“Husband, isn’t our luck too bad?”

Yvette is speechless. He has lost his 50 million dollar bargaining chip. How long will it take? ?

Or are they not suitable for gambling at all?

“Or, let’s bet a little bit smaller?” Yvette felt sorry for the money, after all, it was 50 million dollars.

If Yvette didn’t accept Zhao’s family, she had never seen so much. Yvette didn’t pursue any luxuries, so she was frugal in life. She lost so much after seeing it in less than an hour. She can’t stand it again.

Seeing that she loses every time, no matter how good her mentality is, she feels distressed and nervous.

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, “It’s okay, Mom said to play casually,”

It’s only 50 million. For Karen Lee’s earning speed, it’s really casual. After all, his mother is a big local tyrant.

“Well, husband, go ahead,” Yvette didn’t say much.

Karen Lee is very rich, and fifty million dollars is nothing.

“Hey, get out of the way when you lose, and the people who are still scornful are here. If you feel distressed about the money, find a place to hide and cry, don’t delay others, others have to play,” several guests evaded Chuck Cannon impatiently.

“That’s it, you lost everything, and you plan to win it back? Do you have this ability?”

“Quickly go away! Delay people, old man, do you still want to play?”

Several people continued to evade Chuck Cannon, you know, they are the big bosses!

Came here today to spend money to have fun. They didn’t expect these three people to have a bargaining chip. They are still standing here in the way, who are they!!

Yvette’s eyes were cold, Chuck Cannon didn’t care, “Sister Li, let’s change some chips!”

“Yes, master,” Betty left.

Chuck Cannon has lost so much, it is not without any experience, he has always been calm because his mother is rich, he is testing his hearing and it doesn’t work.

Looking at it now, it still works, 50 million temptations, and then it’s time to make money.

The croupier has received the news, she has a sneer on her face, this man really doesn’t know how to play this.

How much money will he lose!!

Fifty million was lost in less than an hour. It is also a talent.

“Won’t you go away?” a fat man scolded.

He had five million dollars in chips in his hand. He had planned to have a good time, and if he won some money, he would go for a chic, but he didn’t expect to be blocked.

He was so upset.

This person has lost all and is not willing to leave. Is this to cry and hang himself to beg the casino to payback? ?

What a shameful act!

Yvette wanted to make a move, she hated others saying that Chuck Cannon most.

“It’s only five million, why are you in a hurry?” Chuck Cannon said.

“Haha, it’s only five million? What are you pretending to be? Do you, did she take out five million dollars in bargaining chips?” The fat man laughed angrily.

Five million dollars, the old man is the uncle. Wherever he walks, he is the uncle. How can he be actually looked down upon by such a kid?

He is so hot he wants to hit people!

“You can get it.” Chuck Cannon said lightly.

Five million is really a number for Chuck Cannon.

For Karen Lee, it was just a number.

“You can take it out, then take it out!” The fat man laughed.

Can be a ghost!

The plate with the chips is empty, and it’s almost the same to beg.

Chuck Cannon looked at him.

“Boss, don’t be angry, he is a fellow!” There is a beautiful translator beside the fat man. This figure is fascinating.

“My fellow? Old man, I don’t have such a shameless way!” The fat man laughed.

Are you a fellow when you meet up outside the country?

He doesn’t want to lower his identity and recognize Chuck Cannon as a so-called fellow. He still feels ashamed. If you lose, you will lose. Give you? What kind of person, lose the face of Huaxia people!!

“Boss, he doesn’t look poor.” The beauty translator said charmingly.

Especially Yvette next to him. Can such a beautiful woman be a poor person?

If she had Yvette’s figure and appearance, she would have been a star a long time ago, how could she stay beside ordinary people?

“Hillboy! Isn’t he poor? Look at his virtue, it’s the first time he came abroad! If you go abroad for frugality, do you have the money to play such high-end games?” The fat man laughed.

However, he looked at the beautiful Yvette next to Chuck Cannon, he envied her, is she a translator? There is such a superb translator!

Why didn’t he meet her when he came in just now?

Alas, it seems that dogs have better luck. They eat often, shit, and they can go with shit luck.

The beauty translator smiled, hillbilly? It looks a bit like now!

“We have money to play, and more than you,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Haha, pretend! More than me? Do you know what I do? I have been in the U.S. for five years, and know how much money I have made in five years? Speaking out scares you to death, poor ghost!” The fat man sneered.

“You tell my husband to try!!” Yvette’s eyes were cold. If Chuck Cannon had already told Yvette that this casino is the property of the killer organization boss, she would have done it.

“Beauty, he’s your husband? How come you look so poor? Leave it to me, and I will keep you hot and spicy.” The fat man smiled slightly, his eyes full of desire for Yvette.

“My husband is not poor, he is richer than you!” Yvette said coldly.

“Hey, isn’t it? If you have money, take it out!” The fat man said with his arms around the waist of the beautiful translator.

In his opinion, Chuck Cannon has a dime.

Even if there is a little bit, he lost all of it just now, that is, he became a pauper, and still, have money?

Yvette had a murderous look in her eyes, and she whispered to Chuck Cannon, “Husband, can I beat him?”

This time she came here, not just for fun.

Yvette didn’t want to destroy Karen Lee’s plan. After all, the killer organization was not so easy to deal with!!

A little mistake will not be solved, Yvette doesn’t want to impulsively do something bad.

“Haha,” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, and Yvette was so cute when she whispered aggrieved.

Yvette could only do this in front of Chuck Cannon.

“Then husband, I won’t fight, but I’m very angry, he said that about you,” Yvette said.

“Then I will kiss you,” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“Don’t do it now, I’ll talk about it tonight,” Yvette blushed, embarrassed.

In the public, Yvette will blush.

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly and said to the fat man, “You are so rich, then come on.”

“Huh, what qualifications do you have to compare with me? Do you think I will compare myself with you? It’s ridiculous!” The fat man laughed.

The beauty interpreter also thinks that if the big boss wins money today, she can earn tens of thousands tonight.

It is right to follow such a boss.

Fortunately, he himself talked to her just now, so he really didn’t expect anything!

“It’s not that I am not qualified, but you are not qualified to compare with me, understand?” Chuck Cannon said lightly.

“What are you acting like? I didn’t…” The fat man said with a sneer, and suddenly choked and couldn’t speak.

“Master, a bargaining chip of fifty million dollars!” Betty came over with a bargaining chip.

Just now, other guests were surprised to see that Chuck Cannon had so many chips again!

He lost tens of millions just now, but now he has exchanged another 50 million, which is 100 million U.S. dollars!

Is this ugly Chinese person a super-rich second generation?

The fat man was shocked. He only exchanged five million dollars, but he didn’t expect Chuck Cannon to exchange fifty million dollars in chips!

This is ten times more than his!

Who has money and who is not qualified, it is clear at a glance!

Fat man’s heart was going to jump out, is this fake?

The beauty translator was stunned, he is so rich? She immediately envied Yvette, she found such a rich man.

Why don’t you have such good luck?

“You are so rich, so go and exchange 50 million US dollars, and compare with me!” Chuck Cannon said.

“You…I,” the fat man was speechless, he could come up with fifty million dollars, but it didn’t mean he was willing to spend fifty million out to play!

This is what the super-local tyrants do, right?

“No money? What did you just pretend to be?” Chuck Cannon returned the fat man’s words to him.

The fat man blushed like a pig liver. He was angry and was looked down by Chuck Cannon. He couldn’t stand it anymore. “Okay, I’ll take a look today. How rich are you, kid!!”

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