Yes, it was Karen Lee who walked in.

She heard what the supervisor said about Chuck Cannon. Of course, she was angry. Chuck Cannon is her own son, and she is not willing to say it. Others say it is definitely not possible.

Betty breathed a sigh of relief.

Yvette lowered her head and looked at Karen Lee who walked in with no confidence.

Everyone can see it, dare to challenge the God of Gamblers?

Is this the teaching fee in the past? ?

Everyone saw Karen Lee and walked in alone, but her eyes lit up and everyone was surprised!

“Why is this woman so good?”

“Yes, it’s like a Chinese woman, rare, too rare,”

“Have you seen this woman?”

“I haven’t seen her, but is she married?”

“You see, she must be married at her age.”

“That’s a pity,”

Everyone talked in surprise, and they were all surprised by Karen Lee who walked in.

Yes, Karen Lee’s temperament and calmness are truly unparalleled. In ancient times, this is the emperor’s calmness.

She has this strength!

The supervisor who was provoked in this way frowned. Karen Lee felt familiar. She had seen her somewhere, but, she can’t remember. Karen Lee is a low-key person. In the United States for so many years, even the Lee family doesn’t know that Karen Lee has many things.

Others are less likely to know.

“You want to play with me?” the supervisor sneered.

“Yes, I’ll play with you, are you willing?” Karen Lee walked to Chuck Cannon from the crowd.

“Mother,” Chuck Cannon was pleasantly surprised, and his mother appeared.

“Well, if you lose, I will help you to win it back.” Karen Lee changed her mind, her son was looked down upon.

“Okay,” Chuck Cannon was excited, his mother would gamble? He doesn’t know yet.

Karen Lee looked at Yvette.

Of course, Yvette lowered her head and bit her lip, completely unsure of what to say.

“It turns out that this Huaxia mother is so beautiful and young. Which local tyrant is this?”

“I don’t know, I have never seen such a calm woman,”

“I do not have either,”

Everyone was talking about it, mainly because it was very unexpected.

“Of course I do! But I don’t play a small bet!” The supervisor mocked.

What she meant was to ask Karen Lee to gamble more, anyway, she is the king of gamblers!

No matter how much money you have, she can make Karen Lee a pauper.

“Then how big do you think the bet is?” Karen Lee had a slight smile on her face.

“Ten billion!”

“Ten billion?”

“I think it’s big?” The supervisor sneered. Ten billion is not something ordinary people can use.

“No, I think it’s less. That’s good if between the two sides who won can have 50 billion US dollars in three games!” Karen Lee said.

As soon as this remark came out, the audience boiled!!

“What? 50 billion dollars! My God! Really?”

“She actually said 50 billion?”

Who is she to say that the money comes out so calmly? This is the question in everyone’s mind.

Chuck Cannon was shocked. Mom is so fierce? Gambling actually started at 50 billion? ?

Yvette was also taken aback. Only Betty felt normal. Karen Lee gambled a few times and Betty kept following. At most, Karen Lee won nearly 100 billion US dollars!

This terrible number is scary, right?

It’s really scary, but Karen Lee is the top three strongest fighters in the world, and this money is still nothing to her.

“Do you have so much money?” the supervisor questioned.

“Card,” Karen Lee took out a card.

The supervisor snapped her fingers and someone came to verify. After a few minutes, the audience held their breath and someone nodded, “Yes.”

The supervisor sneered, “You want to bet this big with me?”

“Right, do you dare? It’s okay if you dare not, say sorry to my son,” Karen Lee said.

“Haha, I dare not? I’m afraid you will cry if you lose!” The supervisor laughed and was about to be laughed at by Karen Lee’s words.

Karen Lee’s face did not change.

“How to bet? I can let you choose!” There is a sneer on the supervisor’s face. He has won so much money for the casino, and he has a lot!!

“My son loses to you in rolls the dice, so I will also bet on this with you. Whoever has the most points wins.”

“Okay, no problem, come here, give her a pair of dice!!” The supervisor laughed.

