Chapter 515 – 516: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 515: The Way to Make Money

Seeing that there were still some people who didn’t believe it, Kris Chen said: “Taoist friend Wu, please show everyone the prosperity of the seaside holy city!”

“No problem, Kris!”

Mudao Wu smiled, soaring into the air, then the Seaside Holy city fell into the eyes of everyone.

“This is the City Lord’s mansion, and also the address of the annual apprenticeship gathering…”

Wherever he went, Mudao tried his best to explain. At this moment, Kris was in a trance, as if the opposite was not the strong accumulated spirit, but a reporter!

“This is really the Seaside Holy city, I’ve been there!”

“Mudao is indeed the City Lord of the Seaside Holy city, he once wanted to recruit me back then, but I didn’t have him!”

“Is this an Illusion Array?”

As soon as he said this, everyone looked at him, “Stupid, do you think we are fool? Can’t we recognize the Illusion Array ?”

Soon, they finished visiting the Seaside Holy city, and after a few more greetings, they hung up!

“Everyone, how about my exclusive projector?”

Kris looked at everyone with a laugh.

Some people were blunt and couldn’t see the value of this projector at once, but some people’s eyes were gleaming, and their breathing became rapid.

With a longer communication distance, you can also communicate face to face with real people. This projector had many functions.

“How much is it, Taoist Diao?”

The leader of the Pure Sun Sect the Lord of Kuangjian asked.

“Good teammate!”

Kris cast a kind smile on Kuangjian, “Wait a second, I haven’t finished introducing the function of the projector. What I just showed you was the first generation of projector researched by Nahai Sect. Besides, we also have the more advanced second generation projector.”

Then, two female disciples came out with trays in their hands.

“This is the second generation of projector. The transmission distance has reached 5 million miles, and the effective real-person communication is 4 million miles.”


Five million miles, it was already five times the distance of the Voice Transmission Stone on the market!

At this time, everyone looked at Kris with blazing eyes. They were not fools, knowing that this projector was definitely a continuous way of making money.

Kris liked to see their ignorant expressions.

“Oh, by the way, our second-generation projector has a function of adding friends!”

“What is that?” Kuangjian asked.

Kris said: “A Voice Transmission Stone can only unilaterally transmit sound to a certain person, but we don’t need it. We only need to leave a mark in the projector to establish communication instantly. Our second-generation projector can leave the mark of fifty people! In another words, with the second-generation project, you no longer need to buy a Voice Transmission Stone so cumbersome.”

“By the way, the first generation projector stone also has this function, but there are only ten marks that can be left!”

This was equivalent to the contact function of a mobile phone!

Kris just copied it down simply.


Everyone present couldn’t help swallowing saliva!

There were so many tricks in a projector.

In someone’s opinion, this was not a projector, but a sparkling spiritual stone!

Lord of Vipers and Lord of Sparks looked at each other and couldn’t help but laugh. These were all made by Kris. They were also shocked at first. It definitely opened up a precedent in the spiritual world.

To be honest, they were also a little worried. Such an amazing camera would definitely attract countless covets, but Kris told them that they needn’t worry, because he had a solution!

They knew that Kris always prepared for everything well so they trusted him without hesitation. They understood that it was the way Kris left to Nahai Sect to make money, which could support the whole Sect.

What was the size of Devil Land?

How many people there? And how many Practitioners?

Once this treasure was dumped, the low-quality Voice Transmission Stone on the market were not able to buck the downturn. Since they have used the projector developed by Kris, the Voice Transmission Stone were put aside for a long time.

When beyond the distance, the Voice Transmission Stone was of no use, not to mention face-to-face communication. But the projector could solve this problem, and made the communication between

People become almost instantaneous.

“At present, our projectors have been developed for three generations, and the third generation is a high-end camera but not for sale!”

Not for sale?

Are you kidding me?

So why would you say it to me?

“Mr. Diao, what are the functions of the third-generation projector?”

Someone asked curiously.

Kris turned up his mouth slightly, “I didn’t intend to say it. Since you have asked, alright, I’ll introduce it!”

“The third-generation projector has a communication distance of more than 10 million miles, the real-person communication distance can reach to 8 million miles, and the number of friends that can be stored has increased to 150. Besides, it has also added the functions of multi-person chat, and taking photos to record your beautiful life!”

Many people listened to it with confuse expression, “Sir, what does the multi-person chat function mean? Is it possible that certain people can communicate at the same time? And what does it mean to take pictures and keep a record?”

Without nonsense, Kris directly took out the third-generation projector. Compared with the first-generation brick machine, the third-generation

Projector was smaller, thinner, and more beautiful in appearance.

