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Chapter 514: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 514 Why Not Listen to Me?

Qiqi forced a smile and said, “don’t worry, I know it’s for my good.”

Although she said so, Qiqi looked not good.

Chuxue Ye did not know that Qiqi was suffering emotional abuse at school, so she thought she was so direct that she made Qiqi uncomfortable. Therefore, she tried to be careful as much as possible, hoping not to make Qiqi feel embarrassed.

“Qiqi, well, I’m not forcing you to make a choice. I just want you to be better.”

“I know, and I appreciate you tell me the truth. Sometimes, I’m too optimistic, and it’s easy to lose.”


Chuxue told her all the things and she didn’t blame her, but why did Chuxue still feel uneasy?

Unlike Chuxue, Qiqi looked much more relaxed.

“Then, I’ll work first.”

“Well, good.”

Qiqi turned around and went to the counter, while Chuxue couldn’t help but sigh.

It seemed like she still made things worse.

When no one was there, Qiqi washed the plates with a sad look mechanically.

Her pain not just came from her physical discomfort, but also mental boredom.

Obviously, she didn’t do anything, and there was nothing between her and Yuqi, so why did she seem to have made a huge mistake that every one was accusing her?

This kind of feeling was really terrible.

When she thought of this, her eyes began to tear up.

But before she could comfort herself, her phone rang.

Qiqi blinked, looking down, and then froze.

It was a text message from Yuqi.

Yuqi originally wanted to call Qiqi, but he thought the call would disturb her, so he sent a message.

Qiqi stared at the screen for a long time, but she didn’t read it. In the end, she directly deleted it.

She thought that he would give up, but half an hour later, Yuqi called her.

Since Qiqi didn’t reply him, Yuqi thought she would choose to eat too much and hurt herself, so he called her.

Qiqi struggled for a long time, but she still answered the phone.

“Hello, Mr. Mu.”

Hearing Qiqi’ s calm voice, Yuqi sighed in relief.

At this moment, Yuqi did not realize that he would be so into a girl. He only felt that caring for Qiqi was just a little thing, for she was Anna’s friend.

Relaxing down, Yuqi’ s voice also sounded uplifted.

“Are you okay? Why didn’t you reply my message?”

Looking at the empty dessert place, Qiqi said something not true, “ah, I’m too busy with work, so I didn’t notice it.”

“Work? You’re not going to work, are you?”

“Well, yes.”

“Silly girl, you’ve just recovered and you need to rest. Don’t make yourself too tired.”

Qiqi looked down and murmured, “no, not at all. It’s not tiring.”

“But you don’t have the time to reply me.”


Qiqi trapped herself and she didn’t know Yuqi was so sly.

Fortunately, Yuqi didn’t suspect Qiqi, for he just thought she was too shy, so he said, “do you feel it’s not proper to talk to Chuxue about this? Then how about this? I will help you take a few days off, so that you can rest for a few more days.”

“No, no, thanks. I’m fine now.”

“I don’t think you are fine. Qiqi, this is just a part-time job, so you don’t need to work so hard. Chuxue will understand you. Tell her your situation and she will give you some rest.”

The more Yuqi said, the more serious he became, as if he really wanted to ask Chuxue for leave, which made Qiqi a little anxious.

Chuxue, however, had stated that she didn’t love to see the two being together and if he asked Chuxue for leave for her, Chuxue would definitely think that Qiqi was going against her and didn’t take her advice.

Her relationships with others at school were already a mess, and Qiqi didn’t want to ruin her relationship with Chuxue, so she needed to stop Yuqi from getting involved in this.

But before Qiqi could say anything, Yuqi said, “I’ll come to you when I’m done.”

Qiqi’ s pupils shrank, as if it was horrible news.

“No, no. Just do your work. Don’t come to me.”

Qiqi’ s tone showed her anxiety, making Yuqi knew something was happening.

“What’s going on? You’re strange today.”


“Good, then. Well, after the meeting, I’ll go the dessert place.”


Before Qiqi could finish her words, Yuqi hung up the phone.

Holding the phone, Qiqi really did not know what to do.

Bending over the table, she was in a mess. She couldn’t think of any better solutions. Maybe no one could save her.

Qiqi’ s strange behavior attracted Chuxue’ s attention.

“Qiqi, what’s going on?”

Originally, Qiqi still wanted to say something to make things look better.

But now she was nervous, even say cranky, so she said directly, “what should I do? Mr. Mu is coming.”

Squinting, Chuxue said with a sullen face, “don’t worry. I’m here with you. Well, later you can leave earlier.”


Looking at Chuxue’ s reaction, Qiqi worried about her, feeling there was going to be a war.

Then some guests came. And Chuxue planned to leave after they left.

However, to her surprise, when she was leaving, she bumped into Yuqi at the door.

Damn it. Gosh!

Qiqi looked up at Yuqi, trying to hold back her tears.

“Nice to see you, Mr. Mu.”

Finding there was some sadness, frustration and anger on her face, Yuqi suddenly laughed out. He patted her forehead and asked, “what do you look at me in this way? Have I offended you?”

Qiqi didn’t want to be too intimate with Yuqi, so she took a step back and kept the distance between them. She looked down and said, “no, I just didn’t expect you to come here so early.”

“The meeting ended earlier, so I came over earlier. You are off work, aren’t you? I haven’t eaten yet, so let’s go and eat something.”

“Qiqi is not off work. I asked her to buy something that my place desperately needs.”

Just when Yuqi was about to take Qiqi away, Chuxue showed up.

She had been standing there, keeping a close eye on Yuqi’ s every move.

As expected, he was still the man he used to be, and when he met Qiqi, he wanted to do something to her.

