“Okay.” Chuck Cannon said lightly.

Richer than? With my own mother, I am really not afraid of anyone now.

The fat man was angry, staring at Chuck Cannon spitefully, and took out a card, “Give me another 45 million chips!”

He is proud, fifty million dollars is amazing? ?

I have it too, but I don’t want to take it out!

Really think that 50 million can be pretended?


The fat man slapped the beautiful face of the beautiful translator, “I’m talking to you, didn’t you hear me??”


There were slap prints on the beauty translator’s face. She woke up in shock, her hand covering her cheek, tears of grievance swirling in her eyes, “Please wait,”

She looked at Chuck Cannon and felt even more aggrieved. She should follow Chuck Cannon as an interpreter.

At least he looked gentle and wouldn’t beat people around.

The beautiful translator took the card to exchange for chips.

The fat man stared at Chuck Cannon triumphantly, and he wanna just see how rich he is!!

Chuck Cannon shrugged.

Soon, the beautiful translator brought the chips and came over, “Boss, your chips,”

“Reward you,” the fat man smirked and stuffed his 10,000 chips into her clothes.

The beautiful translator said in surprise, “Thank you, boss,”

Looking at it this way, she was slapped just now, it was worth it!

“Now I have 50 million dollars in bargaining chips, what else are you dragging?” The fat man sarcastically.

He is proud of his good luck in gambling, and he may win several million to ten million dollars later, and you!!

Wait to lose all!

Chuck Cannon shrugged, ” Is Fifty million a lot?”

“Haha, pretend,” the fat man laughed.

If you say this in a place like a casino, aren’t you afraid of being laughed at??

Most of the high-end casinos that can come in are the bosses, but there are only a handful of people who can name more than 50 million, but it can’t be him!

“This Huaxia person really knows how to pretend, 50 million is not too much?”

“That’s right, this kind of Chinese is too pretending, I blush for him.”

The onlookers talked a lot and laughed at Chuck Cannon.

Such big talk can be said, how rich is this?

“Stop pretending? I blushed for you.” The fat man laughed.

Chuck Cannon glanced at him and shrugged, “Sister Li, I have a snack, please give me another 500 million dollars in bargaining chips!”

Yvette’s beautiful eyes are all stunned, 500 million dollars in bargaining chips? Isn’t it costing 600 million?

The fat man laughed, “Still pretending to be forced? You can redeem it if you have a seed!”

The beauty translator also laughed at him, my own boss is also rich!

“Wait, Master,” Betty went to exchange it.

A lot of people came to watch, 500 million US dollars, this is a big gamble! !

Everyone is talking about it!

They were all looking at who Chuck Cannon is, so rich.

The fat man disagrees, 500 million? So many people at the scene can say that they have paid 500 million, but are there no people who have paid 500 million? ?

You can?

In the monitoring room, the supervisor holding the red wine was a little bit surprised.

A one-time exchange of 500 million US dollars in chips?

Since the opening, only three people have done it. The one with the most exchanged two billion US dollars one day after another, all of which were lost.

500 million? Barely make it into the top ten!

However, this is also the biggest one in the past year, and the supervisor has become interested.

“Have you found it yet?” the supervisor coldly ordered.

There are quite a few people who can take out 500 million at a time, but those who can take 500 million out to bet are very few!

Such a person should not be a nameless person!

“No,” someone responded.

The supervisor narrowed her eyes and stared at the screen. Betty, who was redeeming chips at the front desk, looked at it as if she was a little familiar. Where did she see it?

But all of a sudden, the supervisor couldn’t remember it again.

“Then keep checking for me!” the supervisor ordered.


The supervisor walked up to the screen, looked at Betty with a pair of eyes, her mind was turning, where did she see her??


The fat man was stunned, his chin was about to fall because Betty pushed a car over and put a lot of chips on it!!

Really exchanged 500 million US dollars?


Not only was the fat man stunned, but all the onlookers were shocked. He really could exchange so much money!

