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Chapter 515: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 515 Being Pushed Away

Sitting by the park pond, Qiqi was on a bench. Watching the swans inside swimming freely, she suddenly was very envious of their simple life.

Her life was so tiring…

Qiqi was shocked by her such thought…

Shaking her head, she said to herself, “it’s not a big deal. And everything will be fine. Didn’t Anna also go through the same attack? Now she is fine. So, I will be fine too and I’m sure it will get better and better.”

The more Qiqi said, the redder her eyes became, and in the end, she whimpered.

Anna was happy because she had Yulin, but what about herself? Where was her happiness?

She had to fight against all the gossip alone. It’s hard to have someone who wanted to help her, but everyone around her wanted her to stay away from that man.

Perhaps it was her fate to end up alone.

Raising her hand to wipe the tears, Qiqi found that recently she cried a lot. But she used to be strong.

No, no, she couldn’t be like this. She needed to pull herself together.

Qiqi suddenly stood up, scaring the swans in the pond.

Clenching her fist, Qiqi took a deep breath and cheered herself up, “Qiqi, you are the best. You will become the agent of the most popular stars in the future, so why do you need to hurt yourself for the bitch and asshole? Fuck them.”

Qiqi used all her strength to shout out the last sentence.

Although she was too loud, she felt much better. At least she didn’t feel heavy while breathing.

Stretching, Qiqi decided to eat something delicious to treat yourself.

After several days of eating tasteless things, Qiqi was getting mad. So, she decided to eat some Sichuan food later.

With this in mind, Qiqi went to the Sichuan restaurant she often went to, and ate a lot.

Sure enough, she would feel better when she ate well.

She was wondering her depression had something to do with this. If she didn’t eat well, she would have no energy.

Well, it must be the reason.

Touching her full belly, she decided to go buy some snacks. When she was in a bad mood, she used food to give herself energy.

When Qiqi went back to school, it was already dark.

After a small path was the back gate of the campus, which was close to her dormitory, though it was remote.

The recent situation was not good, so Qiqi didn’t want to wander around. It’s better to go back to the dormitory earlier.

Carrying two bags of snacks, Qiqi looked up and saw several people standing at the end of the path, with no good intentions.

Frowning, she knew it was dangerous if she kept going, so she turned around.

But behind her, there were people with crazy smiles blocking Qiqi, approaching her.

Qiqi was very nervous and questioned with trembled voice, “what do you want?”

“I heard that you cheat on someone, so we are here to teach you a lesson, so that you will know what you should do.”

“Nonsense, I did not do those things. Go away, or I will scream.”

Qiqi was nervous, while loudly scolding.

Though this path was remote, sometimes people would pass by.

But people who passed by saw this, they all ignored it, for they didn’t want to run any risk.

Even if there were warm-hearted people wanting to help, they would stop and sneer when they found it was Qiqi, leaving Qiqi there. It’s her fate and she had to pay for it.

She was a mistress and she hooked up with her best friend’ s husband. Every one knew this would condemn her.

Seeing people getting less and less, Qiqi lost her last hope.

When those people found Qiqi was lost, they showed a disdainful look, saying, “you’re really good at acting. Do you know this? If we haven’t heard about you, we would have been fooled by you.”

They slowly approached Qiqi and she looked at them warily. Back to the wall, she asked, “what do you want?”

“I told you that I need to teach you a lesson.”

The grin on their face was hideous, frightening Qiqi.

But she didn’t want to show her fear and shouted in a loud voice, “don’t come over. I’ll scream.”

“Do it. Do you think you will be helped? You fucking bitch.”

Looking at the empty places on both sides, Qiqi looked down and said, “I will call the police if no one helps me.”

Then Qiqi was about to take out her phone.

When they saw Qiqi wanted to call the police, they came up to grab her phone, but Qiqi shunned. And they began to shove.

During this, Qiqi’ s snacks scattered on the ground and some of them were stepped on. It was her favorite!

Looking at her carefully selected delicious food was trampled on, Qiqi got angry.

“Bastards, stop bullying me.”

But they were not intimidated by Qiqi’ s anger. They even reached out to push Qiqi, teasing, “we want to bully you. What can you do?”

Indeed, what else could she do? She was alone and they were all men.

Just when Qiqi was thinking about how to escape, a man had some bad ideas when he noticed her beautiful face.

“Since you like to seduce men so much, come and seduce us. Let’s see how good you are at this.”

The man then reached out to touch Qiqi’ s face.

Qiqi slapped it away in disgust and said, “don’t touch me!”

“Now you’re pretending to be chaste? When you were with the married man, you didn’t push him away, right?”

The nasty words humiliated Qiqi, so she immediately rebuked.

“You seem to know more about men than me. What are you hesitating?”

The man froze and then realized what she was saying. At that moment, he was pissed off. He didn’t allow a bitch to humiliate him like this.

“Bitch, shut up. I’ll make you suffer.”

The man reached out to rip off Qiqi’ s jacket and lowered his head to kiss her.

Qiqi fought hard, trying to dodge him and bite his ear when the man was not looking.

As for the rest of people, they were watching, arms around their chests.


Suddenly, the man screamed miserably, covering his ears and backing away.

There was blood flowing out from the man’s fingers, and he stared at Qiqi, as if he wanted to kill her.

When his companions saw that he was injured, they mocked, “what a surprise. She’s just a little girl and you got hurt. Don’t brag to us in the future. We don’t think you’re undefeated as you said.”

The man was extremely angry and looked at Qiqi with a terrifying look.

“Bitch, I won’t let you go.”

Then the man slapped her, which made Qiqi unable to see things for a moment.

Just as the man was about to do something more, someone holding a flashlight shouted from the other side of the path, “who’s there?”

