Chapter 513 – 514: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 513: Kill the accumulated spirits like killing dogs

“You, come in here!”

Lord Hengyang was very angry. He rolled painting scroll and Lord Lingyuan was sucked in the painting, any resistance was useless.

“Hum, old dog, you haven’t made any progress at all!” Lord Hengyang said.

As soon as he finished, three attacks came to him.

“Old dog Lingyuan, you set me up!”

He was just wondering why Lord Lingyuan was taken in by him so easily. It turned out that Lord Lingyuan was taking refuge in the painting scroll.

Lord Lingyuan laughed, “Hengyang old dog, let me show you how evil the world is.”

He took out the Drunken Immortal Wine and drank a mouthful of it!

Although the Universe scenery was powerful, it’s not so easy to trap Lord Lingyuan. Just let him rest for a while. The continuous fights were really tiring and consuming.

It’s still an even situation. They were just testing each other.

To put it bluntly, neither of them would want to kill each other, and it wouldn’t cause a war between the two sects. That is to say, they just wanted to fight for pleasure.

In addition, Kris had passed the Thunder Judgment, and the Fruit of Taoist Practice was gone. There’s nothing left to be fought for.

But there was a fierce fight going on in the Pure Yang Sect of Little Bright Holy Land in Escape Immortal Palace.

It could be seen as a second battlefield.

Magic sword lights and Buddha lights filled the whole battlefield.

They almost scared the people in the Sea of Chaos to death. They thought that the sects of the Infinite sea came together to wipe them out, and they fled one by one.

Chen Ye was attacking the wounded and he was already too full!

Thousands of stuff of Pill Formation and hundreds of stuff of Primal Spirit had all fallen into his pocket.

It just felt so good!

These people were knocked down, and they were basically seriously injured. Chen only needed to hit them with one strike.

From the beginning when he helped the elder martial brother strangle the enemy, to this moment when he was focused on attacking the wound to make a fortune, he was very professional.

Anyway, this time he’s full, he might not be doing such a thing for a long time.

A quarter later, the holy light was gone.

Kris’s state has returned to its peak. He felt that he can kill an accumulated spirit with one punch. It’s not a false feeling, he could really do it!

There’s one more acupoint on his body than before, but… his power had increased more than ten times!

When he saw the scene outside through the Sword Energy Cauldron and the God-killing Sword Array, he was also shocked.

He was so absorbed in the Thunder Judgment that he didn’t notice what was happening outside.

Now it seemed that a battle broke out, and he’s probably the cause!

The fight between Lord of Vipers and Lord of Sparks was fierce, and they even showed their real formations. How fierce it was1

The remaining seven accumulated spirits were also injured.

Several of the primal spirits died.

The aftermath of the battle also spread to Tianlang island. If he had not set up a large defensive array, none of the disciples on the island would have survived.

Looking at Lord Miaoyuan and Lord Jiyuan were fighting the enemies, he was wondering where Lord Lingyuan was.

Did something bad happen to him?


Kris exploded in an instant!

He broke the boundary!

With the magic power, Kris instantly came out of the Sword Energy Cauldron.

The Sword energy Cauldron kept the enemies from entering, but could not stop Kris from coming out. Therefore, his didn’t even have to use his power.

Then he went through the God-killing Sword Array.

Kris came to the Lord of Vipers and saw that he was fighting against one accumulated spirit in the middle period and two accumulated spirits of the early stage. The scales of Lord of Vipers were splashed and the his snake body was bloody!

“Lord of Vipers, leave it to me!”

As Kris said, he directly raised his fist and bombarded an early stage accumulated spirit.

His fist was wrapped in black and white lights, which was the Taoist strength.


Unable to defend, the man was hit by Kris, and two powerful forces of Taoist Strength directly killed him with hundreds of millions of forces through his body.

There was blood all over the sky, and a light came out.

“Want to escape?”

Kris opened his mouth and spat out a golden flying sword.

The flying sword twisted around the Taoist strength and kills its aura.

It’s totally different to borrow Taoist strength from using one of his own.

Now, Kris had the threat of killing the accumulated spirit. He could genuinely eliminate them.

Killing the accumulated spirit with one blow and one sword, the Lord of Vipers was really dumbfounded.

