Chapter 523 – 524: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 523: A Successful Experiment

Half a month later, the shooting of the Legend of Swordsman I was completed, and it was shot in Wuji Sword Sect!

It was more than ten times gorgeous than the original version, and the plot was also more wonderful.

Of course, the real wonderful part was the strong love and resentment among characters.

During the shooting process, many disciples had paid great attention to it. It is said that tens of thousands of disciples visited the shooting locations every day.

Many other disciples had been offered the working meals for supporting roles.

Especially, the scene of ending, where Linger Zhao died and Xiaoyao Li held the child, brought countless tears.

It couldn’t be counted how many female disciples had been cheated from tears.

Even though the legend of the Legend of Swordsman I had not been successfully spread, these stars were already popular.

Now Changyuan Du would be recognized everywhere. Female disciples were chasing him and shouting, “Brother Xiaoyao!”

Yu Fei was also bothered. Under Taiji Pavilion, a large group of disciples hold flowers in hand, “Sister Linger, linger Linger…”

Also the Anu played by Lingxiu Zhong, and Yu Tang played by Changqing Gu were famous now. In the end, the two became twin birds, which makes people both upset and envious.

Like a pome in China “On high, we’d be two love birds flying wing to wing; On earth, two trees with branches twined from spring to spring.”

Many disciples said they believed in love again.

What the Lord Miaoyuan didn’t expect was that he had also gained a lot of fans.

Every day, some people ran to Tianjian Pavilion and called him, “the Immortal of Sword and Win, the Immortal of Sword and Win!”

Lord Miaoyuan hided in the high place, listening to the call of these people, and he also felt some self-satisfied. This feeling of being worshipped by disciples was really good.

Of course, some people got happy and some others would be sad.

For example, that Bald disciple, who looked like Mounjiang Xu, played the leader of the Moon-worship Sect. Now he had to wear a mask when he went out, because his fame got an extra “in”, which mean he got infamous now

Of course, after the release of the Legend of Swordsman I, there would also be a large number of villain fans.

Bald would also experience the feeling of being responded by huge amount of people.

Kris Chen was editor who stayed in Tianjian Pavilion, improving his cultivation while editing videos.

The energy he needed now was quite amazing for sword energy in the acupuncture point solidified into crystal, which was willingly called Sword Crystal by Kris.

He now needed tens of thousands of spiritual stones to open an acupuncture point, and the energy required was enormous.

Fortunately, Kris was rich; otherwise he couldn’t afford it at all.

However, the Nameless Sword Tactics was incomplete. It could only open 5400 acupuncture points, which could only support him to practice to the middle period of the primal spirit. Therefore, he had to go to the Sword Tomb to find the remaining Tactics.

With the opening of the acupuncture points to the top, he also reached the final tenth level of “Hacked in Pieces”. Because of the loss of the latter two levels, it was another pity for Kris failing to understand Lord Jimo’s meaning of extreme pain.

But Kris’s Spiritual Power had grown a lot again.

Kris had no idea how strong his spiritual power was now. But it was definitely better than the later period of the accumulated spirit!

This Divine Spiritual Powers were divided and created hundreds of millions of projectors, which was also a great test for his Divine Spiritual Power.

The advantage was that the Divine Spiritual Power was stable.

As for the inherent flying sword, Kris went to the Sword Tomb several times and took thousands of metal flying swords to feed his inherent flying sword, so his primal spirit was also growing!

The fusion of the primal spirits was becoming mellower as well. The cracking magic power of Kris had been able to flexibly break the array of divine level.

Kris even wondered whether he could break through the barriers between the two worlds as his primal spirit was cultivated to the accumulated spirit.

It was very likely to happen and not his over confidence or wild conjecture.

Kris therefore determined to unremittingly improve his own strength!

The reason why he did so many tricks was that when he took over his wife and children, they could still find a sense of familiarity here.

After editing the Legend of Swordsman I, Kris directly sent out billions of inventory he had stored these days. It took less than a month to achieve ten billion he said that day. It’s time for the next round of planning.

The huge interest systems firmly bond the Nahai Sect and other major Sects of Infinite Sea.

