“I agree to the bet, but I should say what to bet, you are the female god of gamblers.” Chuck Cannon said.

Yvette was translating the words of the nearby people, Chuck Cannon didn’t care.

Gambling can be gambling, but Chuck Cannon’s gambling is only good in hearing, but not in others.

“Yes, as long as it is a bet,” the supervisor sneered.

As a female god of gambling, she is proficient as long as it is related to gambling. Choose whatever you want, and the result will be the same. There will be no difference, that is, spit out all the money! !

To accompany you to play, the only thing the supervisor hopes is to let yourself have a little bit of fun.

“That’s OK, just shake the dice,” Chuck Cannon said.

This is related to my own hearing.

“No problem, come here, prepare the dice!!” The supervisor smiled coldly, betting herself on the dice? This is the basic job of the God of Gamblers!

This is simply looking for death!

The onlookers still had some thoughts about watching a good show just now, but listening to Chuck Cannon said that, they were not interested.

Isn’t this seeking a dead end?

Roll the dice with the god of gamblers? This is only raised by a fool, right?

Betting on cards is better than betting on dice!

Rolling the dice is completely technical.

How did this kind of person win 8.4 billion just now? ?

No one understands it anymore.

A croupier came over with a dice.

“What gambling? How much is a handful or what?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Don’t you have a bargaining chip close to nine billion dollars now? I will bet this nine billion dollar with you! Two wins in three games, I lose, I will pay you nine billion dollars if you lose, then I will win you nine billion dollars!” The supervisor sneered.

“The bet is so big?” Chuck Cannon could only be speechless, not even 500 million?

Two wins in three games, this test of psychological quality!

Yvette was worried, this is really big.

There is no fluctuation in Betty. When Karen Lee gambled, it was called big, and that was shocking!

“Yes, don’t you dare?” The supervisor sneered.

Did you take the bait yourself and still want to run?

is it possible!

It must be impossible!

“What can’t I dare?” Chuck Cannon didn’t care, he won anyway, and it didn’t matter if he lost.

“Well, let’s get started!”

The supervisor took the dice cup in his hand.

“Wait, the rules are not good, let’s guess the size.” Chuck Cannon said.

Comparing with her to shake the dice, that would definitely not work, she is like a god of gambling, and if she doesn’t ask for any points, what will be counted? ?

How does this compare?

Chuck Cannon would not do such a thing.

“Alright, whatever you want,” the supervisor sneered the same. What’s the difference?

“You, come and shake the dice!” The supervisor pointed a finger at a beautiful croupier.

The beautiful croupier came over.

“Husband, I’m going to roll the dice,” Yvette suggested. This may be a thousand years old. After all, she doesn’t understand this and can’t see too much.

The ghost knows how it works?

“En… wait a minute, don’t let her shake, my wife, will shake the dice.” Chuck Cannon said loudly.

“No problem,” the supervisor sneered, still no difference.

The onlookers couldn’t help being speechless. Compared with other gambling gods, what’s the point of doing so many tricks?

Is the final result still a loss?

“Husband, come on, win her money,” Yvette said.

“Okay, I will win the money for you,”

“I don’t want it, you take it yourself, come on,” Yvette shook her head and walked to the middle of the gaming table to shake the dice.

“I will start shaking, and then my husband you tell the size,” Yvette stared at the supervisor, using standard English.

The supervisor was a little surprised. He didn’t expect this blood leopard to speak English so well, but what’s the use? She broke the rules of the killer organization and must die as a result.

“Yes,” of course the supervisor had no objection, she couldn’t wait.

Yvette started to shake the dice, Chuck Cannon listened, listening to the dice turning, Yvette stopped.

Chuck Cannon is thinking.

Yvette is worried about seeing Chuck Cannon, come on!!


There was a triumphant smile on the supervisor’s face. The moment Yvette stopped, she knew it in her heart.

Too simple, this is the basic skill of being a gambler.

“Husband, how about you?” Yvette looked at Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon said, “I also say big.”

The onlookers immediately disdain to laugh.