The other two were also shocked. They dared not sat any longer, and flew with lights as far away as they could!

Before going through the judgment, Kris was able to kill the accumulated spirit of the middle period. After the judgment, his strength increased dramatically. Was it as easy as killing a dog?

“Run away, this God of killing has passed the Thunder Judgment!”

Someone in the crowd exclaimed and the crowd suddenly got alerted!

“Want to escape?”

Kris sneered and hundreds of thousands of sword lights split and cut towards the crowd. Then he saw the Practitioners falling into the sea like rain.

Kris waved his sleeve and countless Storing Rings were taken by him.

Chen by the side was stunned!

When could he be able to kill tens of thousands of practitioners?

“Don’t lose heart. When you get to that level, you’ll be no worse than him.”

Old Gu comforted him.

“Brother Diao, you are so powerful!”

The Lord of Vipers changed his body and looked pale.

Kris took out a magical pill and threw it to him. The Lord of Vipers swallowed it immediately, and the wound was immediately suppressed.

“I’m going to help Sparks Taoist Friend first!”

Lord of Sparks was unlucky. He was fighting two accumulated spirits of the middle period.

These two old spirits were the old demons of the Sea of Chaos. They were both powerful beings who could occupy an island.

After a thousand moves of fighting, Lord of Sparks gradually fell into a disadvantage.

Even the stage that had just been broken through was unstable and might even fall off.

Five Thunder Magic!

The five heavenly thunders fell from the sky, which contained five Taoist Strengths. Although they were rarely mixed, they were enough to seriously injure the Practitioners of the accumulated spirit.


Thunder almost illuminated the sky.

The two old demons were shrouded in a flash.


With a scream, they wanted to escape. How could Kris allow them!

“Yin Yang Upside Down”

The power of Yin Yang Upside Down had been greatly increased after he acquired the Yin Yang Taoist Strength.


“Body Explosion and Escaping Magic!”

One of the old demons directly exploded his hands and broke the magic power with forbidden skill. His body turned into a stream of light and shot towards the distance.

The other wanted to use the “to lock one’s energy” method, but was melted by Kris.

Even its aura had escaped!

After receiving the rings, Kris gave a magical pill to Lord of Sparks.

The fight between the two sides was solved in an instant.

However, Kris felt it such a pity that he could understand the Taoist Strength of blocking.

He could have used the Taoist Strength of Blocking. with a sword light, he could have solved the battle faster.

After a while of illusion, Kris didn’t dare to delay. He turned into a golden light and flew through the crowd, and no one could resist it.

After the battle, seven or eight accumulated spirits died in his hands, and those who were still fighting were frightened by Kris.

They stopped fight right away and all escaped as fast as they could using the light escaping method..

“Elder martial brother Jiyuan, where is the master of the pavilion?”

Kris killed an accumulated spirit of middle period with three moves and defeated Lord Chaoyang of Penglai Sect and came to Lord Jiyuan.

Lord Jiyuan looked at Kris and sighed slightly in his heart. What a promising young man!

He pointed to Lord Hengyang, who was fighting with the three Monster Emperors, “Elder martial brother was taken in by the magic weapon of the old dog.”

“Don’t worry. The elder martial brother went in by himself.”

Lord Jiyuan grabbed Kris, and used Divine Spiritual power to tell him what had happened. Kris nodded and said, “OK, I’ll go and wipe out the others first.”

In fact, in the battle just now, Kris also consumed a lot of mana, physical strength and Taoist Strength.

Although he looked so cool treading on Yin and Yang and acquiring the five elements.

But those were just the seeds of Taoist Strength. It’s unknown how much more time and effort it would take to reach the Fulfilled Period.

The crystals in the acupoint were still changing and it would take some time. Kris did not dare to use too much force.

The battle on Tianlang island was over, but the battle between Pure Yang Sect began.

Just then, his Divine Spiritual Power sensed a furtive figure.

Kris showed a strange smile,” This boy is quite like me, stupid people fight, and the smart people attack from the back and make money silently! “

But it’s the opening day of Nahai Sect. Kris was very angry that people caused such a big mess on such a happy day, and the consequence was going to be very serious!

