When Karen Lee uncovered the dice, the people in this casino were all silent! Deathly silence! !

Everyone looks at others and others look at them back, they have incredible faces!

After Chuck Cannon watched it, he smiled slightly. Mom is really amazing!

Yvette was shocked!

“Three six… so awesome!”

“Who is this Chinese woman? Why did she still shake out three sixes?”

“It’s incredible, I admire her so much!”

These people were shrouded in surprise, shocked!

The only person here with an ugly face, like pig liver, is the supervisor!

Because she missed, but Karen Lee still shook three sixes this time! !

Play normally, the mental quality is super!

“You.” The supervisor felt that her face was slapped a lot of invisibly, and his face was burning with pain!

She is the God of Gamblers, actually… Lost?


The supervisor is incredible!

“You lost!” Karen Lee said flatly.

The 50-billion-dollar gambling game was not considered the largest amount of games she had ever bet on, but it was considered the best one to earn.

In less than a few minutes, she won 50 billion!

“You come out of the old one!!”

The supervisor was shrouded in hideousness, she sneered!

There is no way to lose, the only reason for losing is that this woman has won her by winning a thousand!

I bet with you openly, that you are actually out of luck!

As soon as this remark came out, the audience boiled!

In an instant, she was enveloped by a lot of discussions!

“What? Out of the old thousand? How can this out of the old thousand?”

“Is the female gambling god wrong? This Chinese woman has such a good temperament, how can she do such shameless things?”

“I don’t think she’s an old woman, I believe her!”

“I believe her too!”

“This is not necessarily true, the female god of gamblers has never lost, this woman actually won, still very strange!”

Most people choose to believe in Karen Lee, but some people choose to believe in supervisors!

After all, the simplest willingness is the female god of gamblers!

Chuck Cannon was angry. How could his mother be so upright?

Yvette’s eyes got cold!

This is slander!

Betty frowned.

Only Karen Lee smiled after a little bit of astonishment, “You are a bit interesting, let these people leave, let’s talk about the old one alone!”

“Just to my liking! Come, please all guests out!!” The supervisor sneered.

A 50-billion-dollar gambling game, to be honest, she is not qualified to spend so much money to gamble!

She thought she could win 100%, but she didn’t expect that she would overturn in the gutter, and she unexpectedly lost!

So 50 billion, she can’t give it!

So anyway, the blood leopard is here, so we solve it together, and then take the head of the blood leopard and go to the killer organization headquarters to receive the bounty! !

Someone came in and quickly blasted all the guests out. The scene was as silent as death!

Karen Lee, Chuck Cannon, Yvette, and Betty are not changing their faces!


Many people rushed in, all dressed like mercenaries, full of violent aura!

Surrounding the four people is utterly impenetrable!

The cold and fearful atmosphere, if ordinary people had been there, they would have been already scared and cried, but the four of Karen Lee still had their original expressions.

Chuck Cannon has nothing to be afraid of. Why would he fear if there is his mother here?

“You shouldn’t have beaten me! You shouldn’t!!” The supervisor stared at Karen Lee with a cold smile on her face.

Yes, it’s a showdown, and it’s fair to say it.

Karen Lee doesn’t care, “but I have won!”

“Yes, you won me, but you don’t know how to praise. If you win, it’s true that you can get the money. If you can’t, everything is fake, understand? I can control the true and the false! You win or not, Do you understand what I said? I say you lose now! You have to lose!!” The supervisor sneered.

All the people on the scene are mercenaries, their strength is amazing!

It’s easy to catch four people!

Do you dare to say you won? Hahaha, ridiculous! ignorance!

Let fear envelop you!

“Interesting!” Karen Lee smiled lightly.

“Interesting? Haha!” The supervisor is disdainful, is she still pretending to die?

“Yes, it’s interesting,” Karen Lee said.

“Then I will make the next thing more interesting!”

“Really? I won the money, no one would dare not give it to me!” Karen Lee said lightly.

Yes, when she won 100 billion at a time when she won an island or even a state, no one would dare not give it!

This supervisor is so interesting!

“Haha! I won’t give it to you, what can you do with me?” The supervisor laughed loudly and was about to be laughed at by Karen Lee’s words.

“Simple, very simple!” Karen Lee smiled lightly.

“Haha, are you? But it’s not your turn yet! You!! Blood Leopard! You are Blood Leopard!” The supervisor pointed to Yvette.

Yvette’s eyes chilled.

“You don’t know the rules of the killer organization. Once the killing order comes out, you don’t want to find a hole to hide, and you dare to appear here. Once the hunting order comes out, no one can live. Today your life is over! Come here, four of them catch her for me!” The supervisor laughed coldly!

It has been so long since the killing order was issued, and she didn’t expect this blood leopard to die in his own hands today!

She gave orders!

Surrounded by people, with grim faces, they immediately attacked!

They are well-trained, their siege strength is amazing, and they want to arrest people, no one can escape!

They threw over like an eagle catching a chicken, their tall and strong bodies, full of power!

This is a kind of terrifying siege, letting people hear the wind and dispel their guts!

However, they just came around, everyone hadn’t seen what happened, and a scream sounded untimely!


A person flew out and smashed into the ground. Before wailing, he was already lying motionless on the ground.

Everyone was shocked!!

what happened!

Chuck Cannon was stunned. At such a fast speed, Yvette was astonished, biting her lip, there was a surprise in her eyes, so fast, so fast…

Yes, Karen Lee shot and punched out. The power of her punch is amazing. No one can handle a real punch.

What about strong mercenaries?

Karen Lee can fly anyone with one punch!

The supervisor was stunned. This is a mercenary. Such a heavy person was actually hit by a fist? Are you making a movie?

“I hate people who don’t count, so I decided to let her know that I hate this!” Karen Lee narrowed her eyes.

Give full play to the strength of a fighting master!

Shaking in the crowd, every time one punches out, one person screams and then flies out, seriously injured and unconscious!

There were as many as 30 tall people at the scene, but in less than three minutes, they all lay on the ground, silent!

All were in a coma, no one was spared!

The atmosphere of horror just now was disintegrated by Karen Lee alone!

The supervisor was dumbfounded, “You, who are you??”

She was stunned, her chin was about to fall, hallucinations, her own people were actually knocked down by one person?

How can that be?

It must be a dream, but Karen Lee’s eyes told her that it was not.

“You, don’t come over, don’t come over, our boss here, but the boss behind the killer organization, do you dare to come over? Kill your family!” The supervisor screamed in anger!

Fear spread in her mind.

She stared at Karen Lee in fear.

“Kill my whole family? She wouldn’t say such things, I know her,” Karen Lee said.

“What? You know our boss?” The supervisor trembled, is this possible? She hasn’t seen this boss, so how could others?

“Yes, I know.”

“Impossible, how could you know? You lied!! You.”

She suddenly thought about it and wondered why she seemed to have seen it when she saw Betty, and why she seemed to have seen it when Karen Lee, it turned out to be…

“You, your surname is Lee?” The supervisor trembled.

There are four major families in the world, and the surname Lee takes one of them!

Karen Lee, she remembers this name.

“Yes, my last name is Lee, and my name is Karen Lee.”

“What? You are Karen Lee?”

Fear spread on the supervisor’s face. She finally knew why she had lost. It’s not wrong to lose to this person. She had heard that this Karen Lee bet was a big bet, and she had never lost. In front of Karen Lee, there was a little trouble!

“So, I think it’s a bit interesting, no one’s there who haven’t gave me money yet!” Karen Lee said.

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