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Chapter 519: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 519 She’s My Girlfriend

Seeing how lost Qiqi was, the guy wearing glasses felt great in his heart.

“That’s what I thought – anyone who dares humiliate me won’t end up well,” the guy wearing glasses thought.

But he wanted more. He want this girl to be punished more severely.

He showed a tricky look and was about to say something.

But before he could say anything, Qiqi hurriedly rushed to the bulletin board and ripped off the announcement.

She did it so angrily and crazily as if she was using all her strength to fight against their rudeness and unfairness. She was so fast that it took the other students a while to realize what she’s doing.

When they finally realized that, Qiqi had already torn off the announcement and stepped on it with her both feet.

“Qiqi, are you out of your mind? How dare you tear it off? Do you have doubts about our school’s decision?”

The class monitor shouted hysterically but Qiqi just ignored her and kept stepping on the announcement paper madly.

Seeing that Qiqi ignored her, the monitor went up directly to stop her. She even pinched Qiqi while dragging Qiqi away.

But Qiqi endured the pain and resisted the monitor. Qiqi even pushed her back hard.


The monitor lost her balance and fell on the ground.

Seeing that his girlfriend got bullied in front of him, the guy wearing glasses got furious. He rushed to Qiqi and slapped her on the face.


Qiqi’s face instantly turned red. Qiqi was completely dumbfounded.

“You b!tch! Are you done yet? How dare you touch my girlfriend!”

The scene soon feel into silence.

“What are you doing here?”

The majestic voice calmed everyone down immediately. They stepped backwards to make space for Qiqi.

It was the headmaster who was talking. That’s why the students stopped behaving crazily.

Beside the headmaster, there stood other leaders of the school who were frowning and looking at the students. At the same time, they were glancing cautiously at a young man next to them.

It was no one else. It was Yuqi Mu who was wearing a suit.

Yuqi stared at the students with no emotion on his face. It’s hard to tell what he was thinking about.

The headmaster said to Yuqi smilingly, “The students are being naughty. Please don’t mind it.”

Yuqi did not say anything. He walked to Qiqi who was isolated by the students and stopped one step away behind her back.

The students had no idea what Yuqi was going to do. They did not dare to say a word.

Yuqi took a glance at the announcement which was already into pieces on the floor, then he said lightly, “Dirty personal life? Can you explain? What do you mean by that?”

It seemed that the headmaster did not know about announcement. He turned to the dean directly.

The dean’s face turned pale instantly, knowing his luck had gone.

He walked to the headmaster and whispered something. Then the headmaster’s face turned pale, too.

While they were chatting, Yuqi lifted Qiqi’s chin gently. Then he saw a slightly swollen face.

Yuqi’s heart ached for Qiqi’s wound, but what Qiqi looked like at the moment really broke his heart.

Qiqi had always been a positive girl and she could always make Yuqi forget his sorrows. She’s like the sorrow-extinguisher. Yuqi could always turn happy whenever he had a talk with her.

But look at her now – her eyes were full of emptiness as if her soul had been extracted. Her eyes on that tiny face just kept staring at Yuqi, without any emotions.

Yuqi’s heart totally broke on seeing her like this, and the same time, a feeling of fury arose from his heart.

He turned to the guy wearing glasses and questioned him, “Did you hit her?”


The guy became a coward right away. His arrogance and aggression totally disappeared.

Yuqi had that light smile on his face, a smile that made the students more intimidated.

“Is this how the students in your school are supposed to behave? A man hits a lady in public? I wonder how you could remain indifferent. What’s worse, you did not care to bring justice to the victim, instead, you humiliated her with this bullsh!t announcement! Should I take back the money I donated?”

On hearing this, the headmaster sweated right away.

“No, no, Mr. Mu, It’s a misunderstanding.”

“A misunderstanding? So I was wrong – this guy did not hit my girlfriend?”


Hearing his words, everyone was stunned but Qiqi.

