Chapter 519 – 520: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 519: Thousand Years of Accumulation

“God Father, Moke Sect offers 1.6 billion!” said Guangsa Bodhisattva.

“Penglai Holy Sect, 1.7 billion super spiritual stones!” the Lord of Wanfa bade.

“Wuji Sword Sect, 1.8 billion!” the Lord of Miaoyuan also held up the competitive licensing according to his senior fellow aprrentice’s will.

To be honest, bidding was inintriguing. The feeling of spending gold on one throw was pretty cool!

The first channel was a side channel, a vacant territory without the influence of the Three Holy Sects. The one who got it would improve its right of speech by this chance.

In the spiritual world, anything that concerning with Taoism and inheritance was a matter of the utmost importance. The Three Holy Sects were no exception.

“Seven-treasures House, 1.9 billion.” Guangcai Yang held up frightenedly. Never had he handled so much money since he become a subbranch manager.

“Wanbao Pavilion, 2 billion!” Xuetang Hu wouldn’t leg behind for their chamber of commerce had nothing but countless spiritual stones.

“The first channel was not under anyone’s control and it should obey the preach of God Father, we Moke Sect are determined to take it.” said Guangsa Bodhisattva, “2.1 billion super spiritual stones, I hope other Taoists could see our sincerity and don’t compete maliciously.”

“Auction is another matter, who bid the highest price can get it.” The Lord of Jiyuan said disdainfully,”Your evil baldie, don’t use presching as an excuse. Who don’t know your wild ambition!”

“We Penglai Holy Sect bid 2.2 billion!” the Lord of Wanfa hummed,”We are the origin of ten thousand rules. The first channel must belong to us.”

“Wuji Sword Sect, 2.3 billion.” shouted the Lord of Miaoyuan.

The atmosphere become fierce.

Kris was not afraid at all, instead he was glad to see that the amount soared owing to their competition. He didn’t care about who became the winner since he would get something for nothing.

When he had to break down the deadlock, Kris pounded the table, “Friendship first, bidding second,” which made the intensity cooled down.

This was the privilege of power. If it was not Kris but replaced by the Lord of Vipers or the Lord of Sparks, no one would pay attention to it.”

The premise of respect was strength, you were nothing but for it.

“Seven-treasures House, 2.4 billion.” Guangcai followed again. This price was close to that of Zifang Shen’s in his mind. It was not cost-efficient to purchase a less prosperous first channel.

“Wanbao Pavilion, 2.41 billion.” Xuetang thought no matter how much you bid, I would add a little bit more.”

“2.5 billion!” the Lord of Wanfa cried,”Whoever renders a higher price than this, then take the channel.”

2.5 billion super spiritual stones could bolster the sect for dozens of years.

This is the power of Holy Sect, who could spend money at will.

Guangsa Bodhisattva shook his head, 2.5 billion was too much, which was not worthy. And they had to support numerous Buddhas.

“2.51 billion” raised by the Lord of Miaoyuan, ” We will take it if you don’t want.”

The price has supassed everyone’s expection, even at early time, Kris said there was a surprise included.

There were nine dealerships behind, the price of which must be higher.

After three times asking, the first channel eventually set the stone,”Congratulations to Wuji Sword Sect who won the first dealership.”

Kris applauded with smile, then followed by heated applause.

All people confused: why should we follow to clap the hands, but…it’s kind of interesting.

Three Prime Elders of Wuji Sword Sect were exuberant. Generally speaking, they would remain calm to everything at their stage of cultivation, but they couldn’t help laughing as if they got a bargain.

As a matter of fact, the Lord of Lingyuan received a secret message from Kris that they must get the first dealership at all coats.

“Prime Elder Diao, what’s the surprise?” Miaoyuan blinked to Kris, as if to show their close relationship.

“We Nahai Sect will entrust Wuji Sword Sect to help produce outside machine of the projector, and advertise Wuji Sword Sect for free on the projector for one month! Finally, we will develop new projects together with a conservatively estimated market value of over a trillion super spiritual stones!”

What? Is that the surprise?

The first one was quite easy to understand, by producing the outside machine, Wuji Sword Sect could purchase projectors at a lower price and make more profits.

Second, advertise Wuji Sword Sect. What is advertising? It was unknown to them but they were sure to find out soon after.

Third, to develop a brand new project together. What was it? They didn’t know. All they knew was that it may be worth over a trillion super spiritual stones! To illustrate, even the whole property of Wuji Sword Sect would not equal to so many spiritual stones! Everyone was shocked by Kris’ words.

Guangsa Bodhisattva, the Lord of Wanfa, Zifang and Xuetang were all very regretful!They were as curious as if they had been scratched. What a big surprise?

