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Chapter 517 – 518: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 517: The Auction Began

Both Penglai Holy Sect and Moke Sect got the news.

Lord of Chushi, the Imam of Penglai Holy Sect ordered his men to get the dealership of the projector.

They sent out Five Great accumulated spirits, people who were not familiar with them thought they came for fight.

God Father of Moke Sect sat high on the cloud and said “The projector would be in great use. It could video how we propagate doctrines of the ancient sages and offer future generations for viewing.”

“Yes, God Father.”

The bodhisatva and arhats down the cloud nodded and echoed.

Then Fagui flied to Nahai Sect with his four follow men and eighteen arhats.

Huge Infinite Sea was stirred by Nahai Sect. The emergence into prominence in times of crisis even startled Seven-treasures House.

The owner of Infinite Sea was also surprised to know the news. “ Our Seven-treasures House owns the most powerful sales channel. It’s the best they offer us the dealership. Ask our men to go there with money, take the dealership no matter what.”

The old enemy of Seven-treasures House Wanbao Pavilion said “You thought we died? The dealership must be ours.”

Wanbao Pavilion was also a strong chamber of commerce. They were only a little bit weaker than Seven-treasures House, but they never admitted it.

The powerful function of projector was like a delicious cake, everyone wanted to get a piece from it.

Kris made the Tianlang Island suspend on the air in order to make it look massive.

All kinds of fairy mountains were floating and red-crowned cranes were flying in the air, the fairy aura was also the biggest.

And various fountains were spouting.

The scenery it made was charming that people called it fairy land.

At this key time to set up a good image, mean was not allowed.

Three days later, countless Practitioners came to Nahai Sect riding on clouds and swords and many other weird air crafts.

Many fairy islands made of tiny islands occurred around Nahai , and the palaces were where the Practitioners stayed.

In Kris’s mind, here was where Nahai Sect operated by itself, he wanted to make this place a commercial exchange port.

And of course they could not occupy all the islands here, others were used for sell.

And they sold them as years, and the most expensive one owned the most splendid building there.

How was it when millions of Practitioners stayed there?

Lord of Vipers and lord of Sparks and the seven great accumulated spirits who just joined sect did not expect that Nahai Sect would be the center of Infinite Sea.

The stronger the sect was, the higher the position of the elders. Especially for those who experienced the war to protect the sect, they grasped rights now.

Two days ago, Kris increased their pay again, so that they enjoyed even better benefits than the Three Holy Sects.

Currently people’s minds in Nahai Sect were like one mind, and their cohesion was strong. The sect was prosperous.

Many practitioners wanted to join Nahai Sect now, but none of them was accepted.

Lord of Vipers was strict in selecting them. Even if you attained accumulated spirit it did not mean you would be accepted.

What they needed were the one who had the same goal with them.

Not the elders.

If anyone could come in, then they might run away from the war two days ago, they might even stab the sect at key time.

So Nahai Sect put quality before quantity.

Lord of Sparks and Kris all agreed with it.

Why Kris did not auction the dealership on the day opening the sect? It was mainly because not many people went there and Nahai Sect was not as famous as now.

Except for Chunyang Sect, Xiangong, Xiaoguangming, others were small potatoes.

But this time was different, all sects of Infinite Sea were filled with people. The three holy sects, ten top sects and Seven-treasures House and Wanbao Pavilion who owned Cross-continent business also sent their people here.

And countless small chambers of commerce also gathered here, Kris could not count the numbers.

And he produced quantities of projectors with the three days.

It was good in a fantasy world, Divine Spiritual Power could be divided so that it was a piece of cake to produce millions of them.

Surely Kris could not tell others the core secrets of it, so the task was given to Sea King Halberd.

The soul of weapon of Spirit Weapon was smart, it was no worse than Practitioners, and it was even better than Practitioners at some aspects.

For example, they never knew tiredness. They could keep working as long as the raw materials were enough when Kris offered the tasks.

And the soul of weapon of sword of deity blood pulled all supreme Taoist Weapons to work for him.

It was quick, just it took lots of spiritual stones.

With the help of over hundred souls of weapon, Kris produced three hundred million projectors in three days. He could make more if more raw materials could be offered.

His Divine Spiritual Power was consumed a lot, he would die if he did not have enough magical pills.

It was tired, but it was beneficial to his Divine Spiritual Power.

Ironhead, Liangwan, three demons were busying moving raw materials. They were exhausted for the three days.

But Kris did not treat them shabbily, they were offered enough magic pills.

“Brother, as you ordered, they all took their seats.”

Kris’ projector sent him the image of Lord of Vipers.

Kris had an illusion that he was like returned to the earth.

“Okay, I will come out soon.”

He took away his projector and came to the auction hall.

Actually it was the Demon Space here which could hold hundred thousand of people.

