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Chapter 516: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 516 Someone to Kill Time With

Qiqi blinked her eyes and tried to hold her temper. She said impatiently, “Let me tell you again. I’ve never promised to be your girlfriend. It’s only your wishful thinking. And besides that, it’s my freedom what friends I make. It has nothing to do with you. And last, I will sue you if you keep making up stories about me and put shame on my name,” Qiqi turned her head away and show a scornful smile, adding, “I don’t know what you will end up to be, but you need to stop bothering me. Do not harass me. Or I’ll have your a*s kicked!”

Qiqi’s threat made the guy wearing glasses laugh. He said, “Where do you get the balls to brag?”

Qiqi took her phone out of her purse and flipped it over in her hands. She said, “Woops! I accidentally hit the record button and of the phone and it has recorded everything you said. If I show this to the public, what will happen to you? Which school will want such a student as you?”

The guy wearing glasses did not expect Qiqi to be so smart like this. He was trebling because of anger and did not know what to say.

Then Qiqi started to “comfort” him, “Don’t get angry! I am the unlucky one, okay? If you can let go of me, I can go easy on you. But if you keep being stubborn, I won’t hesitate to show everyone what a student with good merits has done! I am sure they’ll be surprised!”

“I dare you!”

“If you don’t let go, I would like to take a chance. You have brought me hard time, so I would like to let you know what it feels like.”

Qiqi looked so serious, as if she really would show the record to the public.

Well, it can be nothing if no one should know this. But it would turn to a big deal if the school should know about it and give him a bad record for it.

The man wearing glasses thought he had grabbed Qiqi tightly in his hand. He did not expect Qiqi actually had a chance to fight back. When he thought about this, he became so angry and gritted his teeth.

“I have underestimated you. Do not show this to anyone. Or I will make you suffer!”

“You don’t have to worry about that. As long as you stay away from me, I will keep it a secret. Whatever you do with the monitor is none of my business, but do not spread rumors about me any more. By the way, delete the nonsense on internet and explain to everyone that you and I, from the beginning to the end, are nothing but classmates.”

The guy showed an evil look and said, “Qiqi, you are asking too much.”

Qiqi shrugged, “I just want things to go back what they were, anything wrong with that? If you don’t want to do as I said, that’s fine, I’ll just send the record to our teacher.”

Qiqi threat made the guy really grumpy. He stared at Qiqi’s phone and said, “I can delete the things on internet, but how will I know you will stop threatening me with the record?”

“You won’t. But I’m not like you. I’ve got a life to live. Anyway, that’s a deal. And, hope to never see you again.”

Then Qiqi passed by the guy and left without looking back.

The guy turned around and looked at Qiqi’s back. There’s coldness in his eyes.

“You have embarrassed me, and you think you can get away with that? I’ve got ways to make you suffer!”

Actually, when Qiiqi was bargaining with the guy, she felt so dizzy that for several times she even could not stand still.

Fortunately, the guy was so angry that he did not notice it, otherwise he would have come to take Qiqi’s phone by force.

Leaning against the wall, Qiqi took some time to rest. Then she slowly walked up the stairs and knocked at the door of the teacher’s office.

“Come in!”

With the teacher’s permission, Qiqi went in. She told the teacher that she’s not feeling well and handed the note asking for a leave.

The teacher did not know the gossips among students. He took over the note and said smilingly, “You can ask your classmate to help bring this note to me. You are not feeling well, you don’t have to come in person.”

Hay! Qiqi thought about it , too. But she did not know who to trust or who would set her up.

She sighed and said to the teacher, “Thank you, teacher.”

“Okay, go back and have a rest.”

Qiqi turned around and was about to leave.

But the teacher called her name again.

“By the way, your school performance was excellent last term, and your grades were good, too. I have recommended you to take part in the Campaign for Excellent Youths.”

Hearing this, Qiqi felt hopeful again.

Getting to be selected as an Excellent Youth will be very helpful to her on her way to getting a master’s degree.

With a bright smile on her face, Qiqi became the positive girl she had used to be again!

“Yes, Mr! I’ll make good preparations for it!”


Qiqi let the office happily.

Standing in bright and warm sunshine, Qiqi no longer cared about what others were saying about her.

“Indeed, good things will happen as long as you don’t give up,” she thought to herself.

Her smile was warm and beautiful though she still felt dizzy and weak.

The monitor rushed to the library and finally found the guy wearing glasses in the corner.

Sitting in front of the guy, the monitor questioned him, “Why did you delete everything on the internet?”

It was silent in the library, and the monitor’s voice sounded so harsh. The guy frowned.

He stood up and hinted the monitor to come out with him.

Standing by a small flower bed behind the library, the guy said impatiently, “Are you crazy? Why did talk so loud? You want everyone to know we did it?”

The monitor soon became an intimidated shy girl in front of this guy, regardless how arrogant and aggressive she was to others. She dared not talk back at all.

“I…I am sorry. Please don’t get mad.”

The monitor grabbed the guy’s sleeve and said poorly.

The guy pushed his glasses upwards and said, “Be careful next time.”

“Yes!” seeing the guy did not get angry, she monitor smiled happily, “but why did you delete them? You forgave Qiqi, didn’t you?”

Actually this was what concerned the monitor. She tried hard to be with the guy, so she couldn’t afford to lose him to Qiqi again.

The guy hummed, “I’ll never forgive her for the things she has done to humiliate me!”

Hearing his words, the monitor sighed in relief.

