Chapter 521 – 522: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 521: The New Project

“I decided to accept Wuji Sword Sect as our manufacturer of the shell of the first generation and the second generation projector,” said Kris.

As the word fell, the Lord of Lingyuan’s eyes brightened and he said, “Is it possible for me to be the manufacturer of the core part of the projector?”

“No way!” said Kris. He knew clearly that the core part was the invaluable technique for his projector which should be kept as a business secret.

And the Lord of Lingyuan then passed the topic quickly. The Wuji Sword Sect had tried hundreds of experiment and none of them was successful. It was too complicated for them to manufacture the magic tool without Kris’s help.

“As a manufacturer of yours, can you give us a discount in the projector sales?”Asked the Lord of Lingyuan.

Kris shook his head and said, “Sorry, my friend, I will pay you the bill for the manufacturing work, and you should pay me the bill without discount if you are going to purchase the product, this is equal to both of us. “

“Good,” The Lord of Lingyuan hummed, “a mean guy you are.”

“Sorry, equality is the best virtue of mine.”Replied Kris with a smile. Then he threw out a ring to him, where a ready assembly line was equipped. With his divine power and calculation ability, it is very simple to for him to equip an assembly line.

“Set aside a large area in Wuji Sword Sect as soon as possible to build your factory!”Said Kris.

“Factory? It’s a very interesting name in the world of practitioner,” The Lord of Lingyuan nodded and replied, ” and I am curious that how many products can a assembly line finish in a day?”

“About 100,000-200,000 a day.” Said Kris.

“Unbelievable!” Said the Lord of Lingyuan, who was still a little doubtful about the figure.

“Alright, my friend, I’ll show you the operation on site.” Said Kris with a big smile. Then he took out an assembly line, put in materials, and made sure that the machine was running in its normal condition, and then a steady stream of projectors’ shells were produced.

The Lord of Lingyuan checked a shell and didn’t find any difference between it and that of a projector. Then he asked,” Is this machine driven by the spiritual stone?”

Kris nodded and said, “a superior spiritual stone can make sure the machine run for a day! And the operation of it is also very simple, where a assembly line only needs two or three workers.

Now the Lord of Lingyuan was aware that the projector business might be the real foundation for Kris. And with sufficient serving ability, the magic product could definitely be spread in every corner of the infinite sea in a very short time, perhaps it could even emerge into the mainland market in the future! At that time, the business would shake the world.

The Lord of Lingyuan was the man of vision, so he said, “Good boy, I hope you can expand business ro the mainland, and always remember that Wuji Sword Sect is your best friend forever.” The Lord of Lingyuan had been in the sect for thousands of years, and now he was nearly in period of the materialized spirit. Several decades late, he might make breakthrough into the period of materialized spirit.

However, he knew Kris would have a much brighter future than him and he must follow his footsteps. Although Wuji Sword Sect’s strength was undoubtedly stronger Nahai Sect, the situation would change when Kris became a materialized spirit in the future, too. Kris was such a talented one who might even breakthrough into the period of the period of true divine spirit! The master in the period of true divine spirit was the real pillar for the three holy sects!

Kris replied with a smile, “OK, but you have to keep the pace with me!” The Lord of Lingyuan nodded, and he was glad too see Kris accept his words fully.

“Come on, I’ll take you to the site for your factory!” Said the Lord of Lingyuan, who

Carried Kris with his power wave and flied across a vast area of flatland.

“Hey, old man, I can fly by myself, OK?”Said Kris in a joking tone. Both of them were satisfied about the flatland as their factory site. Then Kris stopped and poured his energy down into the earth. High buildings rose up one by one, which, consolidated by Kris’s Taoist Strength, could endure the even a powerful blow from a master in the Fulfilled period of primal spirit. After that, Kris reshaped the factory buildings with beautiful decorations.

The factory could contain about a thousand of assamebly line, which meant that he could earn at least half a billion per day according to its manufacturing capacity. However, the figure was still a small goal for Kris, his real dream was to turn the three holy sects into his personal employees.

“Well, you can enroll the staff as soon as possible, and there will be special personnel to train them in these two days!” Said Kris.

The Lord of Lingyuan nodded, and then he covered Kris with his energy wave again. After a blink, they were back to the Tianjian Pavilion.

