Everyone was stunned!
“How is this possible?” The fat man widened his eyes, his face was shocked!
Actually, he got it!
But it’s not him, but Chuck Cannon!!
He bet three million, fifty-six times, how much is this?
My goodness!
His face turned pale all at once.
“Impossible, am I wrong?”
“No, he really hit, did he? Three million has doubled fifty-six times, how much is this?”
“I lost all the money I made in one hand! This is incredible!”
“Oh, why didn’t I be with him just now!”
“Me too, I just thought he couldn’t hit!”
“Oh, it turns out that we were wrong, people are sure!”
“Follow him next time.”
“Me too!”
People nearby are envious, jealous! This is so surprising, no one did expect it!
“Wow, someone over there bet three million dollars, fifty-six times!”
“What! My God! Come and see!”
“Come and see! Someone has big money!”
The people in this casino were all boiling, rushing over to watch.
Suddenly there is no flow.
“Who bet it? The blue-eyed one??”
“No, it’s the Chinese man!”
“Really, why are Huaxia people so powerful!”
“I heard that Chinese people are good at martial arts! Maybe, my hearing is good!”
“Envy, why am I not from Huaxia?”
The expressions on all the people onlookers are the same, envy!!
Yvette breathed a sigh of relief, smiled, and dazzled.
Betty did not fluctuate, but she was also happy, but when Karen Lee won eight billion dollars, that was a shock!
The croupier was dumbfounded, what, did he hit?
Five million is fifty-six times that is two hundred and eighty million!
Snapped! !
In the monitoring room, the supervisor snapped the wine glass in her hand to the ground, and the red wine was spilt.
“What’s the matter? What’s the matter? He can actually be detained!”
The supervisor is very angry!
The casino lost so much in one hand?
“He, luck.” Someone said weakly.
“Fuck?” The supervisor narrowed her eyes, “He wants to be optimistic, you can get lucky a few times! Keep playing, don’t run away! Keep on! Keep on…”
Those who open a casino are not afraid that you will win, but that you will stop playing.
Go on, lose you, all the money you win will spit out!!
“You lost? Why were you so careless?” Chuck Cannon looked at the fat man.
The fat man is angry!!
The croupier looked complicated and pushed the money in front of Chuck Cannon.
Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief. Everyone thought that when Chuck Cannon would stop, even if he didn’t stop, he would continue to bet, Chuck Cannon made a move.
It is to push all the winning money to one position!!
Thirty times the area!!
Oh my God!
Everyone was stunned!
“I’m not mistaken, am I? If he doesn’t stop his hand, he still has so much in custody?”
“This Chinese person is so courageous, I like it so much.” The beauty with big blue eyes was obsessed with Chuck Cannon. She hadn’t seen such a spender.
This is simply a heartbeat!
The fat man was stunned, and the croupier was stunned.
“You, are you crazy?” The fat man couldn’t believe it. He wiped his tears. Isn’t this guy a bad guy?
You bet so much at once?
“Are you not betting anymore?” Chuck Cannon said lightly.
“Hmph, lose you!” The fat man sneered, what’s the use of betting so much? People can only walk once, and want to walk twice?
The fat man bet 5 million out. He is confident that this one, he can definitely win!!
The dealer swallowed, she started!
The dice are spinning in the turntable, everyone is intent, this is a big gamble!
But not every day they have this opportunity to see it!
Boom, boom, boom.
A number fell on the dice!
This casino was all silent!!
Everyone’s eyes looked at one person unconsciously, including Yvette and Betty.
Because… Chuck Cannon is hit again!!
Two hundred and eighty million, thirty times!
8.4 billion dollars!
Everyone was stunned, speechless, what can we say?
They were at a loss as if dreaming.
Is this real? Can someone win so much money?
Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief. Well, it really hits.
The fat man threw himself to the ground. He had stayed until he had thrown coins, 8.4 billion, which is much more than his own fortune!
He actually won by one hand? How can he compare with him? Rubbish is not even considered!
The beauty of the translation is as staring as Tongling, and some are at a loss…
“Hit, give me the chips!”
Chuck Cannon said to the croupier.
Betty was a little surprised. Is it possible to bet on this kind of thing?
Gambling depends on luck and psychological quality. Karen Lee has good psychological quality, so she often wins.
However, Karen Lee gambled less, unless she couldn’t postpone it or she was too boring to play.
The croupier was already so unable to speak.
She has been in this casino for so long and has never seen anyone who can win so much money in one go!
Even if you win 500 million and don’t have the strength, you are still taking it with trepidation. Because you lose too much, it is impossible for a casino to take it so easily.
“Husband, you are amazing,” Yvette said, like a dream.
Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, Yvette understood, and said in Chuck Cannon’s ear, “Little bad guy, go back tonight and I will kiss you.”
“Wife, you have to count your words,”
“Of course, I won’t lie to you, I’m not willing to lie to you,” Yvette smiled.
She was curious, how could Chuck Cannon bet so much money so surely?
“I,” the croupier halted, winning too much, she didn’t dare to speak.
At this time, someone came down upstairs, yes, it was the supervisor!
Someone won so much money at once, how could she not come down?
“Wow, is this the female god of gamblers?”
“Exactly, she actually works here?”
“Yes, she has come down, and she will definitely bet against this Chinese guy!”
“That’s interesting!”
Everyone was excited, and they all knew that someone would come down to deal with winning so much money at once, but it was a retired god of gamblers who came down.
This casino is so awesome, it’s amazing to be able to invite the God of Gamblers to sit here!
“Congratulations to this gentleman from China!” The supervisor smiled.
Walked to the croupier who was pale.
The croupier immediately walked away, she trembled all over, “Supervisor, I…”
“Get out!” the supervisor said.
The croupier stepped aside.
“Thanks, give me the chips I won.” Chuck Cannon said.
“Haha! Our casino operates in good faith, of course, we will give it. Come here, give him the winning chips of Mr Huaxia!” the supervisor said lightly.
Someone pushed a bargaining chip, a lot of them, scared to death.
Chuck Cannon took a few glances and nodded in satisfaction.
“I don’t know what Mr.’s plans are. I think Mr. is so lucky and can continue playing.” The supervisor said with a smile.
Yes, she came down to win back all the money Chuck Cannon won!!
“I’m planning to play,” Chuck Cannon was going to continue. He is already a little lucky, why not take advantage of it?
Chuck Cannon was a little happy to win so much money.
“Then let me play with you?” the supervisor said, this is the standard Chinese language. Chuck Cannon can understand. The casino is a mixed bag. As a director, he must be able to speak multiple languages.
Chuck Cannon was weird. He heard other people talking about this woman just now, but he couldn’t understand what they were saying.
“Wife, who is she?”
“Others say it is a female gambling god, husbands don’t play with her.” Yvette of course understood.
“En,” Chuck Cannon was a little confident, but not confident enough to compete with the God of Gamblers.
This is self-aware, it must be there!
“No, I won’t play with you,” Chuck Cannon shrugged.
“Haha, didn’t you expect this gentleman from China to have such a lack of courage? Or are you all Chinese cowards?” the supervisor mocked.
The upright ridicule requires Chuck Cannon to gamble with himself, otherwise, the money will not be easy to get back.
Yvette’s eyes were cold, Chuck Cannon frowned, and said unceremoniously, “What did you say?”
“If you have a seed, bet with me! If you don’t have a seed, then you are a coward!” The supervisor ridiculed unceremoniously. In the casino under her control, no one can win so much money! !

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