi was brought away by the nurse, she turned to look at Yuqi Mu and felt that they were getting further.

She even felt a sense of death.

Qiqi shook her head, and didn’t want to think more.

After some checks, the results came out.

Before telling them, the doctor looked serious with a frown.

Seeing his expression, Qiqi felt very nervous and upset.

“Doctor, will I die?”

“You ……”

“I don’t want to die, I’m so young, I still have to be an agent in the future.”

Before the doctor saying, Qiqi cried sadly and guessed some bad situations.

The doctor was helpless, he waved his hand to Qiqi and said, “Don’t worry, it’s just gastroenteritis, you can leave here once you take the injection and medicine.”


Qiqi didn’t expect to hear this, she was a bit stunned and looked at the doctor with confusion.

Seeing this, the doctor laughed, “Are you dissatisfied with this result?”

“Of course not, you looked serious just now, I thought I had a cancer.”

“I have rhinitis, sorry.”

Well, she knew the fact, thinking of her ridiculous behaviors, Qiqi smiled. But soon, she felt shameless.

Needless to say, it must be related to those fresh sashimi.

It was she who refused Yuqi Mu’s suggestion. Now she was sent to the hospital, it was really embarrassing.

The more she thought, the more shameless she became. She didn’t know how to face Yuqi Mu. However, the next moment, he appeared.

After hearing that the check was over, Yuqi Mu went to visit Qiqi in the ward.

But as soon as he entered the ward, Qiqi curled up like a shrimp.

She was pretending to sleep, but her phone rang at this time.


Qiqi cursed and took her phone.

“Qiqi, where are you?”

It was from the man with glasses. He was really clingy.

Qiqi was in bad mood now, so she answered impatiently, “I want to sleep now, don’t disturb me!”

Then she hung up the phone and then closed her eyes.

Actually, she said this to Yuqi Mu, hoping that he would leave the ward quietly.

Unfortunately, Yuqi Mu did the opposite way.

He just walked to Qiqi and asked with a smile, “You look much better now.”

However, Qiqi didn’t answer him and turned to the other side.

Seeing this, Yuqi Mu was stunned and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I feel good now.”

Qiqi’s voice was a bit hoarse, as if to remind Yuqi Mu that she was a patient who needed care and love.

Thinking like this, Yuqi Mu looked at her kindly and said, “You are still weak and need to have more rest.”

Qiqi hid her face in the blanket, and said in a muffled voice, “I just eat to much. Don’t worry.”

“No, it’s a big problem, you mustn’t take care of yourself in the school.”

Yuqi Mu did not mention the Japanese food at all, which made Qiqi feel better.

Hearing this, Qiqi echoed, “You’re right, I’m tired of studying.”

“Take care of yourself, health is very important, I’ve learned from this.”

Hearing this, Qiqi didn’t feel embarrassed at all and asked curiously, “Why do you say this?”

“No, but it was similar to that, I worked so busy and neglected my health, when I was lying in the hospital, I knew that health is of vital importance.”

Then, Yuqi Mu stared at Qiqi and said seriously, “You really scared me just now, you have to care about those who love you and take care of yourself.”

“Then, are you one of them?”

Once the words fell, both of them were stunned.

Qiqi lowered her head and felt embarrassed, why did she say that stupid words? It was really awkward now, Yuqi Mu must be laughing at her!

Qiqi really wanted to hid herself, however, after thinking for a while, Yuqi Mu said, “Of course I care about you, you are a good girl.”

Yuqi Mu’s words made Qiqi flushed, she was very shy and a bit excited.

Qiqi told herself not to think much, maybe he said this for easing the embarrassment. However, she couldn’t suppress her feelings, she felt like flying!


Seeing that Qiqi kept silent and lowered her head, Yuqi Mu thought she was uncomfortable again, so he asked her.

Qiqi quickly calmed down and said in a serious manner, “The doctor said I can leave, I want to go back to school first.”

“Now? But I’m not worried, you can stay at my house and go back tomorrow.”


Qiqi didn’t know how to answer, seeing this, Yuqi Mu flicked her forehead and asked, “Why aren’t you talking?”

Qiqi touched her forehead and said, “I don’t want to bother you. I can go back to school.”

“Well, don’t be polite, you can just sleep in the guestroom, or do you think I will do something to you?”

Qiqi sighed in her heart and muttered, “I’m afraid of myself.”

“What did you say?”

After realizing what she had said, Qiqi quickly stopped and felt regret. How could she be that stupid?

