The supervisor was so excited about Chuck Cannon, the people watching the casino laughed. This supervisor was a female gambler before and was qualified to say this.

“Will this Chinese person agree?”

“Definitely not. Good luck is one thing. It doesn’t matter if you meet real people, especially her, good luck!”

“I think so. I don’t gamble. Doesn’t it make sense to give money to the female god of gambling? I’m not doing it.”

“Then you are not seeded?”

“I don’t care if there is a kind of seedlessness. This is billions of dollars. I promised it, and it must be all lost to her. The ghost agreed. This Chinese person will definitely choose not to gamble like me. It’s better than losing all!”

The onlookers talked a lot, some ridiculed, some agreed, and some watched the show.

“This gentleman, do you have any seeds?” The supervisor sneered.

She likes to laugh at these Chinese people most.

Especially the kind of running after winning money.

“If there are no seeds, then let us go to your office and try it out?” Chuck Cannon said with a shrug.

“Really a little badass,” Yvette said after being taken aback, she looked at Chuck Cannon tenderly.

The director’s beautiful eyes narrowed, and a cold light came out, actually molesting herself?

“Haha, this Chinese person is really kind, dare to tease her, don’t you know who she is?”

“Hush, you want to die?”

The onlookers laughed. This Chuck Cannon is a bit interesting, don’t you know the strength of this supervisor?

The molesting hit her, this is the rhythm of looking for death!!

“You don’t want to bet with me, right?” The supervisor stared at Chuck Cannon.

This person teased her so that everyone made fun of her.

She was very annoyed. If there were not so many guests at the scene, she would have called the people who had been preparing for a long time to rush in!

“Why should I bet with you?” Chuck Cannon asked rhetorically.

“If you don’t bet with me, you just don’t have a seed, it means you are all cowards!” the supervisor said coldly.

Was this Huaxia guy so shameless, completely unaffected by his own radical method? ?

“Oh, if I don’t bet with you, it’s every kind? Then why don’t you die? If you don’t go, you can’t plant it? It’s also a coward?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

Obviously the god of gambling, how could Chuck Cannon play with her? Do you feel too much money?

I am not a god of gamblers, but my hearing is a little better. I am not a little bit behind her!

“You are very dangerous to speak!” The supervisor was annoyed and was actually said by a Chinese kid.

“No bet, I won’t bet on anything you say,” Chuck Cannon continued to play.

He won more than eight billion, which is the most money Chuck Cannon has ever seen.

He still wants to continue to win, best to win tens of billions, then after he returns to China, he will invest wildly.

The supervisor’s eyes were cold, and the atmosphere froze.

“Husband, don’t gamble,” Yvette reminded.

“Well, your husband, I am not stupid,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Not stupid, but a little badass,” Yvette whispered.

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, just looking at the frustrated supervisor, you have a way to force me to gamble in front of many people!

It depends on whether your casino will continue to open.

The atmosphere is deadlocked to the extreme!!

Betty stepped aside and made a call, it was Karen Lee.

“Hey, I’m almost there,” Karen Lee said.

She was already going there.

“Well, President Lee, Master He…” Betty was also a little surprised.

“What’s wrong if Chuck lost? Lost? It’s okay. He’s happy. It’s okay to lose as many chips as he wants. You just exchange it for him.” Karen Lee felt that Chuck Cannon would have his own bottom line. how much??

As Karen Lee’s only biological son, he is most happy.

“No, Young Master actually won,” Betty said. She still didn’t expect that Chuck Cannon would have lost 50 million and would have won more than 8 billion in two hands!!

“Chuck won the money?” Karen Lee was taken aback, his son won?

“Yes, Master won.”

“Haha, how much did Chuck win?” Karen Lee smiled. This was something Karen Lee had never expected.

Gambling, psychological quality is very important, so when Karen Lee played, basically win, and all wins.