“This is the first surprise for me, so what about the second surprise? And tell you what does the word-advertisement mean!” asked the Lord of Lingyuan.

Kris touched his chin and said, “Don’t worry. When our products are well-accept among the users , we will know how amazing a advertise it will be.”

“Alright, a recondite topic again.” Said the Lord of Lingyuan. Then he gave Kris a cup of tea and said, ” It is called Taoism Tea I plant by my own, and it is so precious that the tea tree can only yield me several pieces of tea leaves per year.” When he was still a little master Pill-Condensation Stage, he had got the tea tree. And he had successful cultivate after thousands years of efforts.

The cup of tea was so amazing that it provided Kris a stream of inspirations in his practition. However, it could not ever benefit a supreme-level master like the Lord of Lingyuan. The tea would serve as a friendship tie between he and Kris, and he hoped that their good relation could last forever.

Several hours later when Kris had fully understand the inspirations he got from the tea, Kris opened his eyes and bowed to the Lord of Lingyuan and said, ”Thanks so much, old master!”

“Really good?”

“Yeah, it’s really good!”Said Kris with a smile. Thanks to the precious tea, he could make sure that his stage would stay steady, which served as a digesting process for him to stabilized his foundation of practition. A solid foundation meant a greater future for a practitioner, and this was more important for a special one like Kris.

“Alright,” the Lord of Lingyuan continued to said, “now can we have talks about our new project?”

Kris felt no surprise about his requirement and said, “Our new project is called the Legend of the Swordsman!” Then he sent him a script of the novel.

“What’s is it?” Asked the Lord of Lingyuan, “It sounds like a storybook. Do you mean that we are going to develop a market for literature? How can we make billions of money through such a thing?” After a rough browse, the Lord of Lingyuan said with a surprised look, “We don’t have such a story in Wuji Sword Sect, and the roles in it don’t match the masters in Wuji Sword Sect at all. It is a really weird story! Alright, you must be the author of it. And the real purpose for the works is to enrich the history of Wuji Sword Sect, right? You are smart, indeed!”

After a while of deep thought, the Lord of Lingyuan asked, “But I am still doubtful the script can worth a trillion.”

Kris replied with a smile, “You are wrong, I am not going to sell the script, I am going to sell a TV series through the script!”

“TV Series? What does TV series mean?”Asked the Lord of Lingyuan.

Another strange word for the practitioner in this planet. The Lord of Lingyuan was a little upset that he could not understand fully the conversation between he and Kris.

“Alright, all you need to do is to select the protagonists of the series, and I will be the full charge of the series after that.” said Kris! ‘

“The protagonist? Do you mean the players in an opera?” asked the Lord of Lingyuan. Now he had come to the understanding of the so-called TV series, which must be an entertaining business that could enrich the life content of the practitioners in the planet. And it seemed a really profitable market where there were piles of practitioner who would definitely accept it since they had been tired of endless fights and boring practitions.

All in all, he had no need to worry about the new project, and he was the boss who would play with money.

After a while, all the disciples of Tianjian Pavilion gathered in front of Kris, they were curious about the order they got.

“You, come up!” Said Kris, who pointed his finger at Changyuan Du, with the Junior Sword Immortal as his surname.

Actually, Changyuan was fearful about Kris and said, “My senior fellow apprentice, I am here, but I don’t know what do you want from me.”

“Don’t say such nonsense, come up now!” Shouted Kris. Kris scared his junior fellow apprentice , indeed. Changyuan was afraid that Kris would punish him for his poor job in eliminating sea monster these days.

“Sorry, my senior fellow apprentice, I…” Replied Chuangyuan. Now he was so scared that he couldn’t even support himself with his legs, and his teeth were chattering. At the point that he decided to confess to Kris for his poor job, Kris helped him up and said in a gentle tone, ”Good buddy, you are the man I am looking for, you must be the best choice to star the hero-Xiaoyao Li of my TV series!”

Actually, in the Legend of the Swordsman(仙剑奇侠传), the hero was a boy with ambiguous righteous and an evil persona who had special talent in sword skills and Taoist magic. Changyuan’s look resembled Xiaoyao greatly so Kris took him as the male title role.