But the core was always in the hands of Kris.

A few days ago, Kris sent a video message to Lord of Vipers and Lord of Sparks, and asked them to go to Penglai Sect and Moke Sect to discuss the contract work. Things went smoothly, and these two Sects agreed very readily.

These days, these two Holy Sects made tens of billions of spiritual stone in a month. All the investment in early period was earned back and even doubled.

How could they refuse to cooperate!

In this way, the production capacity would soar. Within half a year, projectors would be famous all over the Infinite Sea, and even some remaining capacity would be back to the mainland, or even extended to the deep sea.

In this way, Nahai Sect tied the other three Holy Sects to the same chariot. Now Nahai Sect’s backers were not only Wuji Sword Sect, but also the three Holy Sects.

Even if Kris was out on business, he didn’t have to worry about the safety of Nahai Sect.

Kris Chen sent a voice message to Lord Lingyuan and left Wuji Sword Sect.

When he returned to Nahai Sect, disciples who met him would respectfully greet with him. Because the military management was implemented here, these disciples seemed in good spirits.

After a visit to Nahai Sect, Kris was satisfied that everything was in order.

The strength of the disciple was also growing rapidly. He went to see Sha Mo as well, whose strength soared to the later period of the primal spirit.

It was not in vain that Kris had given him great many resources.

He was likely to be the first accumulated spirit disciple in Nahai Sect.

After returning to his residence, Chen Ye also arrived, “Elder martial brother!”

“Come in!”

When Chen Ye entered, he felt a little uneasy because Kris would completely solve his problem of poor mana this time.

“Don’t be nervous!” Kris comforted him,

To be honest, Kris was also a little nervous; after all, it was the first time he experimented on a real human body.

Chen Ye’s physical body was strong enough. He followed the most orthodox method of body refining practice, so he should have strong bearing capacity.

“I’m not nervous!” Chen nodded Ye, with a trace of expectation in his eyes.

“You lie down and let go of your mind for a while. Don’t resist. I’ll use my mana to flow through your acupuncture point, even through your life point.” Kris Chen cautioned.

“Don’t worry, elder martial brother.” Chen Ye nodded again, and was not alert to Kris at all.

Of course, Kris didn’t bearing any bad idea of hurting him, either.

In recent days, Kris had collected a large number of arrays of divine level and made a lot of deduction. Now the success rate should be around 85%.

“I’m coming. Let go of your mind!”

Kris tried to suppress Chen Ye’s body and checked the situation of his acupuncture points.

The space of acupuncture point was very small, so the root of mana was extremely weak, which was ten times worse than that of Kris!

Moreover, the bonds among his acupuncture points were not strong.

When Kris was checking Chen Ye’s condition, Mr. Gu hided in the storage ring and he did not dare to make a sound. Mr. Gu was on the alert. If there was something wrong with Kris, he would not hesitate to take some actions.

Chen Ye’s understanding of the world was quite limited, but Mr. Gu could not tell him directly, or it could hurt their relationships.

Moreover, he also felt a trace of Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire on Kris. Besides, he even suspected that ZhaTian Diao was actually Aotian Long!

Never forget that he was the previous owner of the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire.

But because he had no evidence, so it was just speculation.

“I already know your situation. Now I’m going to start. The process may be painful, but you must hold back.” Said Kris.

“Just do it, brother!”

Kris nodded and took out three magical pills, which were Vitality Pill of divine level, Accumulated-Spirit Pill of divine level and Stabilizer Pill of divine level from the storage ring. “Just in case, take them.”

Chen Ye didn’t hesitate to swallow the pills.

Three magic pills can definitely burst the primordial spirit, but Chen Ye was a body refining practicer. His body was quite strong, so these powerful pills would make him feel swelling, but he would not explode.

The first thing that Kris focused on was Chen Ye’s life point.

Life point was the strongest and most important. Kris took out the top Sheer Impossibility, which had undergone special refining so its threshold could be adjusted.

The most difficult thing was to put the Sheer Impossibility into the acupuncture point, so that the two could integrate!

This was Kris’s new method. If there was something wrong, he just needed to take out the Sheer Impossibility, so that the risk was minimized.