Of course, he wouldn’t kill them. These were all noble and decent sects. He would only kill the small sects and spare the big families.

It’s not that Kris was afraid. It’s mainly because he had a big family and a big business now. We should make money with amity!

In addition, he would have to rely on them to make a fortune in the future!

Kris came to the top of the battlefield and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, today is the great day of the founding of my Nahai Sect. Do me a favor, don’t…”

“Screw you! Who the hell are you to ask a favor from me?”

“Get out of here, or I’ll fight you too!”

The sound of curse drowned Kris.

The overwhelming attacks were sweeping towards Kris.

He didn’t pay any attention to this level of attack. With Taoist Strength protecting his body, he didn’t even mess up his hair.

“So have declined my request!”

Kris’s voice turned cold.

He rushed into the crowd in an instant and fought with the three large groups of people with pure physical strength.

“Oh, no, I’m going home to see my mom…”

“Let me go. I didn’t curse you just now…”

No matter they were of Pill formation or a primary spirits, even the accumulated spirit must kneel down in front of Kris!

How terrible is it to break through the accumulated spirit period? There are few people who could take a punch because of its power.

Half an hour later, everyone was beaten with their faces black and blue by Kris, and everyone was quiet.

The Practitioners from the three main sects were embarrassed and dared not say a word.

“Have mercy, Taoist Friend, have mercy!”

“You have ruined my good mood. You are asking me to have mercy?”

“You, and you!”

Kris pointed to the accumulated spirits of Little Bright Holy Land and Escape Immortal Palace. “You are the two who cursed me. You have offended me. If you don’t give me a reasonable solution today, you can’t go away!”

With that, Kris pointed them, “Lock!”

The Locking Art was of no use to the primal spirit, but it had a surprisingly good effect on the pill formation.

Sky thunder was rolling. Five thunders were hanging overhead!

Just now, he used the same move to hurt the accumulated spirit of the middle period.

If it should fall down, the disciples brought by themselves would be dead except for the two of them!

They were about to cry, “Taoist, please name your condition!”

Chapter 514: The Ending Of The War

“You have a total of 800 people here, and each of you pays me 10,000 Super Spiritual Stones, OK?” Kris Chen said with a smile.

“What? That’s too much!”

The Lord of Daqing from the Escape Immortal Palace suddenly protested.

“Eight million Super Spiritual Stones, are you robbing?”

T he Bodhisattva Fagui from Little Bright Holy Land glared at Kris.

Kris grinned, “You’re right, I am robbing!”

In the next second, his face became cold, and the sky was thundering, “You’ve destroyed the opening ceremony of my sect, what if I kill you? Don’t be so shameless!”


The deterrence from Kris was too strong. It was indeed unparalleled to kill dozens of accumulated spirits by himself.

Moreover, Kris had condensed Fruit of Taoist Practice, as long as he did not be killed, he would become an actualized spirit within a thousand years.

With Wuji Sword Sect escorting behind, he was unlikely to be killed.

Nahai Sect was not a weak sect. There were ten accumulated spirits in the sect, and the foundation had already surpassed ninety nine percent of the sects.

It was definitely not easy to hinder Kris.

Even if they were from Penglai Holy Sect and Moke Sect.

The Lord of Daqing gritted his teeth, “Okay, I admit that it was our fault this time.”

He slapped the Storing Ring and two Super Spiritual Stone Lodes flew out from it!

Seeing this scene, Fagui said nothing about it.

And he also handed over two Super Spiritual Stone Lodes.

Getting the four Super Spiritual Stone Lodes, Kris nodded and opened the Sect Protection Array and put the four Super Spiritual Stone Lodes into the main peak!

The Spirit Qi doubled again!

“Chen Ye, have you seen it? Please work hard to practise, one day, you will reach this Stage.”

Mr Gu said.

Chen Ye didn’t speak, but his eyes were beaming.

Was this the style of my Big Brother?



At the same time, the Lord of Daqing and the Bodhisattva Fagui made a bow with hands folded in front, preparing to leave with their disciples.

They were shameful to stand here.


Kris shouted.

Daqing and Fagui’s faces turned unsightly, “Is there any other advice, my Taoist friend?”

“You’ve come here already, come in together for a cup of tea and then leave. You would like to leave in such a hurry, do you look down on me?”