“Her mother, he said the same as the God of Gamblers. He is so shameless. Don’t be like this if you are afraid of losing!”

“Yes, who are these people!”

“Don’t watch, don’t watch, watch him play a rogue???”

The supervisor sneered, “What are you doing with me? If you say it is big, then how do you divide the outcome?”

Chuck Cannon is silent. He is not as fast as the gambler, so how can he keep up with her?

“Forget it, let it be small,” Chuck Cannon was helpless.

The supervisor ridiculed, it’s useless to be a rogue.

“Husband, are you sure?” Yvette was worried. She couldn’t hear what was inside, so she didn’t know who was right and who was wrong.


“Then I will uncover it,” Yvette uncovered, she was anxious after seeing the points, it was really big! !

The supervisor smiled triumphantly. This is no difficulty at all. It’s boring. It’s boring to win this money!

“Let me just say, how could he compare to the God of Gamblers? He must lose!”

“That’s for sure. Anyone can play with the God of Gamblers, so what?”

The onlookers who expressed their opinions looked down on Chuck Cannon. How was your luck just now? Now that the money hasn’t been covered with heat, it will be returned to others, and it has lost five or six billion.

There is no fluctuation in Chuck Cannon’s heart.

“Husband, it’s okay,” Yvette comforted, and Chuck Cannon was right, but it was a step too late and they said it first.


“So continue?”

“Well, you continue,” Chuck Cannon was already fully focused.

Yvette started shaking a second one, shaking and then stopped.

The supervisor laughed, she knew it again, and when Yvette stopped, she said, “It’s still big!!”

“Husband,” Yvette was particularly anxious, this gambling god is too strong, so confident, this one is going to win again?

Doesn’t that mean Chuck Cannon has lost? ?

“Then I’ll say it’s better,” Chuck Cannon had no choice.

It seems that he has too little experience, and he is still very different from the gambling god. He actually heard it, it is big, but no one is fast.

Yvette was worried in his eyes, did he lose?

“Go on, go on, I think this Huaxia guy will lose.”

The onlookers shouted.

Yvette’s palms are sweaty, she doesn’t want Chuck Cannon to lose, but what else can be done?

“Open.” The supervisor urged.

“Wife, it’s okay, open,” Chuck Cannon said lightly.

“En.” Yvette uncovered.

She was suddenly sad, really big.

Two wins in three rounds, and there is no third round. She looked at Chuck Cannon with a gentle and okay gaze. If you lose, you lose. It’s not ugly. People are the god of gamblers.

“Sure enough, he lost, there is no suspense! he lost so fast!”

“It’s normal speed, the God of Gamblers didn’t call it for nothing!!”

The onlookers were laughing at them. They were envious of Chuck Cannon. They won so much money, but what?

If you win, you have to spit it out.

That fat man laughed the happiest just now, what, what about winning? ?

Yvette came over, “Sorry husband, I didn’t help you,”

“It’s okay.”

Chuck Cannon didn’t expect to lose so fast.

But nothing, most of them win.

“Master, the money doesn’t matter,” Betty also comforted, more than eight billion. Chuck Cannon wanted the money, and Chuck Cannon called Karen Lee directly, to be aggrieved, saying that more than eight billion is eight thousand and three hundred million more than 100 million. Karen Lee will immediately call over.

After all, Karen Lee only has a son like Chuck Cannon.

“I know.” Chuck Cannon calmed down. There was nothing but disappointment. If he could hear faster, would he win?

It’s a pity that they are so fast and have too much experience.

“Take these chips back.” Chuck Cannon was willing to bet and lose. The supervisor gave a mocking order. Someone took the chips back. The supervisor laughed, “Mr. from China, you can continue to play. You won’t lose so much. Stop playing, right?”

Chuck Cannon looked at her, “After winning, you want to come out again?”

“Haha, don’t be so troublesome, Mr. Huaxia, you can play with me directly,” the supervisor laughed. Yes, no matter how much Chuck Cannon wins, she will definitely come out and win back.

“Do you want to play so? Then I will play with you,” Chuck Cannon was pleasantly surprised when a voice came from outside, mom!!

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