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Chapter 522: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 522 Keep Going

Eh, where was my steamed bread?

She remembered that she had brought steamed bread, but she couldn’t find it now. Could she have lost it somewhere?

Chuxue Ye looked around, and then saw an amazing thing just happen.

Qiqi was eating that steamed bread!!

Yuqi Mu and Chuxue looked at each other, with their eyes full of excitement.

Qiqi was willing to eat thing by herself, which was definitely a good thing!

Chuxue couldn’t hide her excitement, so she leaned over Qiqi and said in a low voice, “Qiqi, this steamed bread is not delicious. You’d better eat the food I made.”

With that, Chuxue took a wired food to Qiqi like presenting a gift, and Qiqi turned her head to another side.

Although she could still not respond, obviously she was resisting.

Chuxue’s food was despised, but she was still quite delighted. She looked up at Yuqi and said, “Qiqi has responded!”

“Thanks to you for making such a terrible food. Fighting poison with poison. It’s all your credit!”

Yuqi’s compliments made Chuxue twitch her mouth, “When you praise others, can you put it another way?”

Yuqi was not in the mood to think about his words choices. At the moment, he stared at Qiqi with a bright emotion, “Anyway, it’s a good thing.”

“Well, then I’ll keep up my efforts and make food that Qiqi doesn’t like!”

Chuxue clenched her fist and cheered herself up.

But Yuqi could not agree with her decision.

He frowned and said, “This time, it’s an accident. How can you continue to hurt Qiqi? Anyway, I don’t want she gets hurt in any aspect.”

Since Yuqi said so, Chuxue shouldn’t refute anything. She pursed her red lips and said, “I didn’t say I wanted to hurt her. However, after a while, the psychologist will come to treat Qiqi and we should talk about it with her. Maybe she will have better suggestions. “

After hearing so, the light shining in Yuqi’s eyes were more glorious.

Two hours later, the psychologist appeared in Yuqi’s apartment as scheduled.

Yuqi couldn’t wait to tell the situation to the psychologist. After hearing what had happened, the psychologist pondered for a moment and gave her own opinion.

“Qiqi now is like hiding in her own small room. She doesn’t care what we say or do outside her room. But miss Chuxue, with the food Qiqi didn’t like, forced her to open a window and push out the food she didn’t like. In the same way, we can continue to stimulate her with things that Qiqi doesn’t like, and let her get bored, and finally come out and fight against us. “

“Of course, this kind of stimulation must be mild and can’t use things she once cared about very much, otherwise, it will only make her protect herself more closely, which will be counterproductive. As Qiqi’s friends, you should know what Qiqi doesn’t like, right?”

Chuxue nodded confidently and said, “Yes, of course I know.”

“Well, then you should think about it carefully. If you have any good suggestions, you can discuss with me, and then let’s make the best choice to help Qiqi fight against the demons.”


Chuxue didn’t expect that things could make progress so soon, so she was full of confidence and energy.

After the psychologist left, she began to discuss with Yuqi.

“What do you think Qiqi doesn’t like?”

After hearing this question, Yuqi was stunned and said, “You said you know what Qiqi doesn’t like before. Why do you ask me now?”

“I….I’m just responding to the psychologist casually, but I’m sure you know it. I’m sure it’s right to ask you. “

Yuqi shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

After hearing his answer, Chuxue stared at him with her eyes widening roundly, and said, “You told me that Qiqi is your girlfriend. How don’t you even know this?”

Yuqi showed a helpless expression and said, “Qiqi and I haven’t known each other for a long time. It’s normal that I don’t know such things.”

His words made Chuxue frown and murmured “Oh, yes, the time you two meet is even not as long as Qiqi and I do.”

Although this was the fact, it did hurt Yuqi to some extent.

“Can we just talk about the matter and stop emphasizing the time?”

Chuxue had no time to pay attention to Yuqi’s glass heart. She twists her eyebrows to meditate.

Suddenly, she looked at Yuqi with bright eyes and said, “Hey, if we want to know what Qiqi doesn’t like, we should ask Anna Xie.”

But Yuqi immediately rejected Chuxue’s suggestion.

“No, Anna doesn’t know what happened to Qiqi yet. If she knows, she will finish her honeymoon ahead of time and come back as soon as possible.”