Everyone here was respected people in Infinite Sea, and they respected the sects and power.

Surely the three holy sects sat in the front and then was the top ten sects.

Then it was first class sects, second class sects, third class sects…

Seven-treasures House and Wanbao Pavilion sat on the other side, but they were also in the first rows.

Then the second chamber of commerce, the third class of chamber of commerce.

The goal of Kris was the entire Devil Land, not only the Infinite Sea.

Of course, Devil Land was huge. He could never attain his goal if he tried to attain his goal dispersed.

He could only own Infinite Sea first then the other lands.

Kris stood on the stage and he looked at the people down stairs. There was public address on the stage to make sure even the one at the corner could hear Kris.

“Welcome all of you for the first Auction of Nahai Sect.”

Kris turned to the people and then he said “Let’s begin our auction without useless words.”

“Infinite Sea covers hundreds of millions’ kilometers. Roughly it could be divided into ten channels. We will set ten primary dealers in ten channels, a hundred secondary dealers and five hundred tertiary dealers. The right of final interpretation belongs to Nahai Sect. If any dealer sell goods beyond their reign, we will warn them for the first time, then the second time we will cancel his dealership.”

Zifang Shen, the second owner of Seven-treasures House and the second owner of Wanbao Pavilion, Xuetang Hu had long vision so that they realized the benefits of Kris’ meaning instantly.

It was area protection.

It was the primary dealer was the most worthy.

But the secondary and the tertiary dealers almost covered the strongest sects of Infinite Sea. It was called treating everyone liberally. A business drew the most powerful sects of Infinite Sea to his side. It was fabulous.

The boss of Haibin branch of Seven-treasures House, Guangcai Yang was surprised that he could sit beside Zifang.

It was because of Kris. He received Kris before that’s why Zifang allowed him to sit beside him.

He looked at Kris who was under projector lamp, he regretted that he did not do his best to draw Kris over to his side.

“Don’t worry everyone. We launched a huge commercial place named Qiandao Port which is the fairy mountain floating outside. Soon it would be a huge commercial port of Infinite Sea.”

Kris smiled then he said “then we will start our auction from No. 1000 island. The starting price is one spiritual stone.)”

The short-sighted people did not care the commercial port Kris mentioned. And the far-sighted people knew that what Kris said would become reality in the future.

“A hundred spiritual stones, two hundred, three hundred..”

At last the No.1000 island was sold at ten thousand spiritual stones.

Fortunately it got a buyer.

It seemed people were passionate.

Then it was No.999 island. And the price was mounting.

Actually those who were auctioning the islands were the sects nearby Nahai Sect. Those tiny sects wanted to follow Nahai Sect since long ago.

After all, Sea of Chaos was so near and robbers came to them often.

Then we had to talk about the security service Kris prompted.

Before people follow a sect in secret, but now Kris talked about it in public. As long as you joined us, you were my men.

Ten thousand spiritual stones per year, you could ignore it if you thought it was too much.

Then they would do nothing if you met a robber in Sea of Chaos.

Kris thought out the system after long-time thought.

It was beneficial to maintain the healthy image of the small sects nearby Nahai Sect, practicing their follow men and increasing their income. It was nice.

Ten thousand spiritual stones were not many actually. Once robbers beyond primal spirit came to you, accumulated spirit of Nahai Sect would be sent to help you.

Ten thousand spiritual stones could ask for a accumulated spirit? What a good thing.

So this service was widely praised once it was launched.

And most buyers of the islands were these sects.

Actually Kris was fine with that. And big sects felt okay. The islands’ price would increase ten times even hundred times. It’s them who would loss if they did not buy one now.

Kris left one hundred islands for possible period of want or need except for self-support islands among the thousand islands. Such as Wuji Sword Sect, Pure Yang Sect. They worked as one sect, so surely they would not spend any money for the islands.

Soon eight hundred islands were sold out. Nahai Sect earned over twenty million spiritual stones.

Lord of Vipers and Lord of Sparks were numb to see that. The rest seven lords were shocked at Kris’ selling methods.

Kris must be the god of wealth reincarnation.

He made some islands from the sea and he did something casually then he earned so many spiritual stones. It was enough for the sect use for a whole year.

But they knew the following dealership auction was the most important auction.

Kris clapped his hands then several men served the first to the third generations projectors.

All the people were in high spirit when the projectors were served.

“Now we are going to auction the tertiary dealer. The starting price is a million spiritual stones, and each add is at least a hundred spiritual stones.”

Chapter 518: The Crazy Bidding


Lots of people were taken aback at the price of the three-tier distributor’s distribution rights. It was 1 million superb spiritual stone.

Of course, they were merely shocked for a while.

There were trillions of Practitioners in the Infinite Sea. Any area could help them make a killing.

“One hundred and ten thousand.”

“One hundred and one million…One hundred and thirty million.”