Kris said arrogantly.

Daqing and Fagui were so aggrieved but they could do nothing. They couldn’t defeat Kris, and they gave so many spiritual stones to Kris. And Kris even forcibly invited them to be a guest, they had no choice but to go.

Everything in this spiritual world was fake, only the fist was real.

“Such being the case, we will come in together.”

“Amitabha, I will also come in, my Taoist friend.”

They two lowered their heads humiliatingly.

With a wave of his hand, Kris opened the island formation.

He said to the group of practitioners next to him: “Welcome everyone to come and watch the ceremony. The wine is ready, please take your seats.”

Not all sects were willing to looking for trouble. They were so weak that they just come to look for the backer. Those stupid ones who try to get the Fruit of Taoist Practice deserved to die.

On the other side, the Lord of Hengyang was also serious this time. With the help of the Lord of Lieyang, he killed a Monster God, and two monsters hurried away.

By now, the war came to an end, and only the corpses floating on the sea and the reddish water were telling the tragedy just now.

At this time, a shocking sword light shot out from the Lord of Hengyang’s Universe Scenery.

In the next second, the Lord of Lingyuan broke through from inside.

“The magic weapons of my Taoist friend Hengyang are so subtle and infinite, I am willing to candidly admit defeat.”

When the Lord of Lingyuan came out, he knew that the outside world had ended the battle, and said to Hengyang secretly.

At this time, Hengyang was extremely embarrassed, his vestments were torn, there was a blood stain on his chest, and he even lost one of his shoes.

“Lingyuan, let’s wait and see!”

The Lord of Hengyang almost vomited blood, he actually knew the tactics of the Lord of Lingyuan.

Lingyuan was hiding in the Universe Scenery and drinking leisurely, so comfortable, while he became a target of public criticism.

“Hengyang, if you are unwilling to submit, we can fight again!”

The Lord of Jiyuan and the Lord of Miaoyuan stood behind the Lord of Lingyuan. They just had two people, and one of them was quite tired, and his combat power was half.

Fighting again was impossible. “We have remembered what Wuji Sword Sect did.”

After finishing his words, he left with the Lord of Lieyan.

It was really shameful today.

The most important thing was that it was they who took the lead but being beaten like this!

This was also the reason why the Lord of Hengyang wanted to leave.

“Welcome to Wuji Sword Sect in your free time!”

The Lord of Lingyuan shouted loudly at they two, Jiyuan and Miaoyuan laughed.

“Thank you, my three Senior Brothers!”

Kris bowed his hands at they three, and the Lord of Vipers and the Lord of Sparks flashed over.

Lingyuan did not correct the name that Kris called him, and now he was indeed qualified to call Lingyuan Senior Brother.

Although he had the combat power against the accumulated spirit before, he did not know the power of the accumulated spirit at all until he entered the accumulated spirit stage.

“Okay, I warmed up just now, I’ve been so comfortable, and I haven’t played so refreshingly in a long time.”

This kind of battle meant nothing to the Lord of Lingyuan, after all, he was almost stepped into the actualized spirit stage.

If he really wanted to fight, there was no way to survive in the sea area of thousands of miles.

“Now, this is my gift. Although you don’t want to put Nahai Sect as into Sword Sect, you are always members of my Wuji Sword Sect.”

The Lord of Lingyuan said: “There is also a congratulatory gift from the Sovereign Lord, and there is also a sentence for you three, ‘Don’t mind your future, but do good things as you can.’”

Kris took over the Storing Ring. The Lord of Jiyuan and the Lord of Miao Yuan were embarrassed and prepared a gift temporarily.

“We are going, please go back to the sect often if you are free!”

Watching they three leave, Kris, the Lord of Vipers, and the Lord of Sparks felt warm in their hearts.

Wuji Sword Sect carried the three Chinese characters ‘Hu Du Zi’(meaning protecting his own people no matter what happened) to the extreme.

“Let’s look at what the Senior Brothers and the Sovereign Lord gave us first!”

Kris used his Divine Spiritual Power to sweep away, and most of them were magic weapons materials needed by some low-level disciples, as well as systematic exercises, spells, and low-level magical powers.

