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This is what Karen Lee is most worried about. The boss behind the scenes is really unscrupulous, and she actually looks at her son?

No, it’s not fancy, it’s not love at first sight, it’s just that she just wants to play with her son.

What does it mean for a woman to play?

Representing her son Chuck Cannon as a toy.

This is something Karen Lee absolutely cannot tolerate.

They are all about the same age as oneself, and if they still do this, has morality fallen into the pit?

Yvette was shocked, what? Seeing that Chuck Cannon looks good, what do you want to do to Chuck Cannon?

She looked at Chuck Cannon, her eyes were turning, she felt a bit wronged in her heart.

Betty was stunned, what happened?

However, she also knows why the boss behind the scenes would say that. This is because she wants to play Chuck Cannon. The main reason is not to play, but to see Karen Lee tangled.

Chuck Cannon was dumbfounded, but he didn’t see any interest in him in the eyes of the boss behind the scenes. It was obvious that this woman looked at him as if a man saw a sports car.

He has become her toy.

This is to use oneself as a tool to retaliate against Karen Lee.

Of course, Chuck Cannon resisted, coz it was related to Yvette’s killing order. Chuck Cannon was struggling…

“You say other conditions, my son will never do,” Karen Lee was particularly serious.

Is this okay?

Chuck Cannon was young, and being played by this woman was a matter of dignity.

On this point, Karen Lee will never step back! !

“There is no need to talk about it, I think your son is very cute, I like him,” the boss behind the scenes took a sip of wine, her beautiful face was a little red, and she was very charming.

“Do you like him? Are you the kind of person who falls in love at first sight?” Karen Lee frowned.

“People change, you know?” The boss behind the scenes took a sip of red wine.

“No, no! I want you to hit my son’s idea or I will turn my face with you!” Karen Lee didn’t care too much.

This must be tough.

“Turn your face? How will you turn…” Before the boss behind the scenes finished speaking, Karen Lee put her hand on the shoulder of the boss behind the scenes.

This ride is as fast as lightning.

“I want to turn my face with you, no matter how many people are around you, it’s useless to hide in a hidden place!” Karen Lee said.

Yes, when Karen Lee was a killer and she wanted to kill, and no one could escape.

Even the boss behind this killer organization can’t hide from her!

When Karen Lee was a killer, many people were frightened by the name Night Sky!

She could complete any list that Karen Lee took, and she never missed as a killer in her debut.

“I know.” The boss behind the scenes shrugged, not afraid at all, and took a sip of wine leisurely.

“You know, it’s no use of killing me,” the boss behind the scenes continued.

Karen Lee put her hand down, “Don’t think about my family strategy, otherwise, I won’t care about the previous things.”

Yes, Karen Lee disregarded the past, she had already started, and would never talk to her.

“No, I just fancy your son, let me play for a few days, and then…I will consider removing the blood leopard’s killing order!” The boss behind the scenes faced the amazing Karen Lee, still calm and gentle. .

“Don’t you hear it clearly?”

“I didn’t hear clearly, don’t worry, I don’t play with him much. I just want him to drink with me, obediently, what I say, if he does, no resistance, no rejection, let alone run as long as the evening, I want to watch him Slightly…” Behind the scenes, the boss looked at Chuck Cannon again. With this look, Chuck Cannon had a hairy feeling behind his back.

She will either play or torture him, using him as a toy.

“Stop talking, even if I die, I won’t let my husband do such a thing,” Yvette said coldly.

Karen Lee looked back at Yvette.

“So he is your husband? That’s more interesting, I like it more, so with him, I have to play,” the boss behind the scenes smiled.

Yvette’s eyes chilled.

“Chuck, Yvette, you two go out first,” Karen Lee said to Chuck Cannon.

Yvette walked to Chuck Cannon and took Chuck Cannon’s hand.