After several quotations, the price soared to three million superb spiritual stones.

In the end, the first third-level distributor sold at a price of 5.8 million superb spiritual stone.

At first glance, it didn’t seem to be much, but there were 500 third-level dealers. The big sects and big chambers of commerce might look down on it, but the weak small sects didn’t think so.

Moreover, the farther back, the more prosperous the area was.

Prices were rising.

Three hours later, all five hundred third-tier dealers were auctioned successfully, and the average price was 7 million superb spiritual stones. That is to say, Nahai Sect directly earned three 1.5 billion superb spiritual stones.

So many superb spiritual stones were enough for Nahai Sect to spend a hundred years.

Moreover, every sect that had obtained the distribution rights were asked to settle accounts at spot. Kris Chen asked some people to refine a batch of distributor license arrays, on which there was the length of authorized years.

Yes, that was right. The authorization had a time limit, and the authorization period was ten years.

During the ten years, if you made no mistakes, you would only need to pay a certain amount of renewal fees.

Kris fully showed the essence of a profiteer.

There was a intermission. Lord of Vipers and Lord of Sparks both felt at ease.

3.5 billion superb spiritual stones, this was such a huge wealth. They couldn’t earn such a big sum of spiritual stones even if they sold themselves.

This was a practical training resource.

Next, there were second-level dealers and first-level dealers. It was said that Kris had also prepared a bigger surprise. It was said that it could initiate a change in the spiritual world.

What was the surprise? Kris Chen did not say, nor did they ask.

Whatever. They were the beneficiaries anyway. All they needed to do was follow Kris firmly.

After the break, Kris stepped onto the stage again and cleared his throat, “Okay, now let’s start the third round of auctions. Now we are auctioning the second-level distribution rights with a starting price of 10 million superb spiritual stones. Each time the price increase is not less than one million. Let’s start bidding now!”

When people entered the venue, the Nahai Sect sent everyone an instruction manual.

Of course, it was only given to the high-level executives of the company. In other words, only the leaders of the sect could read it.

The manual made it clear that first-level distributors supply to second-tier distributors, second-tier distributors supply to third-tier distributors, and first-tier distributors have the responsibility and obligation to protect lower-level distributors. Besides. Nahai Sect will help them.

It tied all the sects together!

The most important thing was that once the business channel opened up, Nahai Sect would take the lead in setting up a protection association to protect dealers and provide services and assistance to consumers.

This was very novel and it had aroused the interest of many people.

In fact, in the Infinite Sea, those small sects were actually very insecure. They had to spend a lot of effort and spiritual stones all year round to pray for the help of the big sects. The resources they spent every year were scary.

And now, with the policy introduced by Nahai Sect, they only needed to pay a few hundred thousand spiritual stones a year on average. Except that, they could get such a sure bet as the image-transmitting machine. Only a fool would give up the opportunity.

What? The image-transmitting machine would be duplicated?

Come on. If it was really duplicated, the Three Holy Sects wouldn’t send people over.

They would have been producing it secretly long ago.

No one was more stupid than anyone else.

“Twelve million!”

Someone from Tiangang Sect raised the sign in his hand.

“Thirteen million!”

Their old opponent, Qibaoliuli Sect refused to give ground.

Feng Lei Pavilion: You were all losers! 15 million!


The top ten sects had stood in the Infinite Sea for tens of thousands of years. They had a large fortune. Merely tens of millions of spiritual stones were nothing to them. They collected more than a billion yuan in protection fees every year. They would not care such small amount of money.

“Fifty million!”

Huangquan Magic Palace was taking action.

Kris was a bit surprised. This was only a secondary dealer’s right. Why would they want it?

However, after thinking about it, he understood that there were only one hundred secondary dealers. For the ten major sects, this was more like regional division and competition. It was a good opportunity for their forces to penetrate each other’s regions. Of course they would not miss it.

Not only the top ten sects, but also the first-class sects, and the first-class chambers of commerce were involved. The competition was fierce.

“Sixty million! The first secondary distribution right should go to the Puji Temple!”

“Shameless old bald donkey. The Star Palace gives a price of 65 million.”

The Seven Gods Sect, which stay at silent the whole time, said, “70 million superb spiritual stones!”

Seeing that the price raised to 70 million superb spiritual stones, the first-class sect Prime Elder raised the sign in his hand, “71 million superb spiritual stones!”

In the next second, the people of the ten major sects all looked over. The presbyter of Taiyi Holy Sect looked as usual, but he was actually very worried.

“71 million superb spiritual stones. Would anyone quoted a higher price than this?”

Kris glanced at the crowd.

The ten major sects were not stupid. There were one hundred second-level dealers. The price of the first one was so high, if they bought it, how could they buy the others.

It was alright to give up the first one. It was not a prosperous area anyway!

They only needed to control the most prosperous areas.