Yuqi raised the corner of his mouth and showed an evil smile, “Yes, my girlfriend. I have a question – what did she do to make you say that she has a dirty personal life, and even pull up an announcement so that the whole school will know?”

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Apparently, the headmaster did not expect things would be like this. Who would have imagined the innocent girl to be Yuqi’s girlfriend. They did not match at all!

Yuqi looked up slowly at the guy wearing glasses, then he raised the corner of his mouth. The smile made people scared.

“You! You hit my girl. Tell me, in what way do you want to die?”

In the eyes of the guy wearing glasses, Qiqi was nothing but a slut. He thought that the rich guys would only play with her, and that no one would defend her.

It’s a shame that things went against his will. He created the mess but it’s far beyond his power to clean up the mess.

“I…I did not mean it,” the guy was trembling. He dared not look Yuqi in the eyes and his brain was drawing a blank.

Then the guy saw the monitor. He grabbed her as if she was his savior. He said, “It’s her! She told me that Qiqi s.educed you! I was misled by her!”

The guy thought he could get away with it by blaming it on the monitor.

And the monitor did not expect her boyfriend would betray her. She was stupefied for a while then she cursed angrily, “How can you blame me! I’m doing this because of you! You said Qiqi played with your feelings. That’s why I helped you teach her a lesson!”

“Bullsh!t! Qiqi is too good for me! I don’t even dare to dream about being with her. You envy her! She’s smarter than you, and her does better in schoolwork. You think she’s the reason why you lost your claim of the award. You did it to her in the name of me!”

The guy reacted rather quickly. He would rather die than admit the bad deeds he had done. He even turned to Qiqi, begging her for mercy!

“Qiqi, I am sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you! I did not know I was being used! Please forgive me, and please ask Mr. Mu to forgive me, too!”

The guy almost cried. But Qiqi did not react at all. She still looked dumb.

The monitor kept punching the guy, blaming his for being an ungrateful guy and a coward who let a woman defend him!

Yuqi cared nothing at all about what the two were arguing. He just stared at Qiqi. Seeing that Qiqi did not talk or move, he frowned and got anxious.

“You two, shut up, will you?”

Yuqi roared and the two stopped arguing immediately.

He looked at the headmaster and said calmly, “Mr, I’ll leave this thing for you to handle. If you handle it well, I’ll leave this matter behind. But if you can’t, I’ll show you how to handle it.”

The headmaster hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, we will educate our students as well as out teachers. You will be pleased with the result, I guarantee.”

“Fine. I’ll be waiting. Then we’ll talk about the donation.”

Then Yuqi held Qiqi’s hands and left.

The students were all dumbfounded, not realizing what had just happened.

“They are really together! Did we really misunderstand her?”

“It’s possible. After all, Qiqi is very close to Anna Xie, whose boyfriend is Yuqi’s brother. It’s perfect.”

“Ah, I said some bad words about her. Will she hold grudges and come to me for it?”

“It’s never our business what kind of boyfriend Qiqi has. We are totally out of this matter. We are just fooled and misled by someone.”

Then everyone’s eyes were fixed on the monitor and the guy wearing glasses.

The two no longer seemed arrogant or aggressive. At the time, they were staring at each other, and blaming each other for ruining their lives.

The students were talking when suddenly the headmaster roared, asking them to leave this place. then he called the monitor and the guy wearing glasses to his office, saying that he needed to know what happened.

In the car…

Yuqi was sitting beside Qiqi, holding her hands. But he felt Qiqi’s hands were so cold that even he couldn’t warm them.

Yuqi frowned. A bad hunch.

He held Qiqi’s shoulder and said gently, “Qiqi, don’t be afraid. No one can hurt you. Those who spread rumors about you, I’ll leach them a lesson!”

But Qiqi did not seem to have heard him. Still, she kept her eyes staring wide and gave no reactions.

Yuqi started to get frustrated. He held Qiqi’s hands tightly and said, “Qiqi, talk to me. I am worried about you.”

But Qiqi did not reply at all.

Yuqi then turned a serious look and ordered the driver, “To the hospital.”

“Yes, sir.”