Sure enough, with the relationship between Qiqi and Anna, Anna could possibly come back immediately.

Chuxue thought for a while again and said, “Then let’s think of a way to not let Anna know the situation of Qiqi, but still get her words out.”

Yuqi also knew that this was a good idea, but he was not that optimistic. He said: “It’s too subtle. If you can’t manage it well, Anna will find out.”

Chuxue patted her chest and said, “Maybe there’s a way. Let me try it.”

Since Chuxue made a promise, she went back to the room, thought hard for a while, and then decided to call Anna.

After a deep breath, Chuxue dialed Anna’s number and made the phone call.

“Du…..” It beeped several times, the phone was picked up.

“Hello, Anna, am I bothering you to call you at this time?”

After receiving the call from Chuxue, Anna was quite surprised and said, “Not at all. I haven’t slept yet. It should be early in the morning where you are.”

As her eyeballs turned a circle, Chuxue said with a smile, “Ah, I’m baking cakes so I can’t get up late and I want to chat with you. How are you doing over there? “

“It’s nice, but I’ve been out for so long. I miss you all.”

Chuxue was afraid that Anna would change her itinerary and came back ahead of time, so she said, “This is your honeymoon trip. It’s only once in your life time. You must have fun. Don’t think about coming back early because of missing us too much.”

Chuxue’s attitude was a little strange, but Anna didn’t say much about it. She just answered with an “Oh”.

“By the way, I have something to ask you.”

Anna smiled and said, “No need to be so polite with me. Just ask what you want to know.”

Chuxue pretended that she was very distressed and asked, “Qiqi has been doing very well in the store recently. Seeing her working so hard, I want to buy a gift and reward her. But I don’t know what Qiqi likes or dislikes. So I want to ask you about that. “

“Well, as for the thing Qiqi likes, it is very simple, that is to eat.”

“But it’s not memorable. I want to know something special. For example, what setbacks did Qiqi suffer before, what flavor she hated, what little animals she didn’t like, or which star she wasn’t into… “

The more Anna listened, the more strange she felt. She asked, “Chuxue, what does this have to do with your gift?”

“Of course, it has. I should understand these clearly, so as not to waste my kindness by giving something she doesn’t like.”

Chuxue answered rightfully, Which made Anna some speechless.

But Chuxue’s intention was good. Even though Anna felt strange, she could only answer truthfully.

“Qiqi is a very optimistic person and has no setbacks.”

Yes, it was precisely because Qiqi had no setback that she was hurt so deeply when she was isolated and framed this time.

“As for the taste she doesn’t like, well, she doesn’t like the taste of coriander.”

This one needed to be written down in a notebook.

“She doesn’t like crocodiles, animals with hard shells. I don’t like rock music, I hate other people smoking, I can’t stand other people picking their feet in front of her… “

Anna said a lot randomly. When she finished, she found that Chuxue was silent in the phone.

Anna asked with an embarrassing smile “Am I talking too much?”

Writing down the last word in the notebook, Chuxue bit her pen cap and said, “Not at all. Well, my cakes are ready. I’m going to have a look. Let’s talk next time. “

“Anna, does Qiqi……”

Before Anna finished her words, Chuxue had already hanged up the phone.

Holding her cell phone, Anna frowned slightly.

What’s going on over there? How did she feel that everyone had become so weird?

Anna stared at her mobile phone in a daze. She didn’t even notice Yulin Xiao walking to her.

Yulin leaned over and kissed Ana on her lips. Anna was surprised, looked up and fell into his doting eyes.

“What are you thinking so seriously?”

Anna pursed her lower lip, rubbed her mobile phone and said, “Chuxue acted so strangely.”

“Did she just call you?”

“Yes, Chuxue asked a lot about Qiqi, and they were all old and strange questions. In addition when I think about the reaction of Qiqi two days ago, I feel very worried and I always feel something bad may happen. Otherwise, I’d better call Qiqi. “

“Not now. Qiqi should be sleeping soundly. If you call her suddenly, you can’t solve any problem, but disturb Qiqi’s beautiful dream. “

“Well, you’re right.”

