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Chapter 513: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 513 The Rumors

Until Qiqi was out of reach, Yuqi Mu drove away.

But as soon as he left, a man came out from the darkness, with a grim look.

She was almost late, so Qiqi began to trot.

However, this made her stomach hurt, very uncomfortable.

But just when Qiqi was about to go up the stairs with the pain, a man came out halfway.

Stopping Qiqi, the man with glasses stared at her, and he looked extremely angry.

Qiqi frowned and said impatiently, “get out of my way.”

But the man just ignored her. Then he questioned, “who did you go out with yesterday?”

“It’s none of your business.”

“You’re my girlfriend. So, it’s my business.”

Qiqi laughed and said, “are you crazy? Who’s your girlfriend? Hurry up and get out of the way. I’m late.”

Saying that, she was about to run past the man with glasses.

But the man dragged Qiqi back, which was so rude that it hurt Qiqi.

“Now you’re afraid of being late? Then why did you come back last night? Tell me, where did you go and who were you with?”

Qiqi shook off the man, frowning, and said, “let me tell you, this has nothing to do with you. Don’t tell me what to do or not to do.”

This guy was really annoying. He was insane.

Qiqi was full of impatience and did not want to waste any time on him.

But the man wouldn’t give up. He stared at Qiqi with a fierce look and asked, “tell me, were you with the man who just sent you back?”

Qiqi was annoyed by his question and said provocatively, “so what?”

Her words made the man lose his last hope.

The man snorted and said, “the president told me that you are a fickle woman. At first, I didn’t believe it, but now it seems that I am the only one who completely believes you like a fool! Qiqi, I’ve been so good to you, so how can you go out with others? And you stayed out all night.”

“What are you thinking about? We’re just friends. And we haven’t slept with each other.”

“Humph, how can you two be friends? He’s a man and you’re a woman. What a shame. You degenerate scum.”

The man’s words offended Qiqi. With her fist clenching, she looked at him with hatred, threatening, “bastard, if you keep talking nonsense, I’ll kick your ass.”

“How dare you say this? I’ve gave you a chance and thought you would change, but I didn’t expect you to be so bitchy. You hooked up with someone else’s husband. Don’t you think you ruin their marriage?”

The more the glasses man said, the angrier he got, thinking he had misjudged her. He always thought Qiqi was innocent and cute. At this moment, he only felt she was hypocritical. Her every movement and look were to seduce men.

And Qiqi was confused by his words. “What are you talking about? Ruin the marriage?”

Seeing that Qiqi was still denying, the man yelled, “I know everything. Isn’t that man Anna’s husband? You’re Anna’s good friend, but how dare you seduce her man? I’m really shamed of myself to be interest in you.”

It turned out that he thought Yuqi was Yulin.

Qiqi felt both angry and amused, saying, “I think you’ve misunderstood.”

The man thought Qiqi was laughing at himself, so he widened his eyes and rebuked, “bitch, what are you talking about?”

“He is not Yulin, but Yulin’ s younger brother, Yuqi. The two looks alike, but not they can still be distinguished. How can you not figure it out? Besides, Yulin is now on his honeymoon with Anna. Do you think there is any possibility that he can come back and sleep with me?”

The angry man could no longer listen to any explanation, so he said, “nonsense. I won’t believe your words anymore!”

Qiqi stopped saying more. She really didn’t care what he was thinking. It’s none of her business.

But now, the class was about to start, and Qiqi didn’t want to be late for any reason, so she frowned and asked, “I don’t need you to believe me. Now get out of the way! If you don’t fuck off, I’m going to call the security.”

The man stared at Qiqi with a cold and murderous look and threatened, “Qiqi, I won’t let this go. You’ll pay for it. I don’t allow anyone to deceive me.”

After saying that, the man turned around and left, while Qiqi was puzzled. Gosh, what a bad day.

This man was completely insane. He was abnormal and maybe he should go to see a doctor instead of staying here.

Qiqi rolled her eyes and then ran to the classroom.

Luckily, Qiqi was not late.

However, from the moment Qiqi walked into the classroom, she felt that everyone was staring at her with strange looks.

When she passed by the president, the president gave her a snort. It seemed that Qiqi had make her feel sick.

What’s wrong with them? It’s only been one night, so why did they all change their attitude towards her…

Qiqi sat down and took out the text book, but the president began to talk.

“Hey, don’t get so close to her. She’s got some severe disease.”

When the girl next to Qiqi heard this, she got up and went away.

Qiqi thought she was talking about her enteritis, so she looked up and frowned, saying to the president, “Do you have any common sense? It’s not contagious.”

Seeing Qiqi admitted this, the president raised her voice, “well, I don’t expect you’ll admit this. Why do we have a woman like you, who is so bitchy, in our class? The honor that our class has built up is all ruined by you easily.”

What’s going on this morning? Why was everyone saying something weird?

Qiqi frowned and said, “I just have enteritis, so how can you say bitchy?”

“Hmph, nonsense. Are you sure it’s only enteritis?”


“The teacher is coming.”

The quarrel which was about to start was stopped by the teacher’s showing up. But the two stared at each other, wanting the truth to come out.

When Qiqi sat down, the students around her immediately scattered as if she was a smelly trash.

Qiqi was a little depressed, although she did not know what was going on. One thing Qiqi was sure—she was isolated.

When the class was over, students left the classroom, leaving Qiqi alone.

When ran into some girls she knew, Qiqi quickly walked over and stopped them.

“Let’s go for a cup of coffee later, my treat?”

The girls stopped smiling and their look made Qiqi know they were reluctant to be stopped by her.

“No, thanks. Didn’t you think that we are too fat? We’re on a diet now.”

