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Chapter 517: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 517 Being Humiliated in Public

Qiqi hurriedly stood up and said, “Oh, okay.”

Then she walked to the counter to get lemon water for the guests.

Chuxue Ye walked to her and said, “Don’t listen to them gossip. Don’t think too much.”

Qiqi suddenly realized that it was Chuxue who shut off the TV.

Qiqi hurriedly show a nice smile, “I won’t. they are just doing some chitchats. I won’t take it personally. I would talk more exaggeratedly if I were with my friends!”

“Good that you didn’t think too much.”

Qiqi looked at Chuxue seriously and said, “Chuxue, I’m fine. My frustration these days has nothing to do with this. I have just met Mr. Mu. It doesn’t matter to me whether he calls me or not. You are the one who should stop thinking too much.”

Chuxue looked Qiqi and saw there’s nothing hidden in her innocent eyes, then she sighed in relief, “Good. Then I won’t be worried about you.”

“I’m strong. I won’t be defeated easily. Don’t worry.”

“Yes, you are our good girl!” Chuxue patted Qiqi on the shoulder then she left.

But the smile on Qiqi’s face were disappearing little by little.

Without the monitor and the guy wearing glasses making up stories, the rumors about Qiqi died down gradually.

Though the students still treated Qiqi coldly, Qiqi felt satisfied already. She believed that if given time, she would finally recover from this drama.

She firmly believed this and always encouraged herself.

However, her health condition was not as good as her mind.

First she had a stomach problem, then she caught a cold, plus she had been discouraged for quite well. She had not recovered herself yet.

Looking at her pale face in the mirror, Qiqi took out her make-up package and decided to make herself look better.

But one hour later, when Qiqi looked into the mirror again, she saw a pair of dark-circled eyes and funny red cheeks, just like a clown.

It’s strange. She couldn’t figure why she could do it perfectly for Anna but her.

She had no choice but to remove the make up. At this moment,, she started to miss Anna. If Anna were here, she could help Qiqi.

A moment later, Qiqi looked weaker.

She used to have a round face, but now it’s so thin. Her used to have rosy cheeks, but now they look pale. The only thing that could make her happy was that her eyes seemed to have got bigger.

But she could not go to the award ceremony like this. She needed to give a speech on behalf of all the students who were granted the award of Excellent Youth. It would be too casual if she should look like this.

Then Qiqi had to find a video on the internet where there a lot of girl teaching people how to wear makeups.

Half an hour later, Qiqi looked into the mirror again and sighed in relief.

Well, it still didn’t get much better, but at least it’s not terrible any more.

She got changed and then went to the ceremony hall.

But when she got there, she found the ceremony had already begun.

What happened? She started thirty minutes earlier, but how come she’s late?

Qiqi frowned. But when she saw the monitor, she understood why.

The monitor must have told her the time, trying to make Qiqi embarrassed.

But it seemed the ceremony had just begun, so Qiqi did not miss much of it.

Seeing Qiqi, the monitor show a bad face, “Why are you late? What time is it? Don’t you know we are a team? I don’t understand why the teacher would grant the award to you. You do not value teamwork at all!”

Qiqi couldn’t say anything, though she knew the monitor was giving her a hard time on purpose.

First, she had no time to argue with her; second, no one would believe her even if she told them what the monitor did. It would only cause another fight and make her the focus again.

So this time, Qiqi just lowered her head and apologized lightly.

Seeing that Qiqi apologized, the monitor did not push further. She told Qiqi to sit in the front row.

On the way to the front row, the guy wearing glasses saw Qiqi.

Qiqi had put a little bit makeup on her face and it made Qiqi so attractive. The guy just couldn’t get his eyes off her.

The monitor who had been staring at Qiqi of course noticed this. She was about to freak out.

“What a slut! How dare you seduce my man again! But soon you will pay the price. I’ll let everyone know what kind of bitch you are!” the monitor thought and showed an evil smile.

The ceremony went fast and soon it’s time to grant awards.

Qiqi and the other students walked up to the stage and got the certificates from the teacher’s hands. They all smiled happily.

Then the other students left the stage. Qiqi, led by the hostess, walked to the microphone to give a speech.

Qiqi had prepared well for this. She might not be a good speaker, but with a sincere heart, she believed that the students would be impressed by her speech.

But just as Qiqi was about to speak, some students under the stage started to make some noise.

They all stared at the big screen behind Qiqi and started to talk with each other.

Qiqi was curious. She turned around, too, then she got dumbfounded.

It was a picture of Qiqi, though not clear.

In the picture, Qiqi was held by Yuqi. They were standing in the hospital and they looked very intimate to each other. The doctor and nurses beside them were talking about something.

Qiqi couldn’t get her eyes off Yuqi.

At this moment, she found herself missing Yuqi.

While Qiqi was buried in her thoughts, the students down the stage started to gossip.

“What a hypercritical woman! She claimed that she has nothing to with Yuqi Mu. But look at the picture!”

“How will she defend herself in front of the evidence? Look how innocent she is! I almost got fooled by her!”

“She’s a good actress, and that’s how she can play men around.”

“Hey, what did they do in the hospital? To abort the baby?”

“It seems so!”

They were talking louder and louder and the situation was a bit out of control.

The teacher went up stairs hurriedly. He tried to calm down the students and at the same time ordered the operator on the backstage, “Whose trick is this! Remove the picture!”

The screen went black but the students got noisier.

Someone stood up angrily and said, “She doesn’t deserve this award!”

Soon a lot of students stood up to support this idea.

“She has a bad reputation and a dirty personal life! How can she be a representative of us students!”