Kris used the Locking Art to block mana in Chen Ye’s whole body, even coupled with his vitality!

Chen Ye was still conscious, so he was in a panic. At that time, he heard Kris’s voice: “don’t be afraid, concentrate!”

“Yes, Brother!” Chen Ye’s answered through his mind.

Kris Chen put the Sheer Impossibility into Chen Ye’s acupuncture point and imprinted it on the space over Chen Ye’s life point with a special fusion method.

During this process, Chen Ye felt the vibration of life point and a feeling of rising palpitation.


When Kris shouted, the Sheer Impossibility instantly integrated into the life point space, but the bond was not very harmonious and might fall at any time!

After Kris excavated Chen Ye’s several acupuncture points, the Sheer Impossibility was gradually stabilized.

“Success depends on whether you can absorb Fairy Aura independently next.”

Kris crushed hundreds of spiritual stones, and the Fairy Aura immediately wrapped Chen Ye. At this moment, Kris came into contact with the Art of Confinement.

“Try to fully absorb Fairy Aura.” Kris warned, since the Sheer Impossibility threshold should be set to the first level!

Chen Ye could not digest the Fairy Aura from hundred top spiritual stones, but he still used the arts to absorb the Fairy Aura as Kris told him.

Just when he felt a dull pain in the acupuncture points, a strange thing happened.

He felt a suction coming from his life point, where the Fairy Aura that had escaped was now constantly inhaled inside.

The speed was not very fast, but it was really absorbing the Fairy Aura!

“Brother, my life point is absorbing the Fairy Aura. What’s going on?”

Hearing this, Kris was overjoyed. “Do you feel uncomfortable?”

“No!” Chen Ye shook his head; the palpitation at the beginning had subsided.

“Great, great, great!”

Kris exclaimed three “greet” in a row, and then set the threshold to the second level!

“Now? Has the absorption speed accelerated? “

“A lot faster indeed!” Chen Ye nodded.

The third level… the fourth… then the fifth!

Until the seventh level, Chen Ye started to feel that his life point was bulging. It was not that the Sheer Impossibility had reached its limitation of absorbing the Fairy Aura, but that Chen Ye’s acupuncture points could only bear the pressure of the seventh level!

No problem, succeed!

Resisting the impulse of soaring to the sky, Kris said to Yang Sun, “it’s successful. There’s no rejection. I’m now going to help you open up the space of your acupuncture points.”

Chapter 524: The Second Phase of The Plan

Xumi Jiezi grew on the Holy Tree. And the best Xumi Jiezi could hold a Mountain Xumi.

They were widely used in storage rings, pouches, and in Illusion Array.

Kris Chen was from the Earth, which was in the era of information explosion, so he knew much. The biggest difference between the Practitioners in Devil Land and Kris was that he was more imaginative.

Although Devil Land had numerous people, they still could not create something extraordinary. It was because the inertia thinking was powerful and it would prevent people from creating new things.

For millions of years, people in Devil Land almost cultivated by the soul, the mana and the body. Kris had never touched any cultivating techniques of Devil Land before he came here from the Earth.

However, he achieved Primal Spirit Field.

The acupuncture point was a storage space for mana, and Xumi Jiezi was a storage space for things. The two must have something in common.

So Kris, after projection and improvement, step by step, used Xumi Jiezi to refine the second acupuncture point by the alchemy technique.

He gave Chen the best Xumi Jiezi, which could hold no less than a thousand cubic meters. Now Chen could use 700 cubic meters. It was to say, his Xumi Jiezi could probably store 700 Genuine Vital Energy!

Such a huge store of Genuine Vital Energy may seem amazing, but the quality of Genuine Vital Energy was determined by the acupuncture points of Practitionitioners.

Kris now was in Pill-Condensation Stage and his Sword Energy was pure. Chen was in the same stage, but his Genuine Vital Energy was impure. There was a great gap between Kris’s and Chen’s. The latter was perhaps a third of the former in quality.

So in order to make up Chen’s shortcomings in quality, he could only try to get an advantage in quantity.

In the early stage of Pill formation, Practitioners had 1,081 acupuncture points. If the acupuncture points were filled with Xumi Jiezi, they totally could store more than 750 thousand Genuine Vital Energy.