The car then headed quickly to the hospital. Yuqi directly brought Qiqi to the psychiatry department. Qiqi was inside with the doctor and Yuqi was waiting outside with a sullen face.

Phone was not allowed to be brought in, so Yuqi kept Qiqi’s phone. Right at this time, Qiqi’s phone rang. Yuqi answered it.

“Qiqi, why didn’t you answer my call?”

It was Chuxue Ye.

Yuqi answered coldly, “She can’t answer the phone right now. She’ll call you back when she can.”

Chuxue was surprised to hear Yuqi’s voice. She said, “how come it’s you again! Why are you with her again! Yuqi, didn’t I warn you to stay away from…”

“Qiqi is in hospital right now.”

Yuqi did not wait for Chuxue to finish.

And it’s out of Chuxue’s expectation. She started to get worried and think about all the bad results that might happen to Qiqi.

“What happened? What did you do to her?”

“Come to the hospital if you ant to know.”

Yuqi hang up the phone and sent a location to Chuxue, then he switched off the phone.

Twenty minutes later, Chuxue arrived at the hospital. She hurriedly asked Yuqi as soon as she saw him, “What happened?”

At the moment, the results of Qiqi’s body examination just came out. She was sitting quietly in the patient room alone.

Yuqi pushed the door and walked in, without saying anything.

Seeing Yuqi’s serious look, Chuxue felt so nervous.

But when she saw Qiqi sitting there safe and sound, she sighed in relief. Then she checked Qiqi up and down. Seeing Qiqi was fine, she said, “There’s nothing wrong with her! You really scared me ion the phone! I thought something bad had happened to her!”

“Do not make hasty conclusions. Go and tallk to her.”

Chuxue looked at Yuqi, thinking this guy was strange.

“Is he trying to distract me so that he can get away with hara.ssing Qiqi? If it’s the case, I’ll teach him a lesson!” Chuxue thought to herself.

Chuxue bit her l!ps lightly and turned to Qiqi. She held Qiqi’s cold hands and asked with concern, “Qiqi, I am here. How are you? Why do you keep asking for a leave these days? You never came to work, why? Does Yuqi scare you? Don’t worry, I am here. I won’t allow him to you.”

Long after Chuxue’s voice fell, Qiqi remained the same gesture. She just sat there without moving.

Chuxue pushed Qiqi lightly and asked, “Qiqi, why don’t you talk to me?”

Chuxue also noticed that something was wrong. She turned around and asked Yuqi, “Qhat’s going on?”

“The doctor said she might have the stress response syndrome.”

“What is that?”

Seeing Qiqi like that, Yuqi felt his heart was bleeding. He replied, “Simply speaking, Qiqi is suffering great stress. And her nerves choose to protect her and separate her from the outside world.”

“How come? Qiqi is such a positive girl! How come she’s mentally stressed?” Chuxue held Qiqi’s hands and suddenly she remembered something and asked, “by the way, Anna called me. She talked strangely. Does she know about this, too?”

“Yes, she just learned about it. And she asked me to do her a favor by going to see Qiqi in school. Then…”

Yuqi paused. Something was just too embarrassing to be said.

Seeing that he stopped talking, Chuxue urged hurriedly, “Then what?”

“Someone is making stories about Qiqi at school. The students spread rumors and humiliate her. Maybe that’s why she’s mentally stressed.

Thinking of the scene when Qiqi got bullied, Yuqi was so angry that he really wanted to k!ll them!

Of course he could not k!ll them. But he will make them suffer!

Chuxue was angry to hear it too. She said, “How can they bully such a lovely girl! Who are they?”

“Qiqi’s classmates,” there’s hatred in Yuqi’s eyes, “one of them was courting Qiqi. Qiqi turned him down so he started to make stories about her, and it brought great pressure to Qiqi.”

“What a bag! Tell me his name. I’ll have someone kick his!”

“Leave it to .me. I won’t let him get away easily with bullying Qiqi.”

Yuqi said angrily, with murderous aura around him.

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