Although the relationship between the Nahai Sect and the Wuji Sword Sect was as obvious as the louse on a monk’s head (peas and carrots), but it was too much!

However Kris had made clear in advance that it would have a surprise. Everyone thought the first channel was too barren to spend money on. Who was to blame?

Especially Zifang and Xuetang, as businessmen with a nature for profit, were extremely repentant as they would be transferred to the Eastern Shenzhou if they made this trillion project!

Lingyuan twirled his beard and smiled. Kris was honest and kind that he deserved his assistance before. Kris has a virtue of returning the favor with a peach. In addition, he was also a member of Wuji Sword Sect.

After that, the competition became more drastic, and the five Sects competed for each other . Finally, Wuji Sword Sect took three channels, Penglai Holy Sect and Moke Sect acquired two respectively.

Seven Treasures House, Wanbao Pavilion obtained one each, the last channel was attained by the Tiangang Sect, the No.1 of the Ten Major Sects, which demonstrated its ambition.

Various sects had also paid billions of super spiritual stones, while Nahai Sect had secured nearly 30 billion, totally amounted to more than 40 billion plus the previous one.

With so many super spiritual stones, the Nahai Sect would develop stably for thousands of years, and it won’t be a problem to rank among the Ten Major Sects in a few years.

Hard power, of course, depended on the top practitioners of the Sect.

So much wealth stunned the Nahai Sect.

After the auction, Kris had planned a big surprise. But after a while, he felt that it was not the time.

The successful bidders were beaming with pleasure. Kris was not stingy and prepared the first generation projectors for the unsuccessful bidders. As for the second generation projectors, it was impossible to give away?

Nahai Sect held a grand banquet at the Thousand Island Port, which further made everyone feel the potential of Thousand Island Port.

Gathering all the winning bidders together, Kris began negotiating, signing agreements and distributing the goods.

Anyway, 300 million machines, 150 million first generation projectors, 50 million second generation projectors were uniformly priced, according to the distance, the price fluctuation was no more than 10%! This was called official pricing!

The agreements signed by and the prices set to primary dealers, secondary dealers and tertiary dealers were not the same.

The stock price of the first generation projector for primary dealers was 3 super spiritual stones, 5.5 super spiritual stones for secondary dealers, and 7.5 super spiritual stones for tertiary dealers! And its retail price was 9.8 super spiritual stones.

It was over 10 times more expensive than the regular Voice Transmission Stone, but Kris had confidence, and the most advanced Voice Transmission Stone was not cheap either, with prices ranging from six to seven super spiritual stones.

Even the first generation projector had a coverage of over two million miles of sound transmission as well as one-to-one communication and adding friends capabilities.

Don’t worry about losing your friend anymore if you buy a projector!

This price was also very good for dealers, everyone was satisfied about the profit it can be made!

The price of the second generation projector was much higher, exceeding 88 super spiritual stones at retail! Of course, the wholesale price and profit margin were satisfactory as well.

According to the division of channels, Wuji Sword Sect had the most projectors, followed by Moke Sect and Penglai Holy Sect.

Two hundred million projectors sold instantly, which was worth more than 6 billion spiritual stones, but considering that they had already paid a lot for the dealerships, Kris decided to defer the first payment for goods.

Everyone was happy about Kris’ kind proposal.

“Taoist Diao, can the third generation projector be created?”

“Not yet, it was not the time, just wait for the first generation projectors to be sold for more than ten billion!”


Ten billion was incredible, with a total value of nearly 100 billion super spiritual stones.

How could he be so confident?

They neither knew what hunger marketing was, nor big markets.

Ten billion was not a big deal! Since Infinite Sea had a population of ten trillion, a trillion sales volume could be available.

The next day, Kris trained primary dealers and let them improve after-sales service by themselves, which Nahai Sect will also follow shortly after.

And the last thing was to set up a conservation association! Kris was the president of the association, Wuji Sword Sect, Make Sect, Penglai Holy Sect were the vice presidents, and the others were members of the association.

Kris donated 50 million super spiritual stones to the association, and hired vice presidents and members to escort the dealers!

Kris’ determination was visible to all, which cheered the small sects.

Through this operation, the status of the Nahai Sect equaled to Ten Major Sects in people’s mind.

Zhatian Diao, Taoist Diao was respected by all!

And then came to the division of the spoils… wrongly, primary dealer sold goods to the secondary dealer, secondary dealer sold to tertiary dealer!

Anyway, Kris said that payment could be deferred.

Of course, those who were distributed more goods were happy, while those with less were opposite, but since contracts were signed, more or less would be given.