That super-large Yuanjing mirror surface can be used as a mirror!

When the multi-person chat function was turned on, the figures of seven or eight disciples of Nahai Sect appeared before everyone.

At this time, everyone was shocked!


The most incredible thing was that these disciples actually were discussing the Tao together!

This aroused everyone’s interest, especially the Practitioner’s.

In addition to killing people and hunting treasures, and practicing Taoist magic art alone, the Practitioner of Devil Land most liked to talk about the Tao.

What to do if it was not fun for one or two people to discuss the Tao? How about a group of friends?

With the multi-person chat function turned off, Kris smiled and said: “At present, only ten people are allowed to communicate online Simultaneously.”

“Next, I will show you how to take photos, take videos and record voices!”

Kris picked up the third-generation projector and made a gesture of “V”. With a click, a white light flashed, and the picture froze!

“Look, this is the function of taking photos. It can not only store up photos to 10,000, but also can send them to your friends!”

Then, he just sent the photo to his friend prepared in advance.

With a vibration, the photo was received immediately!

Everyone felt a little puzzled. It was so incredible that the third-generation camera could work as a photo-taking stone, and even freeze the frame! Excellent!

Afterwards, Kris said tongue twisters, “I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish, but if you wish the wish…”

After dozens of seconds, Kris clicked on his own video, and the sound and image in it were very clear.

Everyone was shocked at this moment. The photo-taking stone that could take pictures was not advanced, but the ones that could take sounds were definitely high-end products. And this was just a side function of the third-generation camera?

At this moment, Kris added: “In theory, as long as the internal memory is sufficient, you can record videos without limit!”

“Mr. Diao, what is the internal memory?”

Lord of Daqing asked.

“Well, it is hard to explain it to someone like you.”

Kris smiled, “And it’s a secret, do you think I will tell you?”

Listening it, Daqing flushed, and the others burst into laughter, even the Fagui Bodhisattva couldn’t help but laugh.

Don’t you know it is a secret? If let you know, how would other people do business?

At this moment, everyone knew what Kris wanted to do.

“Okay, the back-to-self stage is right, let me show the voice recording function!”

Kris picked up the projector and said, “I’m going to practice Taoist magic art alone. You can send me a voice message when necessary. I will listen to it after I leave the customs!”

He just clicked to send, and the other projector also received it, then clicked on the voice, “I’m going to practice Taoist magic art alone…”

Looking at the bewildered people, Kris said: “This voice-retaining function is a supplement to the previous functions. For example, if you want to practice Taoist magic art alone, or enter a forbidden area, your Daoist fellow will worried about you. How to solve this problem? Just send him a note to let him know where you are going, isn’t it a good way?”

“Even when you are in danger and you have no time to play a video, sending a voice note is your best choice!”

People suddenly understood that voice recording could be used in this way.

Well, my introduction of the products will stop here. There will be the fourth and fifth generations of products in the future. These are all under development. I believe they will meet you soon. “

“Mr. Diao, how much is this projector? I want a hundred sets!”

“What a hundred sets, I want a thousand sets!”

“Don’t worry everyone!”

Kris smiled and said: “We do not sell the first to the third generation of projectors in our Sect, we only recruit distributors!”

“Do you know what does distributors mean? It means you have to help us sale products, then you can make an intermediate profit!”

Good idea!

Lord of Vipers squinted his eyes and laughed, “You are so smart. In this way, we can form an interest group and share interest together. No one will covet it. It is advisable to share the profit with others in such a big market.

Lord of Sparks was also admired him, “Kris is such a smart man with high cultivation base, strong combat effectiveness, and clever mind. The most important thing is that he has mercy!”

What? Mercy? Does Kris have it?

“Yes, Kris is a man who is destined to lead the trend of the times!”

Lord of Vipers also agreed it very much. The mercy mentioned by Lord of Sparks was the concept Kris said.

Create a peaceful sect for the half-demon, the human race, the monster race, or… the kingdom, isn’t it mercy?

“Chen Ye, this projector is a good thing. It must be made by the master behind you.”

Mr. Gu said: “This Spirit Weapon was transformed in such a new way.”

“But what if it is cracked?”


Mr. Gu smiled, “You look down on these hidden Sects. Since your senior brother dares to take them out, it means that they have already prepared for the corresponding anti-theft methods. It will definitely set off a huge storm, even a big change!”

Chapter 516: The Dealer of Projector

As a master in the period of materialized spirit, Mr. Gu had a good judgment about the current situation. He reminded Chen that the projector was a really a precious tool that even a hermit practitioner like him was attracted by its magic function. Chen was really proud of his elder senior fellow apprentice and Nahai Sect when he heard about this.