“About 8.4 billion U.S. dollars,”

“What?” Karen Lee was surprised. She was not surprised at the money. After all, 8.4 billion is nothing to her, but it is unimaginable to be able to win so much in a casino!

“How did Chuck win?” Karen Lee asked, with strong interest.

Betty told Chuck Cannon’s winnings carefully, and Karen Lee smiled slightly, “This is a bit interesting. I didn’t expect Chuck’s hearing to be good, but I asked Chuck to come over to play, because I may lose some money to that person. So that I can talk to that person, I didn’t expect him to win,…”

Karen Lee couldn’t laugh or cry. This was considered a fair gift, but Chuck Cannon “destroyed” it.

“Then the bet with the female god of gamblers, do you want to gamble? That female god of gamblers seems to have not lost yet, the young master should not have experience in this aspect…” Betty worried.

“Bet, why not bet? Let Chuck gamble with this female gambler, I will be there soon.” Karen Lee said, she was already on the way.

“Yes, I will tell the young master right away, then Ms. Lee, I will hang up first.”

“En… By the way, what happened to Yvette?”

“She was injured when she came.”

“Is it heavy?”

“It’s a bit heavy, but Yvette has good patience, President Lee, if this continues, Yvette may one day…”

“Overtake me? Then kill me?” Karen Lee didn’t have any fear on her face, even a smile.

“This… you are the top three fighting masters in the world today, and the one who surpassed the number one is just around the corner. Yvette will catch up with you for another 20 years and may not be able to catch up to half of you, but… Yvette is young, twenty years later, she is only in her forties, and you will be in your sixties…” This is what Betty is worried about.

People will grow old and die. When Karen Lee is in her sixties, she will eventually go downhill, when Yvette will be the strongest woman.

This is very suspenseful.

This is because Karen Lee is afraid of being young. Even if Karen Lee maintains his physical strength, her age is the most influential. Yvette always has the advantage in this age, approaching the advantage of twenty.

“It’s okay. The more powerful Yvette is, the more assured I will be. She likes Chuck, then Chuck will become safer and safer. Besides, when I am 60 years old, it may not be bad. This is all right.” Karen Lee saw Gotta open.

After all, she is exercising every day at this time. The bracelets she wears on both hands are made of special metal, weighing several tens of kilograms. Recently, she has increased to 80 kilograms. This physical fitness has reached 60. How old is it?

“Well, I think Yvette’s potential is too great,”

“This is a good thing, um, let’s not say, you let Chuck bet with her.”

“Yes, Ms. Lee, I feel that someone from the casino has also come to block it. I guess they will do it soon,” Betty said alertly.

She has followed Karen Lee for too long. That kind of alertness was affected by Karen Lee. When she came in long ago, her sixth sense told her that there were many people hiding nearby.

“Well, I know, I will come over soon.”


After the phone was hung up, Betty walked to Chuck Cannon, “Master, Ms. Lee asked Master to bet with her,”

Chuck Cannon was stunned. “What did my mother say?”

Yvette was a little bit complicated and nervous, which meant that she was about to come over, the person who killed her father and is her enemy Karen Lee, how would she face it?


“Well, my mother said it all, I will definitely listen, regardless of whether I will lose or win,” Chuck Cannon said.

“It’s okay, Ms. Lee was surprised to hear that you won just now,”

“Really?” Chuck Cannon smiled, then stared at the supervisor, “Okay, I bet with you!!”

My mother is coming over soon, so what am I afraid of?

“Okay, that’s what you said,” the supervisor sneered, is he finally not a coward? Now that you agree, all the winning money will spit out without missing a penny.

“I said it,” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Wow, did he really agree? He actually agreed??”


“Then he is going to export all the money he won back.”

“That’s for sure, this is a female gambler!”

The onlookers laughed, and there was a good show. This Huaxia guy wants to take out all the money, 8.4 billion! ! Everyone thinks that Chuck Cannon is defeated. You are a nameless man. Why do you compare with the female god of gamblers?

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