Chapter 520: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 520 A Secret Trouble

Chuxue Ye was quite pleased with his reaction. She said, “This is the best damn thing I’ve ever heard since I knew you. Do not have any mercy on him. Do kick his ass real hard!”

“You don’t have to say it. I will.”

“What can I do for you?” Chuxue asked.

Speaking of Qiqi, Yuqi Mu showed a soft appealing look that could melt the solid ice.

He looked at the girl who seemed to have lost her soul. There were mixed feelings shown in his eyes.

“The doctor said, in order to heal her, mental therapy will be needed, because this belongs to mental disease. He will treat her and instruct her, and some medicine will be given to her to make her heal faster. As for us, all we need to do is to stay with her, talk with her and make her feel she’s not alone.”

Chuxue nodded, “I will come to see Qiqi whenever I am free. She is a young girl, and she will recover herself soon from being frustrated.”

Then Chuxue started to feel guilty. She blamed herself, “I did not pay enough attention to Qiqi when I first noticed there’s something wrong with her. She was having a hard time but I was too insensitive to ask her if she’s fine. If I had done that, she wouldn’t be like this now.”

Chuxue was not the only one who felt guilty.

Yuqi was regretful, too. In order not to cause trouble for Qiqi, he had been avoiding to see her, thus leaving her alone to face all the evil rumors.

If he could reverse time, he would never leave Qiqi alone again!.

Yuqi held Qiqi’s hands tightly and said, “Things have already happened and it’s no use regretting. Let’s take positive measures to help her heal and make it up for her later.”

Chuxue nodded and said nothing else.

All of a sudden, Yuqi’s phone rang.

He wanted to refuse the call but when he saw the caller’s name on the screen, he hesitated and finally walked out of the patient room.

Yuqi answered the phone, “Why are you calling me now?”

Yuqi’s serious voice puzzled Yulin Xiao. Yulin said, “Nothing, just checking if you are free to talk.”

“It’s about Qiqi, isn’t it? I have been wanting to talk with you about her the other day but I was not sure of my heart then, so I did not know how to answer your questions.”

That’s how brothers talk, simply and directly.

Hearing that Yuqi was mentioning it first, Yulin knew that Yuqi had got the answer.

“What about now? Are you sure of your heart now?”

“Yes,” Yuqi paused, then he added, “I want to ask Qiqi to be my girlfriend.”

Yulin surely remembered how ambiguous Yuqi sounded when they talked about it the other day. What made him change his attitude?

“What has happened, causing you to make this decision?”

Yuqi lowered his head and said, “I can’t bear to see her being misunderstood by others. I want to protect her from all harms and rumors. I don’t want her to face all these shit alone. I want her to be my girlfriend.”

“Do you like her? Or is it just a heroic impulsive thinking?”

It has to be admitted that Yulin is the one that knows Yuqi best. He can tear down all Yuqi’s disguises and hit straight to the core of the problem.

Yuqi got silent. Truly, he had never thought about it. He was just doing as the heart told him to do – to protect his beloved girl.

But Yulin’s question indeed make Yuqi puzzled about himself.

After a while, Yuqi said, “I think, I have feelings for Qiqi. We will get to know each other first. It’s no use thinking too much now.”

“It’s your business. You make the decision.”

Yuqi was a bit relived to get Yulin’s support.

“By the way, Anna can’t know this now.” Yuqi added.

Yulin said, “I know. And you’d better take care of this thing before we come back. Or she will freak out when she finds out about it.”

Speaking of Anna, Yuqi felt a headache.

“She will not be happy to see me approaching Qiqi, like Chuxue.”

“Do not care about what others say. Make your decision and go for it. Do not fail yourself.”

Hearing Yulin’s words, Yuqi smiled and said, “Thanks.”

“Hey, it’s hypocritical of you to say thanks to me.”

“Maybe, but it expresses my feelings perfectly now. And by the way, there’s something wrong with Qiqi and she cannot answer her calls. Can you find a way to stop Anna from calling Qiqi?”


The two finished talking and Yuqi headed back to the patient room. Then by the door, he saw Chuxue.

“Why are you coming out?”

Chuxue lowered her lead and said gently, “The therapist is inside. I can’t bear to see the scene, besides, I am not supposed to disturb them when they are doing the treatment. I come out for some fresh air.”

It’s indeed torturing to see such a positive girl being treated for being frustrated.

Yuqi felt the same way, too. He put his hands into his pocket and stared at the ground.

Suddenly, Chuxue patted her own cheeks to cheer herself up.

“We can’t be like this! Qiqi is inside fight hard against her disease, so we should cheer her on instead of moaning for her! She will be fine! We should be positive!”

Yuqi looked up at Chuxue and laughed.

“Whatever you say.”

“It’s my first time to experience this. I need time to adapt to it! Oh by the way, I just had a talk with the doctor. He suggests Qiqi go home to recover, after all, home is more relaxing than hospital.”

Yuqi nodded, “Go to my place then.”

“Why your place?”

“First of all, Qiqi can not return to school, where there are unpleasant memories.”

Chuxue couldn’t agree more. So she nodded.

“Second, Qiqi has been to my place twice, so she’s quite familiar with it.”

“Twice?” Chuxue squinted and grabbed Yuqi’s collar, “You said once! Yuqi Mu, what on earth did you do to Qiqi?”

Yuqi arranged his collar and said calmly, “It’s not like what you think. She was only having a rest there. We did nothing.”

Chuxue looked at Yuqi in disbelief, “It’s ironic, with you saying the words.”

Yuqi patted his chest and said seriously, “That’s because you hold prejudice against me. People think I am a playboy but I am a devoted guy.”

Normal as Yuqi seemed, Chuxue still laughed.