The naïve girl couldn’t resist his such movements. He surely didn’t listen to her. Yuck!

Seeing Chuxue’ s fierce look, Yuqi felt that he might be in trouble, so he was ready to slip away, “then I’ll go with her. I can help her.”

Grabbing Yuqi’ s clothes, Chuxue was preventing him from slipping away, “do something for me. There is a bulb out, change a new one for me.”

Looking back, Yuqi found Chuxue was staring at him, who was not friendly at all.

Yuqi trembled and pursed his lips.

As soon as he looked away, Chuxue wore a nice smile and said to Qiqi, “Qiqi, go then. And you don’t have to send it back. Just bring it here when you come to work tomorrow.”

“Well, I see.”

Seeing Chuxue needed to talk to Yuqi, Qiqi immediately left.

Without Qiqi here, Yuqi just got to the point. Sitting on the sofa, he said, “Chuxue, you do this on purpose, don’t you?”

Chuxue just admitted it, “yes, you’re right.”

“You’re not angry about that phone call, are you? You don’t know that I just like to joke around.”

“Joke? Yuqi, you’re really good at excusing yourself. You never keep your word. Yuqi, I told you to stay away from Qiqi, but you didn’t do as I said. You and Qiqi are different and your treating her like this is hurting her.”

Yuqi, however, was unhappy to hear this.

“Qiqi and Anna are classmates. Anna can marry Yulin, but why can’t Qiqi have anything to do with me?”

“That’s different. Yulin and Anna are genuinely in love. You? You just think Qiqi is cute and interesting, so you see her as a pet. You two will not have a good ending.”

Yuqi wanted to explain that he didn’t treat Qiqi as a pet and he just felt relaxed when he was with her.

But no matter how he explained, Chuxue wouldn’t believe anything.

Yuqi did not want to embarrass himself, so he tilted his head and asked, “you are sure that I will not fall for Qiqi, right?”

“I’m not sure. But one thing I am sure is that you will only bring trouble to her.”

Shrugging, Yuqi looked down and said, “okay, I see.”

Yuqi’ s reaction made Chuxue speechless.

“What? What kind of reaction is that? As if I’m bullying you.”

Yuqi lowered his voice, “isn’t it? We have known each other for at least twenty years, but I never thought you would see me in this way. I am a man and I will love someone. She is the one that I want to cherish…”

“Okay, okay, don’t be icky.” Before Yuqi could finish, Chuxue interrupted him with a look full of disgust, “I’ve already been cheated once and I won’t be fooled by you again. Yuqi, I won’t pity you.”

“You, you’re really insane. I’m going to talk to Zhao Nangong sometime, and ask him what he has done to make you change so much. You’ve changed a lot; do you know that?”

“Please go. We’re good. You made me act so weird. I don’t want to see you anymore.”

“Really? Well, I’m afraid I will come here more often. You want more people to come here, right?”

Then Yuqi turned around and left the dessert place, while Chuxue yelled at his back, “remember, stop seeing Qiqi.”

With his back to Chuxue, he raised his hand and waved, making an OK gesture.

Looking at Yuqi’ s back, Chuxue frowned.

Why was he a bit abnormal?

Everything today was very abnormal.

Qiqi originally thought that the rumors would eventually stop and people who knew her would come back to her and still be her friends.

Unfortunately, Qiqi was too optimistic. So far, even people from other departments started to talk about this. What’s more, there was some harsh comments on the online forum.

She knew who did this on the forum.

Qiqi was about to collapse, so she asked the man with glasses to stop all this and tell others the truth.

But before Qiqi and the man with glasses could get to the point, the president came over and stuck to the man, looking at Qiqi with a provocative look.

The man was suffering from “love” during this period of time, and the president had been accompanying him. She said a lot of horrible things about Qiqi behind her back, while comforting him, showing her care and love.

The man originally hated flighty women like Qiqi. Accompanied by the president, he would naturally compare the two and the thoughtful and sweet president attracted him. Two like them got no better choices, so gradually, they fell in love with each other. What a match.

Holding the man’s arm, she pretended to be obedient, but her tone was not friendly, “you’ve already broken up, so stop pestering my boyfriend.”

Qiqi was speechless.

“He and I have never been together. Since you’re together, just be nice. Stop smearing me, okay?”

The president raised his eyebrows and said, “you did it and it’s not smearing. I’m surprised that you haven’t realized your fault until now. Don’t you know what you’ve done?”

Qiqi was annoyed by her words. She snorted and said, “what? Are you accusing me? He is completely a trash, but you like it. Be nice to him. I haven’t done the things you are talking about and one day, the truth will come out. But two of you have done so many shitty things. Then, be good forever, I sincerely wish. Asshole and bitch.”

After saying that, Qiqi turned around and left.

The president was pissed off. Looking at her back, she shouted, “how dare this bitch say that about us? I need her apology.”

The president went to chase Qiqi, but she was stopped by the man.

Turning to look at the man, the president was dissatisfied, “why stop me? You still love her?”

The man sneered and said, “no, of course not. I am innocent, but Qiqi ruined me, so I needed to let her pay for it. However, I don’t want you to do this. Let me.”

It turned out that the man was feeling sorry for himself.

The president became gentle and quiet again. Leaning on the man’s shoulder, she was happy to see that he was protecting him.

Although the man’s voice was gentle and soft, but he looked fierce and cold.

Not having a good conversation with the man, Qiqi was in a bad mood. She chose to go out for a walk to calm herself down.

Now Qiqi got mad, for when she saw a place with many people, she thought they were talking about herself.

If this continued, she might have some psychological problems. So, Qiqi decided to go to the park to cheer herself up. The life still went on.

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