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Chapter 523: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 523 A Suprising Result

Damn, the scallion sauce was splashed in her eyes.

Chuxue thought she was really stupid and then quickly went to the bathroom to wash her eyes. However, the next moment, she was stripped over by the basket and fell, thus she could only held herself by her hands. Unfortunately, the scissors were putting down there and she was hurt.

“It hurts!”

Since she couldn’t see clearly and her hand was bleeding, she could only yell loudly.

At this moment, Yuqi Mu was about to take some documents from the apartment, as soon as he walked in, he heard the yell and quickly narrowed his eyes and rushed in.

At first, he smelled the pungent odor and then saw Chuxue who was in a mess, immediately he knew what had happened.

She was really a stupid woman.

After taking a look of her hand, Yuqi Mu went to find the medicine chest. However, Chuxue just held him and sobbed, “My eyes hurt, deal this first.”

At this moment, Chuxue’s eyes were already red and swollen, she couldn’t even open her eyes.

Yuqi Mu was really speechless, so he took Chuxue to the bathroom and help her clean her eyes, and then fetch the medicine box and wrapped her hands.

“It’s painful!”

Yuqi Mu acted rudely which made Chuxue very painful.

After disinfection, Yuqi Mu wanted to patched up her hands. However, he didn’t know how to do that and the wound was larger.

Chuxue suppressed the pain and asked, “Do you know how to do that? It’s bleeding!”

Yuqi Mu frowned and said seriously, “I haven’t learned either, just give me some time.”

“Even if you’re not professional, you can’t do this. You just want to drive me away and stay with Qiqi alone.”

He was nervous and didn’t wrap it well. Sweats could be seen all over his forehead, then he said, “The gauze is not enough, I’ll go get some more.”

Obviously, he didn’t know how to wrap at all. By the time he understood, she had already died.

Chuxue was pessimistic, she felt that she was likely to die here.

Just at this moment, someone sat opposite her and quickly patched up her hands skillfully.

Such decisive and fluent process really shocked Chuxue.

“Qiqi ……”

After doing this, Qiqi sat on the chair with her head lowered, like a statue.

Seeing this, Chuxue thought she had a illusion.

Just when Chuxue was stunned, Yuqi Mu came in.

Seeing that the hands were wrapped up, Yuqi Mu frowned and said, “Since you can bandage yourself, why do you ask me? Are you teasing me?”

Hearing this, Chuxue turned to look at him and said, “Are you stupid? If I really know how to bandage, why do I ask you to do that? It’s painful.”

Then Yuqi Mu felt stunned and asked, “What do you mean?”

Then Chuxue hinted him to look at Qiqi.

Yuqi Mu immediately got it and held Qiqi’s hands, “Can you see me? Have you recovered? Just tell me please.”

“Don’t talking nonsense, I guess it’s because I was too noisy, she just wanted me to keep quiet.”

Yuqi Mu didn’t trust Chuxue, so he waved his hand in front of Qiqi, however, there was response.


Yuqi Mu sighed in desperation.

Chuxue held his head with the uninjured hand, and after pondering for a while, she said, “I think Qiqi acts better when you are not here.”

Yuqi Mu was already in a bad mood, after hearing Chuxue’s words, he was more furious.

“This is a coincidence and means nothing!”

Yuqi Mu was frustrated, however, Chuxue didn’t change her mind.

She stared at Yuqi Mu and asked with her eyebrows raised, “Could it be that you are the one that she cares most. If so, perhaps you can be the medicine to stimulate Qiqi. Maybe there’s a good result.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I just want you to get injured and then she will be worried and walked out the room.”

The more Chuxue thought about it, the happier she became, she thought it was a feasible idea and took the scissors and stared at Yuqi Mu.

Seeing this, Yuqi Mu frown and asked, “What are you doing?”

Chuxue shook the scissors and smiled badly, “Come on, I won’t hurt you.”

This time, Yuqi Mu finally figured out Chuxue’s intention, and he frowned and yelled, “You must be crazy!” Then he ran away.

Chuxue followed him and said, “Don’t say that, I just want you to have a small wound, and then it’s your turn to convince Qiqi.”

“It’s not what you said.”

“You say you like Qiqi, but you don’t dare to do this. You are a hypocrite.”

“Just put the scissors down, I’ll figure out the ways.”

“So yo don’t trust me? Don’t worry, since I had experienced that, I won’t hurt you.”

Then she smiled evilly and waved the scissors in her hands.

“You are noisy!”

Just when they were quarreling, a faint voice was heard and really shocked them.

Then Yuqi Mu turned to look at Qiqi with amazement in his eyes.

Chuxue rushed to Qiqi said excitedly, “We really worry about you. You finally want to talk to us.”