Saying that, they were going to leave.

It was just a joke and they all knew it was a joke. But now, they used such a silly excuse, so it could be seen that they were trying to draw a line with her.

Qiqi frowned and stopped them again, asking directly, “what’s wrong with you all? Why don’t you want to talk to me?”

“That’s because we were cheated by you. We thought you were simple and honest, so we were willing to make friends with you. But now, we know you and we don’t want to be friends with someone like you.”

Again, she was smeared. No matter how good-tempered she was, Qiqi was about to lose control.

“Me? What have I done? Tell me!”

“This is what you want to hear, so don’t blame us.” A woman raised her jaw and said, “you already have a boyfriend, but you are still having an affair with a rich man. Besides, you’re his mistress. And the marriage you ruin is your friend’ s marriage.”

“One of the things is enough to make people disgusted of you. Tell us, how can we still treat you as a friend? In the future, don’t greet us or ask us out. We don’t want others to misunderstand us. We’re not the same.”

What she was saying made Qiqi tremble in anger.

Indeed, such a woman was really annoying, even Qiqi hated such bitches.

But she didn’t do this. She was not having an affair…All these had nothing to do with her.

Qiqi stared at the girls and asked, “who told you all this?”

“Everyone is talking about you.”

“You believe this? Don’t you know rumors can kill one?”

“If it was not true, who would be so boring to make up these and create rumors about you?”

“Yes. Many people saw you and Yulin go to the library together that day, so close to each other.”

Qiqi was so mad that she grabbed her hair and said, “again, it’s not Yulin, but Yuqi.”

Unfortunately, her explanation was of no use. It seemed that girls didn’t care what the truth was, as long as there was a target to be attacked, so that they could gossip.

Just as now, there was an evidence to make Qiqi innocent, but they turned a blind eye to it and even denied it.

“We don’t know them, so how can we know it’s true or not.”

“Indeed. Even if this is a lie, we don’t know.”

“Or, you deliberately let the two brothers swap their identities to cover up the truth.”

The girls amused themselves as they wanted, while Qiqi was getting desperate.

She looked down, muttering, “if you don’t know, just aske me. How can you assume a person is guilty because of that? It’s ridiculous.”

“We don’t have time to do that. Anyway, keeping distance from you is the best choice for us all.”


Qiqi was about to say something else, but they had already left, as if they were avoiding the plague.

Looking at their backs, Qiqi suddenly felt sad.

At that time, Anna also faced many rumors and gossips.

But at that time, Qiqi was with Anna and she could comfort and support her.

But now, she had to face all this alone.

It’s indeed awful to be misunderstood by others…

Qiqi took a deep breath and kept walking with her head down.

In fact, Qiqi was not feeling well, and she felt worse for being isolated by her classmates, so she did not want to work at the dessert place in the afternoon.

But when she thought that she had already taken a day off yesterday, Qiqi was too embarrassed to ask Chuxue again, so she had to go to work.

When she came to the dessert place, Qiqi saw Chuxue studying something on the computer, so she greeted her.

“Chuxue, hi. How are you?”

Seeing Qiqi, Chuxue immediately stood up and walked to her, seizing her up.

“Good. Qiqi, are you feeling better?”

Although Qiqi was sick, Chuxue was too much, as if Qiqi had a severe disease.

Why the people she saw today were so strange?

Qiqi forced a smile and said, “well, better. Thanks.”

“But you don’t look good.”

Of course she didn’t look good. How could she still pretend as if nothing had happened?

“It’s just my classmates…”

Qiqi originally wanted to tell Chuxue all this, but she knew nothing would change after Chuxue knew this. This would make her worry.

So, Qiqi changed the subject. She smiled, shook her head, “nothing.”

Seeing Qiqi was ready to tell something, Chuxue realized that something had happened to her.

But if Chuxue wanted to know more about it, she needed to ask instead of waiting for her to tell.

But no matter what it was, it must be about Yuqi.

Looking at Qiqi, Chuxue cursed Yuqi inside. She needed to teach him a lesson when she saw him later.

Qiqi was kind, confident and innocent, but Yuqi made her get so depressed. This was something that Chuxue didn’t want to see.

In order not to let Qiqi trust Yuqi again, Chuxue was ready to have a good talk with Qiqi.

Holding Qiqi’s hand, Ye Chuxue told Qiqi not to rush to work first.

The two of them sat near the window, and Chuxue just got to the point.

“Qiqi, do you still remember that I told you to keep distance from Yuqi?”

If it was before, Qiqi would not think there was anything wrong with this.

But after all this, she was keen to her such words.

Pursing her lips, she asked instead of answering, “do you think I should do so?”

Before thinking about it, she nodded and said, “yes.”

“Just to avoid the rumors?”

“But also, to protect you.”

“Protect me?”

This made Qiqi a little confused.

“Yes, Yuqi is a very charming man and girls can easily be attracted by him. Perhaps before he knows it, he has already made others fall for him and they cannot stop themselves.”

“Let’s say, he is a love master. Or, we say, he loves everyone. But what about you? You’re young and innocent. So, with him, it’s easy to be attracted and then be unable to take yourself out.”

“He’s not that into you, so don’t let yourself sacrifice too much for him. you’ll hurt and get nothing else.”

Chuxue’s words made Qiqi fall silent for an instant. She then nodded and said, “I know what I should do.”

Looking at Qiqi’ s pale face, Chuxue felt that she was a bit cruel.

But she must tell her the truth. If Qiqi took the wrong path and chose the wrong person, she would suffer more in the future.

“Qiqi, it’s for your own good. I know Yuqi better than you do, and I have seen many girls got hurt, so that’s why I don’t want you to have a same ending like them.”

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