“Yuqi, quit saying this kind of words! Or I’ll have to see a therapist, too! But I am warning you here, you’d better be telling the truth that you did not touch Qiqi, or I’ll kick your ass real hard!”

“Don’t worry. You won’t have the chance to kick my ass.”

“Anyway, you have to both work and take care of Qiqi. Can you handle it alone?”

Yuqi lifted his chin and said, “Hey, I have you! You don’t have to come to the hospital everyday! Just come to my place directly.”

Chuxue frowned, not expecting Yuqi should make arrangement for her.

“That’s your plan huh?”

“You’ve got a better idea?”

Chuxue was about to say something when suddenly the door of the patient room was open.

It seemed that the therapy was over.

Seeing the doctor, Yuqi hurriedly asked, “How is it going?”

The doctor seemed serious, “It’s only the first treatment.. she doesn’t want to cooperate. Let’s take it slow.”

The therapy did go well.

Seeing the two all frowned, the doctor said, “Don’t be frustrated. I can see that the patient is a strong girl. She is only temporarily weak. Be with her to let her feel loved, and she’ll recover soon.”

“Okay, we will.”

“I have instructed the nurse about the medicine she needs to take. The nurse will instruct the patient.”

“Okay, thank you doctor.”

“You are welcome.”

As soon as the doctor left, Yuqi and Chuxue entered the patient room. Qiqi was sitting there like a while ago. She did not move at all.

Then the two sighed lightly.

Chuxue said, “I’ll go to her school to pack her things up, then I’ll send them to your place.”

Yuqi was puzzled, “No need, we can buy new things for her.”

“You said she needs to be around the things she’s familiar with. I think Qiqi would like to her her own thing around her. It’s helpful.”

Yuqi nodded and said nothing else.

While Yuqi was walking Chuxue to the parking lot, they saw someone familiar in the elevator.

Looking at the two person in front of her, Chuxue was surprised, then she said, “Sister Yiyao?”

Yiyao Duan and Jingyan Ye did not expect to see them here, either. Jingyan raised his brow and asked, “why are you here?”

Yuqi and Chuxue looked at each other and said, “Well, we can tell you, but you can’t tell Anna.”


“Qiqi is in hospital receiving treatment.”

Yiyao frowned, “What happened?”

Yuqi told her about the whole story and Yiyao started to frown.

“These students need to be taught a lesson!”

Yiyao said angrily and loudly. Jingyan hurriedly held her hand and said, “Do not get angry. The doctor said you can’t get angry.”

Jingyan’s behavior made Chuxue nervous.

Chuxue started to guess the reason why Yiyao and Jingyan were in the hospital. Should they be…

Chuxue started to get anxious. Seeing Yiyao and Jingyan had no intention to explain at all, she asked, “Sister Yiyao, why are you here?”

Hearing this, Yiyao put on a light and happy smile. Then she covered her belly with her hands.

Having noticed what Yiyao did, Chuxue was surprised at first, then she started to get excited.

“Are you…”

Jingyan smiled and nodded, “We wanted to tell you some other time. But since you are here, well, I can just tell you in advance. Yiyao’s pregnant.”

Yiyao covered her mouth with her both hands and stared her eyes round. She was overjoyed.

“Oh Mine! This is great news! Congratulations to you, sister Yiyao!”

The previous abortion had a great effect on Yiyao. So she did not expect herself to be a mother again so soon. She was so grateful for this.

Hearing Chuxue’s words, Yiyao smiled sweetly, “Thanks.”

“Mom and dad will be happy to hear it!” Chuxue said.

“You and Zhao Nangong need to catch up with us!” Yiyao said.

Chuxue blushed immediately. She waved her hand, “We still have a long way to go.”

Seeing the happy smiles on their faces, Yuqi smiled lightly, too. But that smile soon disappeared when he thought of Qiqi who’s suffering alone in hospital.

“I’ll go have a cigarette.” Yuqi turned around and left.

Watching Yiqi’s lonely figure, Yiyao asked, “What’s the matter with him?”

Chuxue sighed, “It seems that Qiqi’s matter has affected him greatly.”

“He has something to do with it?”

“Yes. Something has happened while you are resting these days.” Chuxue said.

Jingyan asked directly, “Something happened between Yuqi and Qiqi?”

Chuxue had wanted to tell the whole story but she did not expect Jingyan to end the story so soon. She stuck out her thumb and said, “My brother’s got sharp eyes! He can see things through!”

Yiyao frowned, “Is Yuqi serious to Qiqi?”

Chuxue rubbed her forehead, “I had the same doubt. But according to Yuqi’s behavior – he was so concerned about Qiqi, he must be serious!”

Jingyan said, “You can’t judge a person by his appearance. He may look like a playboy, but he’s a devoted guy when he finds true love.”

Chuxue shrugged, “It’s shame we never get to see his inner world. He has been showing us that he’s a playboy.”

“It seems you are not quite in favor of their relationship.”

“It’s a bit too early to call it a ‘relationship’. let’s wait for Qiqi to recover first.”

Yiyao was silent for a while then she said, “I want to see her.”

“Okay, I can take you there.”

Then Chuxue took Yiyao to Qiqi’s patient room while Jingyan went to find Yuqi.

Yuqi was smoking, “I know you don’t smoke, so I won’t offer you cigarette. And by the way, I forgot to congratulate you.”

Jingyan leaned himself lightly against the railing and said, “You’ve never had a girl like Qiqi.”

“What do you want to say?”

Jingyan turned around and looked at Yuqi, “You are too different. Are you sure you can be happy together?”

“I would like to take some time to get to know her. I feel happy and comfortable when I am with her. I want to protect her so that she won’t get bullied by others. This is love, I suppose. Anyway, my past has gone. You can’t predict my future by judging my past. Am I right?”

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