“The guard is coming. Let’s go.”

The punks immediately ran away.

Qiqi sat helplessly on the ground and her face now was like burning.

Just now, she focused on fighting and she didn’t feel any pain. But now, she tasted blood. If she moved slightly, she felt painful.

The security guard walked to Qiqi. After taking a look at her, he seemed to understand something.

“Nowadays, girls really don’t love themselves. You are here to study not to mess around. Don’t you know your family will worry about you?”

Qiqi stood up, but she chose not to explain. Anyway, no one would believe it.

Before the guard could finish his words, Qiqi had already walked away.

Seeing Qiqi simply ignored him, the guard shook his head and said, “Hmph, you deserve no pity.”

Walking in the school, as expected, Qiqi knew others were pointing an accusing finger at her.

And today, they got more to talk about.

They had all turned into righteous men who took pleasure in bashing a girl.

And Qiqi seemed to be unable to see those people. Although she was in a mess, she walked straight to the dormitory as if nothing happened.

However, someone was not happy to see her in such a good state.

The president stopped her and looked at her with a raised eyebrow and mocked, “Qiqi, what’s going on? Is it possible that you have seduced someone’s boyfriend again and got beaten up?”

Qiqi coldly looked at her. Although she did not say anything, her gaze frightened the president.

But there were students watching, so the president couldn’t lose. Lifting her jaw, she said in a loud voice, “stop gazing at me. Am I wrong? Look at you now, you are our shame.”

Looking at her with raised eyebrows, Qiqi laughed coldly and said, “you seem to know very well about what I have just gone through.”

This made the president act guilty, she immediately looked away and said with folded arms, “everyone knows it since you’re in such a mess.”

“Well, that’s true. Nasty people think everything is nasty.”

Such mockery made the president reprimanded, “what did you say!?”

Qiqi looked at her without any fear and said coldly, “I know you hear what I’m saying. You know what you have done.”

She didn’t expect Qiqi to have the guts to stand here to argue with her, so now she was fucking furious.

She should be condemned by everyone, and never be forgiven. But now, she stood here, arguing righteously.

The president stared at Qiqi and pointed at her, “Qiqi, are you accusing me? Look at you. How dare you?”

Compared to her excitement, Qiqi was calm, “at least, I didn’t hurt anyone, so I’m better than you. Some people seem to be decent, but in fact, they are doing nasty things.”

When Qiqi said this, she looked into her eyes, as if she was accusing something.

The president became more and more guilty. After looking around, she found everyone was there watching and gossiping.

Therefore, she could not lose. If she did, she would definitely be looked down upon in the future.

She sneered as she raised her jaw, “cut the crap. It’s obvious that you are the one who have done the wrong things. Are you declaring that you’re innocent? Do you think we are foolish enough to believe you?”

“It doesn’t matter, but you must not be believed either.”


“Don’t you know what I’m saying? Go ask your boyfriend. He knows it. From this point, you two are a perfect match.”

Qiqi’ s sarcasm made the president angry, so she rebuked, “are you jealous because I’m too happy? My boyfriend and I are very happy now. Don’t regret pushing him away.”

Seeing that the president was pretending she knew nothing, Qiqi didn’t wanted to talk to her anymore, so she was ready to leave.

But before she could take a few steps, water poured down.

Her hair stuck to her face, making Qiqi look even more terrible.

The president looked up and smiled at the one upstairs. She folded her arms and mocked, “good job. Wash the dirt before you go back to your dormitory. I don’t want you to disgust others.”

After this, the president and people around laughed uncontrollably.

Qiqi wiped the water on her face, then looked up and glared at the president viciously.

“Why are you looking at me in this way? What? You feel it’s unfair?” She snorted and said, “someone like you should be treated like this.”

“Really? Then what treatment should you deserve for ruins my life for your own amusement.?”

Qiqi’ s soft and calm ask made everyone present freeze, while Qiqi turned around and went back to her dorm alone.

After she got to the dorm, she took off the wet clothes. When she looked at her swollen corner of her mouth, her eyes began to tear up.

When she was taking a shower, she rubbed the skin hard that was touched by those assholes. She rubbed it so hard that it turned red.

After the shower, Qiqi went to bed, still trembling in fear.

She folded her arms and told herself, “it’s going to be okay and everything is going to be fine…”

Tonight, Qiqi didn’t have a good sleep, as if she was burned by fire.

When she woke up, she felt weak and limp.

Raising her hand to touch her forehead, Qiqi groaned.

She got a fever.

Taking a look at her phone, she found it was almost noon.

Without thinking, she knew her classmates would definitely not explain to the teacher for her absence.

In order not to affect her final grade, Qiqi got up with great difficulty. She changed her clothes and went to the infirmary.

After the doctor checked her, he prescribed some cold medicine and trauma medicine, and wrote a note for Qiqi.

With it, Qiqi went to her teacher to ask for leave, but on the way, she ran into the person she didn’t want to see.

Looking at Qiqi’ s pale look, the man with glasses looked satisfied.

Qiqi looked at the man with no expression and said, “yesterday, it was you who sent someone to mess me around, right?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“You don’t have the guts to admit it? Well, that’s right. You’re such a pussy. When something happens, the president will be your shield, right?”

The man despised Qiqi, but now he was humiliated by her, so he immediately widened his eyes with a fierce look and said, “say it again!”

Qiqi said unhurriedly, “you know what I’m saying. You are a coward. The president is just like you, doing some nasty things behind my back.”

The man with the glasses couldn’t stand Qiqi’ s provocative attitude and immediately said, “what can you do if I admit it? A bitch like you should be taught a lesson, otherwise you’ll still be a slut and a menace.”

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