Who is this guy? ?

“God, this Chinese man is too rich, incredible!”

“Too shocked, so rich, so envious!”

“I want to be his wife, don’t know if he wants to? I fall in love with him.”

“Me too, I really like him, my goodness, my goodness…”

Men and women are in shock, many people have never seen so much money in their lives!

It’s so horrified to put it in front of them now!

The beautiful translator stared her eyes out, regretting it, she regretted it, this person is really too rich, and her own boss is so poor!

Don’t know if he is willing to let herself be a translator?

“You are so rich, chant.” Chuck Cannon said.

The fat man blushed like a pig liver, especially ugly. He was annoyed, “You are awesome with so much money, but do you dare to play? If it’s ten thousand or twenty thousand, then don’t be ashamed.”

He is proud of it, but he can play it by himself.

“How old are you playing?” Chuck Cannon said lightly.

“I play the count, you can’t afford it!” The fat man laughed, he looked at the gaming table!

With a count in his mind, he pressed the three million dollars of chips to the triple area!

“Do you dare to play like this with me…” The fat man sneered before he finished.

Chuck Cannon shrugged and grabbed stacks of chips, taking a full $50 million and betting on twice the area.

The fat man was shocked!

Mom, a handful of fifty million dollars? Isn’t it a lot of money!!

The onlookers were dumbfounded! The jaw was almost taken down.

The beautiful translator was dumbfounded.

Yvette was nervous, only Betty and Chuck Cannon were calm.

Sometimes Betty when Betty go out to play with Karen Lee. Its mainly a private party, and the gambling started with a billion dollars. That was shocking!

Karen Lee would play this way when she was bored and she wins a lot of money every time!

If you say it, Chuck Cannon will be shocked!

The croupier was stunned, and he actually played so much, so sure?

“I see! You will lose!” The fat man laughed.

How can you win so much?

Sure enough, it started, and it was actually triple the area.

The fat man laughed loudly, “Hahaha! I was hit, boy, you are really my lucky star!!”

Three million U.S. dollars, but six million earned, this money is comfortable!

Yvette was lost and missed. She bit her lip and looked at Chuck Cannon eagerly. Husband, don’t worry, take your time.

Chuck Cannon’s face remained the same, and the dealer sneered in his heart. Sure enough, this Chinese man didn’t understand the game at all. Just now, she witnessed Chuck Cannon slowly losing $50 million in chips!

You will lose all of these five hundred million dollars.

“Boy, are you still playing? Distressed, not distressed, haha!”

The fat man sneered. He glanced at the gaming table and bet again, this time by five million!

“Go on, you are my lucky star!” The fat man laughed.

Chuck Cannon shrugged, “Sister Li, bet three million dollars, in the 56 times the area,”

“Yes, master.” Betty immediately did what Chuck Cannon said, betting three million dollars.

“Haha, don’t you dare to lose? Three million dollars? Are you really willing!” The fat man laughed. He just bet 50 million, and he didn’t dare to bet if he lost his tail. What’s wrong with dogs Respectively?

“Why did this Huaxia guy become less courageous?”

“Don’t you know? I have been watching him just now. He even lost 100 million US dollars with the one just now. He must not dare to lose. If he loses again, 500 million US dollars will not be enough!”

“Really? It’s no wonder that when gambling, he is the timidest. I see him, this one is definitely not a match. He has no confidence in himself, so how can he be?”

“I think so, he is sure to lose.”

The onlookers were all expressing their opinions, and they basically thought Chuck Cannon’s actions were unsuccessful.

Lost confidence, then the goddess of victory will look at him? That is impossible!

The fat man sneered and sneered, so he didn’t dare to start, he must bet at most a few more, pretending that the remaining hundreds of millions of dollars must be exchanged for money.

The croupier began to throw the dice, and the dice entered the turntable. It was rolling ticking, and everyone watching was watching. Suddenly, the dice fell on a number, and the onlookers were shocked!

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