Seeing that Anna was worried, Yulin rubbed her hair and said, “Don’t worry, Yuqi and Chuxue are with Qiqi over there. They will protect Qiqi. It’s you. You’re too nervous. Relax a bit. We come out on holiday, but you are always depressed, which makes me feel like I’m an unsuccessful husband. “

Trying to raise a smile, Anna said, “Well, I will not worry too much anymore.”

Although she said so, Yulin knew that she would still keep thinking about Qiqi.

And the best way to get Anna to divert her attention was to attract her mind with another message.

“By the way, I heard that Yiyao is pregnant.”

As soon as he told this to Anna, she immediately widened her eyes and said with a smile, “Oh, really, it’s a good thing.”

“Then we have to work hard on it.”

At the beginning, Anna didn’t understand what the relations between Yiyao’s pregnancy and their hard working.

Until Anna realized the lure and desire in Yulin’s eyes, she just turned around her head with red face.

The shy look made Yulin’s eyes darken. He bent over and kissed Anna. Then he tried his best to make Anna’s brain blank, and her body seemed to be lying on a white cloud, floating and sinking.


When Yuqi was dealing with the mail in the room, Chuxue came in with a small notebook. She lifted it up, and shook it in front of him, full of pride.

“Look what it is!”

Yuqi looked at Chuxue calmly, waiting for her to tell him the answer.

Seeing Yuqi didn’t want to cooperate with her, Chuxue angrily lowered her arm and said, “Boring. You’re so boring.”

Yuqi was speechless. He leaned back on his chair and said, “My time is very tight. Please tell me the main point.”

After sitting down at will, Chuxue turned over the notebook and said, “it records all the weaknesses of Qiqi. With it, we can definitely help Qiqi to get out of her room and return to normal.”

After saying so, Chuxue felt the missing of that notebook in her hand. In the next moment it was in the hands of others.

Looking back at Yuqi, Chuxue said discontentedly, “Ah, how did you take it?”

Yuqi answered rightfully, “I will decide what we will do, to avoid you doing too much to stimulate Qiqi.”

“Ha, are you kidding me? That’s what I’ve been trying to get. Why should I give it to you? Moreover, my concern for Qiqi is no less than yours. I have a sense of propriety. Give me back quickly!”

Chuxue reached out her hand, but Yuqi patted her hand away.

“I don’t believe you.”

“Then I don’t believe you, either. Hand over the stuff quickly. It’s the fruit of my labor!”

“Anyway, I’ve taken it. You can’t take it back. I’ll pay you back when it’s done. “

“Who wants your payback? I only want my own stuff. Give it to me quickly!”

“No way!”

“Asshole, scum!”

“Whatever you say, I will never give it to you.”

With that, Yuqi got up and left.

Looking at Yuqi’s back, Chuxue reluctantly murmured, “You don’t believe me? Will I harm Qiqi? You even want to take actions behind my back. You must have forgotten who organized the data. I have already recorded the content in my mind! Now, we’ll see who can really help Qiqi! “


Yuqi had business in the company today, so he went out early.

As soon as he left, Chuxue mysteriously went to Qiqi’s room with a basket in her hand.

There was a pair of coriander, scissors, and scallions in the basket.

This was also the theme of Chuxue today – olfactory stimulation.

Qiqi didn’t like these flavors. Maybe under the double stimulation, Qiqi could make some more reactions, which might also make Yuqi shut up and stop to look down upon Chuxue’s ability all the time.

Thinking of Yuqi’s admired face, Chuxue smiled delightfully.

Windows in Qiqi’s room was widely opened. In order to have good effect, Chuxue specially closed all the windows, then sat beside Qiqi and took out all the things in the basket.

The pungent smell permeated the whole room instantly.

Chuxue stared at Qiqi nervously to see her reaction.

But Qiqi didn’t look any different, just sitting there obediently and motionlessly.

Was the taste not strong enough?

Chuxue pursed her lower lip, then took out the scissors and began to cut the scallions in front of Qiqi.

The pungent taste made Chuxue start to shed tears. Since her eyes were full of tears, Chuxue couldn’t observe Qiqi clearly.

Raising a hand to wipe down tears, Chuxue began to suffer from fiery pain in her eyes all of a sudden before she was about to say something.

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