Chuxue wanted to say more, but Yuqi Mu immediately drove her aside and said, “Qiqi, look at me, do you still know who I am?”

Then Qiqi moved a bit. She seemed to look at Yuqi Mu, but she had blank stares.

“Do you know how much I hate you?”

Since she hadn’t spoken for too long, her voice was hoarse, which made people feel hurt.

Yuqi Mu wanted to say something, but Chuxue stopped him and gestured him to keep silent.

It seemed that Qiqi was struck in her own memory. So they could do nothing but to listen.

“I did nothing, but I was misunderstood. They humiliated me and took my honor. It’s not fair!”

“I studied hard and worked hard to make my future bright, why should I endure this for such a ridiculous reason?”

“And those who mocked me, they knew nothing about the truth, why do they act like that?”

“I’m so tired, I can’t bear this, what can I do?”

Then Qiqi stared crying sadly, even her voice was hoarse.

Hearing this, Yuqi Mu felt painful, he held her into his arms and wanted to comfort her.

Chuxue was also very sad, Qiqi was really very brave, how could she endure those abuses and scold?

After a while, Qiqi stopped crying and wiped her tears as before. Feeling that she calmed down, Yuqi Mu started to help her wipe the tears as well.

Such soft movement made Qiqi relaxed and slowly open her eyes.

She was like a pure baby. Then she stared at Yuqi Mu and said, “Yuqi Mu?”

Hearing his name, Yuqi Mu felt very fortunate, he was really happy at this moment.

He held Qiqi’s hands carefully, as if he was afraid to scare her, then he said, “It’s me.”

Then Qiqi looked up at Chuxue, seeing that her eyes were red, she asked, “Chuxue why are you crying, is someone bullying you?”

Hearing this, Chuxue quickly shook her head and smiled, “No, it’s because the smell here is too smoky.”

Qiqi took a deep breath, and then immediately frowned, “You are right, I don’t like the smell.”

Hearing this, Yuqi Mu hugged Qiqi tightly. It was until this moment that he knew Qiqi was back.

But Qiqi felt shy and quickly pushed him away.

“What are you doing? This will scare Qiqi!”

Even if Yuqi Mu missed her, he shouldn’t do this, what if Qiqi was scared again?

Qiqi felt a bit embarrassed, she thought Yuqi Mu and Chuxue act weird today.

After looking around, she was surprised, “Why am I here?”

Chuxue stared at Qiqi and asked, “Qiqi, don’t you remember the things happened before?”

“Well, I feel like dreaming and I don’t know whether it’s true or not.”

“Then just tell me.”

Qiqi tried to recall and said, “A notice was placed in the school’s bulletin board, which said I was disqualified to get the award, and I was blamed in public…..”

The more Qiqi said, the clearer her brain became, and the paler her face was.

She looked at Chuxue and asked sadly, “It’s true and not a dream, right?”

Chuxue quickly explained, “I know you are very aggrieved. But everything is fine now, we’ve already find the mastermind, those who slandered you had already been arrested.”

Hearing this, Qiqi was stunned and asked, “You mean monitor and the man in glasses are detained?”

Yuqi Mu was very furious about that and he said angrily, “Of course, they have to pay a huge price.”

“Well, don’t be a wet blanket, since Qiqi has recovered, what about eating some delicious food to celebrate!”

Qiqi thought she should have say something. But actually, since she felt very depressed, she didn’t want to speak for them. They deserved this.

Since someone was willing to handle this trouble, she was happy and wanted to relax. All she enjoyed was tranquility now.

Chuxue poured a glass of water for Qiqi, after taking a sip, Qiqi thought about something and asked, “So how did I get here?”

Then Chuxue and Yuqi Mu stared at each other, Chuxue thought they should tell her the truth.

“You were shaken up and struck into your own world, which really worried us. Fortunately, you are fine now, or we don’t know what to do.”


Qiqi didn’t expect herself to act this that, she was a bit embarrassed.

“Well, you are taking care of me these days right?”

“Of course.”

Qiqi scratched her head and said, “Thanks a lot.”

“Don’t be polite, since you are fine now, it means nothing. In order to take good care of you, I learned many things including cooking.”

Hearing this, Yuqi Mu rolled up his eyes, how dare she to say that? It was funny.

Of course Chuxue didn’t think like that, it was not dark cuisine! If wasn’t for those dishes, they wouldn’t find ways to stimulate Qiqi.

She really done something good.

While Chuxue was boasting, Qiqi said, “I remember, when I was unconscious, someone fed me strange and weird things.”

Hearing this, Chuxue stopped smiling.

“Strange things?”

“Could it be that someone had fed me shit?”

Hearing this, Chuxue was really very embarrassed. However, Yuqi Mu couldn’t help but laughed loudly.

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