What an astonishing number!

Chen would have more mana than those who in Primal Spirit Field.

Once Chen had got full strength, the mana he could hold would easily exceed a million.

It was even comparable to someone who was in Accumulated Spirit Field.

Although Chen had shortcomings in the quality of mana, he didn’t need to worry about it.

Kris began to concentrate on refining the Xumi Jiezi. He directly blocked the consciousness of Mr Gu in Chen’s storage ring.

It wasn’t that Kris was stingy. It involved too appalling things.

Once leaked out, it would definitely overturn the entire Cultivation World.

Chen was also suffering, but he didn’t say any word. Although he couldn’t understand how to cast spells, he believed in Kris. Kris was open and candid, and didn’t hide anything.

It took Kris two days and nights to successfully refine all of the 1,081 acupuncture points in Chen’s body.


Even Kris had a strong physique, he was a bit exhausted.

Refining acupuncture points was not only delicate work, but also physical work.

Kris again used the Locking Art. This time, he took out tens of thousands of spiritual stones and directly shattered them.

Massive amounts of spiritual energy rolled away.

“Absorb it with all your might!”

“Kris, it’s too much. I am going to burst.”

Since worried, Chen still began to absorb the spiritual energy. But twenty minutes passed, the absorbing was still going on and out of control.

“What’s going?”

Chen was dumbfounded in shock.

It reminded Kris, “Oh, I forgot to teach you the method of control sensing!”

He tapped his finger and a spiritual light shot into Chen’s head. Chen instantly understood what had happened to him!


Chen lifted his head and looked at Kris in shock.

“Alright, no any words of thanks between you and me.”

Kris waved his hand, “The Xumi Jiezi has only just been refined, and was not solid yet. You need to adapt and strive to fully open your threshold as soon as possible. Take more elixirs to stabilize your acupuncture points!”

“I’ve already taught you the refining method. Opening the acupuncture points next is on your own.”


Chen kneeled in front of Kris, “You are my brother, but also actually my teacher. I have nothing that could repay, please accept my worship!”

Chen knew that the refining method he had taught Chen was so amazing that it was definitely a groundbreaking initiative.

Kris didn’t dodge, and accepted Chen’s worship.

“This is a new method I’ve created. You promise not to teach it to others!”

Chen immediately swore an oath, “If I leak out the method without your permission, I will not be allowed to live and will be condemned to death!”


A thunderclap sounded out in the secret room, indicating that the oath had been approved by the natural law.

“Rise up. Gengu No.1 Sect inherits but has separated from Henggu No.1 Sect. Now I am the leader of Gengu No.1 Sect, and Aotian is the vice leader. You, our junior brother, will lesser to be an elder!”

Kris said, “It’s hard for me to develop Gengu No.1 Sect. I need your help. I have a mission for you, to find a good island to establish a sect, and to search for sect members, regardless of talent, just to share the same aspirations.”

With the new method, even if some sect members were foolish, Kris could still cultivate them to elites.


Chen was moved to tears.

He had unprecedentedly felt such powerful mana in his body.

He even thought that it would be different if he had such power when in the place of adventure against those who of Escape Immortal Palace. He wouldn’t even need Aotian to help. He could kill them all.


With waving his hand, Kris lifted the seal on the ring.

After Chen left, Kris also started to recover the lost mana and energy.

Flying over the ocean, Chen reared up to the sky and made dozens of the strongest attacks in a row. After that, he felt he only consumed a tenth of mana. The feeling of casting spells at will was really good!

“Mr Gu, did you see that?”

Chen said excitedly.

Mr Gu in the ring was silent for a long while and finally said, “I saw!”

“How did he make up your shortcoming in mana?”

“I’m sorry, Mr Gu. This involves the secret of the sect. I’ve made an oath and must never reveal it.”

Chen was a bit ashamed.

“Hey, it’s within my expectation.”

Mr Gu was not surprised. The method that could strengthen mana was an absolutely extraordinary way, for the fact that Chen had used mana recklessly. The method helped him increase his mana more than three times!