However, all this didn’t make sense at all in this planet.

Changyuan asked with a grimace, “Sorry, my senior fellow apprentice, the first name of mine is Du, not Li!”

“Nonsense. Listen up, buddy, today you are my employee, and you should keep the lines in your mind firmly!” Then Kris sent him one script.

“You, come up!” Said Kris.

“Me?” Changqing Gu, the Immortal of Blue lotus Sword, was stunned when he heard his name.

“Yes, you, man, you are a supporting role to play Yu Tang.” Then Kris appointed a bold guy to star the arch-villian. After hours of effort, he had finished half of his goal today. But there was still a question for him, that is, it was really difficult for him to pick the most beautiful girl as the two female leading roles in the series. Therefore, a voting was held on the spot which, however, caused a interesting dispute among these disciples.

There was enough girls in Tianjian Pavilion, so Kris asked, “Now tell me who is the most beautiful girl in your sect.”

Changqing said in a hurry, “It must be Qingyao from the Killing Art Pavilion!”

Changyuan also raised up and cried,” It should be Feiyu from the Tai Chi Sword Pavilion!”

“You are all wrong. Miaoman from the the Penglai Holy Sect is the most beautiful girl in this world!” Shouted Changba Liu. He was too excited to understand the question of Kris: who is the most beautiful girl in the Wuji Sword Sect. All of a sudden, everyone shot him with their cold glances, which almost scared the poor guy to death.

“Sorry men, I don’t mean that!” Cried Changba.

“Alright, guy, now you arise the anger of all, I can’t save you anymore.” Said Kris with a joking tone, then he turned to these angry disciples and said, ”now you can do whatever you want!”

Chapter 522: The Rapid development of Nahai Sect

To pick up the right actor and actress for his TV series, Kris started his trip and flew directly to the Killing Art Pavilion with his fellowmen. Qingyao, a talented senior female disciple in the sect, was the best choice to play the role of one of the heroine.

“What can I do for you, my senior fellow apprentice!” asked Qingyao.

Kris smiled and said, ” I want you to star a role in my play. “

“Star a role?” Qingyao was stunned about Kris’s requirement. She got really angry when the lines of the play. So she replied in an unfriendly tone,” I am a talented fighter, and I will star no role in you play, that’s quite a shame for me!”

“How can this be called a shame? This is an art, and it can earn you a wider reputation, understand?” Said Kris.

“Sorry, your argument doesn’t make any sense for me.” Said Qingyao, who drew her sword and waved a blood-red sword light toward Kris directly. However, her attack was no more than a little case for Kris, who smashed the sword light within a light stroke. Qingyao was amazed about the strong energy from Kris, but she was a fighter of strong will, she turned to her trump card- a incarnation skill which re-shaped her as a powerful demon fighter.

Then Kris gave out a light stroke again and went straightly toward the threatening energy flow of Qingyao.

Boom! The energy from his light stroke exploded into numberless sword energy which blew away the energy from Qingyao easily. Qingyao was stuned about the amazing energy from Kris, but she would never give in, so she said, ”Sorry, my senior fellow apprentice, I am a fighter rather than an actress, I won’t give in even if you threaten me to do so!”

Kris shook his head and said, “Good girl, I won’t threaten any one to star in my play, but I have to tell you that you are missing a good opportunity, indeed!” Then he left fro Tai Ci Sword Pavilion with his fellowmen.

Thanks to the introduction from Changyuan, Kris get acquainted Feiyu, a fairy and innocent girl with a beautiful chubby face. Feiyu was the right choice for Kris to star the another female leading role.

“Changyuan, good to see you!” Changyuan ’s visit was really a surprise for her, but she calmed down when she caught the sight of Kris, who stood behind Changyuan. Kris now realized why Changyuan recommended Feiyu was because he loved her deeply. Unfortunately, they were in different branches of the sect, and there would be in trouble if they marry each other. However, with the help from Kris, there would be no trouble for them at all.

“My junior sister apprentice, you can call me Diao, a disciple from Tianjian Pavilion!”Said Kris.

Feiyu nodded, she was so shy that her face turned red and replied, “Good to see you, my senior fellow apprentice. I’ve heard of you a long time before.” Kris was a good fighter, but for Feiyu, he was a talented creator, whose projector help her keep good a connection with her boyfriend. She did appreciate the invention which enabled them to kiss good night to each other online.