Of course, there were also advanced ones, ten Super Spiritual Stone Lodes!

Jiyuan and Miaoyuan gave similar gifts.

Another twenty Super Spiritual Stone Lodes had entered the island. Within a thousand years, concentration of the Spirit Qi in the island would not decrease. If they can find Super Spiritual Stone Lodes that can grow, Nahai Sect would truly become a great sect to live on the sea with the foundation for thousands of years, even hundreds of thousands of years.

“Let’s go, go back to entertain the guests!”

After the wine passed three rounds, the food passed five tastes, Kris clapped his hands, and the lights in the hall dimmed instantly.

Everyone stopped to look at Kris under the spotlight on the stage in confusion.

“What is he going to do next?”

“Will he blackmail us again?”

Fagui and Daqing communicated with their Divine Spiritual Power.

The leader of the Pure Yang Sect, the Lord of Mad Sword, had no such trouble.

He and his disciples ate and drank leisurely. They had to admit that the dishes made by Nahai Sect were really very novel and tasted very good.

“Welcome everyone to participate in the opening ceremony of Nahai Sect. Although there were some contradictions at first, now we have turned hostility into friendship after our friendly conversations.”

Kris said with a smile.

“What the fuck! If I can defeat you, I will say something opposite to you!”

Everyone thought in their hearts in unison.

“We Nahai Sect are peace-loving, and hope to work with you to develop the beautiful sea.”

Kris smiled and continued: “I hope everyone will not look at us with prejudice. We are also a member of the Infinite Sea.”

“Why does he say so much bullshit?”

“I don’t know, but I always have a bad feeling in my heart!”

“Hey, just wait and see the changes!”

Kris gave an opening remark. Two female disciples walked out from behind with a tray in their hands.

Everyone stared at the brick-like thing on the tray, and they were all dumbfounded, “Why does he take out two bricks here?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know anymore, this is a magic weapon! It is specially used to knock people!”


“Of course! I was knocked out by a brick just now, and when I woke up, I was left with a pair of underpants!”

“And me, too…”

Hearing everyone’s discussion, Chen Ye felt guilty. He knocked too smoothly just now, as if he knocked the ones of his sect.

“Everyone is curious about this, right?”

Kris asked two disciples, and they both have one in their hand.

One ran outside and another one inside.

“Now is the time to witness the miracle!”

The brick inside lights up, and the image of the disciple walking outside suddenly appeared.

“Can you see me? Can you hear me?”


The two exchanged a few words, and then stopped. Kris looked at everyone and said, “This is the projector launched by our Nahai Sect!”

“What? That’s photo-taking stone actually.”

Someone in the crowd sneered and said, “Don’t we recognize it as a brick?”

When his words fell, everyone laughed!

Kris was not angry at all, and said with a smile: “Your photo-taking stone can see you from a million miles away, but can you still talk to someone in person?”

“How can the photo-taking stone talk? Anyone with a little common sense knows.”

After speaking, he was stunned, “What are you talking about, can you communicate with each other face to face from a million miles away?”

“Yes, you are very smart!”

Kris smiled and said: “Our projector is powerful, surpassing the best Voice Transmission Stone on the market, and can communicate over two million miles. Not only that, within one million miles, you can communicate face-to-face in person. This extreme feeling is not comparable to Voice Transmission Stone and photo-taking stone.”

“What? The communication distance exceeds two million miles? How… how is this possible?”

The man said exaggeratedly.

If there was someone from a business house, they would understood that this person was a professional undercover agent!

This undercover agent was specially found by Kris.

“Don’t brag, the top-notch Voice Transmission Stone can only express one million miles. How can it be possible that this can express two million miles?”

When the words fell, everyone agreed, “Yes, bragging!”

Kris smiled, “I know you don’t believe it!”

“Come on, let us now connect with the City Lord of the Seaside Holy City!”

After a flash, Mudao Wu’s figure appeared in front of everyone.

“Long time no see, Taoist friend Diao!”

Mudao looked at Kris with a smile.

Kris exchanged greetings with him and turned to look at everyone, “It’s about 1.6 million miles from the Seaside Holy City. Our projector has excellent sound transmission effects, and there is almost no lag. The image is also very clear and stable. This…is the power of our projector!”

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