Coupled with Kris’ distribution and brainwashing, the idea of making the market big and strong was also accepted. In general, it was as good as it gets.

After they left, Kris had no time to share the spoils, but plunged into his small workshop, making hundreds of souls of weapon produce projectors day and night.

If they knew the cost of the first-generation projector was just ten Medium Spiritual Stones, they would curse Kris as profiteers.

Chapter 520: It Was Even Faster Than Robbing

The third day after Nahai Sect left was the wonderful day people agreed to put on sale shadow machine.

The shadow machine was well-known now in Infinite Sea after days’ fermentation.

Everyone of sects, islands, even Sea of Chaos acted without delay upon hearing that.

All sects did not offer the first shadow machines to their followers but placed all of them on the goods shelves. They wanted to test if it was popular.

As the first dealer, Seven-treasures House also bought countless second dealers rights. And the first generation and the second generation shadow machines were placed over the shelves.

Wanzhou Island was at the last part of the first channel. It was devious here and not many Practitioners here. Thus the strength of the Practitioners here was relatively weak.

Though it occupied millions land, its Fairy Aura was rather feeble.

The owner of Wanzhou branch was little bit worried seeing the shadow machines on the shelves.

Could they be sold out?

Opening time was coming. And at the moment a waiter came in in a hurry “Boss, it’s not good. Many people came.”

“Is it strange? Everyday there are many people outside.”

The owner frowned.

“No, they …they came to buy…shadow machines.”


The owner was surprised, then he looked out through sight glass. For sure there were so many people. And they shouted “Open the door, we want to buy shadow machines.”

“Open the door quickly.”

The owner was so happy to see that. So he hurried to ask the waiters to open the door. And many people poured in. They waved their spiritual stones and said “Give me a first generation shadow machine.”

“Give me ten second generation shadow machines. I want to give one to my beloved elder sister, younger sister and …”

“Don’t worry. We have enough.”

The waiter never saw this scene, so he was heavily sweating.

They were the third dealer, and they did not have many goods. They only had twenty thousand first generation shadow machines, and only five thousand second generation shadow machines.

What made them surprised was they were sold out all of them within two hours.

And Practitioners came in one after another.

“I’m so sorry that we do not have any stock now.”

The owner said sorry with a bitter smile.

“What? How could you open a shop without goods? I promised my younger sister to buy her a shadow machine. You want me to fail my promise?”

“Yes, why others could buy it, but I can’t? I also need face.”

It was a chaos in the shop. And many people outside were checking the shadow machines. Some were adding friends, some were talking one to one. In a word, people were crazy.

And even some people said they wanted to buy the shadow machines with three times price.

Surely they were ticket scalpers.

“Forget it, your shop is bad. I’d better go to Wanbao Shop.”

As his words fell, sword of light went to the sky.

It went to Wanbao Shop.

This kind of situation happened not only here, but also other places.

They hurried to connect their superior to order shadow machines, but what disappointed them was their superior also had no machine.

But fortunately some second dealers stocked some machines so that they could hold some time.

But they never expected that they only held six hours then all shadow machines were sold out.

People were shocked at the selling speed.

The third dealers asked the second dealer to order more machines and the second dealer asked the first dealer.

Sects hurried to talk with Kris Chen about it.

They all got the goodness. Especially Wuji Sword Sect, they prepared the most shadow machines. So that they earned millions spiritual stones.

Was there any other thing in this world that could earn money as fast as this?

As this kind of speed, all their investment could be got back.

The God Father of Moke Sect said that they could expand their enrollment this year to ten thousand followers.

Penglai Holy Sect said that they had to keep good relation with Nahai Sect.

Tianli Sect said he wanted to be taken away.

The two chamber of commerce were even more direct, they said I would return you a world if you could offer me a machine.

However, Kris told them to wait for two days.

All the people were shocked. Lord Lingyuan even wanted to beat Kris. Then he said “Bad guy, why wait for two days? Are you silly? Why don’t earn money?”

Kris smiled and explained “Do you remember the hungry strategy I told you before? Let them wait first.”

Lord Lingyuan did not say anything else. Then at last he said “Fine, I will wait for another two days. If I can’t see the goods I want two days later, heng…”

“I got it, old man.”

Kris interrupted him directly.

Then Mock Sect, Penglai Holy Sect and others sent their congratulation letters.

But all those were refused by Kris.

They had no other ways but cooperating with Kris and said they were working overtime to make shadow machines.

The outside were furious seeing this.

Xiaohui Wang was an exterior follower of Blaze Sect. His father was an exterior Elder. But his qualification was so good, so no one noticed him. He had nothing except spiritual stones.