“Pretty girl, I have a new project for a TV series here. I think you are the right choice to star the female leading role in it. Would you like to try? I have to tell you, the male leading role is your good friend- Changyuan.”

“Yes, I am willing to do so!” Replied Feiyu immediately. This was a surprise for her, indeed.

“Well, this is the background of the role and your lines which you must keep in your mind, as for Changyuan, I think you should stay here to help Feiyu understand the play.”Said Kris, who left as soon as possible for he knew the couple must have something intimacy to share with each other.

Later, Kris came to the Reincarnation Sword Pavilion. Piaomiao, a talented girl with short temper in this branch, was a good choice to play another female leading role. However, a girl like this would never accept the requirement from others. Piaomiao had a bet with Kris that she would be his actress if he could easily defeat her. Of course, she lost in the bet when Kris showed his sword light.

“My senior fellow apprentice, you are really an excellent fighter, I will keep my word now!” Said Piaomiao.

“Alright, good girl, this is your lines, read and digest!”Said Kris, ”In fact, this is quite a good opportunity for you to get a name among the whole islands. ” After that, Kris found the last actor-the Lord of Miaoyuan, who was interested in the new project of Kris. “That’s wonderful for me to star the awesome role.” Said the Lord of Miaoyuan.

Kris had planned to finish the series within a month, and the fifth generation projector could ensure that the shooting process was smooth. In a planet full of good fighters, he didn’t need computer synthesis technology or fight choreographers, all the fighting scenes were played by real person. He had enough time and personnel to make the series an impressive one. Though all the players were new hands to TV series shooting, they learned quickly and adjusted themselves as soon as they could into the roles.

As for the business about projector, it was really a piece of good news that the sales volumn of the 1st projector accounted to five billion and that of the 2nd one accounted to 1.5 billion, and these projectors had earned him about 200 billion supreme spiritual stone. As a successful businessman, Kris also ensured that the business could satisfied his dealers too. Numberless sects sent him gifts and letters of acknowledgement. The business would totally change the situation of many small and middle-sized sects.

But all in all, the largest winner was Nahai Sect. Thanks to the restless effort of the Lord of Spark and the Lord of Viper, the sect had employed ten masters in the period of accumulated spirit, and there were still many masters in the period of primal spirit waiting for the chance. Those employee were consist of different races in an equal proportion, which showed the equality toward various races. And its Qiandao Port, a powerful transfer station, could bring the sect hundreds of thousand supreme spiritual stone a day.

Among the new disciples of the sect, there were rules for all to get rid of racial discrimination. They were taught the idea of melting pot at their first class rather than how to defeat their enemy. During this process, about one fifth of disciples who disobeyed the rules had been discharged. All this was to make sure that they could keep their original intention in mind.

“What about the branches of our sect in the whole sea? ”asked the Lord of Spark.

“We have successful established branches in the sects who we pay. ”Replied the Lord of Viper.

“Then we should devote to the project of Transmission array, we can be a real guardian in the whole sea with the Transmission arrays.” Said the Lord of Spark.

These efforts could help them build up the prestige of their sect, though unbelievable number of spiritual stones were cost during the process. But as Kris had told them, the name of Nahai Sect had be spread in the whole sea. All the practitioners in the Infinite Sea now knew that they might speed up their practition by five time if they could stay in the Nahai Sect. That was really a piece of amazing news.

“I think we should start to enroll the third group of disciples.”

“Take time, let’s wait for the order of Diao.”

“Alright, as Brother Diao has said so, we have to enlarge the island by the material from the ocean so that we can enroll disciples as many as possible. ” Said the Lord of Vipers, who took out the speaker and sent out the order: anyone who provide 100 m3 building materials from the sea to enlarge our island can earn a piece of high-level spiritual stone, and the more you provide, the more you can earn.

The magic projector did benefit the whole sect. When its disciples were on their task, they could get to the task site within a shorter time for there was a mini-transmission array in their third generation projector. And those who had finished their task could submit it online. The headquarter of the Nahai sect could deal with the signals from its disciples and supervised their tasks.

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