“Master Diao, my sect-the Divine Knief Sect is willing to be a dealer for your product.”

“Damn it, I think my sect-the Divine Sword Sect is more qualified to be a dealer for the projector.”

Almost instantly, the hall became a crowd place like a food market. The Lord of Mad Sword was deeply attracted by the magic tool, he knew that the projector might cause a revolution in the world of practitioners, so he must seize the opportunity in the business.

“Taoist Friend Diao, my sect-the Pure Yang Sect is willing to be the dealer of Nahai Sect!” Said the Lord of Mad Sword.

The Lord of Daqing bit his teeth and said, “My sect-Escape Immortal Palace is willing to do so, too!”

“Amitabha, my sect-Little Bright Holy Land is willing to help Nahai sect to share the responsibility!”Said the Lord of Fagui.

However, his tone was not received among his counterparts, and they scolded loudly against him, “Bah, old bald ass, save your good tongue, you must be attracted the big profit of the projector, instead of the responsibility. ” However, the Lord of Fagui didn’t care about their scolds at all since he was a master of ability and generality.

Looking at the crowd below, Kris smiled and said, “everyone, keep quiet please! Today is the opening ceremony for Nahai Sect, not the dealer conference. If you are interested in the projector, you can come back to Nahai Sect in three days. At that time, we will select excellent and suitable dealers from all of you to share the responsibility for us!”

“What, three days? I can’t wait even a day!”

“Is it a joke? Time is money, master!”

In order to comfort them, Kris gave away each of them a projector. Of course, it’s the second-generation one, which was a special gift only for the leaders of these sects.

This time, all of them were satisfied. They took the projector to leave personal mark in it and instantly completed the recognition of the owner. After that, all of them were burying in playing the magic tool.

“Come on, let’s add each other into the buddy list, then we can make contact by the projector.”

“Ha ha, add me, too, then we can come back together in three days!”

These guys was delighted by the projector. And since now, the projector would be a luxury goods which showed the owner’s status and taste. A practitioner with a second-generation projector would feel much prouder than the one with a basic projector.

Those disciples who came to the banquet with their elders were greedy for the projector, too.

“Uncle, let me have a try please!”

“Master, it looks so cool, can I have a try ?”

“Master, let me take a picture. I want to take a picture, too.”

Kris was satisfied to see all of them were excited about the projector. When he caught the sight of Chen, he nodded and smiled to him, which made Chen a little nervous.

“He saw me, it must be Aotian who told him about who I am!” Chen thought aloud.

“Follow me from the back of the crowd, I’ll wait for you there!”Said Kris. After that, he asked the Lord of Vipers and the Lord of Spark to entertain these guests. Then he went into the back hall alone.

Chen kept low-profile in his sect, so no one paid attention to his departure. When he came in the back hall, Kris directly used the special array to isolate the sound.

“Great to see you, my senior fellow apprentice!” Said Chen, who kneeled down to show his respect to Kris.

“Get up, kid!” Kris helped him up and said, “I’ve heard from Aotian that you have helped him find the back to heaven spiritual fire, you are a good kid!”

“Yes, I mean I just want to help. And truth to told, the news about the back to heaven spiritual fire was overheard by me by accident, and I didn’t expect that could help Aotian!”Said Chen. He looked no more than a shy boy, but how could you image that it was the shy boy who had shut down a thousand fighters at one time. That was quite an awesome experience for him.

“All in all, I should thank you for you have done Aotian a big favor.” Kris gave him a grateful smile and said, “With only Aotian here as my assistant, I am still too busy to deal with the affairs of our sect. But now with your help, I think my burden will be much lighter.”

Chen was so moved that Kris valued him so much! Then he replied, “My senior fellow apprentice

, I think what you say is the business I am obliged to do. And I understand fully the rules of our sect-to love each other?”

“Ha ha, that’s good, you are really a good boy.” Kris patted him on the shoulder and said, “For your poor energy source, I’m sure I can solve your problem!”

“Really, my senior fellow apprentice. ” Said Chen with excitement. Although he had made up his mind to take the road of body refining practitioner, he still had the hope in the depth of his heart that he could improve his magic power one day.

“It’s true, but… there are risks too!” Said Kris and his expression became serious, “You may even die if the process is not careful enough.”Replied Kris.

Chen sobered up a lot when he heard that, he reminded himself of being calm down rather than take a chance with the cost his own life. After he took a deep breath, he asked, “My senior fellow apprentice, what’s the probability that you can improve my magic energy source?”