Several days ago there was a Nahai Sect in the sea and an interesting shadow machine.

He was curious about the function of the shadow machine. So he waited in line at the gate of Wanbao Shop then finally he bought two shadow machines.

But after he bought the machines, he suddenly realized that he had no other friends so he did not know who could be given for the other shadow machine.

Then he thought out his beloved Sister Muci. Because only Muci was nice to him.

So he found Muci and gave her a second generation shadow machine “Sister Muci, please accept my gift.”

Muci’s face turned red seeing the second machine, because she wanted it so much.

“Brother, how do you know I want this one?”

Xiaohui did not reply. Sister Muci received the shadow then a wind blew, he suddenly felt there was a lip print on his face.

Sister Muci said before that she would kiss the guy who gave her a second generation shadow machine.

Muci kissed Xiaohui in front of so many people. Her face flushed then she ran away.

Xiaohui held his face and he was stunned. From then on, they were two together. At a dark night, after they did sex, Xiaohui asked “Sister, why you love me?”

“Because the man who gives me gift is the most handsome.”

Then the news Xiaohui got Muci’s heart with the help of the second generation shadow machine spread. So that the price of the second generation shadow machine roared and some people in black market even wanted to change a shadow machine with his spirit weapon.

Three days past and Kris stored nearly a billion shadow machines.

And all sects came to fetch their goods. At the port of Qiandao, a billion shadow machines were being loaded onto ships and commerce boats.

So many goods could not be sent only by traditional transportation.

As the ships and commerce boats driving out, the second round of sale began.

Eight hundred million first generation shadow machines and two hundred million second generation shadow machines were sold out within two days.

Its profit exceeded fifteen billion spiritual stones and all sects’ revenues were booming.

They never saw a business that was more profitable than this machine.

They could earn several hundred million spiritual stones a day, which was even faster than robbing.

And it had no risky, they could earn the money while standing there easily.

With the sale of the shadow machines, changes happened on practitioners. You could often see Practitioners had video chat with others with shadow machines. And it was three-dimensional video.

“My good bro, how is everything in Beiming Sea? Let’s cheers.”

Then the man began to give a toast.

Other guests in the bar looked at the man enviously. Beiming Sea was at the first sailing which was two million kilometers away from here.

It was the second generation shadow machine which cost eighty eight spiritual stones? It was so cool.

But if you were not strong enough, you might be watched by others.

Sometimes in Sea of Chaos a Practitioner took out his second generation shadow machine to show off but killed by others.

Then they sold it in black market with double price.

In addition, some bitter couples could not be together for different reasons now could meet each other with the shadow machines.

They held their shadow machines to talk with each other. Though they could not talk face to face, but they were satisfied to see each other by videos.

The second hungry sale came after the shadow machines were sold out again.

This time Kris cut the machines for longer time. He cut it for a week. He was mainly stocking the shadow machines in the week. And at the same time, he was offering his customers a time to digest and absorb.

And he had much more important thing to do–to plan specialized management service for Taiyi Sect.

The so called specialized management service was to plan service only for Taiyi Sect.

In simple, artificial intelligence.

Then the senior officials could get rid themselves from laborious business.

It was easy in Devil Land, for fairy weapons were artificial intelligence in some ways.

As long as unique codes were added in fairy weapons by Kris, then AI management service was done.

It seemed useless. But what made it marvellous was it could make weapons,runes even magical pills by assembly lines.

As long as special codes were added, like the temperature of the fire, materials of weapons. Then nothing else needed to be done.

Currently Kris planed just primary service for them. So it could make inferior spirit weapons, sixth level runes and magical pills. In addition, it could release real time tasks.

When the third generation shadow machine put into use, it could accept tasks on line.

The Prime Elder of Taiyi Sect was there from the beginning, so he was stocked.

Then Kris gave him a general operating system and several sub systems. He told him how to operate them, the Prime Elder admired Kris so much after hearing his thought.

Once the system put into use, the strength of Taiyi Sect could be improved greatly in short time.

“Thank you so much.”

The Prime Elder did not know what to say. At first he thought Kris forgot it, he never expected that Kris came when he finished his things. Kris was really a genius.

In addition, their bonus was booming recently, so they respected Kris even more.

“You are welcome. And the medium system is still on development. I can help you to upgrade if you need.”

Kris left, now he was going to Wuji Sword Sect.

“Ei, old man. Talk when you talk, why you hold your sword?”

“I’m preparing my goods. You think it dose not need time?”

“Okay, fine, don’t be excited. I come today to solve the problem.”

Kris looked at the sword on his neck “Could you take your sword away first?”

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