“No, all three of you will stay with your precious son. Otherwise, Karen Lee, it will be useless if you kneel down and beg me. Killing me is even more useless. You must know how rich I am. Continue!” said the boss behind the scenes.

“Mother, I’ll have a good talk with her,” Chuck Cannon decided that she must withdraw the killing order, otherwise Yvette would be worried every day.




Karen Lee is worried, this woman is not so easy to deal with, Yvette feels distressed, absolutely not.

Betty also felt that this was impossible.

“Hey, handsome boy, do you want to be alone with me, right? I like it very much, let them go out soon.” The boss behind the scenes smiled more charmingly.

“It’s okay, I’m just talking about it, I won’t do anything, don’t worry,” Chuck Cannon certainly won’t do anything.

Karen Lee thought for three seconds, “Okay, but remember, men must have dignity, understand? Don’t give up dignity, as long as you scream, I will rush in, don’t you know?”

“Well, mother, don’t worry.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Let’s go out,” Karen Lee said, and Betty nodded.

Yvette was reluctant, “Husband, don’t do other things, I would rather leave you with other women but not with her, OK, you promise me,”

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

Yvette felt relieved. She believed to Chuck Cannon on this point. He chose to stay alone for her own safety. She should be moved.

Karen Lee, Yvette and Betty went out.

“Remember to close the door,” said the boss behind the scenes.

Karen Lee looked back at her and closed the door.

Yvette lowered her head outside and had no confidence to talk to Karen Lee.

Karen Lee was talking to Betty, Betty worried, “Master, he…”

“It’s okay, Chuck knows what he is doing,” Karen Lee calmed down, and his son was more at ease.

Now he has the responsibility to stand up for Yvette. At this point, Karen Lee is very satisfied. She has paid close attention to the voice inside. As long as there is a little other movements, she will rush in.

“But she…” Betty was worried about this, the boss behind the scenes was a bit perverted.

She really felt it.

“She dares!” Karen Lee narrowed her eyes…

In the private room.

Only Chuck Cannon and her.

But Chuck Cannon was not nervous and sat down.

The boss behind the scenes watched beautifully and poured a glass of red wine for Chuck Cannon, “Now it’s time to drink and finish it in one sip. I like obedient boys.”

Chuck Cannon didn’t move, “What will happen after listening?”

“You haven’t listened yet, how can I continue to tell you? If you want me to let your wife go, you have to be obedient. This is enlightenment, understand?”

Chuck Cannon drank it in one sip, which was not bad.

“Aren’t you really interested in me!” Chuck Cannon said directly.

“What are you talking about? A woman like me likes a young man like you. This is the same as that you like younger women. Don’t you like women younger than you?” said the boss behind the scenes.

Chuck Cannon shook his head. For those whom he has feelings, they are all a few years older than Chuck Cannon. Yvette is older than Chuck Cannon, and Zelda Maine and Kristen are the same…

“It’s wrong to lie,” the boss behind the scenes charmingly continued to pour Chuck Cannon.

“No? I’m nineteen this year, how much do you like me?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

Being too young, Chuck Cannon may have been together with Yvette since he was a child, and he always liked being a few years older than him.

Between 20 and 30 women, that is a beautiful age.

“You’re only nineteen years old? So young? Let me count, Karen Lee gave birth to you when she was 21?”


“Karen Lee gave birth to a son. He has grown up like this, and he has exercised and learned to fight, right?”

“Yes, she gave.”

“How are you studying? Not great? How many people have you beaten?”

“Don’t talk about it, don’t waste time.” Chuck Cannon didn’t care.

Reach out.

Behind the scenes, the boss face immediately became cold, “Do you dare to touch me, I will let you die!!”

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, “Didn’t you say you like me?”

“Little guy, do you dare to do things to me? Stay away from me, have you heard!” the boss behind the scenes said coldly.

Chuck Cannon was relieved. Sure enough, this woman used himself as a toy! It’s best to pierce her.

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