“71 million superb spiritual stones for the first time, the second time… the third time, congratulations to the Taiyi Holy Sect for obtaining the first secondary distribution right. We will provide you with a special sect management service!”


Special sect management service?

Everyone was stunned and looked at Kris puzzledly.

Prime Elder of Taiyi Holy Sect was also very pleasantly surprised. Was there such benefit to be the first to take the distributorship?

“May I ask what is the special sect management service?”

The Prime Elder asked.

Kris smiled, “Temporarily, it is kept secret. The sect management service provided by Nahai Sect, which is worth as much as one million superb spiritual stones, could make the sect more cohesive and make the manage the sect more convenient!”

Prime Elder smiled. The service of a million-dollar superb spiritual stone sounded very high-end.

Upon hearing this, those Sect that did not participate in the bidding suddenly felt that they had lost millions of superb spiritual stones.

“I would have added a million more if I knew it!”

The elders of the ten major sects thought in their hearts.

“Okay, let’s continue the auction!”

The crazier they were, the happier Kris was.

The profit would all go to Nahai Sect.

Time passed fast. Soon, all 100 secondary distribution rights were auctioned out. By the time the last ten distribution rights were sold, the price had exceeded 200 million superb spiritual stones.

The ten major sects were competing fiercely.

They couldn’t let the others to steal away their business.

That was shameful.

Finally, after a fierce price war, all 100 secondary distribution rights were sold, and the profit exceeded 10 billion superb spiritual stones!

Ten major sects accounted for half of the secondary distribution rights, and the rest were taken away by other first and second rate sects and chambers of commerce.

Next was the highlight of this auction.

First-level distributorships.

As long as they could master one, they could the trade route.

It was not just the projector, the most important thing was the channel.

The big sects had to make expenditure too. No one would dislike their own sects becoming stronger and stronger.

The three holy sects, Seven-treasures House and Wanbao Pavilion who had been looking on, also came to their spirits.

Ten major waterways hey equally divided by the five sects were the most even. However, the three Holy Sects would not easily agree.

Although the Seven-treasures House and Wanbao Pavilion was strong, in the Infinite Sea, the three holy sects had the final say.

Therefore, the goal of Seven-treasures House and Wanbao Pavilion was to make sure to get one at least and strive for two. Their vision was more long-term than the three saints.

The Infinite Sea was enough for them to digest for many years, but what about land?

That was their real home field!

They didn’t believe that Kris was such a short-sighted person. The Infinite Sea was just a springboard. Sooner or later, he would do business on land.

What an astonishing wealth that was that Kris would ignore it?

So after figuring out the joints, Zifang Shen and Xuetang Hu also sat firmly.

After a short intermission, Kris Chen also recovered a little bit of strength. It was really tiring to be an auctioneer. It seemed that he should train a group of disciples with business talents. From now on, he would leave this small matter to them. That was it.

No Prime Elder would do things by themselves.

“Next, is the highlight of this auction, ten first-tier dealers!”

Kris Chen glanced at everyone, “The first-tier dealership starts at 100 million spiritual stones, and each time the price increases is not less than 10 million! And the first dealer to auction the distribution rights will have mysterious surprise!”

After the words, everyone looked forward to it.

Taiyi Holy Sect received a “special sect management service”. What surprises did the first-level dealers get? Everyone was curious.

Kris aroused the curiosity of everyone.

Guangcai Yang exclaimed, “It’s really a business genius, and in a few words he can manipulate people’s hearts in the palm of his hand.”

Zifang Shen also nodded, “If he is not the Prime Elder of Nahai Sect, I even want to hire him as the tenth shopkeeper!”

The shopkeeper of the head office of Seven-treasures House had a great authority, which was even comparable to the head of the top sects. They dealt with countless money.

“Okay, let’s not say much and start bidding now!”

“Wanbao Pavilion gives 200 million superb spiritual stones!”

“Seven-treasures House gives 300 million!”

“Chunyang Sect gives 400 million!”


They gave one hundred million more each time. After a few times of bidding, the price instantly soared to 600 million superb spiritual stones.

This was crazy!

Everyone was scared by the price.

Ten major sects also joined the crazy bidding.

Everyone understood the benefits behind the dealers. In fact, at their level, spiritual stone was just a number which could not increase their authority.

Nevertheless, becoming a first-level dealer could.

“Huangquan Magic Palace gives one billion superb spiritual stones.”

The eyes of the second elders of the Huangquan Magic Palace were red and devilish. It was normal to be anxious for the bidding, but what was he angry for?

“Little Bright Holy Land gives a one-hundred and fifty million superb spiritual stone!”

“Pure Yang Sect gives 1.1 billion superb spiritual stones)!”

The price continued to climb, and at this time the price had exceeded 1.5 billion spiritual stones.

At this time, the three holy sects joined the battlefield.

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