“So… can you tell me how much mana has grown?”

Chen thought, “More than ten times…”

He said it vaguely, but actually when the threshold was fully open, that would be fifty times!

However, it was so shocking. So Chen only said one fifth of it.

More than ten times!

Mr Gu stared, “How is this possible!”

Saying that, he then became a bit dejected, “There’s nothing impossible. Each age brings forth new genius on this noble land, and new laws will always replace old ones.”

“When Kris helped you strengthen your mana just now, I couldn’t feel you.”

“Mr Gu, it’s to say… Kris discovered you?”


Mr Gu nodded, “Kris has strong Divine Spiritual Power, so there are few things in the world that can hide from him.”

“Mr Gu, how do you think of Kris’s Divine Spiritual Power?”

Chen couldn’t help but ask.

Mr Gu shook his head, “Vast and unfathomable!”

Chen was silent. Mr Gu used to be in Actualized Spirit Field, so his approval showed how strong Kris was!

Chen was honored to be able to join Gengu No.1 Sect and to participate in the construction.

“Kris, I will definitely not let you down!”

After saying that, Chen rode the flying sword and fly away quickly.


Kris spent ten days refining his weapons in the cave.

To be precise, he was refining his weapon and turning each of them into a person!

He refined a whole bunch of the finest weapons, and then directly gave the magic weapons human bodies, just like Taiyi reshaped Nezha’s golden body.

It was not trickery or a reincarnation, but to give a real human body.

It was quite common for the strong to give their own magic weapons a human body before them died. The weapon would be asked to find and protect the reincarnated body of their masters in thousands of years. And the masters didn’t worry the magic weapons would rebel.

Kris taught each weapon different part of method of making a projector. This way, even if one of them was caught by the enemy, it would be impossible for the enemy to create a projector as the method they got was not complete.

Then, after these things had been arranged, he would leave to search for the sword tomb.

He had never forgotten his original intention.

And Kris also arranged the Sword of Deity Blood as the guard.

It was a Semi-Spirit Weapon that he seized from the Killing. And when transformed into a human, it was very hostile and fierce.

It was a pity that Kris still couldn’t figure out how to add an array to the magic weapons.

Otherwise, with the strength of the Spirit Weapon, it could definitely hold a divine-grade array. Even against someone in Accumulated Spirit Field, the Sword of Deity Blood didn’t need to be afraid.

“Sword, I want you to supervise other weapons to work well. If any of them mess up, you could teach them a lesson!”

“Yes, master!”

The Sword of Deity Blood replied seriously.

Kris nodded and walked out of the cave.

These days, due to projectors, the Infinite Sea had a lot of changes.

And it provided a solid foundation for Kris to implement the second phase of the plan.

According to incomplete statistics, the ten channels in Infinite Sea had sold a total of 13 billion primary projectors and 5 billion secondary projectors.

Kris sent a message, and almost instantly, everyone received on their projectors. The content of the message was: Infinite Sea cultivation network would be fully opened, and a new era would come. Nahai Sect would soon start new business, such as advertisement, express delivery, protective services, management services and more…

The moment the message was received, the people were extremely shocked again.

“Did you receive a message from Nahai Sect?”

“I got it. Did you get it too?”

“What exactly did Nahai Sect want to do? Why would we receive messages from Nahai Sect?”

The nosy spread a rumor around the Infinite Sea that if you bought a projector, Nahai Sect would cast spells through the projector.

Once the news spread, it really affected a large number of consumers.

Kris didn’t care about this and just laughed, but once again, he gathered the dealers.

In fact, the dealers also had a lot of questions that they wanted Kris to answer.

Kris answered them all at the Dealer Q&A Session.

“Taoist friend Diao, what is the network?”

Kris said, “The sky is a giant net, and we live underneath it. The network is just like the sky. As long as we live in it, we can receive the messages we send out at the same time.”

“Do we need to explain that rumors spreading outside now?”

Kris said, “When the Voice Transmission Stone was created, there were also rumors that we would cast spells through the stone or it could even leak out location.”

“Different people have different views. The more foolish you are, the more you will be influenced by the projector!”

Heard the words, the dealers burst out laughing!

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