Qiqi closed her eyes and shook her head in a weak manner, “Nothing.”

“Then do as I said, have more rest and go back to school tomorrow.”

After saying this, Yuqi Mu left the ward and went to paid the fee.

However, Qiqi was still lying in the bed, she really wanted to hide somewhere.


Although she didn’t want to stay with Yuqi Mu, she felt pleased when lying on the soft bed.

The bed was really comfortable. After living outside with Anna for a while, she had gotten used to such soft bed.

But since Anna got married, she had to come back to the dorm, the small bed made her really uncomfortable.

It was great to enjoy such a large bed when she was sick.

Qiqi had forgotten about her worries and smiled happily.


The knock of the door suddenly shocked Anna, then she acted seriously.

“Qiqi, are you still awake?”

Then Qiqi answered, “Yes.”

Hearing this, Yuqi Mu walked in.

“Since you haven’t slept, eat some hot porridge first.” Yuqi Mu brought the porridge to Qiqi under her gaze. “You have to eat something light first.”

Looking at the bowl of porridge, Qiqi asked, “Did you make this?”


“So, you know how to cook!”

Qiqi’s tone and expression made Yuqi Mu smiled and asked, “Do you think I’m useless?”

Qiqi hurriedly waved her hand and said, “I didn’t mean that, but you are a smart man, I don’t expect you to do this for me.”

However, Yuqi Mu caressed Qiqi’s head and said, “Well, eat the porridge and have a good rest.”

“I know.”

Just as she was eating, the phone rang. It was from Chuxue.

Qiqi thought it was weird at first, but suddenly she realized that it was her working time now!

Chuxue must be very anxious for she didn’t tell her.

So, she quickly answered and said carefully, “Chuxue, I may ask for leave today.”

“What’s going on?”

“I ……”

“Qiqi, I put it here, remember to eat them all.”

“I know.”

Qiqi nodded dumbly, then was about to explain to Chuxue.

However, Chuxue said first, “Is that Yuqi Mu?”


Chuxue frowned and asked, “Why does he there? Why do you stay with him?”

“Well, we went for dinner tonight, however, I felt sick and was sent to hospital, so Mr. Mu asked me to stay here and have a rest. I’ll go back to school tomorrow.”

“Then you listened to him?”


Hearing this, Chuxue was speechless. She was worried, compared with the illness, Yuqi Mu was more dangerous.

But she’d better talk to Yuqi Mu.

After taking a deep breath, Chuxue said, “Since you’re sick, have a rest and come when you’re well.”


After hanging up the phone, Chuxue immediately called Yuqi Mu.

Seeing the call, Yuqi Mu smiled.


“Yuqi Mu, you promised me not to lure Qiqi!”

“I do nothing! I’m just taking care of her. Since she gets sick, how can I leave her alone?”

“Don’t pretend to be a good man in front of me, I know you well, keep distance from her, she is innocent, don’t take her as your goal.”

“Chuxue, do you think that only coquettes can match me? Can’t I find a innocent girl?”

Such serious question made Chuxue a bit stunned.

Before Chuxue answered him, Yuqi Mu smiled bitterly and said, “You are right, I’m just a playboy. Don’t worry, I will do nothing to her, I will send her back to school tomorrow.”

Chuxue frowned slightly and asked, “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine, I’m long used to being misunderstood by you.”

“You act strange today, are you irritated by something? Is there anything wrong about your company?”

“I’m find, I just want to talk to you, I’ll hang up now.” After saying this, he hung up the phone, which made Chuxue a bit stunned.

Could it be that she acted indifferent just now?

Just as she was doubting herself, she suddenly looked up at the calendar and then narrowed her eyes.

“Yuqi Mu, you are really a rascal!”

It turned out that at the beginning of every month, Yuqi Mu would fool others.

Of course, what he said just now were lies. Fortunately, she was alert, or she would be cheated as well. Chuxue was very furious.

The other side.

Yuqi Mu was staring at outside with his arms put on the window frame.


The next day, Qiqi felt better.

But her face was still a bit pale and her appetite was not very good. She looked a bit weak.

Yuqi Mu drove Qiqi back and urged her to take the medicine properly.

Qiqi nodded and waved her hands, “It’s too late, I have to go to class. Thank you for what happened yesterday.”

Yuqi Mu smiled faintly and said, “Don’t be polite, just have your classes now.”

Qiqi smiled and then walked to school.

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