Are these people stupid? Actually, bet on dice with her? She is the God of Gamblers!

Haha, 50 billion is almost ready.

Someone came over with dice.

Everyone is watching. Many people hope that Karen Lee will win because they are fascinated by Karen Lee’s temperament. They don’t want a woman like Karen Lee to lose money, but the hope is hope. There is still a gap in reality and cannot win.

How is it possible to win the God of Gamblers?

This is impossible, everyone on the scene knows.

Chuck Cannon looked forward to it, and Yvette also looked up.

“That’s it!”

The supervisor started to shake the dice.

Karen Lee grabbed her fingers and started shaking.

The sound of two people shaking dice in this casino is very crisp.


The supervisor and Karen Lee stopped at the same time.

The audience watched, silent!


The supervisor uncovered, three-six!!

“I’ll go, three six, alas, she’s lost.”

“Yeah, what a bad thing, you have to gamble with the god of gamblers, isn’t this your own fate?”

The people at the scene were shocked. Can you shake it so much?

Karen Lee must have lost.

Chuck Cannon is nervous, this supervisor is too powerful, he is indeed a gambling god, what about his mother?

“Go on!” The supervisor smiled triumphantly and shook the dice, but she didn’t lose to anyone.

Shake it casually, three six, three one can come out far away, it depends on the mood.

The audience watched, Karen Lee slowly opened it, and the supervisor’s face was full of ridicule.

But the next second, everyone was shocked, and then it was boiling!!

“I’m not mistaken, it’s actually three-six!”

“That’s right, it’s amazing!!”

These people were stunned. How could they have thought that Karen Lee could also do it?

Chuck Cannon and Yvette were both stunned. Chuck Cannon muttered to himself, “Mom can gamble?”

“Master, President Lee is not only good at gambling but also proficient. Master, your house also has a casino.” Betty said.

what? Mom has a casino too?

Chuck Cannon was stunned.

The supervisor looked ugly, “Huh, luck, let’s start the next game!!”

This is good luck, just spend more time on your own.

It is useless, the final result is to win by yourself.

“Well, next game,”

Karen Lee shook with a smile.

The supervisor snorted coldly, and she started at the same time. The casino was silent, holding his breath. Karen Lee shook out three six, and the atmosphere on the scene was different.


Two stop at the same time, uncover!

The casino people are boiling again!!

“It’s actually three sixes, both of them are!”

“It’s incredible, is this woman the God of Gamblers in China?”

“I don’t know, I adore it anyway, it’s too much!”

“Impossible, how could you shake three sixes twice in a row?” The supervisor’s eyes widened, and there was a shock.

Did you read it right? No.

But how could she be possible?

The supervisor felt unable to understand.

“Nothing is impossible, let’s decide the third game!” Karen Lee said.

“Well, I actually met an opponent today, you made me serious!” The supervisor was angry!

Did you miss it?

Hmph, it’s okay, she will definitely win in the end! She is the God of Gamblers!

Never lost!

Not today!!


The two shook again, snap! stop!

Everyone held their breath, too nervous, this is a duel between the gods of gamblers!


The supervisor uncovered it, and her smile appeared instinctively. She could shake it out at any time.

“Ah? Why are there only two sixes?” The onlookers were surprised, and only two of the supervisor’s dice were six, and one was four.


The supervisor himself was stunned, impossible, how could she fail?


But no, I really missed it by myself. I actually shook a good one. The supervisor stared at Karen Lee angrily, “Even if there are only two sixes, I can still beat you!!”

It’s very simple. She, the god of gamblers, have missed it. Maybe won’t she also will miss it?

It is absolutely impossible. Even if there are only two sixes, she can beat her. This point is also very high.

Chuck Cannon was nervous. He hoped his mother would win. Yvette bit her lip. She didn’t want to make Chuck Cannon sad anyway, Betty was a little nervous.

As the audience watched, Karen Lee chuckled lightly, so attractive, so calm and calm, and lightly opened it under the supervisor’s sneer.

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