But she couldn’t figure out why he deleted them all, as she still had a lot to write, to finally force Qiqi to leave the school.

She looked at the guy in confusion. The guy frowned, “I was forced to delete them. Qiqi is a smart a*s. She led me to say the words I shouldn’t have said and she secretly recorded everything. She threatened to expose the record to the public if I don’t follow her orders. As much as I hate her, my reputation matters more. I can risk my future.”

The monitor clenched her fists tightly and said angrily, “What an evil snake! I can’t let her get away with it!”

“Me, neither!”

Then the monitor rolled her eyes and showed an evil smile.

“Leave it to me. I’ll make her suffer!”

“You’ve got a good idea?”

She nodded, “Yes, she’ll suck big time!”

“It’s your decision and you will do it. I have nothing to do with it!”

“Don’t worry. You will not be affected. She won’t even know it’s me. There are so many people who hate Qiqi.”

Hearing this, the guy nodded and held her hands, “lucky that I chose you. You’ve helped me a lot!”

With the guy gazing at her with love, the monitor’s bones almost melted by his gentleness.

She would do anything she could for him!

At this moment, Qiqi was was working Chuxue Ye’s dessert shop. She had no idea that someone was going to set her up.

Looking at Qiqi’s tiny face, Chuxue said with pity, “Qiqi, why don’t you rest for two days? I will still pay you. Take a good rest!”

Qiqi was surprised, “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, you are too tired these days. Look at your face, it has become so much thinner!”

Qiqi smiled, “Oh it’s fine! No pain, no gain! I am enjoying it!”

Pale as Qiqi looked, her smile was beautiful and it made Chuxue less worried.

Chuxue smiled too and said, “You are the most positive girl I have ever seen!”

“Laugh often and good fortune will come! I am experienced in this!”

“I agree with you,” Chuxue held Qiqi by the wrist and said, “Come, taste the pizza I cooked.”

Qiqi licked her l**s and said, “It looks tasty!”

Chuxue handed a piece of pizza to Qiqi and said, “Eat more and get strong! Anna will blame me for starving you!”

Speaking of Anna, Qiqi frowned and said, “Anna has been on a vacation for almost a month already. And she doesn’t seem to want to come back.”

“They will spend more days there I guess. Think about it, Yulin Xiao doesn’t have to work, so they can enjoy their vacation without any worries.”

Qiqi could imagine how happy Anna was. She said, “She must be happy these days!”

“That’s true. No one is urging them to come eback. They can just take their time.”

Speaking of Yuqlin, Qiqi couldn’t help thinking Yuqi Mu.

Muqi never came back to her after that day, like they had never known each other.

It’s good that they could be able to live their own lives. But somehow, Qiqi felt empty in her heart.

Seeing Qiqi was absent-minded without taking a bite of the pizza in her hand, Chuxue urged her, “Eat it! It’ll get cold!”

“Oh, okay!”

Qiqi recovered herself and took a bit.

But the pizza no longer tasted good. It was great a while ago! It was as tasteless as candles!

While Qiqi was chewing, the customers on the table exclaimed.

“Look! Who’s that on TV! He’s so charming!”

There’s a TV screen in the dessert store for the customers to watch news or entertainment shows.

At the moment it was a piece of financial news.

Qiqi heard them and looked up.

Then she got stunned.

It was Yuqi on TV.

He’s wearing a set of high-class custom suit, sitting in front of the hostess and giving his opinion about some topic.

He was so charming. He’s such a successful businessman.

There seemed to be a huge gap between him and Qiqi. Qiqi felt she suddenly didn’t know this man well.

The Yuqi she knew, was someone who would put on pajamas and cook for her, someone who she could eat hotpot with and someone who would carry her to the hospital when she’s sick…

Thinking of these, Qiqi lowered her head and started to feel upset.

Since when had she started to remember everything Yuqi did for her? She wanted to forget about them but she just couldn’t.

Qiqi sat there stupidly as if she had lost her soul. Her reason told her not to listen to anything about Yuqi, so that everything would fade away; so that she could be saved.

But she just couldn’t help it. Though there was no actual meaning in the gossips.

The girls kept talking about Yuqi, not knowing at all that the man they admired actually showed up a lot in here.

“Don’t you know who he is? He’s the young master of the Mu’s Group. He’s Yuqi Mu!”

“He is Yuqi Mu! He’s so handsome! He looks more attractive than a star!”

“Not only so, he’s rich! He has no girlfriend! Anyone who is lucky enough to marry him will be the young Mrs of the Mu’s Group!”

“Wow! Just like in TV! I really want to meet him!”

“Come on! He likes actresses! His ex-girlfriends were all the s**y type. They were either classy or s**y. You are the innocent type. He won’t be interested.”

“Hey! Don’t say this! What if he suddenly changes his idea and fall for a girl of my type!”

“He will only play with you. You will never be the one.”

“Oh it’s not nice of you to say that!”

Qiqi heard every word they said and then she clenched her hands.

“To Yuqi, I am nothing but someone he kills time with. I will never be able to gain his heart!” Qiqi thought.

She comforted herself. But she still felt upset. It felt like something was torn off from her heart and it kept bleeding.

“Huh? Why is the TV off?”

Qiqi was buried in her thoughts when suddenly she heard the girls exclaim.

She looked up and saw Chuxue standing in front her, smiling. Chuxue said, “Sorry, there’s a problem with the cable. Ah, Qiqi, go get water for our guests!”

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