“She gives our school a bad name! Our school’s reputation will be severely affected, too!”

“We strongly recommend that her qualification be canceled!”

The teachers feel into a predicament.

Qiqi turned to the teacher hurriedly and explained, “They are all rumors! I have done nothing of them!”

Someone said right away, “Then where are the picture from? Do you think we are blind?”

“I was sick and he was only taking me to the hospital.”

“Who knows! Maybe it’s an abortion!”


“Enough! Do not discuss it in public! You are so ridiculous!” the teacher stopped the two and then said to Qiqi, “Qiqi, you can leave now. We will look into it first. If it’s true, your qualification will have to be canceled; but if you are innocent, we will give you justice.”

“But I…”

“Alright, that’s it. Let’s continue the ceremony.”

Qiqi still wanted to say something but the teacher stopped her, hinting her to get off the stage so that the ceremony could continue.

Qiqi had to leave the stage with her head lowered, feeling upset.

They students down the stage look at Qiqi and showed a judging look.

Qiqi heard them taunting her clearly.

“How dare she even go up the stage and claim the award? If I were here, I would find a corner and hide myself!”

“She’s got the nerves to do those dirty things, so of course she doesn’t feel shameful at all of claiming the award.”

“Ha ha, you’ve got the point.”

Qiqi couldn’t take it any longer. She got up and ran out quickly.

Seeing Qiqi running out, the monitor turned around and saw that the guy wearing glasses was smiling, then she showed a smug smile, too, “Qiqi, how can you be proud again, now that the teachers have found out what you did. Get out of the school!” she thought in her heart.

While running out of the hall, Qiqi could feel everyone’s unfriendliness.

They were mocking her and their laughter stung her skin and gave her pains all over her body!

Qiqi wanted to get rid of those mocking eyes so she kept running till she couldn’t run any more. She sat on the ground weakly and started to weep.

“Why is everyone against me? Why they don’t trust me?”

Qiqi thought as long as she could stop the monitor and the guy, the rumors would be gone. And everyone would go back to normal.

But it’s only a good wish.

The wise man will stop the rumors? It’s bullshit! Everyone seemed to be enjoy this show. No one would like to stand up for her, no one!

She thought things were getting better, and that darkness was fine finally gone and dawn was coming.

But what waited ahead was deeper desperation. The blaming words from strangers were like knives were stabbing Qiqi in the heart ruthlessly.

Gradually, Qiqi seemed to have forgotten this pain. She started to get numb. And that coldness inside her heart started to spread to every part of her body.

At this time, no one could warm her. She’s the only one to protect herself. She told herself numbly that everything would get better, everything.

But would it? Qiqi had done all that she could and tried to face everything courageously.

Then what? Harm and desperation struck her once and once again.

“Am I going to live my life being talked about by others?” Thinking of here, Qiqi started to feel hopeless.


Suddenly her phone rang. She took over the phone with her trembling hand and cried harder when she saw the caller’s name.

It was Anna Xie.

Anna found some very tasty chocolates. Knowing that Qiqi loves chocolates, Anna specially bought one box for her.

Assuming that Qiqi wasn’t asleep, Anna called Qiqi to see what she was doing.

Anna said smilingly, “Qiqi, I bought some chocolates for you. They taste great! Do you want me to bring them to you or mail to you? Hmm, let me guess, you must want them now! Let me mail it to you, okay?”

Anna’s voice fell. But there’s no reply for quite a while.

Anna was a bit surprised, “Qiqi, do you hear me?”

Then, a trembling voice came, “Anna…”

Anna had never heard this weak voice of Qiqi. In her eyes, Qiqi had always been an active and positive girl. When she’s down, she would soon cheer herself up for delicious food.

But what’s happening now?

Anna held her phone tight and asked, “Qiqi, are you crying? What happened? Tell me everything.

But where should Qiqi begin?

Qiqi covered her forehead with her eyes closed. She chocked, “I don’t know where to start. They are really too bad! I didn’t do anything. How can they bully me like that! No one would like to believe me. Anna, I really don’t know what to do.”

Anna was confused. She frowned, “good girl, I believe you. Don’t cry. Tell me what they said about you to make you sad.”

Qiq really wanted to tell everything to Anna but Anna was still on vacation. She couldn’t just bother Anna with her own worries. As she thought her life had already been a mess, she couldn’t let others suffer the same pain.

Qiqi lowered her head and laughed, “Come on, you believed what I said? Ha ha! I was joking! You haven’t call me for so long, so I want to tease you. What, you believed it?”

Qiqi tried to make herself sound active, like it was only a prank.

But Anna did not say anything, nor did she blame Qiqi for the joke.

Having sensed the silence, Qiqi asked cautiously, “Anna, are you angry? Come on! I am sorry! I didn’t mean to make you worried. Don’t get mad, please?”

Anna was not angry. She was just worried.

She’s so close to Qiqi, how could she not tell when she’s serious or joking?

Qiqi chose not to tell Anna about it, so it meant that it’s serious.

Since Qiqi didn’t want her to know, Anna stopped asking.

“Yes, I am angry. I am worried about you! If anyone dares to bully you, I will kick his ass!”

Hearig this, Qiqi showed a bitter smile.

Taking a deep breath, Qiqi said, “Don’t worry, if anyone dares to bully me, I will fight him first! Hey, I need to go to the library now. Let’s talk some other time.”

“Okay, go ahead. Take care of yourself.”

“You, too!”

Qiqi hang up the phone . with her phone still held in her hands, her tears began to fall.

And Anna, did not put down phone either. She looked serious.

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