“80%” Said Kris. The reply did cheered Chen up, though he didn’t expect such a high probability. And now he wondered why Kris still hesitated about the improvement process since Kris was never the one who took prudence as his virtue.

Kris smiled and said, ”No, kid, you are wrong, you must take me as an adventurous person, but I should tell you that an good adventurer will never ignore any detail because that will send him to hell. As for your improvement process, I hope you can safely experience it. Without the 100 % of the probability, I won’t allow you to try it. ”

At the point, Chen clearly heard an sigh from Mr. Gu in the ring, “Boy, you are so lucky to have a good senior fellow apprentice, and I can’t believe that the disciples from the Henggu No.1 Sect are all affectionate to their fellows.”

Mr. Gu was a little envious about the good luck of Chen. If he had had a strong and considerate senior fellow apprentice when he was a new hand, he might survive much longer.

Now Chen was much grateful to the Henggu No.1 sect and his helpful senior fellow apprentice. He would devote himself fully to the sect which still didn’t announce its formal establishment.

“My senior fellow apprentice, I am always grateful to you no matter what the result is.” Said Chen. Then Kris patted him on the shoulder and said, “No hurry, kid, I still need to make some preparations. After I’ve finished the affairs of our sect these days, I’ll help you find the solution.”

“Thank you very much.”

“All right, my brother, you’re welcome.” Said Kris. Then he took out a projector from his storage ring to Chen and said to him, “This is a fifth generation projector, I hope you will like it.”

The size of the projector was no larger than that of his palm. When Chen got the projector, he was surprised and asked, “Jesus, I have hold it in my heart that the highest version of it is the third generation!”

“Ha ha… That’s all a trick to the outside world!” Said Kris with a playful smile, “In fact, I have developed the fifth generation, but good things can’t be released so quickly, and we have to take time. Our first step is to popularize the product, and then update them slowly. This is the strategy of business, do you understand?”

The strategy of Kris was equivalent to the theory of hunger marketing, which argued that the market should be divided into different period so that the server could earn the richest profit step by step. And now, Kris was the monopolist who took full charge of the magic tool, so he could decide the way how the market worked.

“The effective transmission distance of the fifth generation projectors is 30 million miles, which can communicate with users within 25 million miles. And the user can even chat with 100 friends at the same time. The buddy list is limited within 1000 person, but the memory of the projector is unlimited. In addition to taking pictures and recording sounds, we also adds a small transmission array in it. If necessary, it can be used to escape. The transmission distance is more than ten thousand miles! And the smaller of its size, the longer the transmission distance it can offer! Besides that, there is also the positioning function, which can accurately locate your position! And a full-range map is provided for convenience, though its function is still under development! But I am sure the follow-up version will be more comprehensive! “

Chen was amazed by the speech of Kris. It seemed that the projector was a piece of divine-level spirit weapon with multiple functions and portable size.

“So, how much will it cost?” Said Chen curiously.

“For me, the prime cost is not high, but for external sales, a fifth generation projector will cost one 100, 000 Supreme spirit stone at least.” Said Kris.

“It’s too expensive.” Jesus! Chen’s hands now were trembling, though he knew its price would definitely go up.

“Come on, add me into your buddy list. You can contact me at any time if necessary.”

After that, Chen went back his sect and there was still no one pay attention to his departure.

Kris takes out the projector of the fifth generation, sweeps it gently, and joins the friend successfully!

These guests took the news to the outside the world that Nahai Sect won a great battle and rose up as a new star, and it became quite a giant with ten great masters in the period of accumulated spirit, and it was back by the Wuji Sword Sect, one of the holy sects in the Infinite Sea. Meanwhile, Nahai Sect was willing to accept disciples from any race, which meant human race, monster race and half demon race would be treated equally there. Besides, the sect now was in the full charge of the business of projector. Three days later, Kris would select his dealers in the dealers’ conference.

While all the sects was enjoying the experience of the projector, the Escape Immortal Palace was trying to figure out the mechanism. Unfortunately, they broke down the tool by their carelessly controlled energy.

As for Wuji Sword Sect, when the Lord of Lingyuan heard about the news, he was a little disappointed and said to his fellowmen, “What a young bastard Diao(Kris) is. He spreads the news about the business of projector after we leave the Nahai Sect, he should stop us and tell the news to us. I will not let him go if he doesn’t assign us as one of his dealers. ”

The Lord of Jiyuan, however, turned a deaf ear to him, he was a wise guy who would never involve himself in trouble. And the Lord of Miaoyuan said to the Lord of Lingyuan, ”Sorry, my senior fellow apprentice, I am sure Diao(Kris) will kick you ass terribly because you may not be his rival.”

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